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Get .80 PER Click For FREE – WORLDWIDE! (Passive Income)

Get $13.80 PER Click For FREE – WORLDWIDE! (Passive Income)

this is worldwide it’s free and it’s super easy to do this stay tuned to learn more you need to pay close attention to this video because you can literally make over $13 an 80 cents per click that you get on your link and it’s gonna be super simple to do this because as I said all you need is clicks and you can make it worth thousand dollars per 100 clicks once again it’s absolutely free knowing who has beneath it this is worldwide way low so definitely there is no excuse more you won’t start making some nice amount of money with this exact same blueprint but in order to make this work you need to follow each and every step shown inside this video and take action right after this video ends go there and take action so don’t just watch this video and then complain the comments like it doesn’t work well it does work you just didn’t even try so watch this video all the way to the end follow each and every step go out there and start making money but before I explain you everything if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hear the bell I could I don’t know if we won’t ever have a new fresh strategy like this one to make money online so you can own the first to use that strategy use that app or use that website to make money online and that way not only will be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can explain you everything okay so both me and you know that this phone is gonna be absolutely insane because 13 dollars per click equals over $1,000 once you get 100 clicks which is really amazing and this is worldwide available so it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from and as well it doesn’t matter if you haven’t made a dime online this is beginner friendly and you do not need to invest any money at all so you can start with $0 and once again from anywhere in the world so there is no excuse why we won’t start making money with this and because I had some I had a lot of comments in my previous videos that you need something that is worldwide available it’s gonna work in all countries well this one works for all countries so yes it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from now before I show the first website you may have seen the first website but keep watching because we’re just gonna be using that website to combine with some other platforms to make some destined amount of passive income with this and to actually make over $13 per one click and yes you can make even more than that if you follow everything I show today and as well if you follow everything until the end you not only know how you can do is but I’ll also show you how we can maximize your results because I’m gonna be giving you two different platforms at the end of this video so just keep watching I will be giving you some tips and tricks along the way so don’t skip anything with that being said the first class when they were gonna be using it is gonna be warrior plus yes we’re gonna be using word plus.com you only to head over here and there is gonna be a sign-up button right here on the right hand side in the corner you need to click on signup you will need to create a username enter your email address and create a password and you will be able to log into your account and basically how this actually works is this is a place where every day people like vendors and affiliates can come on hero vendors get post their digital products for sale alike and they’re mainly focusing on making money online you know internet marketing and stuff so they’re focusing like course they’re focusing on like horses trainings software’s that can help you with your affiliate business with your with your affiliate marketing basically suit you mean any of your online businesses so it’s focusing on making money online and now how exactly can we make money per click with this website well first of all sign up to this website there’s gonna be button right here I already have an account so I’m just gonna log into my account by clicking on the dashboard button and that’s gonna take me over to the next page and basically this is something that I have been using in the past and then I’m still today making passive income from this and I’m gonna show you exactly how but we’re gonna be using it in some other way not the way that I did it but in a better way we can make even more money and look at where we can actually make money for a click so basically you can find a vendor of this is for vendors that is not for us because we are not gonna be selling any products over here because that dress requires a lot of a lot of investments and you would need to create a product a lot of skills experience and stuff and we do not need that we’d want something that’s beginner friendly and then we can set up easily and basically we see that for example I personally have over 400 seals right now I mean over 400 sales 403 sales and notifications so I’m definitely making a lot of money with word plus and it’s all passive income and I’m gonna show you exactly how you can set it up with just few clicks so what you need to do is head over to the affiliate section coordinative Philly 8 and you want to click on offers and that’s gonna take you over to the top a little board where you can see the top products that are now selling where you can become and you can request to be an affiliate for those products and make some amazing amount of money for every person that you send to those to those affiliate links to those products those sales pages which is really amazing and as I said you can see different products over here that the selling I now here’s a trick guys so you can’t just you I mean you can’t pick a random product from here but if you really want to make yourself if you really want to get better results then you need to pay close attention to the conversion rates to the visitor value average sale and refund rate this so that’s what you need to pay close attention to and luckily water plus provides all this information over here so it’s gonna be easily – it’s gonna be super easy to track that so if the refund rate is more than five percent run away from that prodigy as you can see I was an affiliate for this one I was really I requested and I became an affiliate so I can grab my link so if you click on that that’s gonna give me my affiliate link as you can see this is my affiliate link I wasn’t a filler for this but the refund rate is 11 percent which is pretty bad I know you know that what you’re just getting in trouble with water plus once you wanna withdraw your money they’re gonna be like hey your refund rate is pretty big and then you’ll be having like it just feel it doesn’t feel right when you see you got a commission and then like two minutes later you see they reef on it and you lost that money so it doesn’t feel okay so you recommend you focus on ones that have like the last and 5% conversion and it’ll have a like less than 5% a refund rate and make sure that the conversion rate is pretty high so what that means is for example for this foot product it’s thirty one percent conversion rate which means if you sell if you said one hundred targeted people to this offer on average thirty one of them were actually by 31 percent of them and will actually buy with these 31 people register at thirty one percent and on the average sale of $44 69 cents so this can range from like I know it depends on the product but it can range up to hundreds of dollars but the average sale is around forty four dollars and if remain is thirty