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Get .75+ In MINS Again & Again (PASSIVE INCOME)

Get $10.75+ In MINS Again & Again (PASSIVE INCOME)

so you just need to click here double click here click this this and this and now you will be able to see your earnings over here stay tuned to learn more this is free this is worldwide its beginner friendly you need no experience you need no skills and you will be actually helping people but you will not be selling them anything you will be helping them for absolutely free and right before we start if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the investor channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day literally every single day so if you hit the bell icon I have a lolly for you will never have a new fresh strategy like this one to make money once so you can be one of the first to use it and that would be one step ahead of your competitors and make the most money so be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon with that being said let’s come into my computer so I can explain you everything ok we are currently inside of my computer and today we are going to be using a few different platforms but all these platforms are worldwide available so no matter where you’re coming from you can make money with the strategy because those are really popular websites that we’re gonna be combining to make money with this strategy and as well if you stay tuned all the way to the end of this video I’m gonna be giving you some tips and tricks along the way some tips secrets and tricks he had done how you can maximize your results so if you stay tuned all the way to the end of this video you will have all of the needed secrets to get it down faster and easier than others and as well at the end of this video I’m gonna give you something for absolutely free they will allow you to make money even faster and easier so it’s proven to work that that free thing will get you better results so just don’t skip anything stay tuned all the way to the honest videos so I can explain you everything and you can get the most out of it so the first class that we’re gonna be using is this one right here yes we’re gonna be using Google so you need to head over to I will not explain what the Google actually is so just go over to Google and what we’ll be doing a Google is we’re gonna be searching for problems we’re gonna be searching on how we can actually solve other people’s problems but don’t worry you will not have to sell anything to people we will not have to promote any affiliate products and then sell them something and you will need no skills and experience for this you will not need you not need to solve those problems by yourself so just be patient and just follow everything shown inside of this video so let’s search for some problems like we can search like how do you lose weight how to gain to gain fat how do you know how to gain weight not fat but how to gain weight how to train your dog and stuff like that so let’s search for like how do you lose weight so let’s do like how to lose weight and then you need to search for forums so how to lose weight forum or whatever you whatever problem you may think of like how do you train your dog forum and stuff like that so how to create a YouTube account forum and stuff like that so we’re gonna be solving some problems on Google so let’s find some a nice forum right here I’ll actually open a few different ones because we want different forums and as many as you can find and no no no my my bad delete those but what you need to do first this is the the tip number one what I want you to do is just click on these tools right here click on these tools and then you have this anytime so you want to search for that term like how to lose weight forum it’s gonna show you all of the forums for a lifetime you know anytime so it may send it may give you forums that have been made questions that have been asked like five years ago ten years ago so that is not what we’re interested in we want a hot traffic and we want you know people that are now interested in solving that problem and we want that fresh fresh people so let’s select not anytime but you can do past our past 24 hours past week past week and up to past month so just active past a month I’ll do past week before dessert for the sake of this so we need to find some forum I’ll open this one I’ll open this one I’ll open this one so you know have different forums and then you need to search for different questions and if you whether you can answer them or not so not this one let’s take a look at this one for example here are people discussing about how you can lose weight and you can obviously answer them and you can also ask questions on some on those forums so let me let me find some other forum as well oh this is not hello so let me open another one let’s do maybe ladies for imposed blood sugar that no no going back to race weight let’s do let’s shoot let’s try this one yes maybe this one would actually work perfectly so people are discussing how they can actually lose weight they are having a problem of how they can lose weight so you can reply to them and how actually making money by replying to those questions well I’m about to show you that as well but you know you have different types of questions as you can ask but in order to use the free tool that I’m about to give you at the end of this video you need to search for different terms like for different fears you know people are having problems and we therefore that we had they’re having some phobias so they’re having some fears of something so let’s be like fear of and you have different like a fear of the dark a fear of intimacy a fear of God fear of a-holes fear of The Walking Dead fear of the dark fear of hates through missing out and stuff like that so else search for like fear of spiders because that’s the most common one fear of spiders and then what we want to do is just a search for forums they’re related to fear of spiders and then I’ll do like past month so let’s do past month and you have different forums right here so that will open best one and you can see that people are discussing those problems discussing those fears or so maybe this one right here so I’m afraid of dogs I can hardly be around it but how you can actually mean how we can actually solve the problem for them and then make money off of that if you don’t know by yourself how you can fix their problem that how you can fix their fear how can you cure their fear of dogs or some different fears so just find different fears like you get you have in there talking about the different fears of that fears of having fear so whatever it is just fine as many of these but let me just show you let’s do this one for example so I’m afraid of dogs I can hardly be around how you can help this guy and how we can actually make money by helping those people that are afraid of dogs and trust me like hundreds if not thousands of people are visiting these forums every single day so your reply is gonna mean for each and every forum your reply is gonna be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people depending on how but how well it’s ranked on Google so in order to make money with this I’m afraid of dogs I can hardly be around them so let’s help this guy and let’s make money off of that so what you need to do is just head over to where the YouTube is gonna make us money but we will not be in front of a camera and we will not be creating our videos so watch need to do is just search for how do you and then just find a tutorial on how to solve that so