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Earn $0.45+ Each 10 Sec On Autopilot (Passive Income)

make 45 cents of the $3 each and every 10 seconds on autopilot stay tuned if you want to see how I can make 45 cents or way more than that on autopilot over and over again then make sure to watch this video but right before we start if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the investor channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day and if you click the bell I can automatically won’t ever have a new fresh strategy like this one to make money online so that way you can be one of the first use it and that way be one step ahead of your competitors so with that being said let’s jump into my computer so I can explain you everything okay guys we are now inside my computer and there are gonna be a few websites that we are gonna be using today maybe there are gonna be like three or four websites and I’m about to show you don’t really know so around three or four websites because the we’re gonna be using one single app one single website to make money with it and then I’m gonna show you how you can set it up on autopilot to collect profits over and over and over and over again one way is gonna be for absolutely free and the second one is gonna be a paid version but a page version like you don’t have to invest any money upfront but you need to like out of those earnings you need to give just a few cents in order to set it up on autopilot so it’s gonna be super amazing with you in lat let’s dive straight into it so the first website we’re gonna be using and the main app the we’re gonna be using is called the plug so the plug app we have probably talked about the plug app yes we need to talk about the plug app in some of my previous videos but I didn’t share how you can set it up on autopilot and collect profits over and over again so the plug easily monetize your Influenster audience so and simple I made three hundred dollars day so this is someone this is some of their members they said they made around three hundred dollars in a single day which is absolutely possible and it is absolutely doable to make even more than that in a single day with this app and that is why I really really love this app so you can just head over to block code dot in so plug going and basically how this works let me just show you so if a couple of trees and I have to promote posting your socials and so inside of this plug app you’re gonna find like hundreds of different apps so inside they’re the me apps that you can grab a link so you can as you can see you can copy your link right here your URL your a like affiliate link and each time you share that link and each time someone signups each times each time someone installs that app for absolutely free so those are all free apps so some if each time someone installs that app you’re gonna earn some blog points and one plug points one plug coin equals around five cents and I’ve seen that most apps pay like a 15 up to like 50 or 60 plug points which is fifteen fifteen plug points equals forty five cents in one and fifty plug coins equals remember that’s two x five cents of 50 that equals two dollars and five cents obviously but you know you just need to copy the URL and then I’m going to show you how you can promote them and how I can set it up on autopilot and get a traffic over and over again so how we can collect the profits passively so we’ll just install the app and make money earn points for your promotions turn coins into cash and you can withdraw money whenever you want to I think you need to have like around twenty dollars first in order to withdraw your money which you can pass really really quickly were the strategist and I’m about to show you and you can call you can withdraw your money directly to your PayPal accounts people just enter your papal information you will enter your paypal email and you can just cash out by clicking on this button right here and that’s gonna be automatically withdrawn through your PayPal account and then you can you can spend that money on whatever you want to but even though but even if people isn’t available in your country then I guess they’re gonna be a few more options right here I think people is not the only option so don’t you worry don’t you worry about that at all so cash out anytime where people receive fast payments and view your account history with ease because it’s a really single it’s a really simple clean design it’s a quite quite nice app to work in so you can track you can see your promotions in real time with rich analytics and notifications so you have everything right here that you need and you just come over to the blog code that and you can read more about it and read more about how it works or you can just install it directly to your smartphone and start using it so they also having some reporting program where you can make some extra money on the side if you want to sue I’m not gonna show you how to set up a referral program on autopilot I’m just gonna show how we can set up those installs on autopilot but if you want to promote I referred with this referring program if you want to promote the app that’s this blog app you can just get over to like a Facebook and just join some groups while making money online and you can just tell them like hey guys this isn’t some nice app to make money online you can tell them more about the app and just have your link in those boats have your affiliate link and you’re gonna be earning 500 plug points after your referral earns 1000 blog points which is around $25 in fewer passive income just from one single referral which is awesome so you can refer a hundred in there’s an unlimited referrals that you can bring into this into this app so definitely you can just come