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Earn ,000+ In 60 MINS Just Copy & Paste! (FREE)

Earn $1,000+ In 60 MINS Just Copy & Paste! (FREE)

in this video I want to show you how you can make over $1,000 in an hour so you can just use this copy and paste regi in the next 60 minutes and then enjoy the profits for the next few months if not even more than that this is worldwide available yes it does work in all countries its beginner friendly and you can do it for absolutely free no investment needed but right before we start if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hit the bell icon a lot if I will never have a new fresh strategy like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use that strategy use that app we’ll use that website to make money online and that way not only will be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money with that being said I will jump straight into my computer right after the intro all right guess what we are now inside of my computer and you’re about to learn how you can make over $1000 in 60 minutes or last for absolutely free now once you see the first platform that we are gonna be using because we were gonna be using some website and then we will combine it with a few different platforms and one simple tool absolutely free tool of course will allow us to make that kind of money so if you want to setup this properly you need to watch this video all the way to the end and don’t skip anything you cannot skip anything because if you do you’ll just get confused and you will never know exactly how you can do it it’s gonna be a great strategy and it’s definitely worth your time now the first button right right after I’ll show you the first platform don’t just click up because no you will not this has nothing to do with social media follow me you know and you need no social media following you need no experience for this you will not be in front of a camera you will not be creating any kind of videos and it’s not about YouTube at all so the first class that we’re gonna be using is gonna be skill sure but no he will not be creating courses you will not be buying courses this is absolutely free you will not be in front of a camera you can stay absolutely anonymous because there’s gonna be one specific thing that we’re gonna be doing with skill sure that is gonna allow us to make bunch or money without having to create our courses so for those of you guys that don’t even know what skill sure is basically skiers the skill share is a place where you can come over here and you can buy the monthly subscription so you know people list their courses for sale but you can’t buy them actually like per course but you can actually buy the premium class is like a multi planets like like fifteen or twenty bucks and you will have access to over 20,000 different courses that you can real enroll and watch in that particular month and of course those are reoccurring payments every single month you’re paying like 15 to 20 bucks to wash those courses which is really really great so because if you otherwise use like udemy or any other platform any other platform you would have to pay per each course which is a lot more expensive than if you come to Skillshare and by the monthly planner which is really great but no we’re not gonna be pioneering any plans and we are not gonna be creating our courses well if we are not gonna be doing that then how we can actually make money well first of all what you need to do is think of some niche so you want to think of some niche over here and once again no you will not be creating courses in that niche but for example you can browse here and find different categories maybe you can do animation creative writing film and video marketing leadership and management a live style productivity whatever you want you for the sake of this tutorial I will go with the photography niche so what I will do right here is I would click on photography but right before I tell you what we need to do with photography and right before I show you and explain you everything if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know when I see you guys leaving likes and comments on my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of those videos which is at the end of the day the most important part so if you do appreciate melding daily make money online strategies and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all of those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see that comment with that being said worth you need to do is first of all yes you will open that category that you like but then you will click win on your account of course I forgot to mention this I’m really sorry about it but you will have to create an account that is absolutely free you’ll not have to pay for anything just create an account you will not need to enter your credit card details or whatever just you can even connect it with your Facebook and you have an account once you connect your account once you create your account click on your icon over here you can see your name and then what you want to do is click only refer-a-friend and that’s going to take you over to the next page in there yes we’re going to be using affiliate program but their affiliate program is very unique and I’m gonna show you why and how their affiliate program is gonna allow us to make bunch of money with the tool that I’m about to give you they will help you set everything on autopilot so click click on refer-a-friend that’s gonna take you over to the next page where you can find out more about the referring program but you can see that you can get $10 per each and every sign up so you just need to share the URL for your affiliate link and people do not have to buy anything they just need to sign up for this for the free trial two months free premium trial and you are gonna get $10 for that so obviously skele is gonna do all the work done for you you just need to drive traffic to your to your URL as you can see spread the word with your custom link email or through social media student striping you free will your link and then I’m going to show you why we actually choose the niche over here and what tool will actually allow you to make bunch of money and what tool will basically do the work for you so you can set everything on autopilot for absolutely free you will then earn referral revenues to earn $10 for each students that signs up with your link and they will take care of the rest and if you go to their affiliates you can if you go to like skill share that comes slash affiliates you can read more about it you can find more I’ll find out more about it but basically you can see that you’re you know that your referrals can watch over 23,000 online courses on this platform they can all my will show you like yes monthly payouts you can get paid every single month with this and it’s absolutely free and let me show you this like do trial signups count as a referral yes all trial signups will count towards your referral payouts so that’s really really great you even have real-time tracking and so on and so forth you can definitely read more about it on Skillshare comm slash affiliates but I’m just gonna show you what you actually need to do in action if you want to read more about it definitely come work here and read more about it yourself but once again you want up to the search for that niche for example photography I will be with the photography niche you want to sign up find some knowledge core that is popular and that a lot of students have enrolled and for example this one it has over 25,000 students now let’s see if that is something worth promoting so if you click on that that’s gonna show you that you can even see the reviews the reviews are pretty nice put it for this course I will definitely be more than willing to promote it so what I will do is I will click on share and I will be able to earn ten ten dollars just to send people to this tune discourse and they can watch it for absolutely free they can enter the team on our free trial they can watch this course and all other courses about photography and I’m gonna earn ten dollars just by referring each a student to this to this page to this course which is really great because I’m gonna show you how you can use the tool and then find targeted traffic and then use that tool to get you sign up so I’m going to show you everything it might sound a little bit confusing right now but it’s follow what I show inside this video so you will copy the URL for that course you click on that and you copy the URL copy that and you have it done now the next thing that you