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Earn  Over & Over With Auto Click System

Earn $5 Over & Over With Auto Click System (Make Money Online)

take a look at this I’m not even touching my models but I’m still making money put each click so you can just set up this auto flake once and then just go over to do this may sound too good to be true but you can actually do this for unlimited amount of time but please don’t abuse it you can get paid for each click it’s absolutely free and it works worldwide and yes they do pay via PayPal I will show you step by step what you need to do and how to set up this auto click system for yourself you are watching another video in the investor channel where i help ordinary people make extraordinary income online if you subscribe right now I have a lot of money will never have a new fresh strategy just like this one so you can be one of the first to use it ok let’s get started we are now inside of my computer and this is gonna be the main platform the actual website they will paste for those clicks and then I’m gonna show you how to set up step by step how to set up the auto click system with some other planners so this is just the main platform that will actually pay us for those clicks and as you can see PayPal option is available but if you don’t want to use PayPal or maybe people is unavailable in your country then you can definitely use different payment options like Payoneer Bitcoin pay p.m. Skrill pay your bank transfer and whatever this is but anyways so the point is that people is not the only option there are different payment options as well and just to show you prove that they actually do pay if I go over to their payment Pro by clicking on this button right here that’s gonna show you all the people that have been making money with the swap so you can see all the way travel proofs on here so people are definitely making loads of money with this website and what this website is well this is over the shrink me dot iOS to shrink me ion what that says well this is a link shortening it’s service paid link shortening service which means that all we need to do is come over to here we need to paste our long URL here so some long URL for example we paste it on here we shorten the URL by which one click of a button and then whenever someone clicks or that is shown that a shortened URL we are gonna get very specific amount of money and why exactly are we being paid per click we get on our lingual because when someone clicks on that shortened link before they get rather directed to you for the in this case Google to that destination URL before that they will be first resurrected to some landing page for kind of like a landing page for ads where they will be shown some ad and they can skip the ad and was they skip the ad they will they will be redirected back to Google or that destination URL so shrink me down io is just splitting the ad revenue with us it’s a great system and it’s super easy because you’re not selling anything you’re not doing affiliate marketing or whatever people just need to skip the ad and both you and shrink me dot IO are gonna make money so that’s why they’re actually paying you per click you get on your link you can see three is this tab or three easy steps over here and if you keep watching once again I’m gonna show you step by step how to set up the auto click system for yourself and for absolutely free so if you go over to the pay rates let me just show you how much they’re actually gonna pay us because they can sometimes pay us even more than just $5 per 1000 clicks with yet so if your clicks are coming from Greenland you can get it paid up to $22 per 1000 clicks you get on your link which is quite a lot but then if your clicks are coming maybe from Indonesia then you will get paid $3 so it all depends on where your clicks are coming from and you can’t actually predict that so sometimes your clicks might be coming from the United States sometimes your clicks might be coming from Brazil but what I found to work the best and what is in most of the cases is the average number of five dollars of course sometimes you can make a lot more than just five dollars per 1000 clicks but let’s low boil it and let’s say you are making on average just five dollars per 1000 clicks then what you need to do is now that you know how this actually works and how much you’re actually getting paid per 1000 clicks on your link you will come out to shrink video and you will click on the register button right here click on register that will take you to this page where you’ll need to create a username you will need to enter your email address your password retype the same password click on I’m not a robot agree to the Terms of Use and privacy policy which you can read by clicking on some of these two buttons and then click on register and you will be able to log into your account let me know quickly create my account right now once you log into your account this is how it’s gonna look like this is the brand new account you’ll be able to see your tunnel views your total earnings your referral earning so yes you can also make money by referring people through this website and you will be able to see your statistics like that so I really love the dashboard it’s really clean design and it looks really cool from that point you will need to shorten some URLs by clicking on the new shortened link right here click a new shortened link and then you will need to paste your longer URL right here and I will show you those long URLs are gonna be for us and how that will affect our order click is system so now you just want to leave this open like that let me to open like that and now go to the second platform that we’ll be using and in this case that’s gonna be well right before I show the Nash Platinum if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know what I’m gonna see you leaving likes and comments either in my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of my videos which is at the end of the day the most important parts if you do appreciate me uploading daily make money money strategies and daily business ideas just here to like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or you simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading through all those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see you are comment without being sad the second plan only well we’ll be using that will help us Saturdays order click system for free