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Earn .97 Per Minute + FREE 0.00/Email! (PASSIVE INCOME)

Earn $10.97 Per Minute + FREE $200.00/Email! (PASSIVE INCOME)

this is free this is worldwide and it’s super simple to do now inside this video not only will show you how it can make $10 on complete auto-pilot or done over again for unlimited times but as well those of you guys is stay tuned all the way to the end of this video I will show you a bonus strategy a bonus website they will literally give you free stuff and that will pay you $200 per email and it has nothing to do with building any email list it has nothing to do with CPA marketing you need no following for this or anything like that it’s hundred percent free and it’s kind understand beginner friendly but right before we dive into the strategy if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hit the battle icon a lot if we would never have a new forever strategy like this want to make money online so you can be one of the first to use that strategy and that way you will be one step ahead of your competitors and of course you will make the most money with that being said well we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can explain you everything hey what’s up guys we are now inside of my computer and that strategy is gonna be absolutely amazing but since this is a brand new website that we’re gonna be using and since literally no one ever made a with you in to make money online niche above this website you need to stay tuned all the way to the end of this video and follow each and every step see we don’t mess something that can be crucial to your success with this and as well those of you guys that stay tuned old way through the end of this video not only really know how you can maximize your results and do it better than others but as well I’m gonna give you a bonus strategy to make $200 per each and every email in India it’s nothing to do with like CPA marketing it’s not CPA marketing it’s that affiliate marketing or anything like that it’s a really great way and as well that platform they will actually pay you $200 per email is a brand and you website that as well I’m sure you have never seen before okay so it’s gonna be absolutely great with you and absolutely fresh and new strategy so the first website we’re gonna be using is called bond fire calm one fire bonfire however you however you want to pronounce it it doesn’t matter because we’re gonna be using this website if you make decent amount of money online and to make some destined amount of passive income and as well some automatic payments so just come over here and this is a pretty similar website to teespring calm if you know what this thing actually is but basically how bonfire actually works is this is a website where you’re able to just upload designs or create simple designs within seconds which I’m about to show you as well and then you will be able to sell those that those products those t-shirts mugs and all that great stuff to other people now I think that this one is way better than teespring because you know teespring is a little bit overrated and it’s now becoming a really saturated website so I don’t really recommend you use teespring I will rather recommend you use this one Baelfire and once again this is absolutely free you do not have to pay for anything you do not have to sign up for any paid a membership or whatever it’s hundred percent free and I’m sure it’s gonna stay free forever so how this actually works is you will come over to this website bonefire calm and you want to click on get started do click on get started you will need to sign up to this website by either login with your Facebook at Google or just creating a brand new account by entering your first name last name email address password and all that great stuff so I will just create an account by connecting it with my Facebook and I’m a little greedy to the bone fires privacy policy in terms and conditions and of course you can read more about that by clicking on these if you want to read it I’m not gonna go over that of course and I would have said continue to Facebook and that’s gonna automatically logging it to my account I already have an account but once you sign up it’s just gonna take you to Facebook where you need to confirm that you want to connect it with your Facebook and you will be able to log into your account once you log into your account you want to click on the campaign’s and keep watching because I’m going to show you some really cool tricks I’m gonna show you how you can actually do it and as well as I said stay tuned for the bonus strategy because the burn strategy is gonna be amazing as well as this one okay so now collect just click on create a new campaign and that’s gonna take you over to this page where you can design your t-shirt I don’t like the the great t-shirt I don’t like that color so I’m gonna click on this and I want to select different color maybe I want to do like black color of course we can do whatever color you want you I just prefer to use the black one I know I just like it like that so black color and now we can customize everything it’s fully customizable you can even upload your own art and if you want to upload your own art and do you don’t want to use Photoshop or any other page software where you need a lot of skills of experience and actually to pay for that what I recommend you do if you wanna create your own designs of course you do not have to I’m gonna show you an alternative for that as well but if you want to go I’ll a bit more like extreme then you can of course use the photo Pia photo pa is a website is really similar to photoshop it’s like the Photoshop for online it’s like the online photo shop that is absolutely free and you can use it to create as you can see it’s really similar to photoshop to create your designs or you can just use the or any other software free software to create those designs and then just upload that art directly to your t-shirt if you want to do that if you don’t want to do that what welcome you to do is pick one community so in order to make sales quickly we need to pick some community maybe like the vegan community sports community you know those communities that we can target but I really recommend you go with you know like the Wigan community the animals community the nature community know people that love nature and stuff and you will see why exactly what you need to pick some community so the for the sake of this video I will pick the vegan community and that’s why I recommend you do as well but of course feel free food and to use any other community you want through and now I will be able to add my text I will be like proud let’s say like proud to be a vegan so I will add a tag story here proud to be a Wiegand and of course we can change the phones we can change the colors we can literally change everything so you can find like hundreds of different phones over here so maybe like this one this one looks pretty nice but of course feel free to play around and find the best ones you know put a little bit more time and effort into designing your own t-shirts I’m not