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Earn .00 PER 2 Clicks For FREE! WITH PROOF

Earn $65.00 PER 2 Clicks For FREE! WITH PROOF

just do clicks and I made $65 stay tuned to see how in this video I will show you how to flakes maybe $65 and how you can do it over and over again for unlimited times its worldwide available and you can do it for absolutely free knowing what’s beneath it but right before we dive into the actual strategy if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m posting videos about makes money one every single day you see if you get the bail I couldn’t I will not if we won’t ever have a new fresh gradual like this one to make money line so you can be one of the first could use that strategy use that app will use that website to make money online and that way not only will you be one step but how do we all competitors but of course you will make the most money with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can explain you everything okay guys we’re now inside of my computer and first of all I want to show you proof that this actually does work and the day I got results with this so you’ll know that it does work and that you can get some insane results with it so you refresh this you can see that this is not a screenshot it’s not fake it’s gonna stay that it even even though I can refresh it like 10 times you’re still gonna see that for two clicks I got paid $65 and I’m gonna show you how we can even set this up on autopilot if you stay all the way to the end of this video you will know exactly how you can set this one on autopilot within minutes and enjoy some nice nice profits enjoy those clicks that are coming to your link and I’m gonna show you what that link is gonna be in a couple of seconds but first of all go to the first Plateau no we’re gonna be using and that is gonna be Bluehost you will need to head over to the and for those of you guys they don’t even know what Bluehost is well Bluehost is a web hosting platform where you can go and buy hosting for your domain and for your website but that is obviously now what we’re interested in because we don’t need we don’t have a website we don’t want to build websites and we don’t want invest any money we want to start with $0 and that’s absolutely okay because if you come over to the and you click on the affiliates right here click on the affiliates section that’s gonna take you over to the next page where you can be your you’ll be able to read more about their affiliate program and you can see that Bluehost pace is $65 for each wife I’ve signed up $65 per sign up and it’s absolutely free to join so if you if you scroll a bit down you can see that the free to join signing up takes only a few minutes and it’s completely free which is really insane so what you need to do for this point is by the way before we continue I just wanna let you know that inside of this video I will show you three different absolutely free traffic sources and I’m gonna show you how we can even maximize results but first of all I’m gonna show you the hardest traffic source which is gonna get you the most signups and then we are gonna go all the way down to the easiest traffic source which is gonna take you less than a minute to set up but it’s gonna make you a little bit less money but still it’s gonna get you some nice results and you will be able to get a nice amount of clicks and nice amount of signups so first of all come over to the slash affiliates and you want to click on the sign up button that’s gonna take you over to the next page where you will need to sign up as an affiliate by creating a username creating a password by entering your first name last name and all that basic demographic information about yourself and then of course you will need to answer a paypal email address because they’re gonna pay you instantly to your PayPal account and no fees are deducted from your earnings which is absolutely insane for absolutely free you can connect your people and they are gonna pay you instantly for each signup that you get which is absolutely insane and that you will need to agree to the affiliate Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy which you can read by clicking on some of these buttons go there read through that and then just click on agree and sign up to this website and that’s how you become an affiliate once you become an affiliate you will be able to grab your affiliate URL by clicking on this link so once you log in of course to your account this is what you’re gonna see this is the dashboard and you just click on links and that’s gonna take you to this page where you can just copy this URL and now I’m gonna show you how we can set up three different absolutely free traffic sources to get insanely good amount of signups over and over again even on autopilot but right before we dive into that if you haven’t already be sure to drop a lot to this video leave a thumbs up because you know that when I see you guys leaving likes any comments either my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of those videos which is at the end of the day the most important part so if you do appreciate mumbling daily make online strategies and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or they simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading all of those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see that comment with that being said the first and the hardest traffic source which is going to get you the sign-ups it’s gonna be going over to go over to the and for those of you guys that don’t know what this is YouTube is a platform where you can buy or sell courses on specific topics so there are hundreds of thousands of courses on this platform but I’m gonna show you even if you have no skills how we can post a course on this website and down