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Earn .00 In 2 MINS For FREE (Earn Money Online)

Earn $10.00 In 2 MINS For FREE (Earn Money Online)

yes it’s actually possible to make $10 in two minutes or less for absolutely free and you can actually do it over and over again stay tuned to the reward did you know that you can actually make $10 in last in two minutes and you can do it over and over again and the best part is you don’t have to wait around you can start making money today right after watching this video go take action and start making money and one more thing this is absolutely free so you will not have to invest any money at all you can now have $0 but you can go from zero to you hundreds of dollars with this unique strategy and one one one more thing this is absolutely worldwide so no matter where you are in the world you can make money with the strategy so it’s not only full tuck for top-tier countries like UK USA USA or Canada this is available in all countries you know India Pakistan Brazil wherever you are in the world you can make money with the strategy but I just want you to pay close attention to this follow each and every step and take action after watching this video but right before we start if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the master channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day and if you hit the bell I could automatically whenever have a new fresh strategy like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use it and that way we want to step ahead of your competitors with that being said let’s jump into my computer so I can show you the strategy okay we are now inside of my computer and if you have watched some of my videos you know the rules in order to make this strategy work you need to watch all the way to the end and you need to not skip anything because if you skip something you may miss that little thing that can be crucial to your success with the strategy because there is not gonna be only one website that we are going to be using for this there gonna be multiple platforms that we’re gonna be using to make this work and at the end of this video I’m going to show you how to maximize your results and I’m gonna give you a free sacred script that’s gonna allow you to make even more money and even to make money even easier and faster to make sure to StayTuned all the way to the end of this video sit relax and I will try and then will explain you everything really really quickly as I always do so the first website that we’re gonna be using is this one over here which I’m about the rebellion minutes so don’t don’t skip anything this is the box that we’re going to be using free thumbnail miracle maker for YouTube and don’t you worry you will not be creating YouTube videos you will not have to be a youtuber you will not have to be in front of a camera and you can stay absolutely anonymous don’t you worry about it so what we’re going to be doing in this website is first off you want to click on create your fries you want to come over here and you want to start creating free thumbnails and I will show you what what we are going to be doing with those thumbnails to make ten dollars in two minutes over and over again so come over here click on this create yours for free that’s gonna take you over to this page what I need you to sign up to this website and you can do that by entering your name by entering your email by typing out your password and retype in your password and you will need to agree to their terms and conditions and you can read more about that by clicking on this right here and that’s gonna show you their privacy policy you can read more about it right here now right before I give you this website name and don’t as I said this is not the only website we’re gonna be using we’re going to be using multiple platforms for this but before I give you the website URL the website name if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because when I see you guys living likes and comments under my videos I know that you’re actually enjoying them and I know that you’re actually getting value out of my videos so I’m posting daily make 101 strategies and it’s really hard to come up with different business ideas every single day see if you do appreciate that just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below now this website name is big maker comm so big maker comm I don’t zoom in so you can seed pee I see maker comm and you will click on the sign up button and you will quickly sign up here by entering that information on the right side or you can just here in the left side connected with your Facebook or Google account i’m obviously it’s a lot easier to connect it with Facebook or Google so I will just click on Facebook and I will quickly log in to my account the next thing that we’re gonna need you need to do right here is click on this YouTube thumbnail so obviously by this point you know what we’re gonna be doing but keep watching because there are gonna be multiple platforms that we aren’t gonna be using to make money so it’s not only pic maker com come over here click on the YouTube thumbnails that gonna take you over to the next page you need to enable your flash once it’s load it you’re gonna see something like this and here in the lap side you have different done for you thumbnails for YouTube and there are high quality time models so it’s not like on canva.com because I see other youtubers talking about camera outcome but if you have seen the camera outcome you can see that their thumbnails are not really good so these are high professional high quality thumbnails and you can get them for absolutely free and they are fully customizable so you can change literally everything right here so you can just come over here pick some nice thumbnail so you know some click baby thumbnail maybe maybe maybe let’s take a look at this one right here this is like the the most usual thumbnail if you can see on YouTube but you can customize a literally everything right here you can add new you can add new background you can add new tags you can upload your in your her own images you can upload you can get more proper you can get more like a stickers icons frames charts shapes illustration patterns characters photos whatever you want you as I said it’s fully customizable you can change a little bit everything right here it’s super super simple so maybe I can say like like share let’s do you like like share and and once again like okay so of course you can change literally everything right here you can change this image you can move it you can drag and drop literally it’s super simple you can add new symbols icons whatever you want you can it’s absolutely free and you have hundreds of these unlike only canva calm and you know your thumbnail can look at quite professional without having to use Photoshop so without having to pay for Photoshop you can use the peak might make your calm you create thumbnails for absolutely free you don’t have to pay for the subscription and you don’t have to pay to download this so once you create it you can just go to save and you can just download that to your computer let me do that real quick it’s gonna automatically download this to my computer and I will be able to do something with that thumbnail now what exactly we are gonna be doing with those thumbnails I’m gonna show you that in a couple of seconds so let it just load but okay Matt my internet is pretty slow so yes here it is it’s it’s now inside on my computer and now like what I can do with that down once you created once you designed and you can you just play around with this you can learn how to do it really really quickly just come over here and you know try different templates try different designs create your own designs and then the first wraps are we’re going to be using but you don’t have to use