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Earn 0.00 In 60 MINS Again & Again (PASSIVE INCOME)

Earn $200.00 In 60 MINS Again & Again (PASSIVE INCOME)

this video is gonna teach you how you can make $200 or more in ten minutes or less and I’m gonna show you how we can do it over and over and over again to hopefully build that income that you can rely on every single day and hopefully replace your full time job with this because this is not some survey app or some survey website or this is not any kind of or money making website that you can make maybe a couple of dollars per day on it’s nothing like that this is a worldwide available strategy that literally anyone can jump on and start making money only if you follow all the steps shown inside of this video so I want you to be patient don’t skip anything and stay tuned all the way to the end of this video to actually maximize your results and I want you to take action so watch this video and then take action because you can you don’t have to just watch the video and then just complain in the comments that it doesn’t work for you you just need to watch the video take action and then you can complain if it does work or not but I’m gonna show that this strategy does work because there are people making some decent amount of passive income with this yes you can build a passive income machine where the strategy it’s gonna be a super amazing video but before we start if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the investor channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day and if you hit the bell icon add a lot of whenever I have a new first strategy like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use it and that would be one step ahead of your competitors ever and of course make the most money with that being said let’s jump into my computer so I can explain you everything okay guys here we are inside of my computer right now and as always when we have a step-by-step strategy to build a long-term online business there gonna be a few different websites that we’re gonna be using today and if you stay tuned all the way to the end of this video I’m gonna show you how to maximize your results how to do how to make 10 times more than others and how to do it 10 10 times faster and easier so just stay tuned for that be patient and keep keep following every single starter to show you inside of this video and I want you to take action right after watching this video as I said take action so let me show you proof that people are actually making money with this how much they are making and what exactly you’re gonna be doing so this is one of the buttons we just want the YouTube channels that I have found right now and there are hundreds of different YouTube channels like these and what they’re doing is they’re just simply uploading some simple some simple sweet short tutorials like videos that are like less than two minutes long and some of them are even less than one minute long so it’s super simple to create them and as you can see they’re not making their maybe they were making maybe like one video per month or one with you you know like three months one within two months and let me show you how much they’re actually making but let me first show you exactly how they’re actually making money and how they’re actually making passive income so if you click some of their videos I hope it’s going to show up so yes they’re having ads running on their videos so as you can see you ads are running on through videos and that’s how they are making money they’re making money from the ad revenue now if you keep watching this video I’m gonna show you how to actually monetize your YouTube channel because as you know you need yes you may if you don’t even know that but you need one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time to apply for monetization and then you need to wait to get approved for monetization and some people I don’t take some for some people it takes like six months or 12 months we got one thousand subscribers and four thousand dollars to watch them and then they wait for like two or three months to get approved which is really really insane but if you stay tuned I’m gonna show you how to actually get one thousand subscribers in four thousand hours of watch time in like three or three weeks and get approved in less than 24 hours so you can start making money by the end of this month now let me just show if the motivate you let me just show you how much these guys are actually making in passive income because they’re uploading maybe one once in three months or something like that and it takes them less than 10 minutes to create that’s kind of waiting and I’m Isabelle gonna show how you can create your own videos without having to be in front of a camera and without having to create your own without having to film your own voice so you can stay absolutely anonymous because I know a lot of you guys are camera shy so don’t you worry about it you will not have to be in front of a camera so just stay tuned I’m gonna explain you really everything so in order to see how much money they’re actually making let’s take we need to copy their channel username so that’s this right here and we need to head over to the social blade analytics Made Easy so this is a place where that where we can see their analytics analytics for literally every YouTube channel so just paste their username right here and let’s take a look at their channel so this is their channel right here and it says the D on average they’re making anymore 129 to $2,100 per month but you know social blade has a really broad estimate so let me nurse that like like the average CPM for them is probably because it’s the how how to channel it’s probably anywhere from like two dollars to two dollars and fifty cents per 1000 views which means they’re making around 1000 maybe 1200 maybe 1000 up to $1500 every single month completely passively and all they did was create a simple videos in the last 10 minutes and I’m gonna show how you can do it as well and let me just show this like they’re not even let just load so they’re not even okay we would have to watch this with you with this ad right here but I just wanted to show you that they are not even being in front of a camera that not recording their voice they’re just recording their screen and I’m gonna show you how to do that as well how to get those videos so you know they’re staying absolutely anonymous and in super super simple to create that but as you can see they’re making over $1,000 per month every single month in pure passive income so it’s a long-term business for them and they don’t have to spend hours and hours they can do whatever they want to but that money is still gonna keep coming to them which is really really amazing and now the idea for the title of this video it came from this because they’re making one top or roughly around $1,000 per month with this YouTube channel and it literally takes 10 minutes to create this kind of video and if you upload every single day that that means you’re spending 10 minutes per day every single day and 10 minutes x 30 days in one month equals 300 minutes and 300 minutes