Thu. Nov 26th, 2020
Get 7.30 In 8 MINS Over & Over! (Passive Income 2020)

Get $257.30 In 8 MINS Over & Over! (Passive Income 2020)

with the tools which I will give you inside of this video you can set up this kind of passive income stream for yourself within minutes it’s worldwide available and you can even start doing this without investing any money at all and I’m not gonna waste any of your time with those long and boring in throughs we almost straight into my computer right after I say this if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel and hear the bell I can because embarrassing videos about making money online every single day so if you hit the bell icon have a lot of I will never have a new first strategy like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use that strategy and that way not only will it be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money and with that very sad we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can show you how you can set up this kind of passive income stream for yourself okay we are now inside on my computer and since today we’re not gonna be using any survey app in any through a website to make money we’re actually gonna be using multiple platforms we’ll be combining multiple platforms to make this strategy work and trust me it’s gonna be a really powerful strategy and we’re gonna be using some tools that we have never ever used before on this channel so make sure to pay close attention don’t skip anything and stick all the way to the end of the video because at the end up with you I will even give you a tool that will literally do everything for you so it’s gonna be a complete passive income and complete money on an autopilot with that being said the first tool that we’re going to be using is gonna be back dot ly so this is over the back dot ly or back ly and what back ly actually is well this is a tool that will allow you to add your own call to action to literally any website and any article out there now if you stick with me not only will I show you how you can set this up with two more platforms but then at the end of the video I will give you a tool where you can just enter one specific URL just paste your URL over there the specific URL and then that tool does everything on autopilot you can just sit relax and enjoy the profits and if that sounds good then make sure to pay close attention and stick with me with that being said just come over to the back Lee so I can show you how this actually works come over to here and click on try backlit for free because there are some payment options but we’re gonna be using free version because free version works perfect for what we are going to be doing today click on try backlit for free and that’s going to open up this page where you’ll need to sign up I will just sign in with my Facebook which is a lot easier you know it requires just one click and you have an account this is how it’s gonna look like this is the dashboard this is the backend now right before we continue to the next platform if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know that when I see you living like in comments under my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you are getting value out of my videos which is at the end of the day the most important part so if you do appreciate me uplink daily make money online strategies and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or you simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all of those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as you see your comment and with that being said let’s get back to the videos so we will get back to the backlight in a minute but first of all we need to set up one more platform that other platform is gonna be DG Stewart 24 comm so this is already DG store 24 comm and what this is if you don’t know already DV store 24 is a similar platform to Clickbank so it’s an affiliate marketplace where you can find hundreds of different affiliate products you know you can earn a commission whenever you just need to promote those links and whenever someone purchases that particular product using your affiliate link you are gonna earn Commission’s so this is like Clickbank but it’s a world wide available so it’s gonna work in all countries and I even found some products they’re even better than on Clickbank so I do recommend you sign up for the restored 24 comm and you know the Clickbank is available only for top-tier countries and some Europe countries but the digital and for easy available worldwide once again so just come over to here and you want to click on start now it’s free to sign up just create an account it’s gonna take you like Classen two minutes to create an account and once again it is free once you create an account just login to your account I will just login to my account so I can show you how’s it gonna look like and one day dashboard and then just click on marketplace and you want to click on all offers and you feel that market bill marketplace is so we can grab some products so we can grab some affiliate links now you can select any niche on here on the left hand side you have many different categories many different niches and you can pick whatever you like you know just pick whatever you like I’m not gonna tell you to pick a specific niche inside this video I’m gonna tell you to do whatever your heart tells you to do I look for example do the dating love and relation the relationship snitch I will click on that and that’s gonna show me different products related it through this niche which I can become an affiliate in second it’s gonna show me how much I’m gonna be making per sale and all that stuff so for example this this right here this is like in eBook I think or something like that like make him worship you woman’s relationship monster this is some like a guide for women to you know to become leaders in their relationship or something like that to take their relationship to the next level then you just find some of these products you can see the Commission for this one I’m gonna be making 23 euros and 6 cents per sale which is let me just do the math like that is in US dollars that’s 95 dollars and 73 cents per sale which is really good because I’m gonna show you a tool that will set everything on incomplete autopilot so you can get in front of thousands and thousands of people they’re gonna need this and as well combined with back lay tool this is gonna work like crazy you are going to love this strategy so with that being said just grab your affiliate link for whatever product you pick I’ll just for example use this one click on promote now and it’s gonna give you your affiliate link in my case this is gonna be my affiliate link I love now just leave it open like that and once you have that done once again just leave your affiliate link there leave it open like that and then go to Google go to Google and search for anything for any article for any guide related to your niche maybe some women’s dating advice maybe if you’re in the fitness news you can search for fitness advice fitness tips fitness tricks stuff like that stuff like something that people that are in your niche would be interested wreathing so maybe some article like women’s dating advice you can search for that and you can go through these you can open up as many of these and you can find some that you like you know some article that is providing pure value and for example in this one I will just copy the URL for this one I would copy link for that one and then go back to bagged out that out ly so go to back ly and click on new link right here click a new link and just paste your article URL here then just hit next and you have it’ll open like this now you will just need to create a message I will click on create a new message so we need to create a new message obviously and you can see now we can on that article that’s gonna be right here here where my mouse is right now and then once someone starts reading that article ones that start someone starts reading that woman’s dating advice our pop up is gonna show you can see our message is gonna show now I’m gonna show you what we’re gonna do with that and here in the left hand side whether you want to select you can select whether