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Free $15 – $50 Per Minute of Work (NO SELLING) | Make Money Online

this website pays 15 to $50 per 60 seconds of work no selling you can be anywhere in the world so this does work worldwide you not have to invest any money at all so everything is absolutely free you do not need any social media following and it’s gonna be super simple but before we dive into that if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon because the first thing that is about making money online every single day so if you hear the bell icon I don’t know if you will never have a new fresh strategy just like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use that strategy use that app will use that website to make money online and that way not only will you be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money and with that being said let’s jump into my computer hey hey hey hey so we are now inside on my computer and since we’ll be using some website that we have never talked about earlier on the channel I urge you to pay close attention and stick with me all the way to the end with you so you can know exactly what needs to be done because I’m gonna show you step by step and trust me you are going to love this one so save this video because trust me it’s gonna be your favorite one so this is already affiliates dot a so it’s affiliates dot you will come over to here and obviously this is a fibers website but this is their affiliate program so something that we have never talked about earlier on this channel now if you stick with me I’m gonna show you a super unique traffic source then you’re just gonna be amazed out because it’s not about social media so it’s not about Facebook it’s not about Instagram it’s not about YouTube so no you will not have to create YouTube videos post any kind of YouTube videos or whatever it’s a very unique traffic source which will literally take you last and then a minute to set up so you’re just gonna be blown away with this basically five are affiliates you can see the commission plan over here and by the way if you don’t know what Fiverr is well Fiverr is the place for freelancers to sell their services you have like many different services on here if you come over to the fiber we have like all these different categories and all these subcategories so like thousands of different services which you can buy only you have a logo design game design social media design brochure design poster design now inside of this video we’re not gonna be drops erasing anything we’re not gonna be selling our services we’re just gonna become affiliates for this and we are gonna be using some specific platinum to make money with a very unique a traffic source now come over to here and take a look at their fiber commission plans and decommission rates over here fiber CPA you have different Commission plans over here so the fiber CPA pays anywhere from fifteen to fifty dollars curves per action so that means URI for a sum you refer someone to this platform and when they buy some service from fire calmly choose from millions of different services and fiber and they buy that specific service you’re gonna get paid animal from fifteen to fifty dollars if you stick with me I will show you how you can do it in a way way way less than he managed that that’s the sixty seconds that’s that’s insane because it’s absolutely free to sign up to this platter so let me show you this it will rise so it will rise under from fifteen to fifty dollars and you can see they often different Commission’s fifteen to fifty dollars depending on what category your buyer purchases from so you will be qualifying for the codes per action commission once your buyer purchases on fiber for the first time we call it AB BB first time a buyer and you can see that if your buyers buyer buys something from the white board and animated explainers you know from these categories game development interior design book and ebook writing you are gonna get paid fifty dollars if they buy some of those services if they buy some of these services like WordPress web and mobile design you’re gonna get paid forty dollars then for these you’re gonna get paid thirty dollars in commissions then you’re gonna get paid $20 $25 for the illustration e-commerce voiceover translation and so on so forth and for the all other categories and as I showed you just there are hundreds of different categories so for all of those you’re gonna get paid $15 now obviously we want to focus on a higher ones but of course you can sell all of these different services as you like so let me just show you something if I copy these a whiteboard and animated explainers I copy this keyword and I go back to fiber well right before I show you that if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like this video leave a thumbs up because you know I want to see you livin likes in comments under my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you are getting value out of my videos which is the end of the day the most important part so if you do appreciate me Appling daily make money online strategies and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I’ve been reading to all those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see you are comment would that be subtle let’s get back to the videos so I copied this key word right here whiteboard and animated explainers so if someone buys something from this category we will get paid $50 and if you go to fiver and you search for whiteboard and animated explainers that’s gonna show you that or there are over 4,000 services available on here so if you were selling this on here you you would have like no chance to get this to make money as you can play beginner because the competition is pretty big but now you can make a lot of money with the affiliate program so the thing with Fiverr affiliate program is that it allows you to grab affiliate link for a specific service for your specific service from these and for example you can find someone that is gonna do it for cheap but is that it’s going to be professional and the way you can check if they’re gonna do it professionally it’s for example this one this guy’s gonna do a stunning whiteboard animated explainer video for ten dollars and if they click on that and that’s gonna show me their rates you can see their ratings are 5 stars so people are quite satisfied with their services you can also watch the demo video the promo video right here click by clicking on these button and you can see the up to 30 second professional whiteboard animation with you is 30 is 10 dollars then the up to 60 seconds $20 and then 120 seconds is a $45 and of course if you want a little bit more less you know a little bit shorter video then you can just contact them and ask them water rates for maybe a 90 or a 100 seconds with you and that’s great but we’re not gonna be buying this because they prong as I promised you we do not have to invest any