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Get $861 For FREE Just by Clicking Buttons! (Worldwide)

861 dollars in pure profit today no skills or experience needed stay tuned hi there welcome to another video on the investor Channel and inside of this video I will be showing you how we can make 861 dollars in pure profit and you can start doing that today so you can start doing that today you can do it in less than an hour and what’s even better than that is you can repeat it every single day so it’s not like you can make $800 maybe this month and then you will not have you will not be able to make any money for the next six months or anything like that but with this strategy you can actually do it every single day so on a consistent daily basis and this has a huge business potential so I need you to pay close attention to this and stay tuned all the way to the end of this video because I will be showing you a few different websites they’re related to each other so you don’t want to skip anything because that may be crucial to your success with it so just be patient and stay tuned all the way to the end of this video and as I said and no skills needed no experience needed or anything like that so without further ado let’s jump into my computer so I can explain you everything ok guys we are now inside my computer and if you have been on for a while online you know what a domain actually is but if you don’t know what a domain is basically a domain is if you go to for example www in West or com that URL that link of my website that’s it that is actually a domain and the domain is something that websites are hosted on so for example or Instagram com and so on and so forth each and every website has their own domain and now in order to have your own domain if you want to run a business online you will have to buy that domain first you will have to purchase the domain for example you have maybe you have the coca-cola domain a before they went online and then coca-cola comes and they want to set up their business online they want to create a website well they will they will first need to buy a domain for you so they won’t need to pay you to get the domain from you and you can actually make some decent amount of money by doing that and there are people making over six figures just by doing this and I’m gonna show you how much money people are actually making how much you can actually make then I’m gonna show you how to get access to those domains and then how to check for how much you can sell those domains where you can list them and where you can get a hot traffic so you can start making money from third day so definitely it’s gonna be super cool video and if you haven’t already be sure to leave a thumbs up it really inspires me to share with you more different make money online strategies more step-by-step tutorials and as I said on this investor channel I’m gonna be posting more like step-by-step tutorials so I’m gonna go in that on how you can actually do it on but the own on the online hustle Channel we’re just going like an overview real quick overview of the method but for step is the best for step by step tutorials make sure to subscribe to this channel now the first off let me show you for how much people are actually selling their domains and how much this has how much potential this actually has to this is definitely you can definitely turn this into a sustainable business because as I said people are making multiple six figures with this and but on the other side it’s super easy doesn’t require any skills experience or anything like that literally anyone can do it and you know you can do this from anywhere in the world now let me go to sold domain so you can see the the top 20 sole domains in 29 teams to how much people are actually selling their domain so for example this free dad games has been sold for over three hundred thousand dollars just one simple domain it’s not even dot-com domain it’s a dot games domain and you can literally buy a house with all of this money we can buy some nice a house with this money a business that club has been sold for over sixty thousand dollars buy that game has been sold for almost thirty thousand dollars twenty five thousand euros twenty five eight thousand US dollars twenty-five thousand euros 22 twenty two thousand five hundred US dollars and so on and so forth so definitely and you can you know you can do this over and over again so they may be sold this domain right here and then tomorrow they sell they sold another them and another domain you can do it over and over again and I’m gonna show you how how to get those domains as I said how to get them quickly how to get access to those domains how to test them and how to actually sell them how to resell them so this is like an online arbitrage and you can definitely make some this in the money this is my moment or money by doing this now the next website that we’re gonna be going to and by the way just keep watching you don’t skip anything because I’m gonna be showing you four different websites this is the first website I’m gonna show you three more websites where you need to go and if you skip anything you will probably miss something there will you’ll miss the the you will miss the opportunity to actually start making money with this today so just be patient and don’t skip anything and watch until the end so the next website is actually just drop calm so this is a place where you can actually get those domains for real really cheap and then I’m gonna show how to attach them and how to resell them on the non the two more web sites so this is just a drop that coming will come over here and then you will click on this daily deals to find daily daily domains that have been listed today today so and basically you know on average their people are selling them here for like $69 and as you as you saw on this website you can actually resell them for a few thousand dollars so definitely as I said huge business potential you know you have even expensive even more expensive domains but you know you can first start with those $69 min I think they have even cheaper than this but maybe not today okay but $69 you know it’s completely okay and if you’re thinking like oh I don’t want to invest any money into this well if you ask anyone who has been making money online successfully they will tell you to it’s actually way easier to start a would a small invest when you know $69 it’s not it’s not the game it’s not a life-changing you know $69 if you can invest that if you have that money then I highly recommend you try this business it can definitely pay off so you’ll select maybe like fuel my tank comm $69 first class holding comm $69 exchanging thoughts $69 and you know you have a brief description right here sometimes one CAPTCHA common phrase love and Latin die so yes this is definitely a CAPTCHA common phrase $69 definitely this one is pretty nice and you can buy it by clicking on this and buy me button right here you can purchase this domain for $69 and then if but right before you purchase the domain how you can actually see if it’s worth buying if you can actually resell it for more money maybe this domain is worth less than this but how you can actually see that how we can check if you can actually profit once you buy this domain where well you can actually go to this website called SD bought calm so a stable calm a free domain appraisal domain investment tools so as you can see trust productivity inside so you can get everything inside this website for absolutely free you can just check if your domain is worth buying so what we we were talking about the love and light LLO and last DICOM let me just copy that so you’ll copy the domain it’s $69 and st but says that we can sell it for let’s see we can sell it for nine hundred and thirty dollars so this is the market value this is the overall market value for this domain nine hundred and thirty dollars so you can profit let me just check that i’m room not good at math so let me just check you can make eight hundred and sixty one dollars in profit estimated you here maybe sell it for even more or less but around eight hundred and sixty dollars so definitely this is a great domain to purchase and you can just check as many of these as possible you have different different domains list at every single days there are new fresh domains listed every single day that you can purchase and that you can purchase and resell over and over and over again so as I said you can you you can like take my me one domain in awhile and make like a few hundred dollars once in a while but if you do it over and over again every single day you can make some nice consistent daily income with this it’s a huge business it has a huge business potential as I said and then where you can actually get a hot traffic where we can sell those makes one you purchase the remaining four six nine dollars and you see it’s worth buying you see it’s worth buying you buy it you purchase domain where you can actually get hot traffic and resell those domains well one of the websites where you can sell your domains is actually flip up comm so it’s F L P double P a that comes to F L I double P a non-problem level links to these websites in the description down below so it’s gonna be easier for you to find them and as you can see number one platform to buy and sell online businesses and you have you can buy and resell a different stuff on this website but we’re gonna be focusing on the main street as you can see you can start selling domains right here so once you purchase the domain right here you will four six nine dollars you will just list it for more money on the and just keep reselling it because people are coming over here obviously to buy domains so as you can see people are selling it for $529,000 $5000 $10000 and so on and so forth so it’s like an ebay but for online businesses for domains apps and all of that stuff but if this is not what you’re interested in then make sure to watch this video if you want to make some quick buck because there are we’re showing you the three different apps that pay people money fast so you know it’s not a business it’s not a sustainable business but you can make some quick buck

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