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Earn  In 3 MINS Over & Over WORLDWIDE (Free PayPal Money)

Earn $15 In 3 MINS Over & Over WORLDWIDE (Free PayPal Money)

if you would like to see how you can make $15 over and over again from anywhere in the world and without you having to do any work yourself then make sure to watch this video so in this video I’m gonna be showing you how you can make $15 or way more than that over and over again from anywhere in the world and you will not have to do the work yourself which is really really amazing and you want to stay tuned all the way to the end of this video and you will see why now right before we start if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the investor channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day and if you hit about like I don’t know if every whenever I have a new fresh strategy like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use it and that would be one step ahead of your competitors so with that being said let’s jump into my computer so I can explain you everything okay guys we are now inside my computer and now they’re gonna be a few websites that we’re actually gonna be using in order to make this happen so there’s gonna be probably like five or six websites that I’m about to show you today today that you can combine and then I’m gonna show you how you can maximize your results at the end of this video so just keep watching stay tuned all the way to the end and as I said I’m actually gonna show you how we can get it down for you so you literally don’t have to do the work yourself which pretty much sounds crazy but yeah yes it is like that but just keep in mind this money is not gonna fall off fall from sky or anything like that it’s just not gonna happen like that you will have to set up something you will have to do some specific things but the main thing the main thing is that you will not have to do domain work yourself the hardest work yourself you will not have to do that by yourself so just keep watching this video you will literally need no experience and no skills to do this now the first website that we are going to be using is called SEO clerks dot-com so this is the first website if you can’t find it I would probably soo-min once they add it or I will leave a link to this website in the description down below it’s SEO clerks calm or probably the first well maybe it’s gonna be the first comment in the comment section down below and basically this is a place where people are people are selling different services like hundreds of different services were really really cheap so these services are really really cheap now what we are going to be doing it’s actually called online arbitrage so we’re gonna be drop a service things you know as you can as you have drop shipping for on the Shopify like drop shipping drop shipping items from Amazon through eBay you know you’ll find some some cheap item on Amazon and then you just drop shipping on ebay if you don’t know what that is what that is you can just search online for drop shipping but instead of drop shipping items we’re gonna be drop servicing services from this website and then I’m gonna show you a few different platforms where you can actually resell those services and I’m gonna show you one service that is currently hot that you probably haven’t even heard anyone talk about I mean I haven’t heard anyone talk about on the youtube above the service and that you can actually resell it I’m gonna show you how you can actually resell it to make profits over and over again to make $15 or more than that over and over and over again without you having to do the service yourself without you having to purchase any software so you me you little need no upfront investment for this so even if you now have $0 even if you made the $0 online in your life you will be able to start making some distant amount of money right after watching this video if you take action because I have a lot of you guys sometimes complaining in the comments that something doesn’t work for you well it doesn’t work because if because you don’t take action so don’t just complain but rather than that take action if each after each and every video you watch thus take action do the steps that I show you inside of the videos now as I said the first website is called SEO clerks and there are hundreds of different services that you can purchase on this website but we are not interested in that what we’re interested is clicking on this marketplace button right here and then you simply want to find business card visa and that’s the first thing right here from the Art and Design the business card design if you click on that that’s gonna take you over to the page where you have hundreds of different services that people are providing on this website now this is this isn’t like a really popular website SEO clarice I mean probably most you guys haven’t even heard Lee SEO clerks you didn’t even know that as your clerks exist and there’s not a lot of traffic coming in to this website and so that’s why those services are cheap even though they’re high-quality as you can see I will design professional log is really business card with I know with something four or five dollars for five dollars $12 six dollars and you can even find cheaper ones for example this one $4 $5 I haven’t seen so for example this one $3 design professional and beautiful business card for $3 which is really really amazing now if you keep watching to this video I’m going to show you how we can get it on for free and not provide a service here you will not be providing the service on SEO clerks but you will be providing on some different platforms where you have hundreds 900 so