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Get Fast PayPal Money In 2019 (FREE)

Get Fast PayPal Money In 2019 (FREE)

if you want to make some fast papal money but you don’t want to invest any money then stay tuned for this video because you can start earning for absolutely free so inside of this video will show you how it can make some decent amount of papal money real really fast you will not have to wait like months and months to start making money with the strategy but you can actually start making money right through day just follow all this all the steps that I’m about to show you today and this is not like some survey website or some survey app or something like that this is a real sustainable business real strategy I’m gonna show you all of the steps that you need to follow in order to start making some PayPal money and you can start for absolutely free knowing what’s beneath it’s literally even if you now have zero dollars you’re gonna be able to start making money with a strategy and no matter who you are where you come from you will be able to do this because this is worldwide available as I said it’s not some through a website it’s not so make money online app so it is worldwide available strategy that you can scale up to the moon and you know you need no experience no skills as I said literally anyone can do this you just need to follow oh there’s all this tabs on web to show you what right before we start if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the investor channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day and if you click the bell I can have a lot if I whenever have a new first strategy like this one to make money online so that way you can be the first one to use that strategy and of course be one one step ahead of your competitors and make the most money so definitely be sure to subscribe and with that being said let’s come into my computer so I can explain you everything okay so it seems like we are now inside my computer and there are to be a few platforms that we’re gonna be using obviously because this is like a strategy to build a long-term business so there can be a few platforms or few websites and you don’t want to skip anything because if you you may skip something that can be crucial to your success just be patient I’m gonna try to be as quick as always so the first website that we are gonna be using is you want to search for free VLR PLR downloads so you want to search for that and most you guys can probably heard about the PLR products but basically those those who like some ebooks and stuff like that the people are taking in taking downloading for absolutely free as you can see they’re absolutely free to download and people are giving them as a bonus affiliate products and stuff like that but that is not what we were interested in we’re not gonna be selling any affiliate products we’re not gonna be making any bonus pages clickfunnels pages and stuff like that because that requires some investment and I promise you that this is gonna be absolutely free so that’s why I want to click on this first website that pops up so this is a free PLR downloads dot-com if you can find it I will draw a little link in the description down below if you tube doesn’t remove it because I don’t know YouTube just doesn’t love when I when we put links in our descriptions because that does take so we’re there just takes people off of YouTube so they don’t really like it but basically you have hundreds of different categories right here hundreds of different niches that you can take ebooks from so like addiction affiliate marketing business beauty blogging bodybuilding click bang email marketing finance health internet marketing parenting about pets even about pets relationship self-help you know self-improvement books and stuff like that SEO social media software and stuff like that so hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of different ebooks hundreds of different niches in hundreds of different ebooks that you can take and if you want you can even grab some ebooks for yourself and read them by yourself but if that’s not what you’re interested in if you just want to make money with this then just keep watching this video and I will show you how we can make money so they’re out of those niches you just need to pick a three most profitable niches and the three most profitable niches are infinite marketing you know the make money online niche the business needs finance nation stuff like that so business niche that’s the most profitable nation nowadays the second the second most probable niche is helpless you know although all the stuff related to health fitness weight loss and stuff like that you know that’s a huge huge huge niche there’s a lot of people inside of that niche and it’s a it’s of course profitable niche and then the third is relationships you know love and stuff like that how to get your ex back how to find a girlfriend and something like that so those are the top three niches that you want that you want to pay attention to and on this video we’re gonna be focusing business needs to finance their internet marketing niche so what I want to do is just click on this however much right here and click on this business niche right here and it’s gonna give you hundreds of different books that you can take a look and see how it works so for example free em are our ebook discovering the underground home business revolution so this is talking about the home business you know making money online making money from home and stuff like that so that’s my niche that’s my niche so I’ll probably take I will probably take that one or you know maybe some other one home business models and stuff like that so although the older books show all those books are related to business home business making money online and stuff like that you have internet marketing right here but of course if you don’t want to be do business niche finding station stuff like that then you can pick whatever else you want to but I highly recommend you pick some of those three Tanisha’s relationship business or help niche those are the most profitable niches and you know I know the competition is a little bit high but it’s because you can make a whole lot of money obviously that’s why the competition is high so you want to jump into that so let’s just pick some book let’s just take for example this one right here and you can read more about it or more about that ebook right here description you can read more about what it is what it is telling you about and stuff like that you have all the information in it right here and if you scroll down a bit you can see this download button right here and you can just click on that and that’s gonna automatically download an e-book for you as if file right here I let it just load let’s just download and while we let it let