need to do so you copy the URL to send people to this free course so this is gonna be a free course for them and all other courses related to you photography or that specific needs maybe you want to do cooking maybe you do want to do football sports me for that one if she wanted you can do it and you can find courses and that as well but basically I’m doing the photography I’ll copy this and then the next thing you need to do is go to Google and you want to search for different photography or that nice you’re in articles so I will maybe do like a photography secrets or something like that you know that people will be interested in you click on that you find some some different articles over here you can open many different articles so maybe you can do like if you’re in the cooking you can do like cooking tutorial secrets or cooking secrets or whatever it is just find something interesting that people would be interested reading in and no you will not have to write articles or whatever as I said it might be a little bit confusing right now but just follow what I show you inside this video and stay all the way to the end and you will know exactly what you need to do so I would maybe choose this one I will click on this on this website over here this will open an article for me which is really great so you can go through it read more about it if you want to that’s really optional but now let me give you the tool that will help you automate everything and you can use this article to actually drive traffic to your free trial to your free course on Skillshare and earn $10.00 per student that enrolls in that course I’m going to show you that so just keep watching this video yes once again I know it’s confusing so copy the URL for that article so you found the article related to that niche maybe cooking maybe whatever niche it is it’s in my case it’s photography niche I will copy the URL for that article I will go to the tool called snip ly so this is already Steve ly sleep I hope you can see it daughter sleepily this is the tool that we’re going to be using in here on the right hand side there’s gonna be a sign of a button so you’ll click on the sign up button you will create an account it’s gonna take a less than a minute to do that once again absolutely free once you create an account just click on visit dashboard that’s gonna take you over to this page you need to enter the URL over here so just paste the URL for that article so that article so in my case it’s this one I will just paste that URL over here and I’m gonna click on create a snip and I’m gonna show you what this tool is exactly so just keep watching this video so as you can see it’s gonna add our custom our custom call to action through this article over here so if this article is related to photography cooking whatever it is now we have our own call to action this is what I have created but you’ll obviously go with a new call to action and it’ll let me just load you will select the button you will select like a snip snip of the title there’s gonna be a button and you know it’s gonna add this call to action so whenever someone comes do this out to do our URL they will be able to read more about this article that will read more about seven secrets every aspiring street photographers know they will go through this but they will also see our call to action which is gonna be so without where a call to action is going to be enter a message here we will delete this and we will enter for example learn or photography photography hacks here or you can maybe do like become photography expert Solem just type in this correctly expert and then you’ll instead of click here and the button as you can see it over here this should not say click here you can say for example free course yes you can do free course and then the button URL will send them to you our free trial for Skillshare where we are we are earning once again 10 dollars per sign up per free trial so have a copy this and I will go back to snip Li and I will paste it over here button URL sends them to our affiliate link to our Skillshare affiliate link click continue you can customize everything you can customize the button and all that stuff play around with it I will just finish it like this I will click finish and now I can grab my URL I can click on copy and that’s gonna copy the URL for the snippet tool and I will just go back to if I if I paste this into Google you can shake an show you that here is the article they can read more about it but here’s ours neatly called you action so whenever someone comes to this article right now that we share with our specific snippy URL they would be able to see like they will read more about it since they’re interested in photography I’m gonna show you how to drive traffic keep watching one more platform coming up so they will be able to read more about the article read more about this secrets about photography cooking whatever it is you’re in they will see this become photography expert free course they will click on that that’s gonna take them over to skill share with it where they can sign up for absolutely free watch this course and many other courses and boom we made ten dollars for that one person and I’m gonna show you how to drive traffic to your snip leave URL which will take him to the article which will then resurrect people do our a free trial on Skillshare or our affiliate link for Skillshare now where you can actually share this is obviously by going over to Facebook and no you do not need any following you can literally create brand new accounts on Facebook just go to Facebook and search for different like you can search for whatever nature in of course if you’re recruiting you search for different cooking groups but I’m gonna search for photography groups and you can see and if I search for photography and sort by groups you can see thousands of different groups over here and those groups have literally have hundreds of thousands of member mo mike and ooh is in less than an hour I can just go through all these groups because it’s literally can take me less than a minute you join this group to go out here join the group and just start sharing my sleep a URL you know I can tell them like hey if you want to if you want to learn seven secrets about photography and stuff then go through this website and the animal I will leave them my sniper URL which will take them to this platform where they can read more about seven secrets about photography and stuff but then they will also see the free course they will be able to click on that go to Skillshare sign up and boom we made ten bucks from that and why are not we the right why we are not directly telling them to go to our Skillshare affiliate link is because you know people will just think it’s an ad you know you’re just promoting something you want to scam them or something like that but now you’re actually kind of like first providing value by sending them to the photographer through the to the article where they can read more about their niche about they can learn more about photography and stuff your first providing value and then is optional for them once they see the free course to click on that go to skill share create an account and you made 10 bucks from that now in order to make $1,000 you just need 100 people to sign up for absolutely free for skill share and if you see if you can see like in just for one single niche for one photography niche you have groups with hundreds of thousands of members hundreds of thousands of people interested in that specific niche and now you’re offering them something for absolutely free so they can you know they can learn more about what they’re already interested in what is their professional what would they do for a living now they can find out more about it for absolutely free so why not sign up for it so you definitely have way more potential than just 100 people but as an example I’m just showing you that you can definitely get like 100 people in less than an hour and if you repeat this you can definitely keep making way more money than this just find out let’s just find as many of these groups with as many of members just drawn over these groups and you can definitely do even more even more niches and find more courses you can go with creative writing film anything fine art graphic design whatever you like just go over there set up everything with a steep little go to face book start sharing your URL and start making 10 dollars per each student that you send to school sure calm and of course as I said just 100 people to make over $1,000

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