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Earn PayPal Money On Instagram (FREE!)

Earn PayPal Money On Instagram (FREE!)

so that way you will be making $500 per each person on Instagram and all you have to do is this video is gonna teach you how we can make some decent amount of money just by using Instagram and Google how we can combine those two websites and make this an amount of money and obviously this is worldwide available because those are like two most popular websites and obviously those are world wide platform so it’s not something through a app website or some survey app that you need to go through that is not available in so many countries this one is worldwide available it’s a step by step to stretch you know how to build a long-term online business and hopefully replace your full time job with this but just keep in mind this is not a get-rich-quick scheme you need to take action you need to put in work in order to make this work of course but as I said you can start for absolutely free you don’t have to invest any money upfront so it’s an absolutely or invest any money at all so it’s an absolutely free strategy any newbie friend waste strategy but right before we start if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the investor channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day and if you hit the bell icon automatically whenever I have a new fresh threat you’ll like this one to make one online so you can be one of the first to use it and that way make the most money and be one step ahead of your competitors without further ado let’s jump into my computer so I can start explaining you everything okay guys here we are on Google right now and before we start I just want to tell you to just don’t skip anything be patient and stay tuned all the way to the end this video because if you just keep some part that might that one single thing might be crucial to your success with this so it is crucial to you to stay tuned and not skip anything in order to make this work so here we are on Google right now and what you need to do is just search for some different small towns small places proudly us or some top-tier country searches targeted those top tier countries some small businesses search afford to search for small towns small cities small places and then search for small businesses for so let’s say like Kent Ohio let’s do you can I hire restaurants this is what I search for before so let’s do can’t hire a restaurants and don’t worry you will not be running ads for them or creating a website or something complicated right that it’s gonna be super simple and I’m gonna show you what exactly you are gonna doing right here in order to make some decent decent amount of money so you want to find different restaurants right here let’s click for example this right here and you want to make sure if they if they have a website so if that restaurant that business whatever business you search for you don’t have to search for restaurants you can do like a dream or some stores or whatever it is and just just take a look if they do you have a website so this is currently in Serbian but this has website right here so you want to take a look if there if this here says websites and if it does just click on that that’s gonna take over Twitter official website so that this is the official website this is your official homepage and obviously it is a little bit old-fashioned website but it never minds and this is not what we were interested in we’re not interested in their in their website so you want to take a look if they do have some social media some social media connected in as you can see right here they do you have and specifically we were looking for Instagram so you want to open that Instagram account that’s gonna take you over to their official Instagram account and I think this one is perfect because as you can see they’re quite professional they’re putting in a lot of time and after instances because as you can see some professional content right here but the engagement is super low and if you stay tuned all the way to the end of this video I’m gonna show you how to actually make money off of this so you know how to actually help them so they would be willing to bet you pay you over and over and over again to help them and you can do it for absolutely free you will not have to buy any software you will not have to purchase any license or anything like that it’s gonna be super simple I’m gonna explain you everything step by step so you want to leave this open and you want to open as many of these businesses as possible so let’s search for some different businesses from different places let’s let’s try like green wheel dentist so that is as well what I was searching for and so let’s do let’s find some dentists right here so let’s take a look if they have some website so this is an ad so as you can see this right here says an ad in Serbian so maybe this one right here they do you have a website let’s take a look if they have an Instagram yes it seems like they do you sue and this one is quite professional and so that you might even earn more money from them so for more since they’re putting more they’re investing more money in this so let’s take a look at their instrument see if there is something that’s gonna suit us so they have four to three thousand followers so let’s take a look at their in their engagement and their engagement is really really really really low so they’re not being able to find more customers to reach out more customers so that’s what we are gonna be fixing right here so they have a lot of followers which is pretty bad for us but what is really good for us is that they have a low engagement so we can still make some money off of this but the previous website is pretty much perfect they have a low following low engagement but the content is professional their food is really good I’m getting hungry right now watching it is I need to stop watching this food right here so it’s like wow it’s a quite cool it’s a quite cool page to make money from and this one is you know not that bad but we’re gonna still keep this one and let’s find another one so let’s take a look at some other let’s do like Greenville restaurants or team let’s do like some Jean let’s find some team in order to let’s take a look at this one right here bridge brothers dream let’s take a look at their website I mean and if they have an Instagram and okay this looks pretty professional let’s take a look if they have some social media and if you scroll down we can see that they do have an Instagram account right here so let’s take a look at their Instagram account and I’m gonna open just three of