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Earn $6000/Month In Passive Income For Free! (Make Money Online)

in this video I’ll show you how these guys stopped working in nine months ago and they still make over $20,000 a month in passive income and you actually don’t have to do any of the real work yourself because the hardest part is already done for you now you can just copy and paste it and set up this passive income stream for yourself so if you’re one of those that will love to start making money online but you don’t want to be in front of a computer your whole day then this one is gonna be perfect for you because all you need to do is important we will be using multiple platters so in order to make this strategy work for you you must watch every second of this with you results are not typical and I urge you to use it at your own risk spend wisely all of the money you make from this passive income system but before all of that if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because in posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hit the bell icon automatically you will never have a new first strategy just like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use it and that way not only really be one step ahead we all competitors but of course you will make the most money and with that being said let’s jump into my computer so we can start the tutorial okay so what exactly are we gonna be doing today well we will be copy pasting 5 to 10 seconds long videos on YouTube and we will be making money from three different sources and don’t worry because you heard the word YouTube because this does not involve filming any videos so no camera needed you will not have to show your face and you don’t need any editing skills or whatever because I’m gonna give you free resources and as well as I mentioned those simple videos are like less than 10 seconds long and you can make money in 3 different ways one of the ways this channel makes money by using the strategy is from the ad revenue they haven’t posted anything for nine months but according to social blade they make anywhere from a couple to over forty thousand dollars a month now this is a really broad estimate from my experience for such niche it’s something in between those two numbers so when sociable it says something like this it’s probably something in between those two numbers so they’re probably making around $20,000 a month which is still insane compared to how much work they’ve done for this and as I said that’s only from the revenue but I’m gonna show you through more ways you can make money even if you don’t run ads on your videos and by the way if you want to see how I personally make money on YouTube for some of my other YouTube channels so not this one without being in front of a camera and all that stuff and how I grow my YouTube channels through thousands of thousands of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of used and feel free to check the first link in a description down below anyways let’s take a look at what this guy is doing to make over 20k per month well they’re posting different copyright free sound effects videos they’re mostly less than 5 seconds long so you can see 30 seconds long 4 seconds long and sometimes it goes up to 20 seconds they have posting they have been posting these videos not even every day they stopped uploading for nine months and they’re still making over $20,000 a month just from the ad revenue so how insane is that now I will show you how you can get those videos for free so you can just copy and paste them and then I’m gonna show and it’s not about creative comments don’t worry and then I’m gonna show you three different ways you can make money from those videos so you can work class but make more that’s what that’s why I said this is for those of you that would like to make decent amount of money online but you don’t want to be in front of a computer your whole day and before we get to the step number one please let me know in the comments what would you do with all the money made online would you reinvest it pay off your dad’s travel more buy a new car buy some gifts for your loved ones or something else let me know in the comments so this video is gonna consist from six different steps the first step is gonna be finding something that’s gonna be this step right now second step is gonna be finding audio so we actual son the fact for absolutely free and it actually gives us rise to reupload back to our youtube channel so that’s step number two step number three is gonna be combining those into an actual three or four seconds long video with the free software and I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it step by step and step number four is gonna be reeling back to YouTube I’m also gonna show that step number five is gonna be making money so I’m gonna show you three different ways you can make money from those videos not just from the ad revenue and then step number six is gonna be how to actually get views and subscribers so you can get better results faster so anyways the first step is gonna be finding and show icon for our sound effects so this is the actual icon you can see how these all these videos have the same icon if I open up this video you can you can listen to this this is mouse click sound effect that is taken 3 2 seconds long will you and it’s just this sound icon so what you’ll need to do is you will go over to the icons so go over to icons slash icons type ad type that in on google or i will leave a link to it in the description down below if I don’t forget it if I forget to put a link to this website in the description of this video just leave a comment down below telling me that I forgot to do it and I will put it in my description anyways once you come over to here you want to type in sound so it’s pretty simple you will just type in sound and you’ll hit press ENTER now that’s gonna give you all of this all those different icons of what you can use on your channel and I will just try to find something unique something that is not the same thing as those guys have because I want to have something different now and I will try with something