on the back and make bunch of money from your affiliate signups I’m gonna show you how that works as well so as I said hundreds of different in categories and hundreds of thousands of different courses but one specific topic that we’re interested in is building a website so you want to search for build a website so I can show you that people are getting some insanely good results with this and even you’re still gonna be able to make a lot of money from sales of those courses and as I said keep watching this video we have a few more traffic to more traffic sources to go and as well I’m gonna show you a cool trick for the udemy that you can use even if you have no skills how you can create how we can simply create a course without having to be in front of a camera without need and without having a camera or anything like that but still I want to show that for example this guy you got it has almost a three thousand readings so he made well over three thousand sales and price from ninety five dollars and how this actually works is you just need to create a simple course on how they can build a website and keep watching so I can show you where exactly you can get you can get the knowledge to create this you get to create this kind of course because trust me this can get you a lot a lot of signups and a lotta money from those sales so if you’re selling a course for $100 and inside that course and by the way you do not need a traffic for this course because udemy is gonna promote the course for you they’re gonna bring you absolutely free traffic for you you just need to post it over to udemy and you’re gonna keep making money from sales and not only sales like this guy made over 100 or 300 thousand dollars just from course sales and if inside of that course you just tell them like in order to grab the best deal for hosting or something like that then they can use your affiliate link and when they click on your affiliate link they will sign up and obviously they want to build a website and they are willing to invest into that because they obviously bought a course from you even if you sell it for ten bucks so just to make as much money as you possibly can you just made them open their wallet and now since their or their wallet is they will be more than willing to pay for hosting because do the housing that you recommend them because obviously they want to build a website and they need a hosting they can’t go without hosting and now you just recommend them Bluehost and they could go and sign up through your link and that can actually get you thousands and thousands of signups which if you do the man can be quite a lot of money now if you keep watching this video I’m gonna show you easy herb ease our traffic sources as well but as I said this is a really really good one and this can get you the most signups easily so first of all what you need to do if you don’t know how to how to create a course on building a website or anything like that you never built a website yourself well you can just go over to the desk this is a place for that not a lot of people know about but this website gives you 100% free coupons that you can grab a udemy courses for absolutely free so you can come out to the disc udemy calm and yeah as I said not a lot of people know about it and you will click on the search bar over here and you want to search a for Bill a website is pretty much the same a keyword as you search on udemy and you will be able to go through these and find thousands of different courses for absolutely free they’re gonna teach you how you can equip for example how to quickly build a website for your business and you can just go through this entire course and I’m gonna show you how to grab it all so click on that course and you just scroll down a bit click on take a course and just click on course coupon and you will be able to enter the course for absolutely free and what I recommend to do is just go through that same course follow the setup steps from inside of the course and just recreate it in your own words you didn’t have to be in front of a camera you just need to record your screen like I am recording it right now and you know you can use the OBS project comm this is the free screen recorder that you can use to create those videos and just recreated in your own words and just post it on udemy and you can for example as I said salads for 10 or 20 bucks it doesn’t matter because you are making a lot more money on the back end from the affiliate sales and affiliate signups that you get on for your Bluehost for the blue hairs platform because as you saw you’re being paid $65 for each qualified sign up which is insanely good so that was the first traffic source going over to the udemy and creating your courses and then inside the course just referring people to your to your Bluehost affiliate link that was the first traffic source the neck or in the second traffic source where they’re gonna be a little bit easier but it still might not be the best one because you know you will still have to create some kind of videos but you’ll put the last traffic source nobody who’s included you can stay absolutely anonymous no worries about that so the second traffic source is gonna be you need to head over to the YouTube and if you search for bad best hosting you can see that those videos are getting hundreds of thousands of views and people are researching your web hosting and since they’re searching full of a before pass the web hosting and stuff like that they’re obviously interesting themselves into buying this and now they go through with you and they see that you recommend Bluehost and you can leave the affiliate link in your description and they will they will be able to sign them through your affiliate link and you’re gonna be making money off of that and those videos are gonna