if you divide that by 60 that means you’re working you’re working five hours per month so not five hours per day not five five hours per week five hours per month and you are making one thousand dollars which means one thousand dollars divided by five hours that means you’re making three hundred dollars per hour you work right here and it’s super simple I repeat that I will repeat it all the time it’s super super simple and you know they’re not creating videos every single day but if you maximize your results but if you want to match results you can create a video every single day and that way YouTube’s algorithm will notice your channel they will see your consistent and they will show it to more people so you can get more results you can get more views coming in every single day which is amazing working last in 10 minutes per day and you can make way way way more than that now how do I actually create those videos how to film your screen if you don’t know how to do that you can just find some free screen recorder I personally use OBS studio so you can just go over to OBS project.com it’s super simple this guy is gonna look like this is how it looks like when I still record my screen I just play start recording and stop recording and I can even record my voice and record it record my face if I want to but you literally don’t have to do that so just come over here install it to your device or if you use it if you want to use it on your smartphone you wanna just go over to Google Play Store or App Store and just search for some screen recorder download that install it to your phone and you can start recording your screen and create those simple tutorials now there’s gonna be two ways that you can create those videos how to actually come up with the ideas for these videos is you can just come over here and you can see what is doing what is doing well for them so just to do it as the sort by most popular videos and just find some recent ones maybe like from about one or two years ago let’s just find or even this year so let’s find some they’re doing well maybe maybe like I will just find some 9 months ago so how would the see post you’ll like on Instagram what you can actually do is just play this video right here you can see what they’re actually doing how they’re actually doing that and you can recreate your own video you can recreate that same video you know same strategy but created in your own unique way and then just use the similar title create a similar thumbnail you can create similar thumbnail in like canva.com you can just get over there or you don’t have some free thumbnail creators online or you can just head over if you want to use Photoshop but you don’t want to pay for Photoshop this is a Photoshop alternative it looks pretty much where they similar to photoshop but it’s absolutely free and it’s cloud-based you don’t have to install anything so you can just find some free tools to create those thumbnails and just create a similar video you you don’t even know you have to know how to do that just watch this discount videos from different channels and recreate their own their own tutorials in your own way so that’s something amazing and if you want to come up with your own keywords what you can do is just use this free tool keyword sedar.com and you can just enter a keyword right here for example you want to do something about Instagram some Instagram tutorials to search for that keywords and then you can find some ideas for your tutorials like you have different I’m gonna just show this how how do you find how to create a black theme on Instagram how to block someone on Instagram how to create a business account on Instagram how to change background on Instagram and stuff like that you have different ideas right here you can enter whatever whatever keyword you want you and just find us there are unlimited ideas for those videos and literally takes less than 10 minutes to do you film them you’re new now just to record your screen and just show them how they can do it as you can see this was less than a minute long video that made him probably over three hundred dollars and as I said it literally takes less than 10 minutes maybe even less than five minutes to create those videos and how do actually actually monetize your YouTube channel so how to get 1000 subscribers in four thousand hours of watch time well I have created a step-by-step training on how you can do that and how you can build your channel quickly so you can make even more money so you can make 10 times more money in 10 times last time so if you check the first link in the description down below as well I’m gonna show you how I personally make hundreds of dollars every single day from some of my other YouTube channels to not the investor channel and not the online hustle channel but some of my other youtube channels without having to run ads without having to be in front of a computer without having to sell an intimate those YouTube channels without having to do a fill-in marketing without having to create my own videos or anything like that but I don’t not only that but you have this bonus section where I will be showing you how we can monetize literally any YouTube channel so how to get approved for monetization I’m gonna show you three different proven strategies to get approved for monetization with what our channel you have right now so get approved monetization with browse group unique way to get approved for monetization method number three and then how to always pass a review quickly how we always pass a review in like less than 24 hours because you know people are waiting month or three months or three months to get approved but you can actually get up.get approving like 24 hours or 48 hours or even less than that and I’m gonna show you how to build those channels quickly so how to find one with you how to get those videos on for absolutely free why title tags and description are so important I’m going to show you how to I’m going to show you my number one secret to getting you views quickly my number one secret right here I’m gonna reveal that to you then I’m gonna give you some free tools to beat your competition I’m gonna show you how to create eye-catching terminals I’m gonna give you free tools to create those good thumbnails and then I’m gonna show you how to boost your subscribers once again I’m gonna show you a trick number two to boost your subscribers and my number one hack to getting thousands of subscribers guaranteed right here in this video and then more tips on how to get more subscribers how to get more views how do we just go wide on how to get your video go viral how to quickly boost your videos to make them go well and then we’ll go over how I’m actually making money with that so you can use both strategies to make some decent amount of money on YouTube so to learn more about that just hit the first link in description down below before I remove it because I don’t want to share all my secrets with everyone so that course is gonna be removed very very soon so highly recommend you go check the first link in the description down below before that expires

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