I yes hundreds of thousands of people coming in every single day so you can get that hard traffic so you don’t have this point spam social media or bag anyone to buy the service from you but actually those interested people will come over to you and buy from you over and over and over again without you having to pay for ads or anything like that now you can just pick some service from here maybe like that three you want the $3.00 service I will do that one let me just find it again so this one I will save that so I will open it in a new tab so I can save it that’s that’s in a really nice one you make you can maybe find even cheaper and better ones so provide impressive business ain’t no this is not what we are interested in we’re interested in designs the pure business card of the designs so yes you can maybe just go through this and find something maybe for one or two dollars that is it looks pretty pretty professional this point some clean and nice one and now it’s time to show you with the platforms where you can actually resell those services and how you can actually resell those services over and over again but right before I show you that if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because that really inspires me to share with you more to make money online strategies like this one because I’m posting degli countin on both this investor channel and my main channel online hustle channel where we have almost 30 where we have over 30,000 subscribers if you have known to be sure to subscribe to that one as well you know search for all and hassle that’s the that’s a place where I also shared daily make money online strategies and I’m also sharing daily make money on instruction strategies on this channel as well so definitely be sure to subscribe and eat a lot of motivation and if you have any questions or you simply need some help and always but always feel free to leave a comment down below and now the first website where you can actually resell those services and resell this service specifically is of course fiverr.com so this is only the first website stay tuned guilty and to learn more do you want to so I will show you more platforms where you can resell your services and now fiber is basically a place for freelancers for freelancers where they can like everyday people like me and you we can just start selling services on this website but we are not being we are not gonna be providing services our selves but so if you search for if you go to graphic graphics and designs and you find business cards you can see that people are selling this for like $15 $25 $50 $25 and this is where the title of this video the idea for the title this video came from because as you can see for example this guy worked here for 25 dollars sold over 690 of this so he has 690 reviews which means 690 feedbacks which means he made well over 700 sales because you’re not you know not every person well over 30 back and you for example this one this guy over here for $25 soul over 700 of these which is really really really amazing and now the ideal the ideal for the title this video came from is because you can sell it for $25 you can obviously sell this professional or you don’t have to buy this service you can maybe find some other one for example this one right here for $5 and you can see you can set it here for $25 and each time and let me show you how we can do that and each time so advice from you they will give you $25 then fiber will take 20% of all your earnings so once they pay you $25 fiber will take $5 and will leave you with a $20 profit so you’ll have $20 you will take those $20 you will take the requirements your customer gave you you will go back to you as CEO clerks calm and you will just purchase this this service you will is you will set the same requirements for this business card and you will pay $5 and you will be left with $15 pure profit and it literally literally takes you like less than two minutes to do this because you just take the requirements you get those $20 you can already a CEO clerk super you just purchase the service you take that service you you get back to fiverr.com and you provide that to your customer that gave you $20 initially and you can read just repeat this over and over again for example this guy if he was making $20 pure profit from this and he has sold like 754 of this 754 x 20 dollars equals $15,000 just by providing the service alone and he probably made well over well more well more sales than this what is really more sales than this which is really really amazing and now as some other platforms where you can that you can use to resell those services and actually maximize your results our first one is freelancer.com so this is these are all like basically the same things and as file calm but if you upload if you pose those offers of those services on more on multiple platforms you can actually maximize your results and get more sales more customers more profit basically so fiverr.com freelancer.com you can also use the people per hour com you can use the udemy no it’s not udemy or it was no I don’t remember that one but it’s something something around you to me I don’t really remember right right that you have like hundreds of this freelancing websites that you can find like fire of freelancer.com but these are like the most popular fiverr.com freelancer.com people per hour calm and just both those sames those same services for like $25 or more and then just take those and pay like this guy or some other guy like three or five dollars to do the work for you and just resell those services drop service those services over and over again and make some nice nice profits

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