how do you get read our fear of dogs or something like that so how to cure a fear of that so and you have different videos right here maybe this one right here it’s ranking the first how to get rid of fear of dogs so this is actually the exact thing that we are looking for so you can just watch this video right here and then what you need to do you just copy this video so just copy link address copy the URL of this YouTube video and then the last person we’re gonna be using to make this work is this one right here so it’s a shortened RSD so this is a link shortening service I will leave a link to this website in the description down below if you can’t find it or you can just search on it for it on Google but if it’s easier for you I will leave a link if I don’t forget it if I forget put a link just tell me in the comments do you put a link and I will put it and what you need to do just come over here and click on this join button right here of course you need to create an account right here and what this what this will allow you is a lot of you guys already know what a link shortening service actually is but for those of you that don’t know when shortening service is a place where you can just shorten the long URL and you will copy that URL and you will you know each time someone clicks in that in that shortened URL you will get paid for each and every click on that URL and why you’re actually being paid for people clicking on your URL and then being redirected to that specific link for example this video right here well you’re being paid because they’re first sent to the landing page for those ads so they’re begin if there’s being sent to there they’re being shown some ads and then this website or any other other link shortening service will split the ad revenue with you so that’s how you’re actually making money and you know people can skip those ads and then go directly to the TV the long URL that you previously shortened you need to come over here you will join here you will register an account by entering your email by confirming your email and by creating a password and you will need to agree to their terms of use and privacy policy of course you can read more about that by clicking on some of these buttons buttons right here and once you create an account you will need to log in to your account and then what you need to do is you will need to shorten your URL right here but right before I show you how to do that scroll all the way down to the bottom of this website so I can show you their pay rates and how much you’re actually being paid per 1000 clicks so as you can see per 1000 clicks if your clicks are coming from the top tier countries like United States United Kingdom Canada and Australia you were making fourteen dollars ten dollars five dollars and 80 cents $8.50 for each and every 1000 clicks and you have different player rates but don’t you worry if some player rates are pretty low because that means that those clicks are easier to get your obviously gonna get more of these clicks so it kind of doesn’t matter the payout rate but still you’re getting paid around ten dollars fourteen dollars $5 dollars on average for each and every 1000 clicks and how you can actually make more and more money every single day so you can make some income that you can rely on and how we can actually build passive income with this is first of all just shorten that URL for the sake of this video we will be using this this tutorial right here so copy that URL go over to this website and shorten it by pasting paste in your URL right here and click on shorten once you do that you will be able to copy your shortened link copy that and then go back to the forum so this guy right here I’m afraid of dogs I can hardly be around them and you will have to reply them and once what exactly you’re gonna reply to that well this is a this is a thing that I was talking about that I’m about to give you for absolutely free and right before I give you that if you haven’t only be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know when I see you guys lemming likes and comments under my videos when I see you engaging with my videos I know that you are actually enjoying them and I know that you’re actually getting value out of those videos and I’m uploading daily make money online strategies so if you do appreciate that just hit the like button that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions always feel free to leave a comment down below I’m reading to all of those comments now this is what am I talking about I was talking about I’m gonna give you this this script for absolutely free so I will not charge you anything and this is proven to convert a script you know you’re not selling anything but it’s still it’s still proven you can work so you will say hey I’m really sorry to hear about your issue so there have any issue of fear of dogs I would be more than happy to help you and tell you what I did to help me get over this fear I’ve tried many different things and none of none worth as well I actually came across a video tip develop that I’ll that I follow and it worked really well and no you don’t have to spend any money on it because you know people are gonna be afraid if they need to spend some money or whatever they’re afraid of this is some advertisement what you will just tell them this is absolutely free you will not have to spend any money on it and here is the link and they’ll just paste your link right here in the script base your shortened URL let me just do that just pace your shortened URL and just click on the link above and when you get to the landing page in a landing page for ads you need to explain you what they need to do so click where it says I’m not a robot and then you won’t be sent to the YouTube video that will have the cure for your fear and obviously they want you fear there they want to cure their fear they there is no reason why they won’t click on that link and since it’s absolutely free then there is definitely no reason why they won’t do it the best part is you do not you do not need to buy anything just watch the video and follow this and the advice and tips it gives you it’s absolutely free I hope it helps all the best so this is the script I will leave this script at the bottom of my description so the description down below at the bottom of the description there’s gonna be the script so you can just copy and paste the exact same script and as I said it will not charge you and I think it’s absolutely free only for those of you guys that always stay tuned all the way to the end of the video you’re gonna have all the benefits and you will know anything you will know everything on how you can actually do this strategy so you can just do it on more and more forums the more you do the more is gonna add up quickly because those question those replies are gonna stay on there they’re gonna stay forever online and you know people in 1 year 2 year 3 years there are still gonna be coming and seeing your comments and if they have if they have fear of dogs or fear or whatever you found whatever you find a solution for they will be able to click on your link and you’re still gonna be making passive income and the more and the more forums you post the more is gonna add up so it’s like a snowball effect the more you post the more money you’re gonna be making in the long run so yes definitely a link to this website is in the description down below and if you enjoy this video just drop a like leave a thumbs up and I will see you in some of the next videos

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