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Earn 0.00+ Again & Again NEW Way To Make Money Online 2020

Earn $480.00+ Again & Again NEW Way To Make Money Online 2020

this is a brand-new strategy and you need to jump on it as fast as possible as fast as you can before it becomes oversaturated because you have never thought about this platform before but it’s actually a really really cool way to make some decent amount of money online for absolutely free and yes from anywhere in the world it works worldwide and right before we dive into the actual strategy if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m posting meetings about making money online every single day so if you hit the bell I can add a lot of for you whenever I have a new fresh strategy you like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use that strategy use that app use that platform use that website to make money online and that way we one step ahead of your competitors and of course you will make the most money with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can show you a brand new strategy to meet hundreds of dollars every single day okay we’re now inside of my computer and before we dive into the actual strategy you know the rules because for the strategy we’ll be using some platforms that we never use before and if we never talked about on this channel on this particular channel and I’m sure that you have probably not have seen or heard about some of these platforms before and this is a really unique stretch because we will combine those even if you heard about them you don’t know how exactly we’re gonna combine different platforms to make over 480 dollars over and over and over again once again for absolutely free and this is a really really good strategy and I want you to dive into this in the upcoming year it Segrest strategies to take advantage of this take advantage of it don’t miss out and that’s when it’s a really really great one especially if you’re one of the first ones to watch this video make sure to stay tuned all the way to the end and take action fast and this one okay just follow each Nerys tab don’t skip anything and make sure to stay tuned all the way to the end of this video so you can maximize your results and you can get that get this done properly now the first website and the first platform that we are going to be using is called KITT yes this is the first platform is called KITT code go to KITT KITT see oh right over here I will zoom in so you can see it because I will not leave links to all the other not leave links to those platforms in the describe because I don’t want to have any affiliate links and I don’t want to take people off of YouTube because YouTube you can be just mad when people with links in description that because you know that just takes people off of their platforms that are mad so I’m not gonna put links in description just go ahead over to the KidCo and this is a platform they will allow this is a really genius platform actually and not a lot of people know about it not a lot of people in the make money online niche know about it but it’s actually a huge platform but anyways it’s a great strategy to start up doing affiliate marketing for absolutely free and it’s Hannam sudden beginner-friendly it’s a tool that will allow you that to do affiliate marketing easily to do at the affiliate marketing really you know with the most simple way and I’m gonna show you exactly how and what kit actually is so kit is a place where you can combine different as you can see different gadgets get a combine them together and you can gather those gadgets from products you not by the way you do not have to own any products you do not need to create your own store you do not have to have this products on your own and you will not drop shipping here this is nothing to do with drop shipping as well don’t you worry about it it has nothing to do with Shopify or what our so this is a place where you can just gather some products with a simple click you get all those products in a specific niche like coffee Nitschke health niche fitness niche travel niche film gear gardening cooking and much much more you can gather all those products into one kit and then sell it like that and I’m gonna show you exactly what I mean by that I know it may sound a little bit complicated right now but just stay with me and I’m gonna explain you exactly what I mean and exactly how we can make money from this because at the end of the day that is what my others how we can make over 480 dollars with this and how you can do it over and over and over again so to read more about what is kids I will click on this button right here that’s gonna tell us more about it you can come over here read more about it find out how you can actually make money through kdz creator 2 centric community and they make it easy to earn cash for your expertise and I’m gonna show you I’m actually gonna show you actionable steps that you need to follow I’m not using it to talk I’m not gonna talk about it you can obviously read more about it yourself but I’m just gonna show you actionable steps on how you can actually do it so of course we did sign up to this website to this website then click on the sign up button right here sign in and sign up click on that and you will be able to connect your Twitter Facebook or just sign it with email and of course it’s easier to just connect with theater and Facebook it’s literally just one click I’m just gonna sign it with my Facebook account that’s gonna take me over to the dashboard now you can see how it actually looks inside of the inside of the backend of the dashboard and how it looks like once you create an account so this is what you’re gonna see once you create an account and now you will be able to create your own kids now before we start creating our own kid we need to put and we need to pick some niche and as I showed you right before our you have different categories to pick from so you can do whatever category you want you can do fitness travel makeup business art all your biking attack board games whatever you wanted hundreds