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Earn Money Online Doing Nothing (2020)

Earn Money Online Doing Nothing (2020)

if you don’t have time to be in front of a computer your whole day or you’re too lazy to work but you still need cash then stick with me okay we are now inside on my computer and right before I show the main platen that we are going to be using I just want to let you know that in order to make money by doing and nothing we will need to set up something in less than a few minutes and I will show you step by step how to set it up quickly so you can then enjoy the profits that are gonna come to you in incomplete passive mode so you can actually earn money online by doing nothing and one more thing right before I show you the main platform keep in mind that you might have heard about this platen but you have never used it in a way that we are going to be using it today because we are gonna be combining it with multiple platforms so don’t click off and don’t skip because you will just get confused and lost and with that being said the first platen that we are gonna be using only the first platform it’s gonna be file – up dot org so file up org or file upload and what that says well file upload you to upload a file Apple is an actually free cloud storage for your data so it allows you to upload your files for absolutely free to stored your data for free but that’s obviously not what we are interested in we actually want to make money and that is okay because file upload is gonna pay you whenever someone downloads your files so you upload for example an image on this website and when somebody comes and downloads that image you are gonna get paid and you keep watching this video I’m gonna show you what files you need to upload over the file upload work and then where to put your download link to make money on incomplete autopilot and enjoy some passive income some basically free passive income but for now let me show you something if you click on make money that’s gonna open up another page for you where you can read more about the file app but also you can see that they’re gonna pay you up to $7 per 1,000 downloads and also file upload accounts downloads from all countries around the world so it is gonna work in all countries and it is gonna work in your country as well which is really great so now that we know that we’re gonna get paid up to seven dollars per 1,000 downloads let’s go back to the official page over ready file Abdur org and we want to click on sign up because you want create an account before uploading any files click on sign up that’s gonna show you that you will need to register by creating a username by answering your email by answering a password retie the password enter the payment info so that’s really optional but you know the payment info can were right that can be paypal perfect money Skrill about money bitcoin litecoin theorem and so on and so forth you have many different payment options but one that I think most of you guys will be excited for is gonna be people because I know that for a fact a lot of you guys are payable fans and after that you will just click on on our robots like your payment option and just click Submit and you will be able to create an account for absolutely free you have an account on file upload now let me go back to the file upload org and we will leave it open like that and now let me show you what files you need to upload over here but we right before I show that if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know then we’re gonna see you living lights and comments under my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of my videos which is at the end of the day the most important part so if you do appreciate me uploading daily make bonus strategies and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or you simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see your comment and with that being said the files that you need to upload is go over to the free PLR downloads comm free PLR downloads com come over to here and here in Lapham style you can select a hundreds of different niches and this is gonna work in any niche you like so you can do the affiliate marketing image the beauty and blogging niche the Clickbank niche copywriting email marketing finance list building parenting maybe publishing public speaking relationships self-help SEO social media software spiritual sport tech whatever niche you want in whatever dish you like for the sake of this tutorial I will go with it maybe affiliate marketing use the business niche the internet marketing niche in particular so making money online I would go with that niche would once again you can pick whatever it is you want to and what Pilar downloads actually click on insert’ marketing right now well what Pilar downloads actually as well this is a place this is a website that allows you to download these free ebooks so you can grab three ebooks on this platform and they give you all the rights to do whatever you want with them you can give it out that as a gift as a bonus you can even sell them if you want to but no we’re just gonna be giving out that for free because we are gonna be making money from downloads and if you stick with me I’m gonna show you where once again you need to put your download link to make money on incomplete autopilot so let’s say for example I want to find something that is related to making money online maybe the art of selling online I would click on that that’s gonna open up where the page where I can read more about this ebook if that is something that that I would be willing to promote and if it is I would just roll a little bit down and I will click on download that’s gonna automatically download this ebook to my computer now that we have our file we will need to go back to the file upload org and just click on start uploading files now and now just click on this this icon over here click on that and just find the file that you have previously downloaded in my case it’s gonna be this one and then enter the description for this one for my in my case it is gonna be I’ll just copy and paste the art of selling online so I will just type in that and after that I would just click on start upload and let it just load now we have our download link so whenever someone uses this link they will go to over to this link and they download this we are gonna get paid so they download and absolutely free ebook in my case that is a niche called making money online internet marketing online business and work from home nation this works once again for animation like you can do gaming you can do fishing you can do I know relationship you can do health fitness booboo lose lose weight but whatever it is you want to this is gonna work for all niches after that there are two different options of where you can put your link to make money on incomplete autopilot so steak for both of those to maximize your results now that you have grabbed your download link just go over to Instagram comm just head over to the Instagram comm and create an account on Instagram once you create an account on Instagram and by the way your account needs to be your page needs to