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Earn  –  In MINS Over & Over AUTOMATICALLY! (FREE)

Earn $13 – $14 In MINS Over & Over AUTOMATICALLY! (FREE)

okay so inside of this video I want to show you how you can make 13 dollars or more over and over and over again for absolutely free you will not have to invest any money at all you not have to invest any money upfront or invest any money at all this is worldwide available so no matter who you are where you’re coming from the world you can make money with a strategy because it’s not any like serwe website or through a app this is a long-term online business and I’m gonna show you how people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars with this exact same strategy that you’re about to learn inside of this video but right before we start if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the investor channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day and if you hit the bell I couldn’t even modify you won’t ever have a new fresh strategy like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use it that way be one step ahead of your competitors and of course make the most money so definitely be sure to subscribe and they’re gonna be there’s gonna be a some massive giveaway coming up we’re real really soon so you don’t want to miss it just hit the subscribe button and hit the bell icon with that being said let’s jump into my computer so I can explain you everything okay guys we are now inside of my computer and I just want to tell you once again this is a step-by-step strategy on how to build a long-term online business so you can make some nice passive income with this so this is not gonna be any survey website any survey app this is not gonna be any like your website will need to complete tasks or certain tasks or watch videos watch ads or anything like that this is a long-term business so they’re gonna be a few different platforms a few different websites that we were gonna be using in order to make this work and as always I’m gonna show you how you can maximize your results and how you can do it with 10 times easier ten times faster and how we can make 10 times more than other people now the website we’re gonna be using is called and just keep watching if you know what udemy is no you will not have to be in front of a camera or anything like that just keep watching them you’ll explain you everything really really quickly as I always do so udemy is a place where you can buy hundreds of thousands of different digital courses and once again don’t you worry you will not have to be buying courses reselling courses or anything like that so people are coming here you know millions of people every day are coming to you to me in order to learn something so they can buy different courses on hundreds and hundreds of categories so you have different categories right here like development business finance audience author of office productivity personal development sue and then you have these subcategories and popular topics so definitely there’s like hundreds if not thousands of different categories so there is definitely no shortage of ways to to learn something on this website but you will not have to be learning anything right here you will not have to be listening to courses or anything like that I’m gonna show you how we can make some distant amount of money and how you can make passive income with this website because once you post that once you push the course right or the right on this website you’re gonna be able people are going to be able to buy it every single day for maybe one year or two years so every single day someone can come up and buy this and you’re gonna be earning some passive income and if people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars in this website which I’m about to show as well and as I said just keep watching you will not have to be in front of a camera you will need no skills for this you will not not need to sell your own skills even though udemy is based on the selling skills but you know I’m gonna show you I’m gonna show you how to do it sometimes easier than 10 times faster as they always do so I’m just show you like people are selling their courses for like thirteen to fourteen dollars right here so those are on sale or right now so those are like the best sellers and as you can see for example this guy right here for almost $14 selling this course they sold over 53,000 vs. and you know they just created it created it once it may be like less than an hour and you can do it as well just just be patient lean lies in an hour and there think I’m just gonna keep reselling it maybe they posted so like one year ago and they’re still making money every single day and I don’t even have to lift a finger so let’s just take a look so 53,000 sales let’s do 53,000 sales so 53,000 sales multiplied by the price for $13.99 that equals to 2 D and month let it just load I don’t know why it was it so slow so over seven hundred and forty thousand dollars made with one single course and as a sad it literally Tim like maybe allies in our maybe last in two hours but you know it was super easy to create it and it’s gonna be even easier for you with the tools that I’m about to give you so what you need to do you just go over to now once you know that there’s a lot that there’s a huge potential in this website engine that you can make a lot of money with this website just come over here and you want to sign up obvious so just click on this sign up button right here you will need to enter your full name email and pass for the limit just do that real quick so let me enter my full name right here my email and my password I’ll need to create a path right here and just click no you don’t have to do this and just sign up and once you log into your account it’s gonna look