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Earn  In 4 MINS With Facebook – FREE (Again & Again)

Earn $18 In 4 MINS With Facebook – FREE (Again & Again)

so that way you’re gonna be making around $18 each time in Facebook okay so in this video I’m gonna be showing you how you can make $18 in pure profit for absolutely free using Facebook and its worldwide available but right before we start if you have not be sure to subscribe to the investor channel because i’m posting videos about making money online every single day make money online stretches to be a long-term online business and if you click the bell icon automatically whenever I have a new for a strategy like this one to make money online so that way you could be one of the first to use it and be one step ahead of your competitors and of course make the most money so with that being said let’s jump into my computer so I can explain you everything ok guys we are now inside of my computer and there gonna be a few websites that we are gonna be using in order to make 18 dollars over and over again with Facebook so yes it is Facebook is related to this but we’re gonna be using a few website to actually few websites to actually make this work so don’t skip anything because you may miss something that can be crucial to your success with this so I will try to be as quick as possible as quick as always so just don’t skip anything in stay tuned all the way to the end of this video because I’m gonna be showing you how you can actually set this up how we can set it up properly and how you can do it properly to make this work and just keep in mind that this is like a serious business you can scale up this to the moon so people making people are making some insane amounts of money with this and I’m gonna show you how and why they are making so much money and why literally anyone can do this even if even if you have no experience no skills even if you never made a dime online so definitely it’s gonna be an amazing video and you want to stay tuned all the way to the end now the first website that we’re gonna be using and the first website that you need to go through is called player Rob calm you can now search for player app on Google so just search for player up or you can just go directly to the player opcom that will take you over to this page right here and most you guys can probably heard about the player app calm but for those of you who don’t know who don’t know what Claire app actually is well player app is basically a place where you can sell you can trade you can sell you can buy some games you can buy some accounts if you like Instagram accounts or you can provide some services or buy some services like instant life sits and followers YouTube likes you YouTube followers and all that stuff but just keep watching because you will not have to be providing some you will not have to be selling some accounts or games or anything like that it’s gonna be a unique strategy you want to stay tuned all the way all the way to the end now you want to click on this featured marketplaces and then you want to scroll down a little bit and then you want to click on this all other games / marketplaces because we are not interested in this because those are those are most like and games so we’re gonna click on that and that will take you over to the next page where you have different categories right here and you want to select app so you want to click on app and let it just slowed and if you think you know what we are gonna be doing just keep watching because I’m hundred percent sure that you haven’t seen the trick that I’m about to show you inside of this video so then you want to find a facebook this is right here you want to click on that Facebook and they will they will show you this page where we have different Facebook services provide being provided on this player website so you have facebook accounts so people are selling buying and trading Facebook accounts Facebook advertising accounts page becoming thing Facebook followers friends group members likes shares stars subscribers and views and but specifically we are interested in Facebook Likes because this is in high demand right now because as you may have heard Instagram is removing all lights so if you haven’t if you haven’t heard that yes that’s the biggest news that’s it really huge news because Instagram is removing likes but they will stay on Facebook so it’s the demand for this is gonna just it’s just gonna rise so you want to click on this Facebook Likes and they will take you over to this page where you can see that people are actually selling those lights and just keep watching because I’m gonna show something really really cool just keep watching Facebook lies for example this guy over here is selling 101 thousand plus high quality and non drop Facebook page likes for 30 dollars so 1000 likes for 30 dollars and he has over 1200 feedbacks which means that he has told really more than 1000 because you know not every person will leave a feedback yes like half of them didn’t leave a feedback but let’s say he sold like 1500 of this at a price about $30.00 let’s say 1500 x $30.00 so this guy made $45,000 just blew up just by providing this one service right here and then a little bit down here he has this service 2,000 high quality and non drop Facebook page lives and he’s selling them for $60 which is really really amazing and he has sold over 1000 of these as well so yes this guy literally made like six figures just by providing two services on the play Rob come and I’m gonna show you how you can set it up for yourself and how to actually find those life’s pulled way way cheaper but you will not have to pay anything upfront you will not have to invest any money at all so you’ll as I said you literally