is gonna beat bio dot F M so this is over Eddy bio dot F M and what this is well this is the free tool that will allow us to create some kind of like a landing page where we can add different URLs to this tool it’s really powerful and it’s free you can sign up for free as you can see so you will come over to here you will click on sign up for free so you can create an account you can either just sign up with Twitter or sign up with your email so the son of with my email address and I will create an account real quick so enter your email address create a password and if you want that you can Apple the picture if not you can leave it up you just leave it blank like that and click on register to let me quickly just create an account now just click Next Next so this is kind of like a tutorial walkthrough and now you will need to add your content on here I will just close this and yes you also need to verify your email address so you can go back to your email it’s gonna look at something like this click on that and you’ll be able to see confirm email so click on that is it that’s gonna confirm your account and it’s gonna look something like this now from this point you and so this is basic how it’s gonna look like this is our as I said kind of like a landing page over free landing page and now we just need to add different shortened URLs on here to actually make this auto click system work so click on edit right here and then you can add content click click on here click on here to add the content and in this case is is gonna be links so we’re not gonna be adding any of these we were just focusing on links click on that clicking got it so it’s just a walk through because this is a brand new account that I have created for the purpose of this video anyways I will just hit next and now we add now we can add our title on here if you want to sell for example do like this and the title should be I’ll just do like test and leave it open like that now I’m going to show you what URLs you need to shorten inside of the shrink media and then put those shortened URLs inside of this tool to actually make this auto click system work so what those links can actually be well those links can be just some step-by-step guides so you want to focus on some steps step by step guys that are gonna help some people for example you can search for like five exercises for apps five exercises for getting six pack abs in a week or five steps to losing weight or five steps to creating something you know it that doesn’t necessarily need to be related to weight loss and fitness but just as an example I’m using like five exercises for abs then you have all these five different steps to losing weight and getting abs I will open up this one just as an example and that’s gonna show us in most of cases those articles are gonna have lists they’re gonna look something like this you know you have different exercises on here so what I will need to do is I will copy this so this is the title of that list so this is the title of the step number one I would copy that and now I will open up one more tool and that is gonna be Google Docs so you want to open up Google Docs you can even just search in Google for Google Docs I know it might sound a little bit confusing right now it is holding with all these things but you just need to set up this order click system move one so you don’t have to do it over and over again just set it up once and you can enjoy the profits so just focus right now pay attention and you will thank me later click on blank you want to you want to open up a blank page and now just pull is just paste your first step on here or first exercise in this case now I will just take this text from here so it’s telling why this isn’t necessarily exercise for getting abs I will copy it and then I will use this through one more absolutely free tool and that is gonna be spin bot calm so you don’t want to just copy and paste the exact same tags from the article you want to make something unique but you don’t have to rewrite it by yourself because this tool will do it for you for absolutely free so you can just pay sometimes from that article on here and you will click on I’m not a robot and it’s gonna rewrite it professionally for you so it’s actually now unique content which you are ready to use so I’m gonna copy this rewrite or rewritten text I will go back to this document sit on here and this is for like the step number one or the exercise number one once I do that I will click on share so I will just want to leave will just one step on here first step and I will click Save and I will click on get shareable link right here class shareable link now I will able to copy my link so copy this link to your clipboard and now go back to shrink me I oh and paste that long URL on here click on shorten that’s gonna shorten the URL for you and it’s gonna give you this shortened URL which whenever someone clicks on they will be first ready ready to the landing page for ads they will skip the ad and they will be directed directly to your first tab and to your first tape or to your first step of this guide that’s gonna look at something like this so that was a step number one now you get that shortened link from here paste it on here cells you have to like exercise exercise number one and I will click on add more links now I want to add the exercise number two and how do I do that well I just go back to that article I go to the exercise number two or the step number two you of that guide I grab the title of that stab I go back to Google Docs I can open up another Google Docs page I can go once again to blank I will paste that on here I will go back to here I will copy this text right now I will copy it I will go back to snip but I will paste it on here click on I’m not a robot I click on go now he’s gonna rewrite it again for me I will grab this text rewritten taxed I will go back to here paste it on here click on share click on save I can get shareable link I will get my link I will go back to shrink me I oh I will paste it on here click on shorten now here’s the second link I’ll just load I’ll just take it this second link I will go here I will paste it here and I can add more link so this is how it’s gonna look like so once we’re done this is how it will look like our landing page so we have different exercises over here and now in the actual title you can even just say something like let me just take something from here I can do you like a five backs to the