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Earn ,000+ In 30 MINS For FREE

Earn $1,000+ In 30 MINS For FREE

you didn’t have to sell anything you don’t have to buy anything it’s absolutely free it’s super easy it’s worldwide available and it’s gonna take you way less than 30 minutes to set up everything and make money on any complete autopilot now in order to make this right to work you will need to follow each and every step show inside of this video and stay until the end to maximize your results so right after this video ends you can just go up there and start making money but right before we dive into that if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day so if you get the battle icon I will notify you whenever have a new fresh strategy like this one to make my lunch so you can be one of the first to use that strategy you let app or use that website to make money online and that way not only will be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can explain you everything okay we’re now inside of my computer this is the first platen we’re gonna be using now in order to actually make money in less than thirty minutes we’re going to be combining multiple platforms that will help us maximize our results and it will help us set everything on autopilot so it’s literally gonna take us waiting 30 minutes and we can then enjoy the profits and actually make way more than one thousand dollars because at the end of the video I’m also gonna show you a bonus strategy that will allow you to maximize your results with this tragedy and along the way I will be giving you some types of tricks and free resources that you can use to make as much money as you possibly can so don’t skip anything otherwise you will mention those things and you will just get confused so first of all go to and create an absolutely free account if you haven’t already so create a brand new gmail account and then what you want to do with that brand new gmail account is you want to set an absolutely free autoresponder and I’m gonna show you how you can that do that as well now you know we’re not gonna be selling anything so you know this is a really unique way to make one online and we have never talked about it earlier on this channel so we have talked about Gmail but we haven’t talked about this strategy and no selling included in this at all so you want to set up an autoresponder because whenever someone emails us that autoresponder is gonna send an automated message for us to that to that person and inside that message that is going to be one specific link that will make us money on and complete autopilot so we do not have to do anything and I’m also going to show you where you can paste your Gmail where you can pass paste your email so people will actually start emailing you on autopilot and then our autoresponder will send them an automated message so you don’t even have to do anything the oil responder is gonna do all the work for you and I’m gonna show you how on the backend you are actually making money without selling anything so go over to Gmail once you create an account you want to click on this a Settings icon or here the gear icon click on that and click on settings that’s gonna take you over to the next page where you will need to scroll all the way down to the bottom and you want to find this vacation responder and then set this from off to on so select vacation and responder on and then you can select whether you want to start from today or you want to do and whether you want to end it that’s optional I will just leave it like that because I want to do this for unlimited times then I’m gonna show you what exactly you need to type in the subject and the message what actually message needs to contain so we can actually make money and then where you actually need to paste your email now right before I show you all that stuff if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know that when I see you guys leaving likes and comments under my videos I know that you are and join them and I know that you’re getting value out of those videos which is at the end of the day the most important part so if you do appreciate mailing daily make manual and strategies and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions that we simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see that comment with that being said what you need to do first is go to be absolutely free platform and absolutely worldwide platform that is called offer walled so you will need to head over to the offer wall com now this is a place where you can find different cpa offers to use that are world wide available in many different categories but there is gonna be one offer that we are going to be focusing on one particular niche that we’re gonna be focusing on in order to make mantra money without having to sell anything and what cpa means is cost per action and what actually we’re focusing on is we are focusing on these elites so we’re gonna be promoting something that whenever someone submits their email um there they do not have to buy anything they just need to submit their email they do not have to pay for anything or anything like that we are on the other hand gonna make on the other hand gonna make money from each and every free submit that we get so I know it may sound a little bit confusing but keep watching I will show you step by step how we can set this up and how you can make this work for you so you will enter a search term down below over here in this box and that’s search in that search term as far as gonna be free gift card so you want to search for free gift card and keep watching so as I said I can show you what is that email you need to type and where exactly you need to pace your email so people will start emailing you so you don’t have to do any work at all so you can literally set everything in less than 30 minutes and enjoy some massive profits once we type in a free gift card you wanna click on this type because we are only interested in leads and I will show you a little show you the payout per lead that we get and the actual offer here on the left-hand side so if you scroll down a bit you will be able to find thousands of different email ten thousands of different gift cards that you can give out for absolutely free and whenever someone enters that in that gift card giveaway we are gonna make for example this one is paying two dollars and 40 cents per lead that we get and you can see that we are actually promoting a $1000 Amazon gift card so our like customers that are not actually customers because they are not buying anything but let’s call them customers our customers just need to submit an email for absolutely free and they have a chance to win one thousand dollars in Amazon gift card for absolutely free and then we are making we are making two dollars and 40 cents each time they entered the giveaway for that souls are free so as I said they do not have to buy for anything you cannot have to behind thing I did they do not have to win the giveaway for us to win we’re gonna win two dollars and 40 cents not win but earn three thousand forty cents even if they just submit an email and don’t win anything at all so that’s actually what you want to look up for you want to find different of these gift cards that are like $1,000 gift cards so you can easily attract more people so you will be able to click on this I find the actual find the actual affiliate network you’ll be able to grab your your affiliate slash referral link and then whenever you share it even and whenever someone signs up under that email under that URL you are making two dollars and forty cents per person I hope that makes sense so let’s say this is my let’s say