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Earn 8.00 Using Google WEIRD TRICK

Earn $628.00 Using Google WEIRD TRICK

628 dollars directly to my PayPal account this is super easy and it’s worldwide available we’ll jump straight into my computer right after I say this if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day and as well I’m creating new giveaways every single week so if you don’t want to miss any of those just make sure to be subscribed and hit the bell i couldn\u00e4\u00f4t logically will never have a new fresh strategy and will never have a new fresh giveaway for you guys and all those giveaways are gonna be $100 plus so you really don’t want to miss them just be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon with that being said well which I’m straight into my computer right after the intro okay so we’re now inside of my computer and our best friend today is gonna be Google we’re gonna be using Google to make some decent amount of automatic money okay and I’m gonna show you what to lose exactly we’re gonna be combining with Google to make some amazing amount of money now if you really want to make this fat you work you need to follow each and every step shown inside of this video because at the end of the video not only will show you how we can maximize your results but I will show you what the real trick actually is so you can use it to make even more money so it’s not gonna be only 628 dollars that’s just an estimate but you can definitely make way way way more than that and you can definitely report it’ll repeat the process over and over and over again for basically on a limited time if you know exactly what you need to do so pay close attention to this video and the first thing that you need to do so the first app is gonna be coming up with some a niche now yes you will have to come up with as some niche and both know it’s not gonna be building your website around that niche it’s not gonna be anything related to YouTube you will not have to create videos this has no attack and no thanks skills are required at all no previous experience needed or anything like that just think of some niche you know you can basically do whatever needs you want to as always other recommend niches alike relationship niche you can do fitness niche sports niche business niche help me well niche whatever niche you want the cookie niche makeup niche whatever it is just choose some niche for the sake of this video I will go with a listen you should the sport snitch and within that niche so that was the step number one picking your niche I have I have I have picked a fitness niche the sports niche and now the second step is gonna be thinking about something that people would be interested in something that will in three people so for example something that grabs attention for that niche so for example here in the fitness niche I would look up for like how to get six pack abs in a week something like a piece are like that something to do a lot of people would like to see it’s like how to get six-pack abs in a week how to get six-pack abs in a month or something like that if you are in cooking you can do like a seven cooking secrets to make you meal look way more special or something like that you know something super bizarre like colic baby I know yes I said this has nothing to do with YouTube or anything like that it’s a really unique strategy about you know you want to make it just like a bizarre that would attract a lot of people attention and no we are not gonna be focusing on the views or anything like that because this has nothing to do with videos at all once you do that the second step it was at your peak to find something that like a bizarre something that would attract a lot of people’s attention once you find that that was step number two the third step would be would be searching for that on Google so I search for like how to get a six pack in a month and once you do that they will you will be able to find like hundreds if not thousands of these lists that will show you like a step by step like six different stuff that we need to take to get six-pack abs in a month and you can find basically through these and find as many of these as you possibly can just go through all of these and I will show you why exactly you need to do that that was the step number three the step number four is gonna be open up google docs so you can go to google and you want to search for google docs you want to go to google docs search for that open up like these google docs over here here there are for me so let me get back so let me show you what its gonna open it’s gonna show you something like this let me just click on google docs it’s gonna show something like this you will click on this plus blank you know plus icon and that’s gonna open up a worksheet for us so we can now type our list for that like how to get a six pack in a month so we want to create our own like kind of at least kind of a guide to get six pack in a single month or in a single week or something like that or whatever your niche is about if you’re a cooking secret if you’re about makeup secrets or how to create how to become a pro with makeup within like a week how to become a pro photographer in five days or something like that so I’m going to do a lot of people will be interested in learning and I will show you why exactly we are doing this and why exactly this is gonna allow us to make a bunch of money with the trick that I’m about to show you inside of this video okay so I will just go through all of these and I will create my own list of course I will not just copy and paste because you know you can’t actually do that but what you can do is grab like a few stuff from these leaves and then find another list and then find another list and just create your own list or just repeated in your create recreate it in your own words that would you just actually be perfect and if you know how to do this if you know how to if you know you can even create it by yourself