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believe it or not this one post on Facebook is now making thousands of dollars without selling anything you don’t need any followers for this you don’t need any pro skills no investment either so you can do it for absolutely free and its worldwide available so yes it is gonna work in your country as well but before I explain you exactly step by step how you can do this we’re just one single post in facebook if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hit the bell I could add a lot it for you whenever have a new fresh strategy just like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use it and that way not only will you be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money and with that being said let’s jump into my computer so you can explain you exactly how to do this alright so let’s get started our first step is gonna be obviously signing up to you want to come over to you want to sign up it’s absolutely free and it’s always gonna stay free and I guess most of you guys already have a Facebook account if not just come over to here create an account if you already have an account then don’t worry you don’t need a brand an account you don’t need followers you don’t need a lot of friends you can just even use your personal account if you want through and now let me just show you what one example of a person that actually follow the stats that I thought you guys in some of the previous videos on this channel that actually was showing you and the similar strategy over here they actually did this they were able to set it up successfully and they’re now enjoying some passive profits every single day and this is the pose that I found in some wonder from some of the make money online groups this guy posters as you can see this is the poster that was teaching you in some of the previous videos how to create and they actually posted the inside of this Facebook group and now they just they were able to post it just once as you can see grab this $1000 giveaway to enter the giveaway email asset in their email address and they’re now making thousands of dollars again and again on incomplete autopilot just from this single post and don’t worry I will not tell you to go like too many different make money online groups and just post it spam with your posts on there because that that is not a swamp post that requires hundreds of different posts but as they promised you you can set it up once you can post only one post and Facebook and still make loads of passive income and they actually make way more than just five hundred dollars but first of all you will need to set up something for yourself you won’t need to setup this on an autopilot so it actually really takes you just one post make the strategy work and as well we have never talked about the strategy before on this channel it’s very unique and I have never seen anyone talk about it on YouTube and I have never seen anyone talk about it online but it actually truly works and it’s really great one step number two create a Facebook group in the make money online niche so you want to go over to your Facebook profile you want to click on this icon right here then you want to click on manage groups and that’s gonna take you to this page where you will be able to click on create group and I’ll see I’ll show you exactly why we’re doing this you want to name your group something related to making money online working from home something related to all my businesses and internet marketing so for example I’ll do like make money online in the West or YouTube channel and I can now add some people now you want to add you know at least 5 to 10 different friends in here or or at least 5 to 10 different people inside of this group you want to add them so I for example type in my as a second account I’ll just add one just as an example after that you want to unselect the private and you want to make it public so anyone can see who’s in the group and what they post you want to make it public so actually people will see what you’re posting inside of that group and it’s visible so anyone can find this group leave it open like that now click on create and I’ll show exactly how you can actually set this up combined with three or four more different platforms which we will be using to actually make money for one single post inside of this group even if you now have 0 members because this is a brand new Facebook group so it’s a really unique strategy and if even if you’re a complete beginner even if this is your first day online then just follow all the steps take action and you will be able to do this so that’s how you create a Facebook group in the make money online niche step number 3 now you want to create a banner like this that actually has some call-to-action like make money online read announcements and when people see that they can see that in the announcements it’s your post right here and I will show exactly how that will make you money and don’t worry as I said if you now have 0 members in your group don’t worry because I’m gonna show how you can earn autopilot add members that want to make money online and that way you’ll also which will also help them but as well at the end you will make money without selling them anything so it’s gonna be a lot easier and that’s why it’s gonna show if it’s gonna go so fast because you will not have to sell the Manatee you will actually provide them with a $1,000 give away or sometimes even more than that I know it might sound a little bit confusing but just stick with me and I will show exactly how this needs to be done step by step and as well don’t worry you will not be doing affiliate marketing or whatever it’s gonna be so so simple and so unique so now as I said we want to create a banner that look something like this to create a banner that looks something like that for absolutely free we can go over to this is already you can sign up to here for absolutely free and only here we have all these different templates and all these different designs which you can customize really quickly where you can just drag and drop and you know it’s fully customizable