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Get 0 In 8 Mins Over & Over!

Get $420 In 8 Mins Over & Over! (Make Money Online 2020)

four hundred and twenty dollars in eight minutes earn a real cash not gift cards it’s free to join get paid quickly and do it for unlimited amount of time stay tuned to learn more this is the brand new strategy that we have never talked about earlier on this channel and I’m sure you have not seen it before on YouTube it works worldwide and as long as you have a computer laptop or smartphone device you can do this because it requires no previous skills you will not have to sell services in fiber you do not need to sell your own products you don’t have to be in front of a camera and you don’t need any social media followers so anyone can benefit from the strategy no matter if you’re a complete beginner or not make sure to watch every second of this video and follow every step so you wanna get confused or lost and if you stay all the way to the end of the video I will give you some bonuses that will help you make even more money faster you’re watching another video on the investor channel where I have ordinary people make extraordinary income online if you subscribe right now I’m a longing for you will never have a new fresh strategy just like this once it can be one of the first to use it and before we start let me know in the comments what would you do with all the money made online would you reinvest it pay off your debts maybe buy gifts for your friends and family or maybe spend it on food who knows leave a comment down below anyway so let’s get started so this is gonna be the first and the main platform that we’ll be using and the actual platform that will pay us over 400 dollars again and again now what this is well this is already crowdfire app calm crowdfire app calm this is the crowd fire platform so social media management simplified is the tool that’s gonna do social media management for many different accounts for all those different social media platforms for you it’s gonna do literally everything before you on in complete autopilot and it really makes it is so so simple now know you don’t need any social media accounts for this you don’t need to have a lot of followers and you will not be building your social media pages and no you will not have to buy this tool or a resell this tool or whatever it’s nothing like that it’s not about job servicing so you will not be drop servicing this tool to you five or another platforms it’s nothing like that and you will never have to buy this tool but there’s gonna be one single thing that will be doing they will actually pay us all $400 in the last ten minutes again and again and I’m gonna show step-by-step how to do it so crimefighter helps you discover in scheduled content manage all your social media accounts from one place so it’s not only for one specific place or so it’s not only like for Instagram or Twitter it’s for all those social media platforms and you can manage them all in this one place so discover relevant content based on your topics of interest and you can even test it out for free if you would like you can definitely just sign up it’s absolutely free to sign up you have different features different free features which you can test out for a limited amount of time but just bear in mind that this is not that you would if you want to continue using this tool you will need to pay but you don’t have to use it you don’t have to pay for it because that’s not what we were interested in we don’t want to build our pages you can just come over to crowdfire app comm and you can read more about it if you want to discover this page but this is kind of like a sales page for people that want to use this tool and then want to grow and manage their social media accounts with the crowd fire app calm but rather than that you just want to come out the script crowd fire app calm read more about it if you want to and then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website and click on this where it says affiliates slash referral click on that and you’ll be able to see that they have a really unique affiliate program that allows you to earn people and earn up to four hundred and twenty dollars for every new customer you refer to this platform to every new customer that wants to manage their social media accounts and if you keep watching if you stick with me I will show you very unique a traffic source it has nothing to do with Facebook Instagram Twitter you don’t have to share anything on social media you don’t need any social media followers for this you don’t have to post any videos or create any videos or be in front of a camera or whatever it’s a very unique traffic source and it’s literally gonna allow you to do it in a less than ten minutes and you can just repeat it again and again for as much time as you prefer so as you can see 35% generous Commission’s earn in cash so real cash in real cash not gift cards it’s absolutely free to join it’s absolutely free to create an account on here it’s they have really quick payouts you don’t have to do it for like months to get paid you can actually get period really really quickly unlimited earnings potential and easy tracking and reports their site is really really professional so how it works you sign up for your referral account you grab your referral link you share it in a way which I’m about to show you and then you just are money it’s as simple as is that you are actually making 35 dollars every single month for the first year or someone that keeps using the crowdfire AB comm which can end up being up to 420 dollars from a single customer and I’m gonna show you where you can get ends over thousands or people that want to buy this so you can just send them your affiliate links and then I’m also gonna show you bonuses on how you can make even more money how I can I’ll triple or five axe your results it’s really cool traffic