you don’t even have to find articles but if you don’t know how to do it just copy and paste different articles and change it up a little bit you know created in your own words so make sure to make sure to do that and of course create your list grace and create a nice-looking list I will just go through this really really quickly because they’re not gonna make this video too long but you will see why you actually need to put a little bit more time and effort in Korean into crafting and designing your own list once you create your own list go to the file right here click on file and you want to find this download and download that either as a PDF file or txt file I will just go with a plain text I will click on that that’s gonna automatically download this do you my computer and right before I show you the next tool and the next step if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know that when I see you guys leaving likes and comments I don’t know everybody owes I know that you are enjoying them and you know that you’re getting value out of those videos so if you do appreciate not holding daily make fun life strategies and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading you all those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as see that comment with that being said the next tool and the next step is gonna be going over to gamrath comm so you can go to google and search for camera opened gamla camera dot-com and for those of you guys that don’t know what gum road is gum roll easy place where we can sell digital products where you can upload digital products and sell them online now we’ll show you how you can use this tool with some other platforms to make money on autopilot and how exactly is gonna be is how exactly this is gonna be an automatic PayPal money so what you need to do is click on start selling create an account its gonna pop up like you can either connect it with your Facebook Twitter account or just create a brand new account with your email first name last name and below that basic stuff I already have an account so you feel log into my account that’s gonna look something like this it’s gonna open up this product section where you can add your first product so as your first product go through the digital product so we’re not selling any physical products we are selling digital products and I’m gonna show you exactly how and why we’re selling them so click on digital product that’s gonna open up we want a classic and digital product name of our products it should be for example I can say like guide to six-pack ABS God do you say SPAC six-pack abs in a month and I would set my price price do you like you can set this price over here you can set whatever you like but what I do recommend you go with is setting up your price through like seven to nine dollars so seven to nine dollars we would work perfect for our list so I’ll go with like nine dollars for the sake of this video I look like nine and next time next is gonna be customizing our kind of like a sales page so let’s just load so we can add a brief description about our products about our list that we have created so I will just copy and paste this but of course you can put a little bit more time and effort crafting your own description choose your file now how you can create you to cover for at that list is by using the tool called canva calm this is an absolutely free tool and I use it to create my own my own poster here like my own cover so what you can do is go over to the let me open up the camera calm this is the page and you can find different templates over here what I did is I just clicked on the poster and that open up loads of different templates and you can search for your template for your a niche over here so I’ll search for like fitness and that’s gonna open up like it the stamp over here and you can customize everything you’re getting change the background change the colors change the font literally change everything and you can create something similar to add it of course if you’re in a fitness niche if you’re not in a fitness niche just search for that niche over here and find different templates customize it customize them and all that stuff and then just click on download and download that as a PNG file download that to your computer once you have that done go back to Gumroad comm and upload that same image over here so you can use it as your cover so let me just fun it in my it’s in my downloads probably so I will try to find it mmm it’s right here so I will open up it over here let it just slowed we can add our summary over here additional details if you have them if not just leave it like that to upload a content you will upload your files or here just open up layer just slowly limit just upload your files from computer and then find the one that we have downloaded our list so my list is gonna be is gonna be called like ultimate a six-pack and guide so I would open a best one or it was no the untitled document so I will just upload that over here so let it just load and we have set the pricing the words and all is that oh that’s how we will leave it like that no limits to our product sales this is unlimited we can make unlimited sales for this one and as you can see it looks quite quite good I will click on Save Changes and I will click on publish once that published I can just grab my URL for this for this product so I can go up and I can click on copy URL and if I go to data URL that’s gonna show me my sales page and as you saw it was all absolutely free I didn’t have to pay for anything and I don’t have my sales page in my url that I can send people to where they can buy this as you can see this is my cover they can see like ultimate six-pack and guide and they can read more about it in the description click I want this and they can purchase it for nine dollars and I made nine dollars and why is it automatic money is because Gumroad is gonna pay you every other Friday automatically to your PayPal account so if