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Get Paid To View Ads – NO Investment!! (FAST & EASY PayPal Money)

Get Paid To View Ads – NO Investment!! (FAST & EASY PayPal Money)

all have to do is click on those ads and view those ads to get paid some distant amount of papal money this is absolutely free and literally anyone can do this because all you have to do is click on that ad and just view it and start making money just buy just like that but right before we started we haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hit the bell icon automatically whenever I have a new fresh strategy like this one you make one in line so you can be one of the first to use that strategy use that app or use that website to make money online and that way not only will it be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will even make the most money with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can show you how you can get paid just by viewing ads okay so here we are inside of my computer in the due date for you I have seven different platforms because if you use only one platform to get paid if you start making money just by clicking and viewing ads you won’t be able to make any significant amount of money so that’s why I have seven different platforms for you which if you combine all of these you can definitely make some decent amount of money so you can really enjoy the amount of money that you are making every single day because you will be able to do it every single day if you combine all these platforms and all these are super great platforms then they want you to use and I want you to not miss out on any of these because they’re really really cool ones and I’m sure you’re going to like them so don’t skip any platform and don’t skip anything so I’m going to go over each one of these each of these really really quickly I will show you what you can do over there how you can do it and how it works and stuff like that and as well I will first show you the platform and then I’m gonna show the actual name so don’t skip it and don’t complain in the comments like I then gave the website name or whatever I did you just did not watch the video to the ad and you just did you just skip to some parts so don’t skip anything and stay tuned all the way to the end of this video because the first platform that we are going to be using is this one over here so this is a platform where companies can come and pay other people like me and you you know let me show the actual homepage visitor as you can see earn money by viewing advertisements and all you have to do is install this install this to your to either your iOS or Android and you will be able to see that if you click on the get paid to click ads you can also do it on your computer if you want to but as you can see it is you a loaf about App Store and Google Play Store so you will just click on get paid on page two click ads and that’s gonna take you over to DS page where you can read more about it and route it where you can see the actual ads now as you can see currently they’re like twelve ads per page over here and you have seven different pages so in Tull for today you can watch eighty-four ads and get paid for each of those so you can click on eighty four ads today at Mason Destin amount of money per each ad that you click so all you would have to do is click on this watch the ad and just close the pop-up that’s gonna be like five seconds it’s gonna take you less than five seconds and boom you made money then go to the next app and go to the next and go to the next ad and just repeat the process until you complete all of these and you know make a couple of bucks and keep watching so you can use as many of these websites that will pay you even more because this is literally the lowest paying one so I’m going to show you a few more platforms so that you can use to actually made some decent amount of money with just by clicking ads so I decided to sign up by clicking on this button over here on just install just install it to your smart phone device and start making money just by clicking on those ads and just by viewing those ads this is over and above what dot Ojo so let me just show the actual URL so you as you can see W a dojo4 three people o calm this is the website name and the nice wraps that we’re gonna be using to make money just by viewing ads is gonna be this one over here so this is a place where you either as a company business or entrepreneur can come and pay people to visit your site and you click on your ads but that is obviously now what we are interested today so we want to earn money and this website name is a he’d you so it’s not a need you it’s he’d you so it’s like that it’s simple as that he’d you and you would have to click on the earn button over here that’s gonna take you to this page where you can read more about it but basically you can join them and start earning and they have paid or eighty seven thousand dollars to their users since June 2005 so if they’ve been online for a while they’ve been established for a while and they’re proven to work and people are making some money with them and it’s a really really great place to earn some nice PayPal money as you can see and you can also get paid why people starting from dollar so all you have to do is reach the threshold or one dollar and you can then which are that do your PayPal account so just click on gasteyer create an account and start clicking on those ads and start viewing those ads to make money this is ad heat you calm the next platform that we’re going to be using is gonna be this one over here yes it does seem like a little bit old-fashioned but it does work and it’s a great one because you can see that you can get paid every fan a second so this is already Bucks books bu axe at order this place you can get paid just for browsing your advertisements with website so just by watching ads and different websites and you’re gonna get paid instantly so you don’t have to wait it around you don’t have to wait around four hours a day two days one week