something like this so this is how it’s gonna look like once you create an account and once you login into it you will be able to see different courses but you want to become an instructor you want to sell courses on this website you don’t want to buy those courses as I said you don’t want to spend any money at all and yes as I said you will not have to invest any money for this so just click how are your mouse on this instructor click on that instructor that’s gonna take you over here so you can post your own course and you can do that by clicking on this button right here a new course so you can create your course now how to actually create your course how to actually do it really really easily so you will not need no skills or anything like that you will not have to be in front of a camera I repeat that don’t you worry about it I’m gonna show how to do it really really quickly so you’ll need to have over to some different website and the other website we are going to be using is called this disc udemy let it just slowed once again let me tell you this my bad so this giving me 100% off udemy and what this this website allows you is to grab all udemy courses for absolutely free so over 30,000 coupons to get udemy courses for absolutely free which is really really amazing now how we’re gonna be using this let me just go over to the like the third page something like that so I can show for example some of those courses cause like almost $200 and you will be able to grab it for absolutely free maybe this one one hundred and fifty dollars you will able you’ll be able to grab it for absolutely free so not only can you learn well can you learn something for absolutely free but you can also make money off of this now how you can make money is just find some valuable valuable course like maybe this one automated multiple face recognition or how using five thousand or however you pronounce it and it’s two hundred dollars but you can get it for absolutely free just hit it right here and this is one of one of the newest so as you can see 13 of November and you can read more about the course right here you can see the price is almost three hundred dollars ninety one hundred ninety nine dollars and just scroll all the way down and click on take pours that’s gonna take you over to this page right here and you can click on your course coupon right here just click on that it’s gonna take you over to the next page where you can purchase this course at a hundred percent off one hundred percent discount so you can get it for absolutely free and you can just click on enroll now and that’s gonna enroll you inside of the course you got it for absolutely free just hit and start the course and now you can watch it you can watch all of the lectures for absolutely free now what I recommend you do you just go over through the course you know what your interest then just go over through it and you know it’s valuable you know it’s three hundred dollars course written you not only can you learn something from it but you can just take all of that knowledge and just remake it in your own way you know don’t copy all of that don’t just you know copy the exact course you know just remake it in your own words use the same techniques that they use in that course you can do this for whatever category you want you you know maybe your interest is something you maybe were interested in fitness then you can grab some course on the disc grab some course about fitness weight loss and stuff just go through it and not only will you be able to learn something you know the value of like one hundred three hundred three hundred dollars but you can take that knowledge and recreate it into your own course and how you can do it is you don’t have to you know you let me know any complex skills or anything like that what you can do you just create a simple presentation in like the Google Documents and Google presentation and just record after that you so I’m just want some google presentations templates and you can just create it really really simply and just you can record your screen with the OBS practice is something that I use of course you can use whatever screen recording service you want to I personally use the OBS project so just go over to your obvious project install this and you can talk in your mic if you want you know you have the duck in your mic so just record your voice record your screen you don’t have to be in front of a camera you can just record your own it’s absolutely okay to record this record your screen as you can see these guys are now recording are not recording their face they’re just recording their voice interesting just some images right here maybe just only one image through the entire course you know it’s it’s super super simple to do it once you create your course so just head over back to and just list it for I highly recommend even double the price the value is three hundred dollars I highly recommend you go and list it for like thirteen or fourteen dollars so you know you can get easily established so you can easily get to further get those first initial sales like first 10 or 20 sales easily and then after after you get higher rankings on the udemy and after you get a little bit established you can definitely increase the price and scale this business to the moon and I forgot to say this but if you want to take you to the next level and you want to edit your room with this you know you want to make it look a little bit more professional then you can use some free video editing software like the iMovie moviemaker up and shot or Sony Vegas I personally use Sony Vegas I got it for absolutely free so yes it’s absolutely possible to get it for absolutely free or just do a little bit of editing and you know take it to the next level

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