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Copy & Paste Text and Earn 8.50 On Autopilot! (Work From Home)

Copy & Paste Text and Earn $498.50 On Autopilot! (Work From Home)

we have never talked about this website before but it can actually make you thousands of dollars feel free to just copy this text paste it here and submit it that’s it now just repeat and enjoy this is absolutely free it requires no investment this works all over the world it’s worldwide this is hundred percent beginner friendly it requires no previous experience since all you need to do is just copy and paste some text warning this has a huge potential so please spend wisely all of the money you make despite that results are not typical and it all depends on how much work you put into this since you can do it again and again I urge you to not abuse it use it at your own risk hey I know it might sound crazy but if you stick with me all the way to the end of the video I will show you how this can make you a lot more money than just five hundred dollars and how you can do it again and again on top of that I will show you what you must avoid in order to not get banned from this website and trust me you don’t want to get banned from this website you want to make as much money as you can with this one and right before we dive into my computer because the first thing it is about making money online every single day so if you hear the bell I could have a life or you will never have a new fresh strategy just like this one to make money online so you can order the first to use it and that way not only you will be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money and with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so we can start the tutorial okay so here’s the website from which we will be making money just by copy pasting it some text since this is something that we never done before on this channel you should definitely pay close attention and follow all of the stats because if you do then at the end of the video you will know exactly how to do this exactly how to start this today and make money today you will also know how this can make you a lot more than just 500 bucks and you will know what you need to do to avoid what you need to avoid in order to not get banned from this website because obviously there’s a lot of potential on this website and you don’t want to get banned so definitely stay tuned for that but before we come back to this platter and before I show how it actually works we’ll need to sign up to one more website although we have talked about that website before we have never used this strategy in particular so that website name is digi store at 24 calm and what DJ store 24 calm actually is well for those of you guys that don’t know this is the affiliate network where you can find many different affiliate offers to promote and earn commissions each time you make a sale so more sales less work what material clothes optimize your conversion and grow your business so you don’t have to create that product you don’t have to handle shipping delivery support tickets chargebacks etc all you need to do is send people to the sales page with your affiliate link which I’m about to show you where to grab and this platform is very similar to Clickbank but their furnace that this one is world wide available and ice as people from all around the world with that being said what you will need to do is you will come out to DG store 24 calm and you will either click on the start now it’s free to sign up or click on a register now in order to create an account let’s click on this and that’s gonna take you over to this page where you will need to create an account by entering some basic information about yourself once you do you will be able to log into your account by clicking on the button that’s gonna be right here click on log in and then log into your account that will take you over to the dashboard where you’ll be able to click on marketplace and click on all offers on the affiliate marketplace as you click on that here in the left hand side you will be able to see all the digital products in all different categories for those specific products now the one category there we’ll be focusing on today they will be perfect for the previous website when the main website will actually pay us then that category is gonna be internet marketing and e-business you want to click on internet marketing and e-business that is the work from home and make money online and niche now although you can pick whatever product from here you like I will be focusing on just one particular product and as well you don’t have to use DG store 24 I just use this one as an example if you can then sign up to Clickbank and grab some affiliate offer from there it is related to working from home and making money online so some offer that can help people make money online and start working from home you want to fly to find it those type of products you don’t worry you will not have to buy them yourself don’t worry you can start this business for $0 and you can keep doing it without investing any money at all anyways I will just select one of these offers I will scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website and I will go to the second look page and then I will try to find the super affiliate system by John Christina so this is the drunkeness course and I really like this one is because we are actually sending people to an absolutely free training videos and this guy is an actual expert on upselling people after day after they went through the free training so they’re going through the free training and he will absalom not only we are making fifty percent of nine hundred and ninety three dollars as you can see that’s like if you do the math and that’s actually four hundred four hundred ninety eight dollars and fifty cents of fifty percent commission on nine hundred ninety seven dollars is four hundred ninety eight dollars and fifty cents but we’re also making from the upsells you’re making money from the app sells in this case we can make one hundred fifty three dollars per month so that’s a reoccurring Commission per month and he also has some more absolu can make in tall over 2,583 euros which is around two thousand and seven hundred and what nine dollars from one single sale just by sending someone to an absolutely free training so we’re sending someone to national the free training that’s gonna teach them how they can make money online they will be upsell after that once they learn that and once they learn the process they will then be upsells to all these different products and we’re gonna make Commission’s from that on incomplete autopilot in that one sale can not only make us four hundred and ninety eight dollars and fifty cents where you can also go up to over two thousand and seven hundred dollars per person that we send and the website which I’ve showed you at the beginning of this video actually has over forty eight million people that we could reach out and that’s forty eight million potential customers and forty-eight million potential Commission’s that we can get that’s a lot and it’s insane so all you need to do is come over to here grab your affiliate link which is gonna be right here it’s gonna be a promote Now button click on the promote now and then click on your link and right click on the click right click on the link and click on copy you want to copy that link and let me show you where we are actually sending people so once people click on our affiliate link they’re being redirected to this page how to make money online of free training they will register now they will go through the training and there will be upsell but that