Thu. Nov 26th, 2020
Earn 00+ On Autopilot Just Copy & Paste!

this right here requires no investment it requires no skills no prior experience no expertise no selling so you will not be selling anything to anyone no social media following and no real work from your side I will give you some tools that you probably didn’t even know exist and I will show you step-by-step how to set this up and enjoy some automatic profits but before that if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe and here at the bell icon and i Villani for you whenever have a new fresh strategy like this one so you can order the first to use it and that way undeniably make the most money with that being said let’s come into my computer second show you step by step how you can make this kind of passive income okay let’s get started this is gonna be the main plasma that we’ll be using today to make loads on money and this is the platform where tens of millions of people come again and again and I’m gonna show you how we can use that to make a lot of money but before that before we get back to this website we need to set up three more platforms so we need to go through three more platforms and do something and then at the end we can come back to this website and make loads of money and everything and actually set this up on a complete autopilot I will show you step by step how you can actually do this so pay close attention with that being said the first platform where you will need to go through is gonna be free peeler downloads calm and yes I know that me we have talked about this website before but we have never used this strategy ever before so it’s gonna be a very unique strategy and I have never seen anyone talk about this a method before on YouTube or anywhere online so very unique way to make a lot on passive income and to make a lot of money on a complete autopilot and as well will combine this one with some tool that we also have never talked before on this channel so come on to the free PLR downloads calm if you don’t know what this is well this is the website that gives you all of these different ebooks which you can download for free and they give you all of the rights they give you license to do whatever you like with those ebooks so you can resell them you can modify them edit them you can give them out for free as a gift you can do anything you like because once again they give you the license to do that they give you the license to do whatever you like with those ebooks and here on the left-hand side you have all these different categories anything from addiction affiliate marketing finance fishing Fitness all the way to security self-help weight loss writings and YouTube so it’s a very very powerful website it’s gonna give you thousands of these different ebooks which you can download but the one needs that we’ll be focusing on today is gonna be online business the online space internet marketing so that’s anyone from like making money online working from home affiliate marketing business social media so all those different categories can help us today but what you can do is either select some of the categories from here in the left hand side or you can just go to the search bar at sir for example make money online or work from home or earn money online and stuff like that and then you must search and that’s gonna give you all these different ebooks that are in the making money online that are related to making money online and they’re gonna teach people how they can make money online which is really great and especially this is gonna be super powerful at the moment because of the unfortunate pandemic that is happening right now unfortunately loads of people are losing their jobs and they’re looking for different ways they can work from home and make money online and now we are here to help them but as well make loads of money on the back end and I mean this is gonna work any time in a year but at the moment this is gonna be perfect so what you want to do is select someone some of the ebooks from them they’re related to making money online so for example this one let’s make money online you can click on the actual ebook if you don’t have to use this one you can select whatever ebook you like and you can read the description to read more about the actual ebook and then you want to scroll a little bit down and you want to find this download button click on the download that’s gonna download this book to your computer you wanna click on the actual file that’s gonna open it up and then you want to open up the folder and as you can see it’s even gonna give us a cover a sales page and it’s also gonna give us the PLR a license so you can see here’s the license and then here’s the actual a book so the PDF file of the e-book you want to drag it you want to drag it and put it onto your desktop or anything else just drag it from this folder and then close this and then you want to go back to here and you will open up with this tool right here so open up small PDF com slash edit PDF so this is a really small PDF calm slash n AP yeah you want to open this one and leave it open like that we’ll get back to this tool in a minute but before that go over to the well right before I show you the nice platinum if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you’re never going to see you leaving likes and comments under my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting a value out of my video which is at the end of the day the most important part so if you do appreciate me uploading daily make money online strategies and daily business ideas is here to like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or if simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see your comment with that being said you’ll then need to go to the DG store 24 data com so this