of different categories there is no shortage of ways you can even test out until you see what works the best but I’m gonna show you what work the best for me and what I will recommend you do what make sure I recommend you do start of course you can feel free to test as many of these as many of these as you possibly can at all as you want to because those are absolutely free and it’s literally gonna take you less than a minute to create a kit and then I’m gonna give you a unique unique traffic source to get sales quickly and to actually make all 480 dollars over and over again and this has a potential to make you thousands of dollars so make sure to pay close attention to this platform it’s a really really great one so I’ll pick a niche and what if the rest said what if I’m too worried about for me was a camping nice you know camping because there you can find different camping gear that people want because obviously if they want to go on camping that would they want to do cotton camping they need a lot of different gear so what I recommend to do is create a new kit and you will view that by clicking on this plus icon right here we have a green plus icon over here just click on this icon and that’s gonna show you add a product your kid I already created some but I will you know I’ll just test it out but I will create a new kid so you can see how it goes from scratch so you can just follow everything that I showed you so kid named will do a kid named for example campaign I will do no campaign but camping and I will do you like camping experts maybe we’ll say like camping experts and then describe your new kid I will say like everything you for camping her son like that you know just put a little bit more time and effort thinking about what you can describe what will actually scribe your kid but it’s not that important but obviously just type something in hit next this can already exist yes I already created this kid let’s do camping professionals or something like that and hit next and that’s gonna take us over to the page where we can add our products to the kid and this is a really powerful tool right now so we can either search for a product and it’s gonna gather all the products affiliate products from Amazon eBay and all those platforms that are selling those products but the best part is you do not even have to register through Amazon or Ebay or any of those platforms and you were still gonna be making affiliate commissions like crazy but of course you’re gonna have more benefits if you are connected with with Amazon and eBay you’re gonna be earning more money but if you don’t want to do that or if you if it’s not available in your country if Amazon affiliates associates and eBay associates are not available in your country then you can feel free to not register to those platforms but you’re gonna be earning a little bit last money so if you are able just head over to the Amazon associates or EBA and EBA partner Network and just create accounts on those platforms as an affiliate so you can start earning more commissions and you’re gonna be earning depending on a platform depending on the nation depending on the product you’re gonna be earning anywhere from like 10 to 15 or even 20 percent Commission’s off of that which is really really great because we’re gonna be earning those commissions over and over again with the traffic source that I’m about to give you inside this video only if you stay tuned all the way to the end now you will search for your product you’ll either paste your link and I’m gonna show you what it what works and what doesn’t work so search for a product so we will do maybe like camping camping camping tent for example a search for a camping tent and we can find different products from different stores all over the world all over the web we can pick different times so Apple just go with this most simple one I’ll go with the first one I would click Add and then we can tell them more about the probably detailed information about the product if you want to you do not have to fill this out but it’s obviously a lot better to fill this out so you can you know if you know something about it just type in share detailed personal review pro tips or funny stories about this and after that just hit add the kid and gonna add the tena to our kid then we need to add another product so we will search for maybe I’m gonna show you another way to add those products as well just keep watching this video where what you need for camping maybe a sleeping bag of course you will need a sleeping bag just select one now now we have two different products you know or care that our proving that our potential customers can purchase so obviously if they’re going to if they’re going camping they will see they need a tent but obviously we’ll need a sleeping bag so they will purchase both tent and slipping slipping bad but what is Valley need maybe they need let’s do like camp chairs they need to sit over there in the forest or whatever they go camping let’s search for camp chairs sorry oh yeah they actually have some camping chair maybe like this one this one looks nice I would add that’s the kit and you can do this for as many products as you want to and of course the more product you add the more product they can purchase and the higher chances of getting sales no getting more sales you have so I recommend you put anywhere from like five to fifteen products inside of the Kia the course don’t do more than 15 that’s gonna be like oversaturated so don’t do over 15 or over at a live anywhere from 5 to 15 ok and so you will have higher chances now and one other really great strategy to find even better products that they’re hot they’re high converting that are proven to get sales is by either going to Amazon or can’t or eBay or Aliexpress and just search for that maybe you want maybe you’re in something different if this works for any niche but I will search for like camping tent and you can see the dudes are selling for hundreds and hundreds of dollars now how exactly do you know that this is proven to sell well you can see right here 36 percent of what 36 