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so they paid 20 cents for free and you can do it for unlimited times now all you need to do is grab this link paste it here and submit that way you will get paid five times or more which equal over one dollar and you can do it every 20 seconds this requires no selling asana process is simple and anyone can do this it may not get rich but you can just do it in your spare time and make some extra income which you can then use to maybe buy some food or some gifts for your friends and family or save up for some holiday or spend it on anything you like and if you stick with me until the end I will even show you how to set everything on autopilot so you can make passive income without doing any hard work and one more thing before I reveal everything to you and hit the balalaika because that way I will monocle you will never have a new friend strategy to make money one so you can be one of the first to use it and of course that way you can make the most money with that being said and done let’s get started okay let’s start with the step number one step number one is to come over to ID PLR comm repl our comm is a website with over 12,000 590 plus PR products which you can resell and keep 100% of the profits so you have everything from ebooks digital courses articles etcetera but I promise you that we will not be selling anything and because of that there’s some other feature on this website that pays you 20 cents for free again and again and I will show you how you can use it properly in order to make $1.00 every 20 seconds anyways what Pilar actually stands for LP L R stands for private labelled rights which means that people who do people who sign up to this website for free so they register an account for free not only will debut with not only will they be able to grab those ebooks and courses for free but I will also get full rights to resell them modify them or give them out for free so basically they have full rights to do anything they like with those products so these products come with many different licenses which is really great but that’s not what you’re interested in that’s not how you’re gonna make $1.00 every 20 seconds anyways your first step is to just come over to ID PL are calm and righteous for absolutely free you can do so by clicking on this button where it says a register for free that will open up another page so let it just slowed and you will then click on a free members because obviously you want to sign up for free you don’t want to pay for anything so now just click on here where it says click here to register for free obviously you will then need to you know enter some basic stuff like your first name your last name and email address and you will create your free account let me quickly login to mine so you can see how it looks like step number two you once you register for free and you log into your account you will need to well right before I show that don’t forget to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because it really helps me and it really inspires me to share with you different make money online ideas so definitely just drop a like to this video it really really means to me anyways let’s get back to the video so your second step is to scroll all the way down and click on this where it says affiliates no no no don’t worry this won’t be complicated at all you will not be selling anything nor do your referrals need to pay for anything rather than that you will be giving away something for free and you will be able to set it up on a complete autopilot if you stick with me until the end of the video so you can see make money by giving away there are free membership access so you can earn 20 cents each time someone signs up for free using your referral link so just as you sign up a minute to go they need to sign up as well you know they don’t need to spend any money at all you will still get paid 20 cents per each of them and don’t worry I will explain in details what you need to do and how to set your referral signups on autopilot but your Commission’s will not end there once they sign up for free some of them might even upgrade and buy gold membership from which you can make 35 percent commission but anyways let’s just focus on these free sign ups because that’s gonna be easier for making one dollar every 20 seconds in passive income so for now you just want to read more about it so you can come over to here and you can read more about it if you want to you can read more about it on this page and we will go to the step number three step number three once you come over to this affiliate page and you’ve read more about it now it’s about time you grab your affiliate link so that’s the step number three and there are gonna be two different ways you can either grab your affiliate link with Clickbank or if you can’t sign up to Clickbank don’t worry because they have an alternative for that as well so this is worldwide available this affiliate program is worldwide available and anyone can grab an affiliate link for this even if you’re not a clickbank member but if you’re a Clickbank member you can you know just come over to Clickbank calm you can sign I’m here for absolutely free just click on the sign up button it’s really easy and it’s really simple all you need to do is all you need to do is enter your country right here to select your country and to your first name your last name and your phone number email address password and you can create an account for absolutely free and you can grab your affiliate link here so once you create a Clickbank account if you can sign up to Clickbank that’s that’s the first option you can just enter your Clickbank username over here just enter the username click create and they’re gonna give you your unique affiliate link but if you can’t sign up to Clickbank all you need to do is to scroll a little bit down and you’re gonna be able to see this let me just find it it was right here so honey unable to use Clickbank so if you’re unable to sign up to Clickbank if your country is not less than Clickbank or you’re not able to use Clickbank for some other reason please contact us so all you need to do is click on the create a support ticket right here or you can just open a support ticket over here you can contact them and tell them that you can sign up to Clickbank