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How I Built 5 Income Sources that Make 7,700 Per Month

How I Built 5 Income Sources that Make $167,700 Per Month

hi it’s mark so today I’m gonna let you into a bit of a secret I’m revealing exactly how I built five income sources that generate me more than 167 thousand dollars per month now the old system of getting a secure job and working until you’re 65 is crumbling and the world is changing faster than ever new technologies have constantly been developed and this is causing many companies to downsize and shut altogether jobs that were once safe and consider the lifelong they’re just disappearing by the second so how do you take back control and protect yourself from having financial trouble in the future the answer is simple you need to build multiple income sources so I’m making this video revealing exactly how I have built mine I hope it sparks that imagination in you to get you started now I believe with the right motivation guidance anyone can create multiple income sources if I was able to watch this video when I was younger I might have been even further ahead today I have really enjoyed watching similar videos on YouTube but the majority of them are making their income solely from YouTube backers which of course is awesome however my income sources are completely different from this right guys so before we jump straight in I’d like you to smash that thumbs up button and also subscribe to the channel to join our tribe and stay up to date with all the latest videos and start increasing your income today number one is my retail store and this income source generates me over sixty five thousand dollars a month selling radio-controlled helicopters planes cars let me take you back to where it all began when I was a kid my dad would spend hours upon hours in his workshop building different model airplanes from scratch having three sisters I wanted to escape the house and just imagine any three sisters and spend more time with him I remember really clearly that he was working on one particular plane for weeks I was so excited when we took it out to the field for its maiden flight I was absolutely amazed that something my dad had built from bits of wood was able to fly after being inspired by one of my mentors I decided to open my own shop I really wanted to pass on I love for models to others I remember clearly throwing everything I had into my first shot on opening day I had to put a sleeping bag in the back of my van because unless I took enough money I did not have enough money for fuel to even get myself home that have been a cold night I cashed up that first day and was so pleased with the amount of money are taken little did I know to this day we have never taken less in a single day than that very first day so if you’re thinking of opening a shop then I highly recommend doing it around something you’re passionate about as this will drive you to become better and better at it and make great profits in the future number two is my own brand and product range this income source generates over $50,000 a month so at this point I’ve mastered selling to the public but I wanted to make my own products and create my own brand and start selling into other shops now in my school days I used to get super bored so I would sit and draw lots of new and improved model airplane designs now little did I know later I would be clutching those designs that are drawn as a kid and I’ll be sitting on a plane on my way to China of all places I’ve heard that China was the place to go if you wanted to get a factory to make your designs into reality I only knew one Chinese guy and I didn’t speak a word that a language but I really believed in my designs I managed to build some really strong connections with factory owners but the reality was I needed a load of cash to jumpstart the business but just as fate would have it I received a call from Ridley Scott oscar-winning director asking me to help him with one of his films it wasn’t really Ridley but it was one of his team they needed me to redesign some model helicopters and fly them in Morocco for a film called Black Hawk Down I’ve even got the poster up in my office look at all that is this was a three month job or should I say vacation it was great fun flying eight foot long Black Hawk helicopters through various film scenes and what’s more it paid really well and in dollars which was destined to pay for those first model supplies from China I managed by this massive warehouse and start my new business selling my own products and brands to the model industry and almost instantly the designs were a hit even years later that income source is still bringing $50,000 a month but that isn’t even the most fulfilling thing the thing I love most of all is seeing other people flying the models I designed if you’re considering selling your own product be it a physical one or even an online one the key thing is to know your market inside-out it sounds simple but I see a lot of entrepreneurs just spraying and praying if I think guessing and just going for it is the right strategy you have to test the market to see if there is a market and there is a demand for the product you’re building market research has to be real it’s no good using friends and family they love you they’re not going to be honest and true remember the truth sometimes hurt and they don’t want to hurt you start by making a product you would love and then test it before wasting years of your life making something that no one wants to buy number three is my eBay business this income source generates me over forty five thousand dollars a month and it’s all easy 24 hours a day just tap of a button and away we go now due to the success of my shop and my own brands and products I started getting approached by other businesses in my industry that we’re looking to sell everything due to retirement or change of career I was faced with a problem I had the money to buy the stock but I didn’t have the space in my shop to put it all then I discovered eBay for the next couple of years I wanted to learn everything I could I love the idea of having a shop that was open 24 hours I could sell even when I was asleep for a while I became addicted I even had a sales on my phone every time I sold a product I made the decision to go all-in and I started buying lots of other shops I even bought another warehouse and I stuffed it full of stock and I listed every single item on eBay within a few months I was grossing over $45,000 a month today I’ve made a name for myself as a go-to guy in the industry if you’re looking to sell your business I’ll buy everything because given the time and the right price for think we’ll sell there is nothing stopping you from starting on eBay and if you don’t have any money to buy a product then start by going through your home room by room for items you no longer need look up how much the items are going for searching the competition and the other listings the key is to look up everything even if you don’t think it’s worth anything you will be shocked by how much you can make oh and remember to set your phone to make that sweet every time you sell a product trust me it gives you such a buzz number for my net rental income now this generates over five thousand dollars a month I wanted to create a revenue stream that would give me income even if I decided I wanted to stop work so I did some research and looked at the local area I needed an up-and-coming area to buy from with good links to London good schools and this is what I bought however I regretted this investment almost as soon as I bought it the reality was it needed a lot of fix now more than I had initially thought and I just tied up a huge chunk of cash but I was committed by this point I needed to make it work so I spent every free moment down at the house fixing everything myself to save cost except the electric car professionally to do that you don’t want to mess with the electrics now looking back this was hands-down one of the best investments I’ve ever made combined with the many commercial properties are now owned my income stream is $5,000 per month now being a landlord isn’t always easy a couple of months ago I got called up during the middle of a major storm to fix one of the roof tiles I took a look at thought how could it be now let me set the scene for you a two-story house is quite high but going up onto the roof felt like being on a top of the Empire State Building I was thinking what am I doing here my hands were shaking my stomach was doing somersaults I finally managed to fix the problem and you know what it saved me around $300 but the lesson I learned and it was a very important one get a professional in you really do not want to fall off a roof that could be very expensive but if you are ready to accept costs involved with running a rental property and you prefer for investments that you can feel then investing in real estate really could be for you number five is business coaching this generates me two thousand seven hundred dollars a month this is my passion project it’s obviously grossing the least amount of money at the moment but it’s something I’m really passionate about every month I will get on the phone and talk to a few select entrepreneurs and help them increase their profitability and income it doesn’t really matter what that industry is because the underlying principles and skills for success in business are pretty much the same across the board with specific advice I really can watch them scale their businesses to the next level but there is only so many of these calls I can do per month that’s why I decided to create this YouTube channel it’s a great way to put out free videos that can reach way more people than I can ever manage to talk to on the phone here’s a video I made the other day I’ll leave it right there but before you click that video subscribe to the channel if you’re interested in watching weekly videos that help you grow your well and why not let me know that you’ve made it to this point in a video just put in the comment money because we all like a bit of that don’t forget to click on this and I’ll see you next time

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