be in that same niche as this ebook so if my ebooks is in the word from home internet marketing and making money online niche obviously my page is gonna be like something like make money online boss or something like that if you’re in a weight loss niche you can do like weight loss king or write loss Kings or weight loss Queen weight loss boss whatever you want to just pick your username and Cree and make sure that it is in that same niche after that you will just optimize your BIOS so you can say for example in my case it would be like business coaching and then grab your free ebook below and then pull anything you know I’m Pro anything like down below and then I will just put my link in by over here I will click on edit profile this is a lot easier if you’re using the app actually without instead of using the desktop version like I am but still I can pull up my phone right now so we’ll just use the desktop version and then I will just paste my url my download URL he already says best everybody says website space it over there click Submit and let me just show how it looks like now so you can see it grab your free ebook below and when they click on that they’re gonna be able to download an ebook for free that’s eBay they will be able to download it for free and I am gonna get paid but let me now show you how you can get traffic for free on in on your page so you know you can get targeted people that are gonna be interested in that free ebook they will be willing to download it and once again you’re not selling any books it’s gonna be a lot easier to make someone download an ebook for free that is someone that is interested in that niche then to sell it is to sell it to someone that is once again interested in that niche so what you will need to do is one of the ways you can do it is you can just find content from other pages you can search for example hashtag make money online if you’re in the make money online niche if you’re in a weight loss news just search for weight loss if you are in a fishing you’ve just search for hash tag fishing and then you can just start reuploading others people content but make sure to credit them in your description and they will be completely ok with it just credit them like for example maybe this guy is not doing that like yes did they’re not doing this but still if you’re reeling this way image this make sure to credit the business and growth in your description and they will be ok with it because you’re kinda you know advertising their page which is ok and you can start reuploading and do that over and over again just use a powerful hashtag like they are using right here then start fully engaging with all of them with all the people within that niche once again if you want to see how you can set everything on autopilot without doing any work at all then just stick with me all the way to the end of the way oh but this is the first way if you want to do it like this you can definitely do it start engaging you know start liking comments so you can end up in people’s notifications they’ll be like who is this guy liking my comments and they will open up your page they will see that they can grab an absolutely free ebook and you’re gonna get paper downloads this this is one of the ways that you can do it the second way that you can automate the entire process you’re actually earning money without doing anything is just by using an automation tool called post early calm so for already post early the outcome you have this plan for 15 dollars and by the way if you don’t want to pay anything then keep watching I have one more platform that is absolutely free but it will as well allow you to get thousands of download or downloads on and complete autopilot but still will post early you can automate your Instagram you can connect I liked up to 16 accounts for just $15 and they are gonna do all the work for you so they’re gonna sound a send a welcome DM to all your followers and in the Welcome DM you can just even leave your foul Apple link so even in the Welcome DM you can tell them like hey thanks for thanks for following me in return I will be giving to you this free ebook make sure to download it here and they can download it they’re also gonna already pose for you so you don’t even have to log into your account anymore as I said you could be sleep and you’re still gonna keep making money because first early is doing all the work for you they’re you know master reviewer completely engaging with people within your niche there or the following out on following or liking or commenting all of that stuff they’re doing it for you so you can just sell relax and enjoy the passive profits but if you don’t and by the way you can connect 16 accounts so 16 counts doing this for you 16 accounts driving thousands and thousands of targeted people to your page where people can download this for free and you are making quite a bit of money on file upload this is one other way that you can do it but if you don’t invest even 50 bucks into this what you can do is simply go over to let’s go to Facebook create an account at s3 and it is always gonna stay free create an account under search for your niche Mike it’s gonna be the make money online you work from home online business news and you can find many different groups by clicking on groups you can find many different groups with hundreds of thousands on members and you can join as many of these groups as you possibly can and start sharing your download links over here you can sell you’re gonna say something like hey if you want this is this is a really cool way by the way this is a really effective one you can stay you can just jump in the group and instead of making a same mistake like these guys are doing and posting you’re posting your ads like this no one is even gonna pay attention to it if they see it’s just an ad but what you can do is you can say something like hey if you want to grab an absolutely free ebook or hey I’m gonna give a free ebook to the first 100 people that comment below this post people are going to start engaging with your post and obviously your post is gonna stay at the top of the group so more people can see it and more people are gonna be able to grab an e-book from you and you’re gonna get paid for doing that and inside those groups you can reach once again hundreds of thousands of members hundreds of thousands of people that are interested in the niche and that are that are gonna be interested in downloading your ebook once again there are thousands of different groups with a hundreds of thousands of members so you can even reach millions of people just on Facebook and then also you can reach thousands of people with Instagram once again without doing any active work you just need to post something and then you can just sit it relax and enjoy the passive profits if you did get some value out of this video and if you did enjoy it make sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up and if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe and hit the bell like so you don’t miss out on any of the new content and I will see you in some of the next video

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