so they can actually provide you with your with your unique affiliate link even if you are not able to sign up to Clickbank affiliate marketplace but as I said if you are able to sign up to Clickbank it’s gonna be a lot easier all we need to do it you just create an account and Clickbank and enter your enter your username or right here so here you answer your username click create and they’re gonna give you your unique affiliate link and you will be able to copy it right here step number four once you grab your affiliate link either from Clickbank or from the ID PLR comm directly you just want to make sure that your link is now shorter than suet and you can do so by going over to beat lee calm so once you grab your affiliate link your long affiliate link you will come over to here come here to beat lee calm so you can shorten it and all you need to do is just pace your long affiliate link here just paste it here click shorten and you can now copy this so you can see it’s the same link you know it’s gonna take them to the same place it’s still your affiliate link but now it looks short and sweet and people are more likely to click on it step number five way to put your shortened link in order to make $1.00 in 20 seconds again and again well they’re going to be three different options from which you can choose to you of them are free but require some work so you do that work once and after that you can leave it to make you passive income and one option is not free it’s gonna cost only a couple of dollars but you will not have to do any of the work plus it will make you money on autopilot but let’s start with the first free option first free option which might be the hardest one is to go over to YouTube and person will use in an initial like don’t worry if you don’t want to create those videos by yourself if you just you know even just search for that keyword on YouTube for instance how to lose weight let’s go with that niche and you can filter that by you can filter your search by Creative Commons and that gives you the license to re-upload others people videos so you can for example take this with you you can copy its link or URL however you want to call it then go to some YouTube to mp4 service convert it and download it to your computer you can then re upload that to YouTube and leave your affiliate link in a description you know at the top of the description telling people that there the date can sign up for free and grab different courses and different ebooks related to losing weight or whatever knees should end because there are many different categories or not EPL are calm and there are free products for each of those categories which is really great and since people watching those type of videos on a specific topic you know they’re more likely to take action and grab those free courses because once again they don’t have to pay for anything and it’s something they’re interested in so why not and those type will use easily get thousands of users sometimes even millions of views but even if you get thousands of views you are making 20 cents per each free signup you can post those videos once and then relax because they will stay on YouTube forever and will keep making you pure passive income in the next few months or a year so that was the first option second option is not free but it’s a lot easier and it will probably get you better results and that’s to leverage influence they’re marketing by using shout shout is a place where you can buy shadows from people that run big social media pages in an image and an E category so for example you can buy a shout-out on a page with over 400,000 followers were just ten bucks so you can put your affiliate link in front of 400,000 people for just $10 and the best part is that you’re not selling them anything you’re just offering them free products so you’re easily gonna get loads of signups even if you get only 100 signups out of 400,000 people you will still make your money back and you will make some profits if you get only 1000 sign up so that’s a won’t that’s over two hundred dollars and so on and so forth you can then use that money to reinvest and buy more shoutouts from different pages and repeat the same process again and again so it’s like a snowball effect and it literally takes you less than 10 minute to place your order here and just pace your affiliate link in the order box after that you can see relax and enjoy your passive profits so if you have five to ten bucks to invest and definitely feel free to use shout card in order to make money on autopilot but if you don’t have five to ten dollars to start investing here then just use free option first to start making some money and then reinvest that then reinvest that money into this into the shout card com anyways the last option for from Pro promoting your affiliate link for free in order to collect free signups is to just join many different Facebook groups or a reddit communities or start replying to twits on Twitter or use any other social media platform to promote it it’s super easy because you’re once again not selling anything you’re providing people with a free digital assets from which they can benefit and only on Facebook inside of different Facebook groups you can reach millions of people that they’re interested in those products which you’re offering them for free so just don’t be lazy take action and be patient and if you want to see how I personally make money online and it has nothing to do with this channel then hit the photos link in the description down below but don’t worry it’s not about affiliate marketing it’s not about cpa marketing it’s not Darry marketer and it’s not any MLM scheme it’s a legit way to build your own online business from scratch and I already have hundreds of people that went through that training and are now making an absolute killing online so you complete beginners that started from scratch are now making an absolute killing online and we recently even had the youngest member so far 13 years old boy from Mexico that made his first $1,000 by following the steps so definitely hit the first link in the description down below to find out more about it and take action before it expires I don’t want to share my business model with everyone and I will see you inside the next videos

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