this is my affiliate URL I’ll copy this link address and I will go back to you my email and in in the subject let me show you what exactly we’re gonna be typing I’ll just paste it over here so I don’t lose it so what exactly we need to type in the message and in the subject is right here so the subject is gonna be congratulations so I will copy this and I will also leave this exact same script in the description in the bottom of the description of this YouTube video so you can just copy and paste the exact same thing or you can even type something in your own words you might even be able to write a better email than I did over here so I will just copy this link let’s say this is my affiliate slash referral link where I’m making two dollars and forty cents for bird absolutely free submit and I will just paste it over here so make sure you replace it this wwr link com replace that with your affiliate link paste it over here so of course make it a little bit make it look a little bit better and you can even shorten the URL by using some of the link shortening service like beat Lee or I don’t know you can even use some paid of link shortening service and make even more money by doing that but that’s a really optional I will just paste it like this and then I will click Save Changes and when your Save Changes now whenever someone emails me they will receive this message congratulations you can win a gift card by signing up to this website and I can also add like you can win $8,000 gift card will actually attract even more people you can win a $1,000 gift card by signing up to this website for absolutely free and I’m going to tell them like click here and when they kill it awake there they will be able to enter a $1000 giveaway and I will win money I will win one I mean three dollars and forty cents and once they once they enter that giveaway and I would get two thousand four cents for each referral that I get which is really really insanely good so I’ll just save these changes and let me show you where exactly you need to paste your that where we need to actually paste your email so people will email you so you don’t have to do any work at all so as you saw this I like this this took me like less than five minutes to do and of course I was talking explaining it to you ackward him even down in like less than a minute I could set up this email in less than a minute he had a Save Changes I will obviously not save it right now but okay okay I will actually save it I will save you like that and now whenever someone emails me they will receive that email so as you see as you saw they can literally take a or two minutes and now what you need to do is go over and paste this another another another script that I have for you which is is well gonna be at the bottom of this description so you can just copy that if you need three gift cards just email me at and then leave your email but make sure to include those spaces and I will show you why so make sure you include include all this space as you can see it’s not so it’s separated and then add like remove a space in the brackets so I will show you why exactly we are doing this so let us copy this and what you need to do is there are two different options to attract people on autopilot so it’s literally gonna take you less than 30 minutes to set it on autopilot and make money on autopilot so first one is going over to YouTube and you want to search and by the way keep watching you will not have to create any YouTube videos so you can go over to YouTube and you can search for free gift cards and you can see that those videos are getting thousands and thousands of views so let me refresh this if i refresh that you will be able to see that yes those videos are getting like 300,000 views a 72,000 views 8,000 views 28,000 use and so on so forth so tens of thousands of people are obviously interested in getting free gift cards so they can get some money for absolutely free which is really great because now we can go over to those to those videos where they are talking where people are talking about what about free gift cards and stuff and obviously since they are attracting a lot of people that are interested into gift cards we can go down to the comments section and we can paste our comment if you need free gift cards just email me at then your email where the space is and why exactly we’re living those spaces is because if you just you know make it if it’s not separated if you have no spaces then then Google and YouTube will mark that as a spam and will remove will remove your comment so make sure to include those spaces and you will be able to comment do that and just repeat the process to like ten or 20 comments repeat the same process and those comments will stay there forever and you can see that thousands of people will coming through those videos and if you’re like one of the firm even one of the first to come and under that with you you have any way to even have a higher chances to get more people to email you now yes this does work but I have another strategy for you that will actually work way better than this but still if you don’t want to be in front camera you don’t want to create any kind of videos then you can definitely try with this one but I think you will be able to get only just a few emails but what actually works better is to create a simple video like these guys are making and that will actually allow you to make way more money and you can see that for example this when you’ve got three hundred and sixty thousand views and three hundred and sixty thousand people interested in free gift cards and just imagine having you’re either you’re either they lack the rack link to this offer or just you know having the email and telling them like email me if you want the free gift cards if you want to enter the $1000 giveaway for a free gift card and then just email me over here you can tell them that or you can simply leave your direct in your direct affiliate link and obviously hundreds of thousands of people are interested out that we entered that if at least 1000 of them just 1000 of them out of 300 thousand and want a free gift card if just 1000 of them actually signs up so you made three thousand and four hundred dollars in basically way less and 30 minutes to work because all you have to do is you do not even have to record your face you do not have to be in front of a camera you can just play some you can just turn on some screen recorder like I am using right now I personally use the OBS obvious project this is over you can find it at the OBS project calm you can download that for absolutely free and use it just record your screen and show the actual giveaway you can show the landing page of the giveaway and stuff and tell them that they can enter that giveaway in like you can tell them like it’s the first link in the description down below and they will click on that and they will go out there they will sign up and you will make money per each and every sign up and as I said you have potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people they’re interested in two gift cards and since you’re offering them something for absolutely free where they do not have to pay for anything they just need to enter their email then they will be more than willing to just enter their email and they have a chance to win $1000 and boom you’re making thousands and thousands of dollars on a complete autopilot so it’s a really really great strategy I hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure to drop a like to this video and if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe and I will see you in some of the next videos

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