is where the DG store 24 calm and this is a similar website to Clickbank so it’s an affiliate Network where you can grab like hundreds of different products which you can promote and mostly there are digital products and you can earn some nice Commission’s each time you make a sale so all you need to do is grab an affiliate link for some product or if you refer people to that affiliate link they go through the sales page those guys do all the selling for you they deliver the product that you have all the customer support and stuff like that they do all the hard work all you need to do is just drive traffic and you guys in most of the cases split 50-50 and you can earn some big commissions on here so what you want to do is come with a DG store 24 calm so I can show you step-by-step how to actually do it so you come out to here and click on start now it’s free to sign up that’s gonna take you over to this page where you will need to sign up by answering some basic demographic information about yourself so just sign up real quick it’s gonna take up maybe two or three minutes once you sign up click on the login button and just log into your account once you log into your account and go to marketplace and go to all offers on the affiliate marketplace after that you want to select some of the products there on the left hand side you will have all these different categories but as I said we’re focusing on internet marketing business making money online and working from home so you wanna click on that and that’s gonna give you like let it just slow that’s gonna give you seven different results at the moment but there are new products coming in because this is a pretty much growing website so it’s not already that established so there are not loads of people using this website right now but it’s actually really powerful and it can actually make you loads of money so you can see all these different products to read for example if you were promoting this product right here you would be making around twenty four euros per sale which is around twenty six dollars per sale which is not that good at all so you wanna scroll it about a little bit found and find something that’s gonna pay you a little bit more this one is gonna pay you maybe just three dollars or something so not that one maybe this one this one is gonna pay you around 479 euros which is if you go over to Google and you type that to US dollars that’s it run 515 US dollars per sale that’s quite a lot because all we need to do is just refer someone to your affiliate link so there’s gonna be a promote promote button right here so it’s gonna look something like this like promote now you will click on the button and let me just show that you will click on the promote Now button and it’s gonna give you your affiliate link so it’s gonna show your affiliate link so this is my affiliate link I will click on my affiliate link and I will just copy my affiliate link so this is something related in reality to making money online as you can see you learn how to rank and bank would drop that simple youtube videos you don’t even have to make yourself it’s about making money online with YouTube so I will just grab my affiliate link for this product and all I need to do is go to the beat down a low ISO or briefly calm so B dot ly orbitally comm and this is the link shortening service and I just need to shorten my link to make it short and sweet I will paste my affiliate link here so I grab the affiliate link from the restore 24 where I’m making five hundred and fifteen dollars per sale so per person that I refer to this where a person that wants to make money online I can make five hundred and fifteen dollars and I go on through beat Lee calm I pasted my url here my long URL i click on short them so it’s gonna give me a shortened URL and i can copy that shortened URL so this is the short URL that i have right here so it’s the same URL but now it just looks a little bit better so it’s short and sweet and then i need to go back to this website to small PDF com slash added PDF so small PDF com I come over to here I click on choose a file and I want to open up my PDF file my PDF ebook so double click on the e-book I just wait a little bit and I let it us load now we can add it this ebook this PDF file this ebook that we grabbed from the PLR downloads calm and now what I’m gonna do is scroll a little bit and you can see these are all the pages from this ebook so what I want to do is someone around the introduction I’m gonna add that so I’m gonna click on the text right here so for a tax and I want to insert some text and in this case let me just create something like this and I can say this is how I make money online or something like that or best way to make money online and stuff that and I can now just put my short affiliate link here so this is how I make money online and then my short affiliate link from the bly so this looks really nice if I if I live like that this is how’s it gonna look like so I made some changes to the actual iBook so okay this looks nice and I can just add one or two of these sections where I say this is how I make money online and you will see how far off how powerful this actually is once we set it up on a complete autopilot with the last website which I’m about to show you so you live like that you maybe can put it also something something up somewhere around here maybe on the for maybe on the some other page so when people start reading about making money online or they see all this text and then inside of that tags they see this they see you are suggesting like a suggestion like this is how I make money online and they’ll be like okay let’s take a look at how they make money online they click on your affiliate link they go to the sales page they go through the sales page they buy and you make