you want to add this kind of message or you want to add a pop up or bandit or whatever you want you if you click on pop up this is how it’s gonna look like which is really great so how for examples like that and I will click Next and then and we will need to change our button tags so our bathroom types can say click here you can see there is this is the button text and then this is really important right now this is where you add your affiliate link you can see URL to open when someone clicks in this they’re gonna be redirected to your affiliate link which is in my key is gonna be this link right here that’s gonna take them to our product I would copy my affiliate link and I will paste it right here and after that I will just click on next and now you know you can even customize it if you want to I will just go like this click none no animation although I can actually add some nice animation for example this one this is a really nice fun and I will just hit next and now we need to change this message so what can this message actually actually say so I will just you know you go like this is that because I don’t want to make this video too long and then inside the message just write something briefly that is describing your products just talk a little bit more about a product you can go to the sales page click on your affiliate link go through the sales page learn more about it and type in some features of the product and they will be able to click here to go directly to your affiliate link I will just leave it I’m just typing this is test once again because I don’t want to focus on that stuff I just want to show you what actually needs to be done to make money I will click on next and then you can customize that you know you can change the button color and all that stuff I’ll just hit next and I will just hit save and I will hear the done and let me just close it and we can now take our link click on that this is your this is your call to action click on that and this is our link you can see it over here by Del Y and then some random numbers I would have scope it is and if you go over to that URL let me show you how that’s gonna look like so whenever someone goes to this URL they’re gonna start reading you can even add a delay so it takes like 10 seconds for them to show a pop-up but still you know once they start reading through the article this is gonna show like maybe you can tell them hey this is important if you want a best guide to where keep your man or something like that you know related to your book or related to your project whatever your project is about then just make a call to action so now you just need to start driving traffic through this URL right here so that’s gonna take them to the article where they can see a pop up so copy this and now let’s get some traffic first traffic source that they have for you is a tool that I promised you a tool that will actually get your traffic on incomplete autopilot but inside the city I’m gonna show you through the different traffic sources the first one it is gonna be a page a tool but if you use the first link in the description down below which is gonna be my affiliate link and I will earn a commission if you use my affiliate link but I grab you a past deal so you can get it for like less than 20 bucks or something like that we’re really really cheap you can get an unlimited a traffic to your offers to any offer out there but you can even use it for this as well to drive traffic to your article with your call-to-action and you can see that this tool will get you traffic in 45 seconds you can see free bars traffic in 45 seconds 100% beginner friendly you just need to paste your link over there it’s all in one one traffic and Cl solution they’re gonna only even give you $100 a day tutorials included so training is included as well on how you can earn $100 a day with this tool as well and then you can combine it with the strategies shown inside this video to maximize your results no monthly fees ever is just a one-time payment and you have it for lifetime and they’re even giving you in a 180 day guarantee and they also claim that if you don’t get results with this they will pay you two hundred and fifty dollars so it’s a really no brainer anyway as I said you can use it for any offer any product any social media platform whether you want to drive traffic to you whatever you want to drive traffic through you can use this tool that’s once again I’m gonna be the first link in description down below all you have to do is log into this log into this tool the space your link and enjoy but if you don’t want to invest any money into this you can simply use the free traffic source and that is gonna be going over to Google and searching for forums related to your niche in my case how search for like dating for women forum is for instance dating for women forum and for example this one women’s dating advice forum join for free I can join this forum I can create and I can start talking to these girls and I will just tell them like hey this advice really helped me this advice from this article really helped me and I think it can help you so definitely go and read it over here so that way you’re not selling anything you’re just giving them you’re just providing pure value you’re sending them an article which they can read for absolutely free so you’re not being sales you’re not just being you’re not just going like buy my boot buy my product or anything like that you are just giving them you’re just providing fewer value so they can read the article and then they can see your pop-up and then they can buy and you can make a commission and this works amazingly you would be amazed at how many people are actually making thousands of dollars every single day with this same strategy and once again this works for any niche if you’re in the fitness nation just a search for like fitness forum if you’re in a business niche research for different business forums if you’re in a fishing you just search for fish fishing communities and fishing forums and stuff like that and start sharing your links to the articles so people can go through it they can see your call to action click on it and buy your products you can earn some nice commissions from the DG store 24 and there are actually hundreds of thousands of people that visit these forums that go through these forums you can you know you can join all these forums and since they’re showing at the top of the search results only Google that means that like millions of people are going to these forums and they will be able to see your lengths they see that this advice from the specific audio I’ll help you and since they’re in the same niche they will be more than willing to click on in the go through it and you just need it can go through it and they can buy through your affiliate link and you just need full in this case you just need 10 sales to make over three hundred dollars and since this is gonna stay forever online it’s gonna stay forever in those forums you’re gonna keep making passive income from this month after month if not a year after you to like years from now you’re still gonna make money from that one single forum and you can see it over here you have a massive potential and you know that it’s gonna take you like less than just two minutes to post something on these forums which will then stay up online for hours so it’s gonna take you away last in like two minutes to make over three hundred dollars away the strategy any longer on and then keep making passive income from it so if you didn’t get some value out of this video make sure to drop a like and if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe now if you didn’t like this trajan you want to see I personally make money online and make sure to click on the video that’s on the screen right now because inside of that with you I’m gonna show you how I personally make one to two thousand dollars a day with a literally best way to make money online in 2020 and I’m also gonna preview that it does not work only for me but there are hundreds of people there doing that successfully and it didn’t get your results in the first 24 hours so make sure to click on that with you

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