over here you can read more about it how it works and stuff like that but once you install it and once you grab your affiliate links once you grab your links to it for those apps that you need to promote what you can do so there are a few options that you can do the first one is obviously the best source of passive income and that is but don’t worry you will not have to be in front of a camera you will need no expensive equipment or anything like that so if you search for like top 5 apps in June 2019 you can see hundreds of different videos for you let’s find some so as you can see some of them are getting like 300,000 views 180 thousand views 140 thousand views forty-six thousand years – 140 thousand years and so on and so forth and basically what you can do is just record your screen with those apps you can say like top 10 free apps for I don’t know November 2019 and so on and you can do this for every single man just create one single with you per month that’s gonna take like a last 10 minutes but if you don’t want to do this and just stay tuned I’m gonna show you one more way that you can get free traffic on autopilot but this is my favorite one because you can just create one single video per month that’s gonna take you like less than an hour to create so as you can see those videos are like 8 or 10 minutes long and not only can you make some money from Adsense but let’s say for example this guy right here it 100 and 184 thousand views let’s see if they have links to those apps in the description down below so you’ll just have links to those apps in the description so your affiliate links to those apps in the description down below and let’s see if they have it so yes full app list plus links so you can just leave your links down below like app number one and then leave your link app number two and your link and let’s say if just one of those if just one percent of those one hundred and eighty four thousand people install some app where you are making like 15 plug points that’s forty five cents per install and one thousand 1800 x 45 cents equals one equals eight hundred and ten dollars just from one single video and then you’re also making some nice money from the ad revenue and if you don’t know how to monetize your channel I will have a link in the description down below for my course when I’m teaching you how you can monetize your channel and make money on YouTube without having to be in front of a camera without having to sell anything without having to create your own videos without having to do affiliate marketing without the ad revenue and so on and so forth that’s probably gonna be the second link in the description down below or maybe the first link in description down below I don’t really know but you can check that out I’m also going to show you how you can get one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time so you can monetize any YouTube channel and so not only will you be making money from ad revenue but you’re also going to be making some nice passive income from those installs from those blog points because you know this is gonna stay up forever online and they’re gonna be new people coming in every single day and you know it’s just an estimated one percent you will install this maybe five or ten percent its oldest and you may click it and you make like thousands of dollars so just from one single video but you need to put in some time and effort into this but if you don’t want to do this if you don’t want to create YouTube videos if you simply don’t know how to do this then there’s another option that you can do so you just find some micro working job some yes Micra working job so like bike workers or let’s search for some micro jobs and you just find some of this as you can see 16 places to find a legitimate small task or micro job so we’re not gonna be working here but what we’re gonna be doing here is we’re gonna be we’re gonna be hiring people so as you can see some people are is a brace in placing like job offers for like with 24 cents 25 cents 38 cents and so on and so forth and you can just come over here and you can do those tasks and make a couple of cents each time I do this but that’s not passively so how to actually make a passive income with this website is you need to hire someone and as you can see for example this one Android a lava calculator app download plus install so just for the download and installing an app he is paying 25 cents per install so what you can do is just go over to plug going just open that app and just find some app that pays like maybe 50 or 60 block coins that equals 1 1 or 2 dollars or $2 $3 and if you find some app it pays like only $1 per install you just need to take your affiliate link and you head over to like pipe workers or some other micro job website and YouTube place an offer and you you can say like I will pay 25 cents or 30 cents per install and each time someone installs so you can set up like you can hire like 100 people to do that for you and they will do it do it automatically you’re just gonna be paying and paying them like 25 cents or 30 cents and you’re gonna be collecting $1 or $2 per install so let’s say if you’re getting $1 per each install and you’re paying 25 cents that you’re keeping 75 cents profit and you didn’t have to do anything and you can set it up you you can you can set up once on just one website hire 100 people from this website 100 300 people from from some other website and so and so forth and collect some nice nice and nice profits over and over again and you don’t need to invest any money upfront as I said you can just collect they will install that you will get one dollar and then you’re gonna be paying them 25 cents or 30 cents however you want

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