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Get .00 Per Comment For FREE!

Get $3.00 Per Comment For FREE! (Earn Money Online 2020)

if you have a computer or a smartphone and you need money then keep watching this video because I will show you a website it will pay you per comment you leave online and you’re not gonna be doing affiliate marketing and you’re not gonna be selling anything you can start this for absolutely free without investing any money and you can do this from anywhere in the world yes it is worldwide available but right before we dive into that and right before I show you the website if you haven’t already just make sure to subscribe to this channel and hear the bell icon because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hear the bell I couldn’t Avalon if we will never have a new fresh strategy like this one to make money lunch so you can be one of the first to use that strategy use an app or use that website to make money online and that way not only there will be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money and with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can show you a website that will pay you pre comment you leave online we are now inside of my computer and in order to get paid for comments we’ll leave online we need to set up multiple platforms and we need to combine them together in order to make this strategy work and especially since we’re going to be using some website that we have never ever talked about earlier on this channel I urge you to pay close attention and don’t skip anything so you won’t get confused and lost and remember to stay tuned all the way to the end under way you to maximize your results and get the most out of the strategy with that being said this is gonna be the first platform that we are going to be using the main plan thought it will actually pay us for those comments but keep watching down click out because this is not gonna be the only platform we have a few more platforms because I want to show you how you can set everything on autopilot a tool it will set you everything on autopilot so you can actually make way more per comments you live and then I’m gonna show you three different platforms where you need to actually post your comment and make money so this is already F Plus this is already a double F Plus comm so it’s something like affiliate + calm and what that says well this is a place where we can find hundreds even thousands of different CPA networks and CPA offers and if you don’t know already CPA stands for cost per action so in most of the cases like you just need to grab your link from this platform you just need to grab your link and you just need to find referrals for that specific platform where people just need to enter in most of the cases like nine Amazon the cases they just need to enter their first name and their email address and you’re going to get paid and they do not have to pay for anything they do not have to buy anything you’re still gonna get paid just for them becoming the leads for that specific offer which is of course a lot easier than if you were selling something and then if you were promoting some paid offers so that’s why I really really like the strategy and once again if you stick with me I’m gonna show you a common strategy they’re gonna this is gonna make you a lot of money combine it with this platform so for now we just need to come over to the a double F plus comm and we want to grab different referral links for different cpa offers so what we’re gonna be focusing on of course this works for any niche but one that we’re gonna be focusing on today it’s gonna be serving niche so we want to search for different survey offers and we’ll type in a survey here we’re gonna be able to see different survey offers right here so we in most of the cases you know people just need to sign up for two destitute to that survey website where they can make money and we were gonna get paid just for them signing up for for example this one right here it’s gonna pay as three dollars if we gather just someone to sign up over to this platform and of course they do not have to spend any money they can just sign up for free and they can even start making money so that’s why it’s gonna be super super easy inside this niche and of course if you stick with me I has a promise to I’m gonna give you a tool that will help you automate the process and then how you can actually use this how you can use them in a comment to make money each time you leave a comments it’s gonna be really really powerful powerful strategy so what I want to do is you want to open up as many of these as you possibly can you wanna grab links for as many of these as you can to maximize your results so for instance I will open up this one I will open up this one I will open up this one this one this one and so on and so forth you won’t open like like five to ten different survey survey websites and once you do that you will just go over there you can you can even preview the website you can see what people actually need to do once you send them over to this website but in most of the cases as you can see it’s just drawn free and even in this case they can even get a $2.00 signup bonus so not only can they get $2.00 for free and sign up for free where we also keep making money from those surveys which is really cool but you are still gonna get paid three dollars just for them signing up just for them entering your first name and an email address which is great you will then just click on join a network we will join the network and you will grab your referral link for this one and then you repeat the process for all of these there three platforms grab as many of these lanes as you possibly can and then go to the Nash platform and right before I show the next platform that will actually set everything on autopilot if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like this video leave a thumbs up because you know that when I see you leaving likes in comments either in my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of my videos which is at the end of the day the most important part for both me and you so if you do appreciate me uploading daily make money online strategies and daily business ideas just get the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions and I simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see your comment with that being said the next tool will set everything on autopilot before I show you where you actually need to leave comments in order to get paid over $3 per comment well the neck the second platform is gonna be link tree so this is already limit e r dot double e you can see it over here and what that says well this is like it this is a place this is a platform this is a tool that will allow us to create our kind of like a landing page of for free and no you do not need any skills for this it’s gonna it’s gonna be super easy so you will just need to click on get started for free is once again it is free you know they do you have some pricing plans but I am personally using the free version so I do recommend you start with free one you do not have to pay for anything on here and once you do that as you can see we can now create our landing page so I already have some links I’ll just delete em real quick so I can show you how it’s gonna look like for you and so you can follow along so let me just delete this one and this one and now what I will need to do is you can now click on add a new link right here click on add new link and just enter your affiliate link your referral link for for example this offer let’s say this is my referral link I grab my referral link I paste it over here and I can type in sign up and get free $2.00 bonus for example that’s gonna be my first link then I will click on add a new link and I will add the new affiliate link new referral link maybe this one for this one I’m gonna paid nine I’m gonna get paid a ninety five cents per referral person I’m that I get I would establish just copy my affiliate link for that one I’ll click on add new link I will paste my link there and I would type in something related to this offer so I can read more about it by