gonna go too much for that and inside this video because I don’t want to make it too long and then you will proud to be 8 and then I will add some graphic and you can search for whatever you want you and just add as you can see these are but look pretty nice and I can add for example let’s search for something that is related to vegans to a wig and community and that’s gonna give us all of this all of these stickers that we can use so for example this this is something that represents Wiggins so I will do this one and I will you know customize it a little bit proud to be a and then I will once again added text down below proud to be vegan so no let me do that like this proud to be vegan and then I would change the the font probably let’s do maybe maybe maybe this one okay this looks yeah it’s not really bad so this one looks nice pretty proud to be we of course put a little bit time and effort into designing your own t-shirt please you know don’t make it look as awful as this one even though it’s not so awful but okay you can of course customize everything play around as I said it’s super simple to use it once you do that just hit next that’s gonna take you over to these Patriots gonna ask you whether you want to buy this t-shirt or sell this dish so obviously we don’t want to buy this people don’t want to invest any money so we want to do this hundred son free knowing when three we don’t need anything we just need to create an is design and they’re going to do everything for us they’re gonna print the t-shirt they’re gonna sell the t-shirt they’re gonna share that they should they’re gonna do all of the work for us all we need to do is create it design and drive the traffic in a specific way that I’m about to show you inside of this video and it’s gonna be super simple to do it okay you will not need no following no social media following at all you need no YouTube channels or whatever it has nothing to do with that just click and start selling and then with we need to say over this and let’s just load I know what is it slow right that’s slow like this but know how many t-shirts are you planning to sell we don’t know right now so I’ll do like 50 and if we sell 50 t-shirts our profit our estimated profit is gonna be five hundred and forty eight dollars but if you know drag it a little bit down a little bit up and it’s gonna show you how much profits we’re gonna make for this campaign alone so I’ll be like 54 now and then we can you set the price right here so if the price of the t-shirt is $24.99 so let’s say 25 bucks we’re going to be making ten dollars and ninety seven ninety seven cents each time we sell this t-shirt and I’m gonna show you how we can set it as set it on autopilot and make like a decent amount of passive income with a specific traffic source and I’m about to give you an as well I’m going to show you this tragic boner strategy that is gonna say hey this is gonna help you make three hundred dollars per email so make sure to keep watching for that as well so of course we can play around with the price but let’s do like the $24.99 because I recommend that we don’t want to play with that so let’s do it like 25 bucks and then you know they’re gonna keep 14 dollars because we you know they will print that the issue that will do all the work that will shed the tears they will keep everything will do everything and we are still gonna be making $9.97 for each and every sales so then click Next and then let it just load so we can change everything over here so setup first batch landing days so how many days our campaign is going to last I would leave it like this like 15 like 15 days I would loose standard and we’ll need to select this to select the categories so let me just find something that is related to the animal – who Wiggins so let’s do like vegan and okay so like that shaping options chip directly to your eyes most popular since this is the most popular one will it go with this one and let me just select additional tags optional we need to select something from DES so I can actually find anything related to vegan community so I’ll do just unsure and other and then click Next once you do that this is that your sales page like a sales page and you need to click to add it title of course change the change the title I’ll do like weaing and I know just you know go a little bit more put a little bit more time and effort designing your sales page and designing your t-shirt but I’m just gonna go quickly over this so I can show the actual traffic source and the buna strategy because I don’t want to make this video too long so we can proud to be a vegan now why I actually said so pay close attention to this one so what actually site UPI actually said you need to pick some community I like the vegan community and people who like made to the community animals community and stuff like that why recommend you do that is because right here in the description you can add like 10% you can say like we’re giving 10% of the profits to some charity related to to some charity that helps for example Wiggins or do some charity that hubs animals and then go to Google and just find some charity related to you whatever your niche whatever your community are in so maybe a charity this is related that is giving there that is helping Wiggins I will search for that community and each time I make a sale I will just give 10% do that do that I’ll donate 10% to that community to that donation community and I will just donate 10% of course you know you do not have to do that but this is how we can maximize your results because you know people that are in such communities like the Wigan community animals community nature community I know all those community all those communities people out there love helping other people you know they care about the environment they care about other people so of course they will be more willing they haven’t an incentive to buy from you they haven’t an incentive with they when they see that you’re actually donating 10% to share with you or even more than that and as well you’re doing something good for other people so why not you’re gonna feel very nice once you do that once you start giving like 10 percent or 20 percent profits do some community do some donation communities of course you do not have to do it as I said but this is how you can maximize your results and trust me you’re gonna make way more sales if you start donating some money and you know just type in a description like you’re donating 10 or 15 or 20 percent once you do that just hit just hit launch and then you will be able to grab your URL for this upgrade to the bonfire it’s terms and conditions and Privacy Policy and we will jump to the traffic source in a second so copy your URL and now it’s about time we get the traffic and it’s about time I show you the bone strategy as well so keep watching this video all the way to the end because we have just started but of course before we continue if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know that when I see you guys living like some comments under my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of those videos which is at the end of the