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Get FREE 0+ Per Image You Upload! (For Beginners)

Get FREE $250+ Per Image You Upload! (For Beginners)

this works in India this works in United States this works in Philippines it works all over the world stay tuned to learn more so as you saw this can make you thousands of dollars and it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from you can start for absolutely free without investing any money at all and the best part is you do not have to sell anything you do not have to do affiliate marketing you do not have to be in front of a camera and you do not need any social media following at all because this has nothing to do with Instagram with Facebook YouTube or anything like that now right before we dive into the strategy if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon because in posting videos about making money online literally every single day so if you hear the bell I couldn’t have a lot of free whenever have a new first strategy like this one to make money online so you can be only the first to use that strategy and that way not only will you be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money and with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can explain you everything okay we are now inside of my computer and now not only will I show you three different palette or so they’re even gonna pay you over $1,000 for this type of image that you upload but if you stick with me all the way to the end of the video I will even give you three different tools they will do all of the work for you so it’s literally gonna take you less than 60 seconds to upload this kind of image and get paid anywhere from three hundred three hundred fifty dollars all the way to up to over $1000 for absolutely free so definitely it’s gonna be an outstanding with you so pay close attention sit relax enjoy the video and write a free dance go there take action and start making money with that being said the first website that we’re gonna be using is gonna be logo my Wacom this is over at the logo my wait calm and trust me we have even better Platinum’s so you better down click off right now so you will actually have the tools that will do all the work for you plus two more platforms to make the most out of strategy anyways look my way what this is well this is a platform where business owners entrepreneurs companies startup businesses they will come over to here in search for a logo design and they will actually run different contests on here and they’re willing to pay anyone 200 update thousand dollars for a simple logo design for that single contest once again if you stick with me I’m gonna give you three different tools they will do it professionally for you so you can stand out and have higher chances to win those contests and you have consistent income every single day and on top of that I’m even gonna give you to you more platforms like this one they’re even gonna pay you more and that I’m sure you’re going to like even more than this one but anyway slow go away it’s a great platform all you need to do is come over to here scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website and you just want to click on logo designers make money so that’s us everyday people that can make money in this platform click on that and that’s gonna show you that they’re gonna pay you anywhere from 200 up to $1,000 per image you upload in this case it’s gonna be a logo but for some other from these two more platforms which I’m about to show you that does not have to be a logo it’s gonna be some different image and I will show that in a minute and you can see that they have really fast payments so just 24 hours to 48 hours payouts which is really great so you don’t have to spend to wait for weeks or months you’re gonna get paid in 24 hours up to 48 hours which is great and yes they will pay you via PayPal and I know that a lot of you guys love people now before we dive into two more even better platforms and before I show you three different tools you will do all the work for you if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know when I see you leaving likes and comments under my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you are getting value out of my videos which is at the end of the day the most important part so if you do appreciate me up link daily make money online strategies and daily business ideas just hit the like button or leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or you simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all of those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as you see your comment and with that being said let’s get back to the video to the max platform that we are gonna be using is gonna be 99designs calm this is a pretty similar website to the logo my way but trust me you’re going to like this one even more because it not only will it pay you way more but it’s not only about logo design so you can design different stuff and that’s why I’m actually gonna show you three different tools at the end of the video they’re gonna not only logos but all these different designs you can maximize your results and enter multiple contests every single day to make decent amount of money every single day with that being said a scam or 39:9 designs come and skip this because this is a sales pitch for companies and entrepreneurs like on the logo my way so we’re not interested in that we want to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website and we want to click on design contests right here click on that and let it just slowed so we can see different contests there over 500,000 contests on here these are all finished but we need to click on all categories and we are interested in logo and identity for now but you can also do web and app design you can do business and advertising your new clothing art packaging a labelled Buchan magazine and even other anyways I will just go with a logo identity so I can show you this just as an example so I could show how it works click on logo and then you want to click on show filters and I want to click on open because I’m only interested in open contests I’m talking obsessed I didn’t finish plans of course click on open its gonna show us old 500 contest right now just they and there are new contests coming in every single life it’s gonna refresh every single day so there’s gonna be no shortage of ways to make money with all of these platforms you can see this one is gonna pay a $300 this one is gonna pay a 600 600 at the $300 and $400 $400 so way more than $250 and some of them are even gonna pay you over one $1000 so a few of them as you can see right here they’re gonna pay you over one $1000 just for a single logo design you just need to answer that design we’re here you just need to upload that image on here inside of the contest so just leave open 99designs comma leave open logo my way and then you also want to use the design crowd calm this is well a similar price on platinum to all of the previous ones so use this one to maximize your results even more let me show you something so if you go over to designers and you click on logo design that’s gonna show you that people are making hundreds and thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars with these strategies and you can see that they’re all over the world United States chilla Philippines India and once again India Georgia Canada Tunisia Singapore and so on and so forth this is worldwide vailable and there are people making hundreds or thousands of with this because those contests can even pay you over $1,000 what do you want me to do is hover your mouse on jobs and you can see all the designs right here you can make money from all of these you can see Flair designs per Shirley’s on poster designs postcard designs labelled designs business car designs logo designs I’ll once again just use logo design as an example but to maximize your results I do recommend you use all of this because the tools which will be given to you in Saturday’s video will do everything of that for you I’ll just click on logo design so I can show you a simple example you can see there currently over 300 logo design jobs open right now to date once again there are new jobs coming in every single day you can see these are gonna pay you $150 three hundred dollars for a design one hundred and fifty dollars three hundred dollars $150 150 and all you need to do is use the tools which I’m about to give you and just upload that image from those tools that will create it for you you just need to take that image and upload on here to Android contest and you have a chance to win three hundred dollars one hundred fifty three hundred dollars or in this case over $1000 four hundred five hundred and even only a log of my way so all these three platforms can make you a lot of money consistently every single day so it’s not only gonna be once maybe once in a week or something you can actually make money every single day and you can actually get multiple payments every single they with that being said here are the three tools that I promise you that are gonna do everything for you the first one is gonna be mainly focusing on the logos for example for the logo my way you can use the logo make our comso logo am a k our comm come over to here this is how it’s gonna look like and you will just enter you can enter you know the here’s the place where you can find different graphics graphics and if the company is looking a design maybe their company is related to football I would just search for football just as an example and that’s gonna give me different graphics which I can use so maybe maybe I like this one I would click on that and this is our graphic now I can add different text shapes colors I can customize literally everything and you can even watch these tutorials right here they have for you everything is absolutely free and once you have it down just save it to your computer save that image to your computer go back to the logo my way 99designs or design crowd and just upload that image and get paid some distant amount of money that was over at the logo maker comm that was first of all it will do the work for you the second tool that you can use is gonna be you can go over to the canvas comm and only here you have like like thousands and thousands of different templates let me show that they’re gonna do everything and this is specifically for design crowd you know you because on here you can see that you can design flower designs and brochures posters postcards a business card designs and so on and so forth and make money off of all of those so it’s not only for logo designs you have templates on here as you can see posters logos presentations Flyers cards infographics business cards t-shirts resumes for shirts and so on and so forth all you need to do is just click on the template select the template you can drag and drop you can customize literally everything and design some professional designs on here and just download that image to your computer go back to design crowd and just submitted and boom you can make 300 500 150 and so on and so forth that was the second tool which you can use it was Keanu calm and the last tool which you can use that is even more professional than this one so it’s pretty similar to the camera calm but it is a little bit more professional it is a little bit more advanced and that is gonna be pic monkey calm this is already and you can see this one is also gonna give you different templates for all those designers you have banners you have business cards cards you have maybe something for Facebook Flyers you know for something with social media all these and you can even create logos on here as well it’s really easy and it’s really simple all you have to do is select one of these just drag-and-drop customize everything change the colors change the tax change the font there’s download the image go back submitted through all these platforms and keep repeating this keep making money over and over again I’ll just keep in mind a big monkey it’s a free only for 7 days unlike these like these are free forever can wah and the logo maker that come out of 3 4 hours you can use them free forever this one is gonna be free for only 7 days so you can start the seven day trial then use this to make some professional designs and then submit it all loads on on these platters and if you do start making money of course you can reinvest into this because the into PicMonkey because PicMonkey is only like seven or eight dollars a month like eight bucks per month and if you are making hundreds of dollars from that then it’s definitely gonna pay off but of course you do not have to any money upfront you can start poor absolutely free I hope you did get some value out of this video and if you did enjoyed make sure to drop a like to it leave a thumbs up it really means to me I really appreciate that and if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon see don’t miss any of the new content and I will see you in some of the next videos

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