you make like 10 sales today then the next Friday they’re gonna pay you that amount of money that you made directly to your PayPal account they’re gonna send automatically to your PayPal account Oh keep watching so I can show you where we can actually get a traffic because Gumroad is not gonna promote your ebook and obviously not ebook but an actual guide an actual list Cameron is not getting promoted you will have to do it by yourself now how he can do it by yourself is by going to Instagram calm yes you will have to go to Instagram but if you don’t want to create your own page and you don’t want to build it and all that stuff then keep watching this video so I can show an actual will trick that will allow you to make money without having to create any kind of page so first of all the first step the first way that you can promote your guide and your list on Instagram is by creating a page within your niche so if you’re in fitness knew you would obviously search for fitness groups for fitness hashtags and create similar pages to this for example I search for fitness motivation and I found some page like it’s this one over here like gym clothes Co this is a page that I have found 72 thousand followers you can see what kind of posts they have and then they have linked in for their website in their a bio so whenever someone comes to the to their page they can obviously see that this URL over here and if they had some nice call-to-action people will be able to see that and click on that and it will be resurrected to their website now what I recommend you do is build a page within that niche this is only the first way that you can do it if you keep watching this video I’m going to show you other way they will you will not have to another way where you will not have to build your page but actually you’re gonna see what weather Trek is all about if you keep watching the city all the way to the end of course but first of all you can create build your page you know that’s absolutely free to do you can build it you can start posting reposting other people content and of course just credit those pages and in your description of the post just say like credits to you and that page if you’re using these images you can simply take a screenshot of this image and just post it on your Instagram and just have like I have just like credit two credits to Jim Kuzco and find as many of these pages and of course as you saw like if you search for like fitness motivation you can find 76 million posts within that niche and you can just start reposting that over and over again repost like three to five three to five times at base you have higher chances of ending up on the explore page and original more people and that way you know you can you can get exposure to thousands and thousands of people interested in that specific news they will be able to see your link in the description that will take them of course instead instead of this link in the skin in your bio put a link to the actual guide do your list where they will be able to go to and see like ultimate six pack your guide since their interest in fitness and they probably want to get if you want to get a six pack apps they will see like your god is gonna teach them how they can get it in one month and they will be able to purchase it for nine dollars and they can do it over and over again for unlimited times because you can reach thousands as you can see thousands and thousands of people now as they promised I’m going to show you a trick where will where you will not have to build your page by yourself and where you will not have to post anything well that trick is about going over to those hashtags like with whatever niche you’re in and just find as many pages with like 10 20 30 or 40 or 50,000 followers or even up to 100 or 300,000 followers and you can reach out to for example this page as an example they have 72 thousand followers and I can ask them if they would be interested in page story ads I would ask them for their rates and they will say you know they will tell me like maybe it’s 20 to 30 bucks if were a story ad just 24 hours story ad is like 20 to 30 dollars and I would have to pay them to promote my e-book I would just send them my URL to this not ebook but actually I would just send them URL to my Gumroad sales page and I would send it over to them like DM them and ask them how much is for a story ad level tell me 20 or 30 dollars I will just pay them spaniel to $30 for an ad they will start promoting me on their page where you have 72,000 people that are interested into fitness and they will be interested in buying my ebook in my guide well right after that right after they start promoting it like if just 0.1% let’s say just 0.1 percent of them all those followers actually buy my guide for nine dollars is zero point one percent not even 1% but zero point nine percent that 72 people and if you do the math like 72 people multiply by 9 and dollars that’s 640 48 dollars and if you if you just you know remove a twenty bucks because if you have paid like 20 bucks for a story add and trust me you can find him in Cheaper story ads but let’s say you buy the story ad for 640 not 48 dollars and you remove 20 dollars you’re being left with a total profit of 628 dollars just from one page and this has a lot of potential because you can reach out through thousands of these pages and you can basically do it over and over again for this many of these pages and you can be in laughs with a total profit of hundreds and hundreds of dollars and you’re receiving automatic paper money from kam road every other Friday directly to your PayPal account so this is a huge business potential just build your list in the Google Docs build it up over here add that to camera com creating a nice poster creating nice cover with for absolutely free and then use Instagram to promote your guide reach out through targeted people and start making some nice nice amount of money

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