these so no this is just a location but no this is not their Instagram account so not they don’t have an Instagram account let’s find some other one let’s do maybe this one right here oh let’s open their website and let’s yes they do have an Instagram let’s take a look at their instagrams to 6,000 followers looks quite professional and the engagement is once again really low so seventy-three likes 100 likes per photo and they have 6,000 followers almost 7,000 followers so they do need more engagement in order to reach more customers in order to get more to attract more customers to their business so they need more then they need more engagement indeed they need more followers for this and that is what we’re gonna be doing but before we continue if you haven’t already be sure to leave a like to this video leave a thumbs up because I really want to see you guys actually living likes and comments under my that really inspires me to share with you more made fun online strategies every single day I’m putting a lot of effort a lot of time in order to come up with all those strategies with all those businesses and I want to share with you every single day see if you do appreciate that just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below I’m reading to all of your comments now let’s get back to the video and what you actually need to do so what you actually need to do is open your Instagram account on your smartphone so where’s my smartphone I know this opening on your spine from because you will not be able to DM them on the desktop version so you need a mobile version so you take your phone and just open that Instagram account and find them and just DM them and you wanna what I recommend you is create a opener selfie mode on your camera and just creative simple simple video on yourself about yourself you know tell him a little bit more about yourself and then introduce yourself and then tell them did you run like some social media agency and that you can help them build their Instagram business that you can attract more people to their Instagram account and obviously that’s gonna attract more people to their website and that’s obviously gonna attract more customers to their business and that’s gonna have them out and you can tell them like you can start doing that for like seven days for absolutely free so they can see your so they can see if they’re getting any results from not from you so that words are gonna you’re gonna build trust with them and I recommend you go and me create a simple video because that way you were once again building trust with them they can see your face and they can see you you can make like the screen share video like this one right here going through their website and telling them they have a pretty low engagement to know how to do a track more targeted people how to attract more customers to their business you know how to do that and you can run it run it for them you can run their online business for them and I’m gonna show you how to do that as well so just create a similar simple video or if you’re too shy to do that if you’re too much camera shy which you don’t need to do but anyways if you are you can just create a simple text and rather than what you think about the web and what you think about their Instagram page and tell them how you can improve it but I highly recommend you create a video because that we were just building a relationship with them and there you have higher chances of getting paid so what you don’t need to do you just simply asked for their password so just ask for their password log into this and trust me people are gonna be giving their password for you this is what I was I haven’t been I haven’t been doing on and on I created a gig on Fiverr let me see if I actually deleted that or not so create a simple gig on Fiverr but anyways I can’t find it right now it wasn’t a fiver but I deleted that but anyways people people are willing to pay you people are willing to give you rent their instrument willing to pay you to actually build that business for them so they will give you the I’ll give you their password and you will just log into their account and what you need to do is just follow and engage with all the people you within that niche within that within that location so just search for if this isn’t an Ohio then just search for camp Ohio once you log into their Instagram and let’s find can Ohio and follow and engage with all the people that are currently in can have for example dis girls right here you want to like their photo you want to like all the comments right here so you can end up internally in their notifications and they will be more willing to check out your page because you know they would be like who is this who is this person that’s lacking all her comments or just leave meaningful comments engage with them build that trust with them and just do it over and over again for all of those paths go over like all of these and you know it’s gonna be super simple because you’re just using your phone and you’re just going through liking all of those engaging people in that niche obviously do a little bit of follow unfollow thing you know followed the follow people from that place for like an Ohio Greenville or whatever place you chose and just follow them engage with them like all of their posts you like all their comments and just you know completely engage with them and that way you’re gonna be attracting more people through their page they’re gonna be they’re gonna end up following you back and then you can a little bit unfollow that people on unfollow those people do create and you make your page look more professional to have a less follow to have less following than to follow less people then you have followers and just engage with all those people and you can quickly quickly build those pages build those pages for them and you can get a targeted traffic to their page and build and get them more customers and of course they will be willing to pay you more and more every single month because you’re bringing them real people to their business they’re gonna they’re obviously gonna see it returning that investment so they will be willing to have a long-term relationship for you so you can do this on a monthly basis and you can easily charge them for like five hundred six hundred seven hundred dollars per month for the service and you simply need to find like four or five people to run their their Instagram account per month and you’re gonna be making some decent amount of money just by using your smartphone and just going through Instagram engaging with people in that targeted niche

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