five best ab exercises that will copy this and i will paste it on here the five best ab exercises and in order to access them they need to click on these different links so they need to follow those specific steps or those specific exercises oh yeah I just saw today I made a huge grammar mistake right here I wrote exercise but let me just rewrite that anyways once they come to the landing page they will be able to click on all those links and whenever they click on those links we are gonna get paid and obviously if they want to access all the best ab exercises they need to click on all of those so instead of just sending them into one shortened URL and earning just a portion a tiny portion o money you can actually make five times four sometimes ten more ten times more money depending on how many links you have on your landing page so the more links you have the more links you added the more money you can make with this order click system so once you’re done once you add for example in this case all these five different steps you add five different links you just click on add block right here and click on publish and it’s gonna publish it you can close this and this is how our landing page is gonna look like let me open it up I would copy my link and I will open it up in another browser so you can see how that actually looks like so when someone comes to our landing page they can see the five best ab exercises they can click on these different links and we weren’t gonna get paid for them clicking on each of those Elise once again they don’t have to buy anything they don’t have to spend any money they just need to skip the ad and both a week and shrink me dot IO are gonna make money it’s really powerful and it’s really genius so now you just need to start driving traffic to your bio FM landing page that’s gonna look something like this and so people can start clicking on those links and so you can start making money on an autopilot so how can you actually do this where can you actually paste your landing page URL well one of the places where you can paste it is just simply go over to Instagram comm you can come over to Instagram and you can set up a nice-looking page in that niche if your guide it is about losing weight and getting six pack abs in a few different steps and you can make a page for example in this case I create like six pack boss you can optimize it add a nice profit picture that is actually related to that specific niche I just had this random image over here and once you do that just go to edit profile and in your website in your bio just placed your bio FM URL and click on submit now go back to your account this is how it’s gonna look like let me just change this I will change my bio and i will actually type in the five best ab exercise i Dont’a sit on here I will click Submit and this is how my account is gonna look like the best ab exercises when people see that they will be able to click on it once they click on it they’re resurrected to my landing page and they will be able to click on my links and when they click on my links make money after that what you want to do is simply go over to Instagram and if your page is related to weight loss and fitness and losing weight and getting six pack abs you can just search for like hashtag weight loss you want to find different pages that are posting different weight loss images for example something that’s like this you know people have this type of images just open up that image then grab the URL if you’re using the desktop version you can grab the actual URL of that image you can go over to download Graham calm come out to download Graham calm paste your link paste the link to that image on here click on download and you’ll be able to download that image to your computer it’s gonna download to your computer and now you can reapply it back to your account and just make sure to credit this person that’ll be okay with that and now you can just start reposting content in that specific niche just Apple like five to ten different images so you he’ll have some images on your page it looks a little bit better like that and once you do just once again search for those different cache sticks in your niche like weight loss Fitness six-pack ABS sport losing weight and so on and so forth and just start following and engaging with people in that niche so for example you can open up a post like this you can go to the comments you can start liking their comments you can end up in their notifications and once you end up in their notifications they’ll be like who is this guy and they’ll be curious like who is that person that is lacking their comments that is liking their post or that follow them and they will be able to go to your page they will see this link like the best five exercises and since they’re interested in that they’re more likely to click on this link and to go to your landing page and go through the process the step-by-step process and you will get paid per each click and this way you can actually get thousands and thousands of clicks on an autopilot and this is just from Instagram there are many different traffic sources which you can use you can also use different Facebook groups you can just join different Facebook groups about in this case weight loss and just post your link on there and say like hey these are the five best exercises for getting abs quickly in thousands of people are in to do that are in those groups that are interested in losing weight and getting six pack abs will be able to see your landing page click on it and go through the process and guess what you will make money per each of those clicks that go it go on in complete autopilot so it was absolutely free and it was really simple to create this auto click system now obviously this will not make you and it’s not an actual sustainable business so if you actually want to build a sustainable business but you still don’t know you don’t want to invest any money and old and definitely make sure to click on the video that’s on the screen right now because inside of that with you I will be showing you how you can make over 500 dollars per YouTube video you repost without the around you so you can get started 3 days you don’t need 1,000 subscribers in 4,000 hours to watch them to actually make money with this strategy which I’m about to show you inside of that video so definitely I will see you inside of that video click on it

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