that actually has some colors so for example we’ll try this icon of course you can use whatever you prefer I’ll just try this one as an example then we’ll click on download I’ll click download and I will download for free I don’t want to pay for anything so I will download it for free and now I have my icon to use in my videos just like these guys have that’s the staff number one okay step number two where do we actually get those audio files those sound the fact that we can use in our videos free of charge and so we can still be able to monetize it so we won’t get any copyright strikes where they’re gonna be two different platforms where you can grab that for free the first one is gonna be over at the sound Bible dot-com slash royalty-free sounds so you can go to sound Bible comm you’re gonna be able to come across like thousands of different audio files which you can use thousands of different sound effects which you can use for your videos you can see like old car starting and you can hear the we hear the sound by clicking on this play button right here take a look at this or actually listen to this you can hear it and if that’s something you like if that’s something you wanna make a video about you will just select that you will click on it you will click on mp3 or this whatever this file actually is I don’t know how to pronounce it but still I go with mp3 that’s what I personally prefer I’ll click on mp3 and that’s gonna immediately download it to my computer and I will be able to use it now this is a really long audio file it’s more than ten seconds long which is not what we like we want videos they’re like we want audio palace sound effects they’re like three to five Sanket seconds along so I’ll go back here and I’ll find something else so you can even search for it so for example you want to find a mouse click effect mouse click sound effect you would type in over here mouse click now I can search for it if there is you will just click you can see mouse double-click let’s listen to this one okay it’s really good now I can click on it and I can click on mp3 and I can download it to my computer it’s like 30 seconds long that’s the first option if you don’t want to use this one for whatever reason you can also use the and this one even gives you better licenses and better you reuse or licenses so you are going to be able to use this without getting any copyright strikes and without getting any issues so this is already you can come out here and you can search for different sounds over here as well so for example search for mouse click once again and that’s gonna give me a like later to slow if there is any mouse click effects we’ll just take a look at that and that’s gonna low like hundreds of it like over 300 mouse click sound so this is a lot better than the previous one so you just find something that you like you can even listen to it by clicking on this play button right here maybe not that one maybe you want to use this one ok this is actually perfect I will click on it click on that click on that sound the fact that you like now just click on download right here and you will be able to download it to your computer let me just click on it once again and now it’s gonna download it to my computer and I’m ready to use this one so that was a step number two you find those audio files you can either go to which is better option but as well you can use the sound bible calm if you can’t find some difference or some difference some different sound effects on here then you can also use sound bible calm as an alternative and now that you have your audio file and now that you have your that i can see we went through the first and the second step you got your icon and you got that audio file from either sound bible calm or now i just need to combine them international video so you can create this this three seconds long with you and all this stuff is literally gonna take you like who has in a minute it takes a little bit more because I’m explaining to you but when you actually do it it takes away less than a minute to do all of this stuff to go through all these three steps to create a video so you can actually get paid after you Apple it on YouTube and you can get paid three one from three different sources and you will see exactly how now what you you the third step is to go over to collegio comm so I know how to actually pronounce this but I think it’s clear yo calm you will come over to here and you will click on a videomaker right here click on that now click on choose files and now you want to select that icon first double click on the icon that’s gonna look like this this is our video now you just want to click on add audio so that’s gonna be the sound of fact we’re gonna add audio and of course you can use any video editing software you prefer I’m just using this one as an example because it’s absolutely free and it’s cloud-based so you don’t have to install it to your computer and I will just find that audio file for example is this one you will double click on it and they’re gonna upload it all to here and we’ll just click create and that then clear does everything for you now you will be able to download it and Apple it back to YouTube and you have a video that looks something like this that’s gonna look really similar to this one it’s actually gonna be our words and what our icon that will look like this and then the audio file this sound effect in a background and that’s it that’s like the two seconds long with you like these guys you have and now we can make money off of that and let’s see how ok now the most important step how do you actually make money from this 2 to 3 seconds long video well there are gonna be three different options as we promised you first one is gonna be the one that these guys used to make over 20 thousand dollars per month and that is by relying on the I’ll revenue so you can actually make a lot of money from the our revenue and actually make a lot of passive income because there’s always gonna be people searching for those videos because they need to need those type of sound effects to use in their own projects in their own videos in their own YouTube videos sometimes so they