day the most important thing so if you do appreciate me uploading daily business ideas and daily make money online strategies just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or need somehow always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all of those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see that comment with that being said head continue hit skip for now yeah hit okay I got it and let’s go through the traffic source so the first traffic source is gonna be Google so you want to go to Google and search for example whatever your community are in whatever new shirt and just search for that forum for example Wiegand forum and then you will be able to see that for example for a vegan forum you have over four hundred and seven million results on Google’s so there is a lot of forums so related to Wiegand communities so what I recommend you do is join as many of these forums as you possibly can and start sharing your designs start sharing your t-shirts over there start first of all start providing some value now to connect with those people and then just tell them like hey these guys are donating like 10% or 20% to some greening community and these differences are really nice and you know they will all be able to check it out and they will go to your sales page and they will be able to purchase it and whenever they purchase this you will get ten dollars in ninety seven cents or even more depending on how much profit you have selected on the previous page that we were talking about so that’s not really cool in those post that you person those vegan community known as week and forums are gonna stay up there are gonna stay online forever so maybe in a few months even years people people are still gonna be coming to these forums and they won’t be able to see your store they will be able to see your t-shirt and they will be able to purchase it from you for the next second you know we’re like months and months what we have to do is just refresh it because as you can see for example this one is gonna expire in 15 days in 14 days and 15 hours so what I recommend you do is once this expires just you know recreate it once again and you know you will be able to add like for the next 30 days and then once that finishes those 30 days have passed just select 30 30 more days 30 more days 30 more days and that’s it’s gonna stay up forever online and you’re gonna be making some des amount of passive income just from those forums so this is a great read strategy if you don’t want to build any following this is how I can get a lot of traffic to your store without having to pay for ads or anything like that or as well what you can do is use a Facebook so you can join different Facebook groups about the weekends or about whatever needs your and whatever community are you’re in so there’s a just search for vegans and just select by sort by groups and you won’t be able to see that there are hundreds if not thousands of different groups related to Wiggins so you can join as many of these as you possibly can can and some of these groups even have like hundreds of thousands of members and if this is proven to work with those Facebook groups I know it’s proven to work because I did is like last year or so I did this I join as many of these we can we can community groups and yes I there specifically we can is because I it was just interesting to do that and I just joined over those groups and I just started providing some value I don’t know I just started talking about.we about about week and recipes and stuff I just thought I started talking about that I started building relationship with those people and then after that they felt more comfortable with me and I started sharing my store in I would I had some amazing results I got some amazing results of course I didn’t use the bonfire calm because it didn’t know about it but I was using teespring but as I said I’d rather recommend you use bonfire now if I would if I was doing this room now I would be using bonfire because it’s a lot better than teespring so you can use the teespring you can use Divi a bonfire to share your you can use your bonfire URL like the bonfire socom slash Wiegand this is my URL I would just start sharing that all of those groups and those groups have like hundreds of thousands of members so I can reach a lot of people inside of these groups so that is how you can set it up set it up on autopilot because as I said those portion forums are gonna stay out forever online and those who post in those Facebook groups are gonna be seen by hundreds if not some put hundreds if not thousands of people every single day now the bonus strategy that I was talking about is by heading over to the red bubble calm red bubble calm as you can see right here this is a pretty similar website u—boat bonfire and key springs so this is a really similar one but we’re not gonna be designing any t-shirts right now okay so what I recommend you do is just sign up to this website by entering your first name last name email address and all that basic stuff and then once you do that this is how it’s gonna look like once you log into your account then hit on this become an ambassador for red red bubble spread the word get free stuff cash and more so just for spreading a word for them you’re gonna get free cash you’re gonna get free stuff and much much more so click on stuff and click on join now that’s gonna take you over to the next page I’m gonna tell you a little bit more about it you can read more about it over here how it works you know you’ll be able to apply for this and then they will give you free stuff just base but just for spreading the word about them and let me show you exactly why they’re gonna pay you 300 dollars for each and every email for example take a look at this one three hundred dollars for a single email so get paid so do you know anyone who works at a brand that has over 30,000 Instagram followers there should be on Brad Visser we’re going to do is in the previous page read more about her even more about auntie Brad a brand ambassador and just apply for this and they will you will be able to create a send them an introduction email about brand ambassador and tell them why you think they would be a good brand to join the Plath room and what I recommend you do is just head over to the Instagram and find pages that have over 30,000 Instagram followers and jet and then just start sending them an email of course they will have like the business inquiries and they will leave the email on their in their bio on Instagram page and you will just need to send them an email and you have a chance to get over to get roughly three hundred dollars for each and every email that you send by using the brand brand ambassador dot-com or you know just going to read bubblegum and just getting the join now for the for the brand ambassador so that’s some great stuff you can get paid three hundred dollars you know just an extra income for you it’s not gonna be passive income but you know just send me a few emails and you have a chance to win three hundred dollars for each and every of them

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