five hundred and fifteen dollars and it’s really powerful and it can make you dissin amount of money so once you have added your affiliate link once you have inserted your affiliate link into this eboo between those lines and between those pages you just want to download the edited file of the e-book you will just download it back to your computer and once you have it into your computer you will go over to the last website and that is gonna be free ebooks match so this is already free – ebooks dotnet come over to here this is a place where people can grab thousands of free books to read whenever and wherever they like and there are actually millions of people that are coming over to here so you’ll come out to here you’re not here – but you get those free ebooks and you’re not here to read free ebooks you are here to publish your ebook for free your modified your edited ebook where you have your affiliate link in so if I click on the publish button that’s gonna be right here click on the publish and that’s gonna show you that over a ten point four million unique visitors are routed free ebooks last year just last year over 10 million unique visitors that’s a lot of people that’s a lot of traffic on here so I hope you know realize how massive this actually is you have your affiliate link in your actual ebook and now you can give it out for free to tens of millions of people now come over to this page and you want to click on sign I’m here to create an account I already have an account so just quickly gonna log in with my facebook that’s all or immediately gonna login me do you mind account let it just low – no need to click on publish once again once I have my account and then you just need to enter the e-book title so in this case it’s gonna be it was like let’s make money or something like that let’s make money online and then you will enter the author’s name so the author name can be found on the actual ebook or the actual license you will enter a brief description of your actual ebook and you can just find a brief description from the PLR downloads calm so the previous page would actually got the e-book from you can just grab this description and paste it over here you can also add the e-book cover because they give you inside of the actual bollard but you download from the PLR downloads they also give you the cover of the actual ebook so you can use that as well you will select the type of the e-book select a category and there’s some keywords related to making money online and working from home and you all add the actual ebook from your computer so click on this choose the actual file I will go to my downloads and here’s my modified and here’s my edited PDF file of the e-book where I have my affiliate link in and I will just double click on that and I will just click on update because I don’t have to enter this ebu ePub format because that’s optional and Kindle format it’s optionally you can leave this and once you do that just hit pub upload and you will be able to publish your ebook where tens where millions and millions of people can read it so even if just a couple of thousands of people grab your ebook for free because they don’t have to pay for anything it’s because of that is gonna be so easy it’s gonna be super easy because you’re not actually selling the e-book you’re giving out ebook for free their interest into making money online they start reading the e-book and they see like this is how I make money online and since they grabbed an e-book from you they trust you and they want to see how you actually make money online and they will go through the actual sales page if you click on the lilius link they will go through the actual sales page and they can buy it and in this case you can make over five hundred dollars per sale so you literally just need 10 people per month to read your ebook from fanzone millions of people and you can live like a king just from that so this kizi massive massive potential but just keep in mind like i can look at this overly promotional materials of those that contain excessive ads are not allowed so if you click on the editorial guidelines so we are allowed to put our affiliate link but we are allowed to put it only maybe once or twice so if your ebook is dean by our editors of under review by overly promotional contain too much advertising or uses too many affiliate links it will it will probably get removed so you’re not allowed to put too many affiliate links because of that we are actually putting our affiliate link at the beginning of the e-book so in two introduction and maybe once again someone in the middle of the e-book once they start reading it a little bit more we can put our affiliate link once again so don’t put more than two affiliate links in your actual ebook or it will get removed so don’t do that you’re allowed to put maybe one or two affiliate links in your ebook and they were okay with that and after that they will drive traffic to your ebook you can just set it relax and enjoy some of the profits from the DVD store 24 and so that’s it for this video I hope you did get some value out of it and if you did make sure to drop a like it leave a thumbs up and if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe and hit the bell I can see you don’t miss out on any of the new content and if you did strategy was not what you’re interested in then make sure to click on the video that’s on the screen right now because in that video I’ll be showing you how you can make over nine hundred dollars to date for absolutely free and guess what you can repeat it again and again and I’ll also show you real proof inside on my earnings to prove you that that actually really really works so make sure to click on that weird it’s on the screen right now

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