will come over to your video and they will download your videos so they can actually use it in their projects and you’re gonna get paid from ad revenue so from as the diagram is shown on your YouTube videos now in order to start running ads in your YouTube videos you would need one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours or watch time like you can see it over here have at least one thousand subscribers and have at least four thousand hours of watch them within the past 12 months and if you don’t have those requirements if you don’t have one thousand subscribers in four thousand hours of our time right now maybe you’re just starting out and YouTube then don’t worry because they’re gonna be to you more options for you and that is you go over to file up dot-org don’t worry you will not have to sell anything this is already file up door org and this is a fraud free cloud storage for data so you can upload different files on here but how do you actually make money with this platform if you’re not selling anything and if you’re not running as a new youtuber and what that actually has to do with your YouTube videos well this is the platform that will actually pay you to upload your files and whenever someone downloads that file you’re gonna get paid for that and as I said those thousands of people are coming to your videos to your sound the facts videos because they need them for your projects and they want to download it so they can actually use it in their own projects and in their own videos so what you will need to do is you will come over to file upload org and it has this one is gonna pay you with people as well so I know that a lot of you guys love people but even if people is not available in your country then don’t worry because they have different payment options as well you will come over to here you will click on start uploading files now click on that click on this icon right here to actually choose the file now select that audio file so if your video is like mouse click sound effect you would upload that sound that sound with that audio file or of an actual mouse click you will click start upload that’s gonna upload it over to here and now you will share this link in a description of your YouTube video so let’s say this is your YouTube video you will leave that link in the description you will say download here for free and then you will leave this link over here so when people click on it they will be able to download it through your link and you are gonna get paid from that which is really amazing because take a look at this if you click on make money right here you’re gonna get paid up to $7 per 1,000 downloads and your videos just one with you can get like 500,000 views that’s already already 500 thousand people that want to download that sound effect and if they use your affiliate if you and if they use your file up link to download it for free which is something they they want you are gonna get paid up to $7 per 1,000 downloads which is really amazing and that’s just one source of income that you can have so now instead of being paid like one to two dollars per 1000 views like if you would if you were running ads in your videos and like these guys are making like twenty thousand dollars from that you can actually make like three or four times more because now you’re gonna get paid $7 per 1000 years and once again you’re not you’re just providing him with a downlink that they are looking for and people will be grateful for that so you’re doing them a favor but in return you’re making a lot of money in pure passive income because it takes you less than a minute to create that kind of video with clear you and with all the free resources that they gave you and just one minute and you can upload as many of these videos as you possibly can on your YouTube channel and each of them is gonna become your passive income machine because maybe you perfect they and then in a couple of years people still need that sound the fact you use it in their projects they will come back to your video they will download it through your final app link and you are gonna make money from that and as well if you get approved in a meanwhile you got approved for monetization and you start running ads in your videos that you can also make provide a lot of money from bad as well in pure passive income and now the third way you can monetize your videos besides the Adsense besides those Google as if you were running on your videos and besides the file up org is something that will actually make you the most money so something from which you can make a lot more money and a lot more per 1000 views that is to go over the content samurai com come over to here this is a this is a software that become that people can use that they need to pay for it but you can see create stunning videos fast the first intelligent will you creator that does all the hard work for you so what makes content samurai is so quick go from script to video in seconds so it actually creates videos for people so it’s gonna be really signal it’s gonna be really time-saving and it’s gonna create really high-quality videos that they can edit with just a single click so that’s what a lot of people that create a videos and a lot of online marketers actually need and it’s proven that they’re actually making videos because they come to your video to your sound effect video they want to download it which means that they’re already creating some project they’re working on a project and then creating some video so they need some video at massage or now of course not all of them will buy this content samurai but even if you get just pain sales per 1000 views that’s actually gonna be a lot of money because take a look at this and you do not actually have to sell anything you just need to put it in the description of your YouTube wave of some link I will show how to get that so you will just put that link as the second link in your description of that sound the FAQ video and your is sending people to free trials and you’re not selling them anything directly that’s why it’s gonna be so simple so just come over to content samurai basically convert the conten samurai dot-com