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Get .00 In 4 Mins Again & Again (NEW Website!)

Get $41.00 In 4 Mins Again & Again (NEW Website!) | Make Money Online 2020

what if you can make over $41 for every four minutes of work without investing any money and without doing the work yourself well that’s exactly what I will teach you today stay tuned this is not about affiliate marketing this is how members and beginner-friendly this is not about you tips you will not have to be in front of a camera you need new social media following for this you’re not gonna be selling anything on Fiverr or anything of that nature but rather than that we’re gonna be using some brand new website to make money online and to actually make a lot of money you would jump on it today so make sure to pay close attention and take action on the strategy or right before we dive into that and right before I show the website if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe this channel and hit the bell icon because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hear the bell I could Avalara for you whenever I have a new free strategy like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use that strategy use an apple use that website make one in line and that way not only will you be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money and with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can show you the website ok we are now inside of my computer and this is gonna be the brand new website that we’re gonna be using to make money online today so this is the platform which you can jump on through day is a complete beginner and with no previous experience and start making some decent amount of money but before we get back to this platform before I share this platform we need to set up one more tool and that tool is gonna be motion Dan and calm so you’ll need to head over to the emotion Dan dot-com and what this is well obviously we can see it right here it’s the easiest way to make awesome videos choose your favorite video sample I fully customize it online and watch this generate your video instantly so this is a tool that’s gonna create professional video ads for you all the animated videos like intros and outros Shopify ads Facebook Ads Google Ads and all that stuff isn’t gonna create a really really nice and highly professional videos for you now do you need those videos no because I guess you don’t have a Shopify store you don’t want to pay for ads and I promise you the we’re not gonna be investing any money upfront and one more thing we’re not gonna be selling anything on Fiverr because in all of you guys hate fiber hate selling and fiber which is your key because you know that fiber is a really competitive website and it is really hard to stand out over there is a complete beginner and I also promise you that this is be a hundred percent beginner-friendly strategy which I’m also gonna deliver inside this video so motioned and calm come over to here and you want to click on get started you want to create an account once you create an account you’ll be able to click on templates click on templates and here and we’ll have hand side you have all these different categories with these templates where you can just drag-and-drop and fully customize these or videos and create professional and high-quality video ads Facebook ads intros outros YouTube videos and all that great stuff so you have ads animated videos you have facebook ads you have YouTube videos Instagram ads infographic gaming food and restaurant all these get different categories from which you can choose from so we’re just at just as an example I wanna show you this if I click on intro that’s gonna be mostly for like YouTube intros you can see that this will really show videos you can see ten seconds four seconds seven seconds and so on and so forth what a thing is that in order to customize this all you need to do is come over to these templates choose the one that I like and then just click on that you can even preview just by placing your mouse does it by hovering your mouse on the video and it’s gonna show you the preview and if you like it just click on it and then you want to click on edit this video I’m just using this as an example you don’t have to use this one and once again we’re not gonna be selling this on Fiverr and no you will not have to chase your customers on Google YouTube or anything like that I have a depth at brand new website that I’m gonna show you is actually actually gonna drive traffic to you so you can start making sales in no time so you want to click on edit this video to fully customize it you click on edit this video and then you want to sign up you want to create an account by either login with your Facebook Google or just by entering your email address and creating a password it’s a lot easier for me to just click on log in with Facebook and it’s just gonna create it’s gonna login me to my account so this is how it’s gonna look like this is our editor our online editor so we do not have to install any starters we do not have to invest any money upfront into this or anything like that and now what you can do is you can click on this to change the logo all you need to do is click on that then upload the logo just click on upload and apple something I will just for example use this image and I will just click on that image I will select it and I will click continue and now I can change the size you know I can scale it yeah I want to make it smaller bigger I would have to leave it like that and then I will click continue and then I can also change this tax by clicking on these buttons over here and I can for example say subscribe to in the best store and keep watching and trust me this will make a lot of sense in a minute and then click Save and then click on make a video and they will create a video for you so now you can find people that need these YouTube intros outros and in animated videos and stuff and once they pay you all you need to do is just stay there load it will send you a logo and they will send you their their name and all you need to do is just as I lit it right now just change that logo with their logo and change the tags with their name and then just click on make a video and the emotions and tool will do all of the work for you now you do not have to invest any money upfront into this but you take a look at this if you just use the free version they will leave this big more watermark like made for free using motion comm which is pretty bad but you still do not have to invest any money upfront to remove this watermark in order to remove this watermark you can click on subscription and that’s gonna show you that in order to remove the watermark you would