does not matter to us I just wanted to show you what we’re actually promoting but what I actually want to show you is that this thing you wanna you wanna shorten your URL so go over to beat lee comma cover to beat lee calm you will paste your long affiliate link in here and you will click on shorten right here and this is your shortened URL we’ll be sending people to this shortened URL because it looks short and spit you’ll then copy that and now let me show you what is the main platform from which we will be able to make monitors by copying and pasting tags that have I have prepared for you so you will be able to use this tag so right here you can copy and paste it on that platform and that platform is gonna be deviant-art calm so this is already deviant-art or Debian ours calm I don’t know how to pronounce it but dari and are calm and according to Google there are over 48 million users on this platter of 48 million accounts having created on the deviant-art comm and according to similar web comm this tool actually there are over 100 million monthly visits on here that’s all potential traffic for us and you will see why so what actually Devon art is well Devon R is a place where people evil artists will gather on here and they will share their art as you can see their images and put their art in particular so there’s a lot of creative people on here and I really love this website I really love what these guys are doing and I really appreciate what they’re doing but unfortunately you may know this but artists are not making a lot of money despite all the hard work they put into their into their did into this art and despite all their creativity unfortunately most of them are barely making a sound money which is really sad but that’s why we are here to help them and don’t worry even though these guys are not a super rich they’re actually selling their art on here so they do have some money but they’re just not making as much money as they should be so that’s why we will have them so you’ll convert to Debian or calm you will sign up there’s gonna be a sign up button right here I already have an account so that’s why I says subscribe to investor yes to me anyways you will login to your account and then you can select some of this images you will come over to the home page as you saw there like 48 48 million people on here so definitely there’s no shortage ways to make money with this and you know it’s not competitive at all because barely any people know that they can actually make money by helping this artists because they didn’t watch this video so you just select some image for example I will open up this one this image with the bunny I think it’s like bunny or it’s a peaceful night image called peace so all you need to do is find the actual artist that’s gonna be their username is gonna be over here so find any artist on here you don’t have to focus on this one in particular you can find any artist over 48 million $2.00 on this platform and you will click on the send note so you want to contact them and here’s what you will tell them so here’s the text which you can copy and paste but I actually recommend you change that a little bit and then copy and paste your version of this tag so don’t use the same template as this one because there are gonna be more people watching this video watching the same video that you are watching and they will probably use the same text so make sure to actually change it change it a little bit and then use your version to copy and paste to all these different artists so you can say for example hey I hope you’re doing well I just wanted to tell you how much I love your art and especially the last and then that photo like it was like something like let me just go back the peaceful night I especially like the peaceful night photo for example feel free to message me back as soon as you’re free I like to connect with someone like you and it’ll likely help you because I know it can sometimes be really hard to earn money online despite all the hard work you put into your art piece and that’s it you’re not pushing your affiliate link from the start because it’s obviously going to come up as a spam you don’t want to do that but you actually want to you know kind of build a relationship with that kind of build a relationship with them you know a friendship when I’m connect with them and then after some time after you start chatting with them like I said you exchange like two or three different messages you can provide them with your affiliate link that’s gonna send them to an absolutely free training so you can tell them like hey yes but this is what actually helped me make money online I weight went through this free training over here and then you leave the mieux affiliate link like the one if shortened over here you grab your affiliate link and you get you tell them like this is your field link that helped me and just paste it over here and they’ll be curious about it what actually helps you and it will click on it they will register for their training and you’ll be able to make money to make commissions on a complete autopilot and actually go to up to two thousand seven hundred and what-not dollars just from one a single person and once again all you need to do is just copy the stacks you can you know change a little bit copy and that copy that template go back to all those artists on here over 48 million artists on here that need your help you just paste that text pace your affiliate link and just repeat the process again and again and again and here’s what you need to award in order to not get banned from this website and that is spamming you can’t just spam like 100 messages in 10 minutes that’s not how it works but it’ll actually reach out to maybe like 10 20 30 or 50 people per hour and it’ll be okay with that but if you spam like 50 people per minute then that’s just gonna come up as a pure spam and you will probably get banned from this website so don’t do that even if you message us 10 to 20 people per hour that’s still a lot and you still have a lot of potential to make a lot of money with this and of course john Kristina’s training is just one of the products which you can promote there are many different make money online and work from home products which you can offer to all the people on here to 48 million people on the Debian our platform you can also sign up to warrior plus and find different products in warrior Plus as well maybe sign up to Clickbank maybe even just search or search on Google for make money online affiliate programs and then offer them your affiliate links from there create a template similar to this one I will even leave this script in the description of this video so you can just copy and paste it if you want to if you if not just change a little bit and then copy and paste your own template and keep doing it again and again and again and that’s it for this video I hope you did enjoy it and I hope you did get some value out of this video and if you did make sure to drop a like to leave a thumbs up that really means to me and it really inspires me to share with you definitely make money online ideas every single day and and hit the bell I can sit down miss out on any of the new content and if you did not like the strategy but you want to see how you can make a lot more money with a little bit easier strategy then make sure to click on the video that’s on the screen right now because inside of that with you I will be showing you how you can make over four thousand dollars with this absolutely free tool it’s also brand new tricks you really want to click in that video I will see you inside of that with you

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