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Earn $1,000.00+ In PayPal Money Over & Over! [WORKING 2020]

how would you like to make thousands of dollars online and get paid straight to your PayPal account but as well do something good for this planet yes you heard me right you can make money online by saving this planet from the comfort of your home this is absolutely free no investment needed and it can be done almost from any country in the world and if you watch this video all the way to the end I will show you how you can make some money off of me by using this strategy so you will be sure that you can make at least some money from this and as well you will do something good for this planet on the back end but before all of that because in-person meetings about making money online every single day so if you hear the bell like on aval 94 you will never have a new fresh strategy just like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use it this one is going to be insane get ready we’re starting in three one go okay let’s start first of all this is relatively new website and it’s something we have not used before so you need to watch every second of this video so you will know exactly how this works and don’t worry it’s not gonna be any complicated strategy where you have to use like that different platforms or whatever this one is actually gonna be pretty simple now this works in a lot of countries and in a lot of small countries so I think it’s a worldwide available but you will need to check it by yourself if it does work in your country or not so this is already kick booster dot me so I guess none of you guys have heard of this one so let me explain what this is well kick booster is a place where big companies and business owners come before they launch some new product to run different crowdfunding crowdfunding campaigns and that means that they want to get enough funds to launch that product and they want to see if that’s something that people actually like and then we as everyday people with no skills or experience needed can come over here sign up for free promote those campaigns and get paid and there’s gonna be one campaign that I found it actually does good for this planet and by promoting that campaign you’re literally saving the world don’t worry I will show exactly how to do everything and then as I promised you how you can make some money off of me by using that campaign and yes I forgot to mention this but there is one common mistake did all newbies make when they come to this website so they are unable to make any money from it because they peek some campaigns they’re not guaranteed to make them money but I’m gonna show you one simple trick to get campaigns that are guaranteed to pay you so that’s gonna be really really important stay tuned for that for now your just want to come over to kick booster dot me and you want to read more about it if you want to of course it’s really optional but I highly recommend you read more about it key booster is the first and the only tool made specifically for crowdfunders to manage their affiliate referral and influence or network all in one place you can see that this has been seen in Forbes TechCrunch producthunt art of the kickstart and gadget flow so they’ve been working with some big companies it’s a really legit one I’ve Don to\u00f1o research and people are just allowing this platform both business owners and both people everyday people like me and you that come over to here to promote those campaigns everyone is satisfied with this one and this is just kind of like a sales page for those companies they want to pay us to promote that cut those campaigns for them so what do you want to do is you just want to come over to kick booster dot me and you can either click on get started right here or you can just click on affiliate marketers over here I will click on that because that’s what we will become you can I want to here this is the page for us make money by sharing the projects you love so you can pick whatever campaign you prefer but for this video I have something that I found that as I said can save this planet and it’s really really good and from that you can actually make a lot more money and as well do something really good you can feel good so anyways you will come over to here it will click on become a booster right here become that and now we will need to enter our first name and your first name here and to her email address right here choose a referral code it’s really optional you don’t have to you I’m not gonna leave adding my referral code sort of fill it links or whatever there are no affiliate links in this video so you can just simply leave this blank because it’s optional then create a password for yourself confirm the same password click on I have ready to read and agree to the kick booster Terms of Use which we can read if you want to by clicking on this link over here and then just hit submit and that’s it you will be able to log into your account I already have an account so I’m quickly gonna log into mine so I could show how exactly that’s what that looks like I will click here to login and this is how it’s gonna look like once you create an ik you’re gonna be able to see let’s get started promote your favorite campaigns I’m going to show you how to choose those campaigns and then you will need to complete your setup because they’re gonna pay you only through people so you will need to have a PayPal account for this unfortunately if people is not available available in your country or you don’t have people then I’m sorry but you won’t be able to make any money from this I mean you won’t be able to withdraw any money from this platform because they will pay you directly to your PayPal to your PayPal account so you will need to enter your paypal email address so they will know where to send the money and you can see get paid it’s pretty pretty simple you can just come over to here read more about it and with that being said once you read all this stuff you will just click on flying campaigns to boost in the marketplace click on that that will take us over to the marketplace where we can find like thousands of different campaigns and here’s the deal guys so this is where it says you know the goal of that crowdfunding