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Earn 0.00+ PER Message You Send! FREE (Make Money Online 2020)

Earn $200.00+ PER Message You Send! FREE (Make Money Online 2020)

one message equals over $200 two messages equal over $400 and so on so 4 stay tuned to learn more this is new it fresh it’s super easy it’s super simple you can do it for absolutely free no investment needed and its worldwide available so don’t miss out on this one and stay all the way to the end of the video so I can show you the exact message that you need to send and so I can show you how you can maximize your results and actually make well over 300 dollars per message you’re sent right before we start if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m posting videos about making money online literally every single days if you hit the bell icon I don’t know if or you won’t ever have a new fresh strategy like this one to make my own line so you can be one of the first to use that strategy use that app or use that website to make money online and that way not only will be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money with that being said we will jump straight into my computer so I can explain you everything ok guys we are now inside of my computer and this is the first platform that we’re gonna be using now just keep in mind that this strategy is now gonna be confusing at all because we’re only going to be using this website and we will combine it with another platform the only two of those websites and we will be making money per message that we send and then as well I’m at the end of the video I’m gonna show you how we can maximize Tory Souls how we can definitely make way more than $300 per messages and and as well I’m gonna give you the exact message that you need to send so you can just copy and paste it and repeat the process over and over again so definitely it’s gonna be a really really cool strategy now first of all you need to come over to this website in by the way once you see what this website is all about keep watching because no you will not have to create any YouTube wheels this is nothing to do with with you creating any YouTube channel or whatever you do not need a YouTube channel for this you do not have to be in front of a camera and you will not be creating any kind of videos so definitely we have never ever talked about this before on this channel and I’m sure that you are going to like it so come over to this breezy calm this is over at this breezy calm as PR I doubles at and what does is this is a tool they will they will help you make your video go viral as the title actually says so basically this is like they will be running like Google ads for you but they will help you’d really do it on a budget and they will help you get the most out of those Google ads so you can normally just go over to the Google Ads comm or Google AdWords cover that is called and you can go up there and pay for Google ads and people literally spend thousands of dollars on Google ads and just to get at the top of the search results but this tool will allow you to do it only simple budget it will run the Google ads for you but they will actually catch away more targeted people so you can get the most out of the money you spend and it’s a really great tool and I’m definitely looking forward to using it in the future myself so as I said a really really great tool but we will not be buying this so we will not have to invest any money any money at all because as a title this video says this strategy is absolutely free and no investment is required so you can definitely read more about it right here but basically I just want to tell you how it’s actually works because it trust me it’s important to know how this actually works and how exactly this will allow you to make over $200 per messages and so first of all of course the actual customer the actual user and consumer of the style of this tool will tell them who should actually see the video then this number then step number two is gonna be this tool will grab the attention of the targeted audience today will drive through YouTube ads that they promote the video and YouTube to users is searching for your keywords and Tweetup fans Attilio similar channels so obviously if someone is running a business selling a product they want to get in front of the right audience in front of a rad horde traffic so they can get sales and get a huge returns in those investments and that’s why people are actually spending thousands of dollars on Google ads and that’s something that will actually allow us to make money in the future but just by sending messages so in order to in order to actually make it for yourself and you actually set everything up for yourself at this keep watching this video trust me as I promise you it’s gonna be simple but we will for it at first we need to go through it to see how it works and then the last step is you can get used subscribers and real engagement so this is not any kind of website where we can buy fake followers by faith subscribers fake views or anything like that this website will through Google Ads and get you get it will get you real views or real subscribers and real engagement but no you will not be creating a YouTube channel and you will not be building a YouTube channel so right before we continue and right before I explain you everything and what exactly we need to do to make over three hundred dollars per message if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know that when I see you guys living lies in comments under my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of my videos which is at the end of the day the most important part of course so if you do appreciate me uplink daily make phone line strategies and daily business ideas just get the like button leave a thumbs out that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or it simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see that comment with that being said what you need to do is go over to this breezy calm and you want to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website you want to scroll Scroll scroll and then click on the affiliate program click on the affiliate program and if you keep watching this video I’m gonna show you where you can find people there literally now spending thousands of dollars in Google Ads and now you can help them with this tool and not only will you do something good for them but actually you will make a lotta money the future and as I promise you I’m gonna show you how we can maximize your results and make way more than three hundred dollars per message so once you click on the affiliate program that’s gonna resurrect you to their affiliate program page where you will need to sign up and you can see that this website pays 20 percent commission on every sale that you make and you just need to create an account it’s absolutely free to create it just enter your first name last name email address and password and as I said you’re making 20 percent commission on this and as I said as well we’re gonna find people that are now spending thousands of dollars on Google ads and now we’re gonna give them this tool we’re taking as well spend like a thousand dollars per campaign and you are making $200 off of that few hundred dollars commission and since they’re running a business and they’re paying a thousand dollars campaign once they see a return in their investment they will obviously keep running those campaigns and they will be reinvesting that money over and over again and you’re still gonna be making commissions off of that in the future purely passive Commission’s from – so that’s why I really really like this affiliate program and that’s why I really love this website so once again create an account by entering first name last name email address and password create an account and grab your affiliate link because we are now going over to the second platform that