clicking on the preview and just you know just repeat the same process and add as many links as you possibly can and that’s just gonna look really nice I’ll just type in tests so I can show you how it looks like and you can see we can add different to this however the landing page is gonna look like and we can add different offers right here now why we’re actually doing this is because once we start sharing our landing page we’re gonna be allowed to leave comments on any other platform but if we just go and straight to leave our referral link from these quantum straight Olympian leave under comments on different platforms we’re gonna get banned so rather than that this is not only gonna help us automate the process and make even more money but it will allow us to leave comments on any platform out there so I know it may sound a little bit confusing but stick with me and I will show you exactly what needs to be done so once you add your referral links on here you just need to copy your pin like landing page URL it’s gonna be right here you can see my link tree and you will copy that and if I copy that and go back go to that platform let me show you how that’s gonna look like so this is my landing page so you can see it over here when people click on this they’re gonna be resurrected and like you sign up and get three two dollars bonus they’re gonna be ready resurrected to that landing page where they sign up and I get paid three dollars for that and now that you have everything set up let me show you how you can actually make all three dollars per comment with this platform so you will now just need to grab your so if you have set it up you just grab your link for this link tree landing page you will just copy your URL and then there are gonna be three different platforms where you can go to get traffic for this landing page first of them is gonna be Twitter calm you’ll need to go to the and you will sign up to here it’s absolutely free and it’s always gonna stay free then just click on the explore page go to the explore page and you want to search on Twitter and now we can search for different stuff like for example you can search for quotation marks I need money you can search potation Marx make money online how can I make money online how can I work from home I’m broke and stuff like that you know people that need money would search for that I for example search for quotation marks I need money and that’s gonna show me all the posts that they’re saying that have included this I need money keyword in there so people that need money you know people that are broke they wanna make money online I’m searching for them and now what I can do is I can open up comments and I cannot I can open up comments and I can reply to them and I can tell them they don’t landing page they can find different survey websites that pay quite a lot and it will help them make some money for absolutely free and then you just leave your landing page URL in the comment in my case it’s gonna be this one I’m going to copy this one and I will leave it in a comment under that Twitter post and since they are interested in making money online there will be more than willing to go through the landing page find different offers on here different survey websites sign up and I’m gonna get paid per each offer for each website that I sign up for and you can see how easy and simple this can actually be so people are interested in making money online I’m not selling them anything because they’re already broke I’m actually helping them out by providing them with different story websites so now I’m not showing them only once Ruby platinum I’m actually showing them multiple of them and that way not only can they make more money but I can make more money as well and actually make way way way more than $3 per comment that I leave under that one single post and you can repeat the process for all of these you have millions of posts and you have new posts coming in like every single minute their new post coming in I’m dropping it down I need money I need money I need money I need money you have you can search for I’m broke how can I make money where can I make money what is the best website to make money and stuff like that search for that fun different posts and start commenting under them and start sending them over to your landing page there was a first way to get traffic to your landing page the second way is to use this premium tool which as you can see is gonna get you on complete autopilot all you need to do is just enter your URL in there inside of this software and it’s gonna get you even free buyers in 45 seconds and since you’re not selling anything it’s gonna be a lot easier and you’re gonna get even better results since once again you’re not selling anything you’re just providing something for absolutely free this tool is Harmsen beginner friendly it’s only one one traffic and plus a sales solution and also inside the software they have a hundred eighty two or one hundred dollars a day tutorials included so they’ll show you different ways that you can make over one hundred dollars a day with this tool as well there are no monthly fees for this so yes this tool is not a free so this is only for those of you guys that won’t invest a little bit into this and won’t invest a little bit in the traffic but if you use my link from description it’s gonna be the first link in the description down below if you use my affiliate link I grab some of the best deals for you so you can grab it for like less than 20 bucks and yes I will earn a commission if you use my affiliate link and yes we’ll appreciate that but anyways it’s a great tool and you can say no monthly fees ever is just a one-time payment leave the lifestyle you desire 180 days guarantee and they stay claim that you will either get results or they will pay you two hundred and fifty dollars out of their own pocket so it’s a literally no-brainer so that’s gonna be once again first link in a description down below and it’s a great tool for getting traffic and the last traffic source that I have for you is gonna be so you just come out to the and you can open up my channel where I’m giving you full promotions I’m giving you permission to open up any of my videos go under my videos and leave a comment down below and inside the comment you can feel free to leave your landing page and tell people to sign up through these different story websites and I will even remove you from the spam if YouTube removes you know if you to put you in the spam folder since you’re delivering different links if they put you in the spam folder I will personally remove or remove you from the spam folder to help you actually make some money and you can see that we’re all gathering here to make some money online so it’s a great community and you can always feel free to get some I’m always willing to give you help so definitely feel free to go to any of my videos leave it under some of the videos leave in the comments and I will remove it from the spam so that’s one of the ways that you can do it in YouTube and you can also just come over to YouTube again and search for example top 10 suicides or something related to making money one and under those videos start commenting and start telling people as you can help them that you have an actual landing page with different survey websites there they’re really cool it’ll actually pay them it will help to make some money and stuff like that and just leave it under those condor those videos leave it in the comment section I hope you did get some value out of this video and if you did make sure to drop a like make sure to leave a thumbs up and if you haven’t already just be sure to subscribe and hit the bell I could see you don’t miss out on any of the new content and if you did not like this strategy and you want to make way more money then make sure to click on this video that’s on the screen right now because inside out with you I’m gonna show you how you can make over $900 per forty-five seconds or work so it’s gonna be a great strategy so definitely make sure to click on that with you and I will see you inside of that with you

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