me just open that and here is the here is our ebooks we have even Ecover we have all of this you have the license to give this ebook for absolutely free or for sale that’s a book now I’m going to show you how we can sell those ebooks but if you stay tuned all the way to the end I’m gonna show you free traffic sources so you can get that money so you can start making money right from today and you can make it over and over again every single day I’m gonna show you how can you find that hot traffic do sell those a books and make profits over and over again so once we downloaded an e-book we need to upload it to some website in order to sell it of course and the best website if in my opinion is on Gamera dot-com so you can just search for Gamera dot-com or if just go over to Google type in Road and this one is gonna pop ups just click on the first link that shows up that is not an ad so camera dot-com that’s gonna take you over to these page where you can start we can just click start selling point wait this is like camera helps creators do more or why they love so they have Sandra over three hundred million dollars to artists designers educators writers podcasters and more so you can upload digital files on on this website and people can buy from this website and it literally literally you need you don’t need to pay anything upfront in order to start making making money with this website you don’t need to invest any money as I said I mean there is a pricing plan but you really really dumb me that you really dumb me that as you can see free to get started professional features for just ten dollars a month it is cheap but you really don’t need that right now you can start for absolutely free you can just click on this start selling right here and you will need to sign up for grammar also you can either enter your email address password click on this I’m not a robot and create an account or you can just connect it with Facebook or Twitter account I’m gonna connect it with my Facebook account so it’s a lot easier so it’s quietly acquired okay it’s gonna give me okay we don’t want to do this so what we need to do is just click on this products right here and then you will add a product so you can add a digital product or physical product we are obviously interested in digital product so we’re gonna click on that we either have product start selling today subscription charge and recurring reoccurring basis and pre-orders start selling before a release date so we want to click on this product right here and we need to name our product so the name of our book is discovering the underground home business revolution so let me just copy bad if I can do that and how it doesn’t allow me to copy that but I can just go here and let me just find discovering okay it’s this one I’ll just copy that and just name my ebook right here delay the PDF of course you can set whatever price you want to but I recommend you do like we start with less than 20 bucks so you can make me you can make sales quickly so do you like maybe 17 $19.00 that’s like that’s what I recommend you so I’ll do like 17 dollars for a book and choose your files you will add it at that EBU that we downloaded previously so let me just find that once I upload that I will just hit on this next and customize so we need to customize our page so you can upload a preview image audio or video and they give they gave us this Ecover so we can just add this Ecover let me just place that do my desktop and we can just add that each cover right here up little preview and just go to desktop and find that Ecover it’s gonna look amazing and we can write a brief description of our product so we can just copy this same description from this website anymore I don’t know why but it doesn’t allow me to copy this for whatever reason but you can just type in the same thing that says here you can just type then right here I’m just gonna copy and paste the same title but obviously you can write a brief description below your really before below your below your ebook and then you set a price you set everything and it’s time to save your changes and publish that ebook so now it’s published and people can come over to this website they can they can find this ebook they can search for some finance for some home businesses and stuff like that and they’re gonna be able to purchase your ebook for 17 dollars and you can push as many of these as possible but in order to maximize your results and in order to see results fast you need to promote your ebooks you need to promote your limbs so here is your URL this is the URL of your products you will just copy URL by clicking on this button right here and there are going to be two places where you can promote your ebooks the first one is obviously so you can search for your niche you can search for like if you are selling a business ebook you can search for business owners entrepreneurs and startups for example or make money online groups or internet marketing groups affiliate marketing groups and stuff like that basically over there you have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of members interested in businesses interested in finance and repent trust me they’re ready to invest their money into theirs not into knowledge because they know that can help them do you maximize their to maximize their business so you’re just join as many of these as you can so just click join join join join as many of this as possible for example I’m joining into this one and you can just come over there you can provide some value tell them a little bit more make friends with them you know build a relationship where the members of the group of the group’s and then just tell them a little bit more about your ebook and then share your links all over there and share your links and if like that group has 10,000 people maybe 1000 people will see your ebook and out of 1000 people if just like 10 or 20 of those by per date and you’re making over $100 in pure profit for absolutely free without lifting a finger you know it literally takes like less than 10 minutes to set up everything and then like if you can just share it in like half an hour per day and make some nice nice profits and then the next way you can promote your ebooks is by building an Instagram page too you have hundreds of different hundreds of different pages related to internet marketing online business making money online and stuff like that and I see that people are promoting their their books and their ebooks on those back on those pages so you can just start repost in other people’s content build your own page and just and just share your links to share your ebooks on those you know use those pages to advertise to promote your ebooks and make some nice profits for absolutely free without having to invest any money

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