campaign was to reach $10,000 and they’ve already reached over one hundred thousand dollars which means it’s guaranteed to pay you if you promote it but when they dared a goal is not rich that campaign has not reached their goal and you promote it and you make some sales you might not be able to get paid and that’s the mistake that all newbies make they come out to here and they choose campaigns they have not reached the goal and by doing that they’re risking their not only are they risking but they need to wait a lot more to receive their money because they need to wait for that campaign to hit the goal and maybe that campaign will hit the goal in six months Falmouth’s or maybe never and they never get paid from that so you really want to focus only on campaigns that have reached the goal so for example the raise goal for this one was ten thousand dollars they have already reached fourteen thousand dollars so you can promote this one you can promote this one as well this one as well this one not so avoid this one this one as well you can promote it not just want to help K you can promote this one as well and so on and so forth and what is that campaign that it promised you that it’s gonna help people and that is gonna help save this planet but as well make you a lot of money on complete auto-pilot and that will actually make you money that you can use to actually make money from me as well well right before I show that if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up you know what I’m gonna see you living likes and comments either at my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of my videos which is at the end of the day the most important part so if you do appreciate me I will link daily make one in life strategies and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs out that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment and down below because I will be reading to all those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see your comment with that being said what that campaign actually is you want to come over to here you wanna scroll all the way down and you want to find let me just find it real quick you want to find rabb a bottle so here’s the campaign and do good for the planet and get rewarded for that and this campaign and this campaigns goal was to reach 15,000 euros but I’m already rich almost 300,000 euros so you know that you will actually get paid from this one as soon as you start getting sales so you’re kind of like doing affiliate marketing for those campaigns and from this one you’re making 50 percent Commission’s each time you make a sale and if you keep watching I will tell you where to put your affiliate links not only to make money on an autopilot but as well for me to actually use your affiliate link because I want to do something for this planet and I’m willing to invest some money into this campaign so I will value well where to put your link so I can click on it and I can go through your affiliate link invest the money into this campaign and you can make 15% off of my money so you actually know and you will actually be sure that you will actually make some money from this now you just want to click on boost campaign of course you can pick whatever campaign you prefer I’m just using this one as an example because I really like it but you might be able to find something that is even better or that something that sometimes pays even more than just 15% so that’s all up to you I’ll just do this one as an example click on boost diss campaign they will take you over to this page where you can find out more about the actual product and what exactly you are promoting so be rewarded with 15% or more commission of every dollar you helped raise for their campaign all you have to do is click on how the boost our campaign click on that and then we’ll take you over to this page you will just hit continue so and and then yes I forgot it once you create a brand new account you will need to confirm your email address so you’ll just need to go back to your email address and OH their email they will send you an email you will open up the last email from them and it’s gonna send it and it’s gonna look something like this so this is the email that you will receive from them you will just click on confirm account and you will be able to promote that and here’s your affiliate link your unique referral link for this router bottle do good for the planet and get rewarded for that so you just need to drive traffic to this referral link right here and when someone goes to that referral link let me show you where they’re actually being sent through so when someone goes to that affiliate link they’re being sent to the sales page for that bottle where they can read more about it they can find out more about it I can watch that with you to see how it actually works and how that actually saves the planet you can see they can read more about it as seen on all of those different platforms and all those big companies have been using this one and definitely it’s a great product I really really like it I already went through the stood through the sales page and only went through the actual product and I know it’s something that I would love investing into it and I know that there’s a lot of people that care about the planet thankfully that care about the planet and that would actually invest money into this so a million plastic bowls are consumed around the world every minute which is really bad you use it for three minutes it takes 450 years to break into bases so that’s just absolutely insane it’s really sad I don’t I can’t actually even read this it’s really really sad so anyways we’re sending people to our affiliate link which we can grab now right here so this is our affiliate link and we just need to send people fill it so they can go through the sales page they can buy that ball I can invest money into that campaign and we can receive 15% Commission each time we make a sale per each referral now they’re gonna be do different traffic sources before I show you how you can leave your referral link so I can click on ten buy an invest money into this campaign through your affiliate link but first of all let me show you through different sustainable traffic sources so you can