either need to pay nine dollars per video you download you know nine dollars per video sell and I’m gonna show you how you can sell it for like forty to fifty dollars and then they will pay you 40 to 50 dollars you just come over to here you just change the logo change the tags that’s gonna take you a less than two minutes not even four minutes but it’s gonna take you way less than a minute to dude and then you whip their money you just paid nine dollars and boom they will remove the watermark and you can sell it like that or you can even just out of the fifty dollars from one sale you can just pay for this month’s a plan thirty nine dollars per month and you have unlimited videos su cami\u00f3n sell like thousand videos per month and get thousand videos done for you and selling over like 30 40 or even 50 dollars which is really great but that’s really optional once again you do not have to invest any money upfront so yes I promise you we’re not gonna be selling anything on Fiverr but just as an example I want to show you something don’t click off owns a see fiber because once again we’re not selling on Fiverr I just want to show this as an example so if you go over to the fiverr.com when you search or for intros and outros you’re gonna be able to see that there are over 6,000 of services available at the moment and there are new services coming out every single day which means this is seriously a competitive website and it’s really hard to stand out as a complete beginner if you’re not already established on the fiber you do have sellers that are making sales but it probably took them year to get at the top of the page of Fiverr when someone searches for intros and outros and you can see that they’re selling it for $50 but the thing is the reason they are selling it for $50 you know they these videos these intros and outros might be worth even more but they’re listing them for less money because just so they can stand out on Fiverr and so they can make some sales quickly so this service for example best service is probably worth way more money but as its said they need to list it for lower price so they can get sales quickly and so they can get more feedbacks to rank on fibre and you can see that these guys has over 400 feedbacks which means that they made a lot more sales because you know not every person will live a fred-bag like I am a seller on Fiverr as well and I know that like half of them won’t ever leave a feedback so this guy probably made well over 400 sales at a price of $50 for this intro and you have many different people that are making a lot of money by selling interest in outros on Fiverr but once again over 6,000 services available right now makes it a lot harder to stand down and a lot harder to sell that’s why I want to introduce you to the brand new platform that is really similar to fiber on which you can jump on right through they post your services and instantly get at the top of the page so all of the upcoming visitors all of the upcoming customers in the next month in the next few months in the next few years will be able to see your service and buy from you so this is a long-term business and you can make a lot of money in a long period of time with the strategy now right before I show you that brand new website if you haven’t already make sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know that when I see you leaving likes and comments under my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you are getting the value out of my videos which is at the end of the day the most important part for both me and you so if you do appreciate me uploading daily may follow my strategies and daily business ideas just here to like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or you need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be writing to all of those comments and I’ll try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see your comment with that being said the brand new website that we were talking about was quick and geeks.com so this is over Eddie quick and Giggs calm you can see that even in it’s really similar to fiverr.com so this is a growing platform this is a rising star in the freelancing industry so there are not many people listing their services on here but there are already people buying them here and it’s growing and just imagine if you were like one of the first to post your services in Fiverr a few years ago now you will be making a la you’re now will be making a killing every single day so that’s a thing with quick engage you can jump on it today let me show you just for example if you go over to the video and animation and you click on intros and outros you’re gonna be able to see that there are only like ten different services that are selling on here who intros and outros and trust me these are not that these are not high quality and these are not professional intros and outros but they’re getting sales because they’re at the top of the page you’re instantly at the top of the page you’ll instantly ranking me first on this page because it’s the only page on here so you can now list your service your professional intro or outro from motion then you can list it for like 50 or $60 or even $70 and you’re instantly gonna get on the first page and all of the upcoming customers all the new customers all the new visitors will be able to see it in the future and buy from you and since you have very better intros outros and all those videos then most of people will buy from you rather than from them and you do not have to sell only intros and outros you saw that there are many different categories in motion down which you can kind of like drop service on the quick and gigs and if you’re selling an intro for $60 on here you get paid $60 you just take $60 there $60 you’re not investing any money upfront you take there $60 you come over to here they create a professional intro for you you just paid $9 and get $51 as if you were profit and once again all you have to do is just change the logo and change the tax which is gonna take way way less than 60 seconds not even four minutes this is a definitely great strategy and it’s the right time to jump on it today make sure to take action this one today so come over to the quicken gigs click on register create an account it’s absolutely free just answer your you create a username enter your email address select the user type whether you want to buy or sell you’re obviously want to sell here click on sell or create a password confirm password select your country enter your phone number enter your company name that’s really optional or just connect with your Facebook Google or and create an account and start making sales

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