then just scroll all the way down to the bottom then click on become an affiliate so we want to grab our affiliate link so we can make Commission’s each time someone brought by its contents ammo right through our affiliate link you can watch this video if you want to that’s really optional then click on become a novel samurai affiliate and their first name last name and you know all that basic information about yourself and they’re gonna pay you through PayPal you can enter your paypal email address right here and sign me up and they’re gonna accept you like almost immediately I think so or maybe it will wait for like a half an hour or maybe an hour and they’re gonna send you your affiliate login details now you will just log into your account once you get accepted you will just click on login right here to grab your affiliate link you will click on login and this is how is it gonna look like once you log into your account just as you do that you want to click on affiliate area right here now click on resources click here now click on content samurai because we want to promote content samurai that will take you over to the next page where you can see you have three different products to promote but one day we’ll be promoting is gonna be this free trial so you can click on find out more so we are promoting we’re promoting content samurai 7-day free trial create an unlimited number of traffic pumping videos so they will be able to create unlimited number of traffic pumping videos which is proven that people that come to sound in fact will use one and now we are offering them with a Saturday will do everything for them with the seven day free trial you know we’re gonna get paid for that so how amazing is that you want to click on promote the free to free trial right here click on that that will take you over to the next page where you can you can see how it actually works you can read more about it but basically the only thing you’re interested in here is this link right here this is your unique affiliate link you want to copy it click on copy and you want to put it as the second link in your description so the first link is actually gonna be your file upload link so people can download that sound effect but as well inside of your description you also want to put this affiliate link so people can sign up for this sound a free trial with video editing so that is that it does everything for them and you’re gonna you’re also gonna get paid for that as well and the best part is that content samurai is the subscription-based software which means you’re gonna be making reoccurring commissions every single month from one person that signups through your affiliate link and you can see that those videos can get hundreds of thousands of views not just one like most of them get like hundreds of thousands of views and you just need a couple of them just a couple of them to sign up to your affiliate link for content samurai for something that does everything for them and you can make passive income reoccurring Commission’s every single month from them and actually make a lot more than if you were relying just on the ad revenue and you can see you don’t need a lot of upload uploads to make some decent amount of money and even though 100 videos might seem like a lot but as you saw it can take you less than a minute wait just one video and just really back on YouTube with your links in a description and as well rely on the ad revenue to maximize your results and now if you’re really interested in making money and you want to pursue this and you want to make an actual business on YouTube that you definitely want to consider clicking on the first link in the description down below because I have a step-by-step training they will not teach there will not only teach you how we can monetize your YouTube channel so this is the bonus module that I have created for you that is gonna teach you three different proven strategies to monetize your YouTube channel to you so to get 1000 subscribers in 4000 hours of our time sometimes even in last and then every so you can also make some decent amount of money from the ad revenue as well but I’m also gonna share with you how to actually grow your channel and how to actually get views on your videos so I’m gonna share with you my pass cap secrets for getting views quickly my number one hacks to getting thousands of subscribers guaranteed and as well how to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube in the last than a week actionable steps so I’m not gonna tell you some be as that other people talk about I’m actually gonna give you actionable steps which you can follow to go from 0 there were 1000 subscribers in less than seven days it’s insane but this is the step by step tutorial that is included in this training and I’m also sharing with you how I grow my channel is how I get thousands of use in my videos my number one secret to getting news quickly and much much much more and on top of that I’m also sharing with you how I personally make money on YouTube prove some of my other YouTube channels so now this one not into asked some other YouTube channels where I don’t have to be in front of a camera without affiliate marketing without CPA marketing without ad revenues no Google ad so it’s not about compilations or whatever without editing and without filming my videos so I don’t have to be in front of a camera or whatever it’s really unique way to make money on YouTube and I’m also gonna share that with you inside the first link in the description of this YouTube video and of course you really want to take action fast in this one because obviously those are my personal secrets to growing YouTube channels and those are my personal secrets for making money on YouTube I don’t want to share that with everyone so I will remove this course really really soon and that’s it for this video I hope you did get some value out of it and if you did make sure to drop a like to leave a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe and hit the bell I can see you down miss out on any of the new content and I will see you inside the next video

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