or whatever you can get paid instantly and the threshold is only two dollars so the trust threshold is really low the minimum we travel is gonna be two dollars and you are gonna get paid instantly which is really really amazing and yeah there is PayPal option as well this is already box inside con that was the third one we have four more to go the next one is gonna be this one over here a GPT planet so GPT planet and dot-com so they have been paid they have paid it all or 1 million dollars to their members earn money by completing similar tasks online everyone can join it’s absolutely free and this was this is worldwide available so feel free to join GPT Planet members from all countries are allowed and registration is of course absolutely free and you’re gonna get paid 1 cents per click so it’s not gonna be as in the first website where you’re being paid like even less than one cent per click but that’s one you’re actually being paid one cent or more per click and the minimum payout is only $1 which is really amazing and yes there is PayPal option so and GPT planet you can earn by completing simple tasks like viewing every time is advertisements referring new members and completing offers so that’s some really great stuff over at the GPT planet calm and no there are no I referral links to this because I saw in some of the previous videos that people were complaining like you’re posting this videos not to help people but just to send people to your referral links where I don’t have I didn’t and never had any referral links or affiliate links in my description so there’s no referral links to this website just yet or straight through the GPT and start making money this is not sponsored video or whatever those are as it I did a research for you guys I spent hours of my own time to find a research to do the research for those companies you receive their actual legit to find them and I did spend a little bit of time on this and I’m making the video just for you so you can start making money I’m not selling anything inside this video and there are no referrals or affiliate links in description you can check it if you want to so yes definitely if you do appreciate that just hit the like button leave a thumbs up and if you do appreciate me uploading daily make fun online strategies and daily business ideas you just hit the like button that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I’ll be reading all those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see that common v app that we’re gonna be using v who ops to the we’re gonna be using is this one over here where you can get paid doing activities online so you are entitlements and earn cash so as you can see you will be able to register just for absolutely free and you will be able to watch ads or perform some tasks and surveys so watching ads is not the only way that you can make money with this website and then you won’t be able to withdraw your money of course so limitless earnings you can also view you can you can view ads you can filter ways you can participate in contests and earn some free cash you can of course watch that I redeem your offers or you can listen to music and listen to radio to get some math to get some decimal money as well so not only can you view ads and get pay-per-click but you can also do tasks to refer people and much much more so this is over at the success Success success be you acts that come the next website we’re gonna be using is called paid words this is already paid words dot-com and this is as well so you can connect like an urn discover how easy is to advertise and earn at the same time so this is obviously a place where you can either advertise your company and pay someone to click on your ads and pay someone to visit your website but obviously that is now we are interested in so all we need all we want to is to get paid it to click as you can see there the very first PTC to have a unique points program the latching Cree’s the value of your paid ads which is really really amazing and I wanted s well the website they allow me to promote and generate extra income online with ease get started right away and you can read more about it over here this is available for both iOS and Android you can install this app it’s paid words this is how low it’s gonna look like let me refresh it so I can show you the actual logo so you will just need to search for this a logo at the iOS at the at the Apple Store or the Google Play Store just find this app and start making some decent amounts of money with a desk one so this is paid worst calm and last but not the least after we’re gonna be using it is gonna be this one over here once again a pretty old fashioned looking website but it pays some distant amount of money it’s a really great one so as you can see I have worthless income and work how many percent free no investment required their trusted network pain since 2009 so they’ve been established for a while over ten years online so you know they’re legit because if they were knowledge at this website wouldn’t be I wouldn’t exist at as so far as Thursday so as you can see you have even a proof of their earnings over or someone’s earnings over here so they do pay Y a payable they also have some really nice support the theme if you have any questions for them or you need some help over at that website you can always feel free to contact their support their support stuff leave low payment methods the low minimum payment transfer is gonna be only $5 so yes it’s not as low on some of the previous website but this one will allow you to make even more money and you also have some different payment options as well like people is not available in your country and this website name is Eno so I double and ocorant dot-com I double and ocorant dot-com so to summarize this the website we’re gonna be using is rad Oh Joe calm he’d you dot-com a box inside com GPT planet calm success box calm paid words calm and the e no to get paid just reviewing just for viewing the ads

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