and it’s really simple to use now you can select some of these Facebook covers from here you want to find something that you like I’ll just stick with this one as an example you know the first one that just shows up just as an example and I’ll type a for example make money online and I will also type in like what it was or read announcements so I will type in the same thing read announcements and that’s it now I will save it up to my computer so I will click on download and it’s gonna download it to my computer now I can go back to my facebook group right here so this was my Facebook group that we previously created I will click on upload a photo I will go to my downloads and I will just upload that photo and that’s gonna look something like this this is perfect I will just save it up like that make money one read announcements people all the people that come to this group will be able to see this and I will show you what exactly we will be posting in our announcements that was the step number to create a banner that looks something like this and that has some call to action and before we continue to the crucial steps guys if you haven’t already feel free to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up it really means to me and it really helps the channel grow which really motivates me to keep sharing with you different business ideas on a daily basis and if you have any questions or simply need some help but don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all of those comments anyways let’s go to the next step step number four is to either sign up to F plus comp so this is or the a double F plus calm or offer voltcom so you can choose from these two you and sign up both of those are worldwide available so that’s why I actually chose these two different platforms so you can sign up from anywhere in the world and what these platforms actually are for example overwolf is an actual cpa network a CPA or CPA marketplace where you can find thousands of different CPA offers to promote and CPA stands for coast action which means that in most of the cases all you need to do is to share your referral link people click on your referral link and you’re like 9 percent of the cases they just need to become qualified leads by entering their first name their email address and signing up to some website and boom you made money you made a commission from that from each person so they don’t need to buy anything they don’t need to spend any money at all but you’re still gonna get paid and in this case they will actually they actually have a chance to make money for free but you will make money just for them signing up I know that as well might sound confusing but I will show exactly what post you need to do post I will give you an actual script so you can post it inside of your group just one single post it can help you make it of dollars on an incomplete autopilot so you can know create a test once you set it up once and you can forget about it it will keep making your passive income and you will see exactly how it’s really powerful and trust me you have not seen this one before so how does for example come over to our wall the same thing goes for a plus you can choose from these two I will come over to offer both and you want to type in gift card so type in gift card and so that’s gonna give you all those different giveaways you wanna click on type so it actually shows you only leads so not sales just leads which means the people can sign up to those giveaways they have a chance to for example in this case when a $500 paypal gift card and you’re gonna get paid just for them signing up with their email address and you’re gonna get paid one dollar and fanny cents per each leaf for each person that signs up to this giveaway they have a chance to win $500 and you’re gonna make one dollar 30 cents and adjust for them signing up once again they don’t need to spend any money at all you’re still gonna make money they don’t have to win the actual do it for you to make money so you have all these different giveaways like just right now you have over 600 results for a gift card that’s a big potential I know you also have these $1,000 gift card giveaways this one is gonna pay you 2 dollars and 40 cents so you have many of these different you can choose whatever you prefer but just as an example for this video I will be using the $1,000 Amazon gift card giveaway but of course feel free to use any of these as you prefer that actually pay you per email address once you select what you like and you see how much they’re paying per lead you want to select that offer that’s gonna take you over to this page you can read more about it you can read more about the traffic sources and just if you if it applies to you then just click on join a network sign up to the network and grab your referral wink and now you just need to start driving traffic to your referral link and I will show you how to set it up on an autopilot and what exactly you need to post inside your group to actually make the strategy work now right before I show you exactly what you need to post inside of your group we need to set up one more thing and that is gonna be an email autoresponder like this guy actually did it on here and don’t worry you will not have to pay for anything you do not need any professional email or responder for this you can set it up for absolutely free and I will show that trick right now so what you want to do is you want to go over to so type in on Google and create a gmail account you can even use the brand new account or you can use some that you already have if you already have a gmail account once you do you will log in to your gmail account and then you want to hover your mouse on here where you have it you have this setting his bar all right here and then click on settings right here and that’s gonna take you all to this page where you want to scroll all the way down to the bottom until you find the vacation order responder it’s gonna look like this well Cajun autoresponder and it’s gonna say vacation responder off now you want to select the vacation responder on so click on on and now you want in a subject