source you’re going to allow that sickness and once again come over to here as well to read more about it if you want to if not just click on join now and that’s gonna take you over to the next page where you will need to sign up to the referral program by either connecting it with your Google or just entering your email address and then they will ask you simple questions about yourself you will enter that and you will be able to grab your affiliate link once you grab your affiliate link it’s time to get to our traffic source and right before I give the traffic source if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know they’re gonna see you’re living lies in comments under my videos I know that you aren’t enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of my videos but you said the other day the most important part so if you do appreciate me uploading daily make money online strategies and daily business ideas just here to like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or you simply need somehow always feel free to leave a comment down below because I’ll be reading to all those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see your comment with that being said let’s get back to the video so we can see what trappy sauce we are gonna be using with our affiliate link so once you grab your affiliate link let’s say for example this is my feeling this is not an affiliate link keep in mind this is not an actual affiliate link you will need to first sign up and then grab your affiliate link that’s gonna look slightly different and then with your affiliate link you want to go to the first platform in that first platform is gonna be so you want to go over to but know don’t worry as he promised you you will not have to sell anything on Fiverr and you will not have to post your gigs on Fiverr but rather than that you can go over to digital marketing so cover your mouth and digital marketing click on either social media art marketing or just search for social media management and for specifically it’s for social media management you’re going to be able to see that there are over 39,000 services available at the moment there are new services coming in probably every single week so these are all the people that are making loads of money by managing other people’s social media accounts so they’re running their business on Fiverr by selling these services but the thing is that they’re probably doing this by themselves which takes them a lot of time and effort every single day they need to manage all those accounts they need to schedule those posts they need to advocacy daily to post creation increase followers organically they need to do all that by themselves manually which takes a lot of time and effort and they can only manage a couple of them which puts a limit to their earnings but if they had a tool which does it all for them then they have no limits they can make a lot more money with a lot less work so they can benefit from this quite a lot and you can see that these guys are making quite a lot or money from this for example this guy is charging $75 for seven days of social media accounts management that’s a lot if I open up their gig you’re gonna be able to see that they’ve got over 200 in in fact 242 feedbacks which means they made a lot more sales and that because you know not every single person will leave an actual feedback but anyways if you go to their premium premium plan you will be able to see the 30 days of account management in they’re charging three hundred and ninety five dollars for 30 days for four of your social media accounts and if you go back to crowdfire subscriptions you will be able to see it for there’s thirty seven dollars a month you can connect up to twenty five social media accounts five accounts per network for just thirty seven dollars a month so this tool does it all for you and you can connect 25 accounts and you can see that this guy is charging three hundred and ninety five dollars for four accounts so not only can he make a lot more money just by using just one plan of these like thirty seven dollars by paying thirty seven dollars per month this tool will do it everything for him so it’s gonna be a lot easier for him he’s gonna benefit a lot from this and he can connect up to twenty five social media accounts and charge a lot more money so they will make a lot of money from this and they will not have to do the work by themselves every single day so they will spend a lot of last time but they will make a lot more money so it’s really beneficial for them and don’t worry you will not have to sell this service in fiber or whatever but what exactly you will be doing is you will be helping these people that are selling in this social media management service on here you’ll be system helping them by providing them with the crowdfire app with the crowdfire tool they will do it for them so they can make a lot more money by working a lot less and how exactly can you sell it because be careful if you just start spamming your affiliate link in here driver will delete your account for hours you will get banned if you just try to contact the seller and try to push them this tool or just use the same script again and again you know use the same messages again again clever notices that you are spamming you will immediately get banned from Fiverr forever so don’t do that please don’t do that there’s another way you can give them your affiliate link so they can buy through you want to feel that link it so you can earn up to four hundred and twenty dollars and here’s how so you find the cell so you find only sellers just on Fiverr you have like 13,000 services available and for example I open up this one now you want to go over to their contact information but once again you will not push them your affiliate link here or otherwise you will get banned and don’t use the same messages that’s why I you know that I always in my videos