mean zero dollars to start with this it’s a hundred percent free strategy just keep watching this video now as you may have seen people are selling you know you haven’t some massive companies selling selling services like Instagram likes Instagram followers Facebook Likes Facebook followers and all that stuff they’re selling on those websites like let’s let’s search let’s search for like Facebook Likes let’s see if we can find some buy by 1,000 let no we need page like soap we need Facebook page likes and let’s see for how much are those websites actually selling those likes and just keep watching you will not have to buy from those websites or anything like that just keep watching this video so let’s like do let’s do it like buy Facebook page likes let’s see for how much are they they’re actually selling those let it just slowed so Facebook page likes let’s do like 1000 that’s $48 and just keep watching you will not be reselling from player up to those websites or anything like that just keep keep keep watching this video so as you can see this is those massive those massive websites are selling those follow those selling those lakhs for $48 but what you don’t know and what most of the people don’t know online is that those huge websites are actually buying they’re they’re getting those they’re getting those likes were way cheaper from there we instead of just buying the likes from these guys we were gonna go directly to their suppliers and their suppliers are actually a cement panel so if you don’t know what a cement panels are a certain panels are sort of like social media panels I don’t know what’s that there was the second M stands for but social media is something in social media marketing panels or something like that where you can buy different services for very very cheap because those are the suppliers so let’s search for some a cement panels right here so I can show you actually how that looks like so you have hundreds of different panels that you can choose from but my favorite one is this one but you don’t have to use this one of course this is just something that I did I use that I used in the past so I know it works so let me just log in so I can show you and yes update a password and if you you have different services right here so as you can see Instagram followers likes engaging followers Facebook likes you can use twitter twitter of three tweets commons place or everything you have literally everything here but we are going to be focusing on facebook page lights so let’s let’s take a look so Facebook page lives for $12 one thousand of these so a month 1000 Facebook page likes on this website equals one equals twelve dollars so twelve dollars on this one there are 48 dollars and on the play up comm there are thirty dollars so what we are going to be doing is actually the online arbitrage so we’re gonna be reselling those lives on the player up so we’re gonna be reselling them buying here for for twelve dollars but you will not have to pay anything upfront so who as I said you’re not gonna be investing any money at all so you will just come over to the player Rob calm and there’s gonna be a sign-up button right here we’ll just click on that you will quickly sign up you will create an account you can either connect your Facebook or Google account like I did I just connected one Facebook account as you can see right here our online hustle and now I have a crew I have created a account on the player calm and I cannot no just click on this post a new listing and I can just least some like Facebook Facebook Likes 1000 plus high-quality and non drop you can tell them a little bit more about those lives I will do I will just copy and paste this delivery time we have the 24 hours the real delivery yes in that they will deliver them in actually less than six hours then we have like enter the price so we will do like thirty dollars so once someone comes to this they will that will give you they will actually give you their their facebook page URL and they will pay you 30 dollars and out of those out of those 30 dollars you will just take those twelve dollars so you will already have those thirty dollars in your pocket and you’ll just take twelve dollars out of those thirty you’ll paste that same facebook URL that same face same Facebook page URL right here and you will just place an order right here you will pay $12 and you will keep 18 dollars profit pure profit and you can do it over and over and over again because you’re getting free traffic from the play right calm people are actually coming over there to buy those likes that’s why that’s what player app is made for and as you saw earlier earlier in this video that guy made 100 100 thousand dollars just by providing three services on this website so this is a huge business potential and you don’t have to use this yo-yo mediator and you can use whatever a cement panel you want through you maybe have some better estimate balance right here maybe cheaper and better services let’s take a look for this one right here just another panel limit limit just client Facebook page likes from one thousand four one one thousand it seems like we can find like Facebook page likes for one dollar and twenty cents which is really really amazing I didn’t know that but yes you can actually buy them for one dollar so definitely there’s a lot of different panels that you can buy from and resell and play Rob calm but if this is not what you’re interested in then definitely make sure you watch this video where I’m gonna be showing you a few different apps that you can make money online so you don’t have to it’s not like a long-term business it’s how you can make some quick bucks so make sure to watch that video you

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