stay on YouTube forever and maybe in a year or two years or even five years you’re still gonna keep making commissions from that because for example 300,000 people that are interested in the web hosting are in their interest into buying web hosting and they’re interested in the web hosting platforms can go through your affiliate link sign up and boom you made $65 for each referral that you get for each sign up that you get through your affiliate link so that’s really with the youtube is the same thing you can just go if you don’t know anything about hosting just go through these videos and just recreate those videos in your own words by just simply recording your screen like these guys are doing and just leave your links you leave your affiliate links in the description so they can sign up and so you can make a lot of money from those sign up so that was the second traffic source which is a little bit easier to do than udemy because you just need to create one video posted on YouTube for absolutely free and keep making passive income unlike with udemy where you will need to create an entire course which can be like 10 different videos but still it may take you like just a few just a few hours to create it and it’s gonna keep making you a lot of money in the future and a lot of passive income now the third traffic source and keep watching so I can show you how we can even maximize your results and get even more signups I’m gonna show that cool trick at the end of the video and now the third the third traffic source the easiest traffic source which can get signups within like less than a minute is going over to the quora so you can go over to the court calm and this is a place where people ask and answer questions so if you go to war and you sign up and it’s a to sign up of course you will be able to search in kora and you can for example search build a website or you can search for like a best hosting or I know how to build a website what is the best hosting platform and stuff like that for someone who search for best hosting you can see what is the best WordPress hosting site which is the best hosting people are asking that and since they’re asking that they’re interested into web hosting and they need that they wanna sign up for some web hosting and now we can tell them like blue house is the best web hosting platform a lot bla bla bla and that’s generous send them your affiliate link you can tell them that they can sign them over there and that’s what we can take you less than a minute because you can simply copy and paste that exact same comment and leave under all of these posts and people will be able even people they’re not posting that question will be able to see your comment and will will be able to go through your link and sign up now this can get you like in this this doesn’t have a potential to get you thousands of signups unlike with YouTube and udemy but still it’s gonna take you less than a minute as I said you do not have to create any kind of videos and it’s the easiest traffic source now what I do recommend you do is guy is you select so you wanna you want to select that time so you won’t do either past day or past a week so it’s not it’s not going to show you some questions that have been ads that haven’t asked like a year ago because obviously people that asked that a year ago are probably not interested right now to buy web hosting they obviously bought it a year ago so you only do select either past our past at your past week so let’s say past week and then just go through all of these and just tell them like which is the best web hosting provider in 2020 and you can tell them like Bluehost is the best web hosting provider blah blah blah here’s the affiliate link where you can sign up and obviously since they once they sign up you were gonna keep making sixty-five dollars over and over again per each a sign up and as you saw I just had the two clicks I started I started promoting this in like less than an hour I got talked to clicks and now the two clicks I got one sign ups and I made sixty-five dollars and I can if I keep doing this I could make a lot more money so I do recommend you start with this it’s absolutely free and it’s super super easy so I just show you three different traffic sources and now as I promised you I’m gonna show you how you can how you can even maximize your results and you can do that by providing bonuses to your customers so what I mean by that is you can tell them you can sign them through my affiliate link and got some of the best blue hosting deals but as well you’re gonna get some bonuses for me for absolutely free so they have an incentive to actually purchase blue hosting plans through your affiliate link and you can find those bonuses on the free peeler downloads dot-com put a free pillar downloads dot-com and you will be able to see that you can find thousands of different PLR products or here that you can grab for absolutely free in literally any niche so you can find for example niches like you even have the WordPress niche I think or here you have a riding you have yes you had your WordPress niche you can click over there and you’re gonna grab these ebooks for absolutely free and you have a rights to give them out through your customers and you can tell them if you want this able perhaps all the free I will give it to you as a bonus just for signing up through my affiliate link and you know obviously they can go just directly to Bluehost come and sign up themselves but once you send them your affiliate link you can tell them that even if they sign up through your affiliate link they will even get the free bonus from you see as I said they have an incentive to purchase a web hosting plan through your affiliate link and I will see you inside the next video

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