one percent which is amazing and visitor value is actually how much you are making per visitor that you send to this were on average how you’re making how much you’re making visits that you send to this offer so if you sound like one hundred people we have a chance to get a thirty dollars per person that you send which is over one thousand three hundred and eight dollars for those one hundred people that you send it to this operon I’m gonna show you how we can set up that on autopilot to get target traffic that is actually interested in the product so how do you check if this is something that you will be willing to promote so you will click on this hopper over here and it’s gonna take you over to the next page where you can read more about it find more about it and you can see that in the communication range for this one is we can make anywhere from twelve dollars up to five hundred and ninety seven dollars Commission’s just from this project alone because they have some really nice absolutes and there’s guys from warrior plus this man doors are really good at upselling people so most of this is gonna end up as we saw the average sale for this one is actually forty four forty four dollars and sixty nine cents and the register value once again thirteen dollars and eighty cents per person that you sent per click that you get on your link and I’m going to show you how to set up everything just keep watching this video so you can also view the sales page over here but basically it’s something related to making money online and you can see like it’s a really nice page so you take a look if that is actually something that you would like to promote if it is then go back here and request an approval so you can you know tell them like you were experienced in if we don’t fill the marketing in style just tell them a little bit more about yourself and request an approval and most of this we’re gonna repress are gonna approve you in like less than 24 hours and you will be able to grab your affiliate link and start promoting that offer and basically with this one average visitor value is once again $13.80 but we definitely have even higher ones for example this one is fifteen dollars and thirty four cents or maybe there’s something higher that you can find on here but mostly they’re like pal dollars five dollars ten bucks and so on and so forth but this one is thirteen dollars and eighty cents so once you get approved just go through this section all offers click on this and go to you approved only where you can find the products that you are approved to promote so let’s just load here now I can grab an affiliate my affiliate link so let’s say for example I want to promote this product over here with store value is fifteen dollars and thirty four cents which means I’m making around fifteen dollars and thirty four cents per click poor will store that they send it to this website so that’s fifteen dollars per click from this one actually it’s way more than thirty dollars and eighty cents which is amazing so I can just click on get link and I will be able to grab my affiliate link I will just copy that and now it’s about time we actually promote the product and we set it up on autopilot so we can make some amazing passive income now how exactly can you do that well I will show you that right before I say this if you have known be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know that when I see you guys leaving likes and comments on my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of my videos which at the end of the day is the most important part for both me and you so if you do appreciate melting daily make funneling strategies in bigger business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down bellow because I will be reading to all of those comments and I love try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see that comment with that being said once you have liked this video and once you have a lot to comment how you can actually setup it this on autopilot with three different platforms is for example if you can do for example Instagram page for example this is one that a funnel like a business education for life and this one is just reloading people’s the people’s images like related to making money online so you can just search for a hashtag like hashtag make money online hashtag online business take affiliate marketing and stuff and just leave your affiliate link in in your bio and just you know have some call to action like this guy has come with my website and be successful so we’re obviously sending them something to something to some offer that can help them make money on lunch so we’re sending them you can start a an actual store an actual page on Instagram that is related to making money online and all you would have to do is just do a follow and follow for people that are interested in making money online for people that are searching for they make money online they’re posting and liking and engaging with poster in to make money online niche and just start engaging with them and you’re starting gonna be started sending people to your page and obviously they’re gonna be able to see your affiliate link click on that that will redirect it to the sales page where they can read more about it watch the sales video and purchase that and then be AB sell to even more money and you saw that the average to visitors visitor value for this one is thirteen dollars and 80 cents 30 dollars and 80 cents per click that you get on your affiliate link which is really really amazing and basically we can find countless of this platform countless of this pages that are posting with their posting something related to online business they reposted something related to business and they’re just you know attracting people that are related to business that are entrepreneurs and wanna make money online they want to make money they want to start a business so you’re just attracting that in all you would have to do you just stop reposting those images and just credit those pay posting yes and you will have no problem with copyrights or whatever you so you did not have to create those images or you do not have to take those photos or anything just start reposting that start building that page and just leave your affiliate link in your bio so that is one of the ways that you can do it basically we have a hundreds of different examples that you can look at just search for make one online then find as many of these as then start your own page that is one plate that is one way that you can promote your affiliate links the second one is by going over to Facebook so you can head over to Facebook and just sort of make money online you can go to all these groups and just start the coolest started getting I start providing some value where the people inside of the group start engaging with them you know and start building some relationship and then you can just start or start sending them your a few evenings so don’t just go out there and space your links all over there because obviously those links are just gonna get buried by thousands of new files that are coming because those groups are really massive so obviously you wanna you want to stand out by providing value by first providing value and building relationship and then once you build a relationship with them you can then send them to your affiliate offers and sell them to those sales pages where your gonna be making some distant amount of money per click that you got on that affiliate link and of course per sale let you get for that single product as an affiliate

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