this one that I’m about to show you there gonna be like five or six more websites that you can use to make even more money but for the sake of this video I want to show you five accom and when you come to fiber comm and you search for thumbnails for YouTube you can see that people are gonna create those thumbnails for like $5 $10 $10 but on average it’s gonna be like $10 as you can see most of them are selling that those thumbnails for $10 and as you can see they’re pretty much very similar to the ones we I showed you here on the only pick maker calm as you can see those are pretty similar thumbnails pretty similar templates here on the side and you have hundreds of these you can choose and it’s super simple to create them and as you can see people are selling them for like $10 this guy made over 275 sales and he has 375 fit bugs in but he probably made well way way way more sales because you know people once someone buys a thumbnail from you and they see it’s a quite professional one they’re obviously gonna come each time they have a new YouTube with you because they want to make similar thumbnails of course they’re gonna come over again over and over and over again so you don’t have to find you know hundreds of new customers you can find like a group of customers and you can sell them every single day each time they upload a video they’re gonna come to you they’re gonna buy from you and obviously not every person is gonna leave a feedback so that’s why I’m saying this guy has probably way way way over 300 sales at a price of $10 so just from this one gig alone he made well over $3,000 I’m quite quite sure just from this gig alone this guy’s selling it for $5 300 say over 300 sales for $10 over 100 sales for $10 over 1,000 sales which is really really amazing and you have similar similar templates right here on the side and you can definitely change this you can definitely customize everything here it’s fully customizable you can find different backgrounds you can find different images you can find out for the symbol stickers different tags fonts change the colors literally customize everything and make it similar to this one and sell it for $10 over and over again but I’d rather you start with a lower price like five dollars just to get those initial sales so you can get a little bit more established in fiber because the competition is pretty high here on the fiverr.com and that’s why I want to show you a few different platforms where you can as well post your gigs to increase your chances and to increase your chances of getting more sales every single day and increase that consistent income and as it just said you as it just shows you it’s gonna take you like less than two minutes to create those thumbnails because it’s just drag-and-drop just upload those images that your customer gives you and just do the requirements they tell you so if they tell you like add three words saying like like share and subscribe then just put those three you know just type in real quick it’s literally gonna take you less than two minutes and then just click download it’s gonna automatically download that go back to fiber comm or some other websites and I’m about to show you and you can just send that to your customer and you can sell them over and over again for five $10 $15 or $20 and obviously as I said they’re gonna come to you over and over again to make similar thumbnails now the other platforms that you can use to maximize your results with the strategy our protect are actually fiber alternatives and some of them are people per hour dot-com this is another freelancing website I guess broke most you guys have already heard about the people per hour that come just come over here to create an account and just create an account as a freelancer and you can start selling your thumbnails or you can go to freelancer.com this is another really similar website just come over here sign up post it post your I want the word go to I want to work work as a freelancer and sell your thumbnails or you can go to upward comm this is another alternative 45 or calm or you can go to true answers calm this is I turn 84 freelancer.com so those are all similar websites where you can sell it as you can see you can buy or sell so sell your services here on this website just login or signup to your account and the last website is guru calm this is another pretty similar like 2d fiverr.com you can also come here and you can become a freelancer to this website and as you can see they’re like 1 2 3 4 5 6 different web sites where you can post your gigs and that way we have way way higher chances and you know the competition on this website is the Guru calm the true lancer calm up work and so on it’s not that high like only 5 or that cup so you have way higher chances to succeed is a complete beginner or if you want to go even further with what you can do you just head over to youtube.com and you can find those youtubers so what you can do is just search for some keyword search for some random keyword you can do cooking you can do makeup fitness tutorials whatever it is I’m gonna search for the sake of this video as an example I’m going to search for 4 tonight I’m gonna go to 4 type and what you can do as you can see these are some of the we’re just gonna come up and they have like millions of views millions of subscribers so then those are not our potential customers so watchin Institute it’s just filter by the last hour or today and that way it’s gonna remove so no results found for the last hour let’s do maybe today that that way it’s not just gonna show us the top youtubers for that keyword but it’s actually gonna show us let it just slowed I don’t know what’s happening so let it just load 56 minutes ago and you can find a different youtubers that don’t have that many subscribers that don’t have that many views and as you can see their thumbnails are pretty pretty bad so you can just come over there you can maybe find this guy right here three thousand subscribers and he’s obviously putting a lot of work into his videos he’s posting a forty one minutes long videos he so he wants to succeed so what you want to do it is convert it in video and you can either find his contact the information which is a lot better but if you can help on his email Instagram or whatever it is or whatever contact information you can find what you can do just leave a comment now what comment you can leave is just believe this script right here that I promised you at the beginning of this video so you can just type in hi and then say their name so in this case it’s gonna be the history channel’s name right here I really like your content and you seem to be a really nice youtuber my name is then obviously to say your name in my case it’s gonna be there hi my name is Dan and I make Tom nails for youtubers like you in order to help them improve their click-through rate so they can concentrate on making on creating high quality content and save their own time but also grow faster if you’re interested in this not hesitate you message me back and I will be more than happy to work with you I have some awesome package deals to help you save some money and get more value so obviously we can create some different packages for them have a little bit of discounts and stuff do sell even more and you can say looking forward to taking your channel to the next level best regards and then once again your name and obviously they’re gonna be willing to invest in their in their channel because they’re know it’s gonna pay off it’s gonna pay off in the in a long run and I will probably you ever probably leave this script in a description down below if I not forget it if I forget it please leave a comment down below telling me that I need to put that in a description but I will try to remember that I promise you

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