will get a straw as I said do not click off ones to show you to Platon that we’re gonna be using because you will not have to create any videos and with that being said the traffic source it’s gonna be YouTube but once again you will not have to post any videos at all so I’m gonna show you how you can now find people that really need this so you can actually help them and then make a lot of money on the back end just by sending them a simple message and I’m once again gonna show you how it can maximize your results and what that message is gonna be so come over to YouTube and you want to search for any keywords for some keyword like in a specific niche maybe you can do you like how to get a six pack abs you can do like how to invest how to make money what is the best business or something about real estate something about sports re whatever you want to you can search for it over here and once you search for it on YouTube first thing that’s gonna show for example I search for like real estate investing first of all it’s gonna show an ad and then it’s gonna show the actual organic content but first of all it’s gonna show an ad that someone is paying thousands of dollars to be of course they’re paying like a few dollars per click button but for the ad campaign they’re probably spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to stay at the top of the search results because the ad that is at the top of the search results will obviously get the most clicks and if you’re doing some niche like real estate and business nation wealth nation health niche those niches are highest paying ones and you know that for a fact people that are paying to stay at the top of the search results for a keyword like real estate investing you know that they’re actually spending a lot of money on that and they they have a massive budget and now you can help them out and you can make money from them so what you need to do is just search for that keyword find the actual ad that’s gonna pop up the first ad and that’s gonna be over here and just click on that ad open that with you and once that really opens and keep watching so I can show you how I can maximize your results and get more people that are spending more money I’m gonna tell you what that is in a second so then click on there you first of all could take it take a look if they in their description if they have their contact information they do not have it so you will just open that open up their channel and they’re gonna just go to the about page where you can possibly probably find in either their social media accounts or just there this email address for example this one for any questions or concerns please contact us s contact us at and then their gmail account over here so I can copy their email I will copy that and I would know no I don’t know sure send them the message the already pre-made high converting message and as well I’m gonna give it out to you for absolutely free that you can just copy it and paste it to your own customers now before I show you the message let me now show you how you can get people how can get infirmary norm uh knee that have a massive budget so you’ll be sure that they will be spending thousands of dollars on those campaigns on sprays is you will actually be making hundreds of dollars per message well what you can do if you’re not from those top tier countries like us UK Canada Australia if you’re from some smaller country not smaller but the countries where the economy is you know where the economy is bad like maybe India maybe I don’t know Nigeria Philippines if you’re from those countries what you can do is it download the free software called proton VPN comm program with VPN comm is an absolutely free VPN so you can connect and Lacher address Beale at your IP address and connect to some you as I P address so it’s going to show you ads that are running for US citizens and obviously people that are running ads for US citizens for top-tier countries it doesn’t have to be a US maybe it can be UK Canada Australia and here those top tier countries people are spending more money to be in front of the people that are from top tier countries so definitely ultimately you know that they have a bigger budget since they’re spending more money on those ads and it’s gonna show you as I said people that are spending more ads so that’s how we can maximize your results and that’s how you can actually find people that I have a massive budget since they’re running ads in front of top-tier country top-tier country citizens and that’s why I personally use as well as you can see I’m connected to the U as IP address and that’s why it’s showing me some relevant ads and relevant people that would be willing into my into my affiliate into my tool where I’m an affiliate so the message that you need to send them once you grab their email address you find either their Instagram or social media and in any social media profile you can contact them or you simply email them which works better here is the message that you can copy and paste to make over $200 per this message so you will need to say dear and then beer in their names to replace this with their name actual my name is and then your name and I’ve been working as a social media consultant for the past X years so you can do like two years three years five years that’s really optional just make sure to replace X with the actual number I notice your brand and I saw that you were running and added YouTube although your ad might be nice might be getting nice results a sense it is showing you the top of the search results you are spending way too much money and you’re not getting as much clients as you should be due to that fact I have a simple tool for you that can boost marketing campaign they can boost your marketing campaigns to the moon by helping you reach real potential clients at a very low price not only that but these tool can help you go while what this tool does and then blah blah blah we talked about the tool and much more and if you want to find out more about this tool click here and just leave your affiliate link from this Prezi once you create an account just grab your affiliate link and paste it all here insert your affiliate link here and just say like looking forward to seeing your promo video going viral your sincerely and just place your name and then this is optional so you can add the disclosure or the disclaimer just you you know make yourself make yourself legit so you can add a disclosure disclaimer they will say like bear in mind that some of the links in the email or affiliate links blah blah blah so you can add this this is optional this is only if you want to protect yourself and I do recommend you added this in small in a really small phone just add this disclaimer that you’re actually going to earn a commission once they start buying campaigns and that’s definitely okay it’s not gonna affect the campaign and it’s not gonna affect the message at all so you just need to send it over to them this is a really high converting message and you can copy it it’s gonna be probably at the bottom of the description of this YouTube video so you can just go at the bottom of the YouTube description and just copy the exact same message and you can send out viewer clients and once you send it out to your clients they will be able to go to this page they will be able to go to spritzee comm with your affiliate link they can go through it read more about it see that they can go while I’ll see how this mean benefit them and they can start buying those campaigns and you are gonna keep making money and actually keep making well over $200 per message you son I hope this video was helpful I hope you did enjoyed and if you did make sure to drop a like to this video and make sure to subscribe and he had the bail I could so you don’t miss any of the new content and I will see you in some of the next videos

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