give you guys a free script which we can use for such strategies but now I can give it a script because if all you guys use the same script then you will get banned from Fiverr so you will really want to be careful with doing this and here’s the trick how you can have wood getting banned and still get affiliate commit so you open up the cellar that is making money by doing social media management on here you go over to their contact information it’s gonna be right here you click on contact me right here and then you will be able to send them a message and now what you can say you can say something along those lines like hey I’m really interested in your services I saw that you were doing social media management I really love what you do and right before I place my order you give me someone your social media account so you can see how it works and how your social media accounts are performing that’s really natural you know you’re just you just seem like a buyer that wants to see what they’re actually getting into and not only will this guy be ok with that but fiber will also be okay with that and in most of the cases they will send you some of their social media accounts for example they sent you Instagram now you can just stay there Instagram go over to their DM and send them a message and then you can start talking about the crowdfire tool and then you can give them your affiliate link so don’t leave your affiliate links on fiber you will get banned you just want to take people off of Fiverr and there are multiple people you can get in there multiple ways you can get people off of fiber so you can provide them with your affiliate links you can help them with the tool which will benefit them can keep using it again again to grow their business and you can make four hundred five dollars per person here’s another way you can take sellers off of fiber so you can for example say hey for easier communication can you please contact me and then said you live some of your coming to information or just tell them like you are looking for a long-term project with them and you would like to use their services but if they can give you some of their personal social media accounts you can follow them you know so you can get so you can become friends and stuff and that all looks natural and they will be ok with that as well as Fiverr and then once you take them off of Fiverr once you start DMing them once you start messaging them on Facebook or by email robots up you then you can even just go to crowdfire you can start talking about all the benefits that crowdfire can get them and dentil tell them about the plans and how this can benefit their business and their just leave them with your affiliate link and they can go to the file to go to the crowd fired up calm they can find out more about it and they can buy some of those plants where you’re making thirty five Commission’s twenty-five percent Commission’s again and again but please be careful when messaging people on Fiverr you really don’t want to spam you don’t want to use the same message again and again and you don’t by no means do you want to leave your affiliate links in here if you want to make it as natural as you can ask for their contact ask for theirs personal social media accounts tell them that for easier communication you can talk on some other platform and stuff like that and now here’s the bonus that they promised you how you can maximize your results is as you can see in fiber you can find thirteen thousand services which is quite a lot but as well if you use the for example people per hour come and you come out to here search for search familiar management you’re also going to be able to see all these guys selling these services you can sell to them as well and they’re not as strict as fiber as fiber is so they do not have as a strict rules as far as fiber does so it’s going to be even easier on here but on here you have only one thousand services which is still not a battle at all and of course it’s gonna be super easy to sell it because as I said they’re gonna benefit a lot from this and they’re actually gonna make money off of this they’re gonna see a return on that investment so that’s why it’s gonna be so so easy they’re already making money with that now you’re just providing them with the tool will fill replace or replace their hard work and it will allow them to make even more money so do the same thing on here as you did in fiber then you can also use the freelancer that come so these are all similar freelancing websites – qui veut you can also use the freelancer you can use the true Lancer comm and you can finally use the Guru com which even looks pretty similar to flowers so these are all similar platforms which you can wear you can find social media management people that are selling social media management services reach out to them take them off of that platform and provide them with your affiliate link that takes them to crowdfire AB com so they can buy it and so you can keep making four hundred and five dollars again and again it’s gonna take you way less than ten minutes to just message someone on those platforms and provide it with your affiliate link and you have a potential to make thousands of dollars again and again and that’s it for this video I hope you did get some value out of it and if you did make sure to drop a like to leave a thumbs up and if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe and hit the bell I can see don’t miss out on any of the new content and if you haven’t already make sure to watch the video that’s on the screen right now because inside of that video I will be showing you how you can get paid to follow Instagram accounts and you can get paid over $2 per follow it’s really unique and you’re just going to love it so definitely make sure to click on that with you and I will see you inside of that with you

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