money upfront enter this but what we will do is we will go back to our fiber affiliates account and by the way you will need to come onto the affiliates dot and you first want to sign up but before you grab it affiliate link so you come over to here you want to scroll down a little bit and you want to find a start earning now button click on that and that’s gonna take you to the sign up page where you will need to create an account by selecting account type you can select either private or company I would start private under your first name enter your last name email address and your name could enter a pass or confirm your password and the country you are coming from and you can see all of the countries are available right here so this works worldwide it works for all of these countries select your country enter a phone number and you can skip this Skype if you don’t have a Skype or you simply don’t want to enter it and just hit next and they’re gonna ask you a few more questions and then you will be able to log into your affiliate dashboard where you can grab all of the oil of yours affiliate links is to grab in a field link for for example this service right here so this one is $45 for 120 seconds of professional whiteboard animation now we’re gonna go over to the next platform where we can find your traffic where you can find your buyer in the last and 60 seconds and let me show you this the traffic source that we’ll be using is on so you can come over to the and this is a really similar website to but a thing with up work is that people are you know not freelance freelancers are not listing their gigs on here they’re not selling them it affects the raid but actual customers and actual clients leave their projects and their jobs on here and then we as freelancers can sign up we can approve send a proposal for that job and get accepted and get paid for that specific job so you have like thousands of different jobs on here but if you search for the whiteboard and animated explainer that’s gonna show you the different jobs on here you can see fixed rate fixed price or how early they’re gonna pay you where it different rates on here so if you open up for example this one and 90 seconds whiteboard explainer video that’s gonna show that this guy is gonna pay us a three hundred and fifty dollars for a professional 90 second whiteboard explainer video and as you saw we can find it on Fiverr for less than forty five dollars so 45 dollars is a for 120 seconds no no no no no you’re not doing drops erasing here you are absolutely something else and just stick with me to see how exactly this needs to be done I will also give you a bonus platform to maximize your results so what we can do is we can contact this seller and you can tell them you can ask them how much they will charge for in 90 seconds whiteboard animated explainer video so they’re probably gonna charge you like maybe $30 maybe $35 so 30 for a 90 seconds with you and this guy is will this guy right here is willing to pay 350 dollars now you will not drop service this but what you will do you will click on submit a proposal right here click on submit a proposal that’s gonna open up another page where you can enter more about yourself you’ll need to answer more about yourself to submit a proposal for this job and you know you can answer this cover letter and inside of the cover letter you can tell them that you can get it down for way cheaper and again and you can actually get it done for less than $50 and if they want to learn more about it tell them to email you or to contact you whatever accounting information you want to give them give them some accounting information and take them off of upwards so you don’t want to you don’t want to spam with your affiliate link on up work with your Fiverr affiliate link on offer because obviously they are competitors and upwork is definitely gonna ban you and is definitely gonna delete your account if you do that but rather than that just tell the buyer tell this client like hey I can get it on for like the last 50 dollars make sure to contact me if you want to learn more about that just make sure for easier communication please contact me on my whatsapp number or my email or whatever accounting information you want to give them given that constant information and then just submit a proposal and when they see it when they go through it they’ll be like you know they were willing to pay $350 for this and now they see that they can actually get it on for less than 50 bucks and they will obviously be in trade they will be interested in that and they will contact you and when they contact you you will just give them your affiliate link for this and tell them like hey you can actually buy it here for like 35 bucks and they will see that they will see that it is something they’re interested in they can go through it and they can buy it they can buy for themselves with they’re satisfied they literally say they’re worth $300 right now these guys satisfied because they made money fire is satisfied because they made a commission and you are also satisfied because you made it 50 dollars from the Fiverr affiliates so isn’t that insane and that is just one category I just showed you one a simple category and as you can see you have all these different categories that are kind of pay you animal from 15 dollars up to 50 dollars so your possibilities are endless here so once you’re down with the whiteboard and animated planar so if you have contacted all the clients on the app work for the whiteboard and animated explainer so you can go over to the e-book writing then go through the game development then go to the model apps in WordPress and so on and so forth and you can do this all day long and make a lot of money because it literally takes you as an admitted to send a proposal on here and to tell them to contact you by email well that’s up wimedia me on instagram maybe message on facebook whatever counting information you want through so this is insane and this works like crazy and can make you a lot of money with the flavor of affiliate program and to maximize your results not only can you use app work and find thousands of clients on here but you can also use their alternative and that is going to be people per hour calm this is a pretty pretty similar website to the alcohol calm and it looks kind of the same so on here you can also find different projects by clicking on the search and by clicking on search projects maybe they’re gonna be a little bit less projects on here you can see in total there are just a 5,000 different projects but still they can make a lot of money because there are new projects coming in every single day and you can just combine up working people per hour to maximize your results and get the most out of the strategy so it takes you a less than a minute but it can make you anywhere from 15 to 50 dollars and I will see you in some of the next videos

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