people are watching this so you know people are interested in this tents or you can just see like 38 of these have you sold so or 38 people bought this so it’s proven to get sales you can find some that has the most sales and just grab that grab a link to that product and just paste it over here paste a link to that product and you will be able to add it to your kit like that if you don’t want to do this sir if you don’t want to search for it because you know this works move even better because you know that they’re proven to sell and you will be able to view your kid that’s gonna take you over to the next page we can share you share your kid we’ll share it later click on share later and this is our kid this is how our store is gonna look like camping professionals everything you need for camping and then they will be able to view an Amazon review on Amazon and when they click on view on Amazon that’s gonna take them to Amazon where they will be able to purchase this and we’re gonna be earning Commission’s off of value as you can see this goes anywhere from thirty eight dollars to two hundred and ninety four dollars and we’re gonna be earning commissions for that over and over and over again now right before I give you the automatic traffic source an automatic free traffic source if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like this video leave a thumbs up because you know that when I see you guys living likes and comments under my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of those videos which is the most important part so if you do appreciate me Appling daily make fun of my stretches and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions you simply have simply need some help or you just want to chat with me you just let feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all of those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see that a comment with that being said the traffic stores that we are going to be using to drive traffic to our stores it’s gonna be YouTube now keep watching this video you will not have to film your videos and you will not have to be in front of a camera so I want to show this I started from really camping gear on YouTube and the first thing that came up is top ten best camping gear and gadgets on Amazon so this is a really great way they’re not filming these they’re just taking witty use off of Amazon product product videos off of Amazon widget which you can get for absolutely free and they’re just created compilation and some video editing software you can use free free video editing software’s like the up and shot iMovie movie make your Sony Vegas I personally use Sony videos you have hundreds of different free free reacting software’s online that you can find and roast together that evening compilation it’s super simple to do that I will obviously not go over that in this way in this video because I don’t want to make you too long but you know search in Google search in YouTube on the tutorials on how you can create those compilations it’s super easy creating compilations you can see for example this guy over here it’s just having that compilation of top 10 top 10 best camping gear and gadgets on Amazon and he has his affiliate links to Amazon to Amazon in his description and he’s making bunch of money but we will be not good thing about our Amazon links you will actually just put a link to our kit store and we’ll put that in the description so they can go out there and purchase all the products that we have because obviously since they’re searching for bass campaign gear 100,000 people have watched this and you can see that this is pretty much going viral because it has been posted to one month ago and this guy has only forty three thousand subscribers and this video has one hundred and fifty thousand views which means not only did not in which means that not only subscribers are watching but actually a wider audience is attracted to this so a lot of people are interested into this niche a lot of people are interested into camping gear but not a lot of people are posting videos among that topic so this guy is making a lot of money out of 100,000 people that are interested highly interested in that they’re ready to pay for it they have money ready for that because they want to go camping they need a camping gear so they want to purchase that they will come over to this video and out of one hundred and fifty thousand if like only really you know like thousands of people will actually buy off from that but let’s lowball it and say like only 1.5 thousand people will purchase from this that’s more 1500 people the persons from this from this video and that’s like a bunch of money because of your affiliate commissions from Amazon eBay and other platforms like 10 to 20 percent and you can see that those camping tents and camping gear is actually worth hundreds of dollars and you’re gonna be making commission off of that over and over again and of course this works for any other niche but I just found this one to work the best you can do this for it but I wouldn’t if you want to you can do the makeup niche business niche whatever you want to pick whatever niche you want to this works for all those niches and this is actually a great way to build passive income because for example this guy has posted this video one year ago and it’s still getting views because as you can see it’s ranking over here at the 4th at a 4th place he is ranking and he is still making bunch of affiliate commissions from this bunch of passive income you do not have to rely on the ad revenue even if you get copyright it doesn’t matter because you will even if you get the monetize it doesn’t matter because you know from the ad revenue you might make like a thousand one hundred bucks per 1000 per 150,000 use both from those sales you were actually gonna be making bunch and bunch of money and you’re actually gonna be making way more than four hundred and eighty dollars and you’re gonna be making it over and over again because those videos will stay forever online

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