we can say congratulations or something else if you want to do something else you can type in for example congratulations and then the message will say congratulations you can win $1,000 gift card in this case of course if you are a giveaways or if your deal is is something real maybe a $500 paypal giveaway then you will type in you can win a $500 give away $500 gift card by following the instructions below click here then you will leave it your referral a link right here so this is your referral link which you have grabbed it from the offer WorldCom once you sign up to donate to that Network you will paste your referral link in here and you will click Save Changes so that means that whenever someone emails you they will receive this email automatically where they will see like you can win a $500 or $1,000 gift card by following instructions below and once they click on that and once they sign up for that giveaway you were gonna get paid in this case I would get paid two dollars and 40 cents per each referral which is really powerful so I don’t have to lift a finger they will start emailing me just by posting you with this one single thing inside of the Facebook group and I will show you what that is in a second and now here comes the most important part and that is how do you actually make money on an autopilot from just one single post in your group even if you now have zero members so how can you import them on an autopilot and how you actually make money from that single post and what that post actually ill is well here’s the deal what you want to post inside of this group is this you can post something like this like emojis you want to add as many emojis that you like then you say 1,000 giveaway $1000 giveaway or 500 dollar giveaway depending on what you actually grab from the offer world or a plus and then you say these are the stats you know you can take you could say the like follow instructions or follow the steps to enter this giveaway number one is gonna be like this post they will just start engaging with the post number two is add ten people to this group so in all if you enter the giveaway in order to get instructions for the giveaway they need to add at least ten people to the group and now if you have like just five friends inside of that group they will be able to see it they have a chance to win 500 or $1000 gift cards and all they need to do is just add ten more people through the group and if each of them adds ten more people you now have just four if you cannot just five of them inside the group and all five of them each of them has ten more people that’s 50 people out of 50 people each of them adds ten more people that’s all 500 people and so on and so forth it’s like a snowball effect and it works like crazy people are building their groups to thousands and thousands of members with this same strategy and I will show how that will allow you to make money so then that step number three is email me at and you will insert your email a link here your email here so email me at and then your link goes there like this guy actually did it as well so you know they will add ten people to this group and they will email you and the email autoresponder will send them this message where they can sign up to that get into the giveaway to that gift card giveaway and boom you made money from that and you got ten more people to join the group so it’s like a snowball effect you know more and more people are coming into group and more and more people are emailing you and autoresponder just sent messages for you without your lifting a finger you are making hundreds of dollars under you complete all of autopilot so it is like a snowball at fact and you can even you know customize this post as you prefer but make sure that is something like this you know follow the instructions to a thousand dollars gateway to have five hundred dollars get ready to slide this post you can’t a say tell them like comment founder below add ten people to this group and email me at and then insert your email here just copy this and there’s one more thing once you post it inside of your group I’ll person in here I can even you know Bowl this you know I can customize it as I prefer and I will just post it inside of my group and once I do that I will just click on these three dots right here and I will click on mark as an announcement so it actually stays at the top of the group so all the upcoming members since I’m the admin of the group I have a create a group all the upcoming thousands of people will be able to see this giveaway and will be able to enter the giveaway to follow this to follow the steps to enter the giveaway they have a chance to win $500 $1,000 gift card and I’m gonna make money for each of them signing up to that giveaway and there is no shortage of ways to make money with a strategy because as soon as this giveaway is over you just go back to ante you offer world or f+ and you find the different gift cards and do the same thing for those different gift cards and just added a post and you can basically keep doing this for a limited amount of time it’s really powerful and it’s really unique definitely go there take action and start making money with this strategy now I hope you did get some value out of this video and I hope you did enjoy it and if you did make sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up that really inspires me to share with you more and make money online strategies every single day and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below and as well if you haven’t already just subscribe and hit the bell I can sit down miss out on any of the new great content and before you go if you want to see how you can make over $4,000 using one a simple free tool with a brand new trick as well and make sure to click on the widow that’s on the screen right now it’s a really powerful strategy I’m sure that you’re going to love it it’s really great and it can make you a lot of money with that one free tool which I’m about to give you inside that way definitely make sure to click on it and I will see you inside of that video

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