actually make money again and again not only once so the first one is to simply go over to YouTube calm calm over to YouTube and you don’t even have to show your face you can create a screen share video just going through the sales page of this bottle and you can name your video like save the planet do something good for planet and stuff like that tell people how this bottle will benefit the entire earth and trust me people that love earth and people that love this planet will be able to find your video by searching on YouTube you’ll find you will you and if your video is high-quality and you have your your referral link in a description of that YouTube video a lot of people will actually go through it they will click on it they can go through the sales page they will invest some money into this it’s proven that people are investing money into this because as I showed you like over almost three hundred thousand euros it has been invested in this campaign so a lot of people would like to invest into this because once again you’re doing good for this planet and a lot of people would feel a good after investing money into this so that’s one of the ways you can do it just simply care to create a screen share with you just like this one going through the sales page and talking about the rabble and just leave your affiliate link in the description that with you and this is a great passive income source because you just need to output that what do you once credit with you once post it in YouTube and it’s gonna stay up there forever online so you know people in like a few months or maybe in a few years will still be able to find your video they will be able to go through the sales page and buy from your referral link and you’re gonna make money from that again and again and again so that’s one of the ways to do it and one of the ways one of the best ways to do it you make money owning complete autopilot because even if your video gets just a thousand views you don’t need millions views even if you get just a thousand use you still stand a good chance to make a lot of money because you’re making fifteen percent commission on any referred customer you get to the rubber bottle but if you don’t want to create any YouTube videos then you can also just come over to this might be even a little bit easier but it will require a little bit more time and effort so you can just come over to Facebook and you can search for example earth lovers Planet Lauer’s and you know earn communities and stuff like that and sort by groups and you’ll be you come across like you’ll be able to come across like thousands of different groups that gather people you know those are communities where there you can find earth lovers so people live care about this planet they come and gather in those groups and only need to do is join all these different groups you will join all of them and inside those groups you have thousands of people so all you would need to do is just come over there don’t spam your referral link but actually try to provide a little bit of value talk a little bit more about a rabid bottle and how that will actually help this planet and just leave your referral link and when all those people that care about the planet see that they will be thankful for you promoting that campaign they will be able to click to your for a link they will come over to here they will read all of this breath all these heartbreaking news and they can invest some money into this campaign and guess what you’re gonna make money from that so you did something good for the planet and you made some money so that’s the second option just come out to Facebook join all those groups about earth lovers about people just find people that care about this planet and share this companion with them they will feel good about it they will feel good about themselves after investing some money into this campaign you will feel good because you’ve made some money you will do something good for this planet and kick boost will also be satisfied so it’s a very advanced situation and a lot of people can benefit from this and now as I promised you you how where you can actually put your affiliate link your referral link this link over here how we can copy it and give it over to me so I can click on it and I can buy and invest some money into that campaign through your affiliate links you’ll be sure that you can make at least 50% Commission just from me alone well that’s only for those of you guys that click the subscribe button and you have the Baloch on on on my channel so you got notified for this video and if you’re one of the first that watched this video all the way to the end you stick with me all the way to the end I will reward you so you can take your referral link take your affiliate link and leave it in the comments of this YouTube video just leave it in the comments down below I will remove it from the spam and I will click on your referral link and I will go through the sales page and I will invest the money into this so you can make 15% of everything I invest into this rabbie bottle and don’t worry I will not invest just for one person I will do it multiple times for multiple you guys because you’re really showing some support and love for my channel and I really appreciate that and because of that I will use some of your referral links so just for those of you guys there were some of the first that’s laughs your referral links in the comments of this video so that’s why you really want to be subscribed to this channel and that’s why you really want to hear the battle I can see you get notified when I would have such videos so you can take advantage by being one of the first to watch it and by being one of the first they act and remember to always watch my videos all the way to the end with that being said that’s all for this video I hope you did get some value out of it and I hope you did enjoy it and if you did don’t forget to drop a like to leave a thumbs up because it really inspires me to share with you different make money online ideas every single day and if you having already be sure to subscribe and hit the bell I consider down miss out on any of the new content and I will see you in some of the next videos

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