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How I Made Over ,000 With My Print on Demand Business in a Few Months

How I Made Over $70,000 With My Print on Demand Business in a Few Months

seventy three thousand six three hundred and sixty three dollars six thousand one hundred thirty six products sold I want to tell you how I was able to make over $70,000 at the age of eighteen nineteen in literally just a few months from selling t-shirts this was my first real business that I created and I want to tell you the story because it’s just such a cool story I’m gonna tell you everything from what t-shirts I did what marketing I did who I advertised to and my best selling t-shirts and you can even go and do this it’s still viable now I only moved on because I want to start an Amazon business but I want to tell you what I did and it’s really cool so before I get started please consider hitting that subscribe button because these videos are only getting better I’m only doing them every single day only every single day and I feel like you’re realizing this is all part of my 100 day content challenge and if I talk very fast let me know in the comments I’m gonna try and change that because I feel like I talk really fast but anyway I want to show you how I did that and let it all starts when I was 18 years old I was doing a gap year and I came home for a couple of days and my brother showed me this t-shirt this guy called Don Wilson who had a course on on how to sell t-shirts right and I took the course I thought this is really interesting I went back abroad in my gap year and I was watching this course doing a bit of research and I came to just exit this because this is annoying I can’t you realization that if I wanted to do this and I wanted to make money on this I wanted to take action straight away so I left my gap year earlier it was meant to be a year I left after six and a half months I came home and I focus all my attention on building this business up I started I’ve got my notes and my crew tomorrow is this where I’m looking I started with a website called teespring right I used teespring and I use Facebook right and I was advertising on Facebook my teespring t-shirts it just blew up really fast like it blew ups I wish my youtube channel will blow up as fast as my t-shirts blew up because that would be really cool the first thing I did was name t-shirts I said if you saw this when it was a trend but it said like I’m like team so my name is Jimmy Morris it would say like team Morris or something like that right handle – they’ll pop up on the screen here but that is what it looked like and you were able to advertise on Facebook in a very specific way targeting people by surname now this was I’d wanna say a hack but it was it was a loophole at the time because Facebook had no idea that people were able to do this and they didn’t really mind but then when everyone starts doing it they stopped it you were able to download a list of contacts on Facebook with a certain surname re-upload them as a custom audience and then advertise them a t-shirt now the reason this did so well is because the conversion rate was so high so high because when you see your own name on a t-shirt you’re going to click it when you see your own name on anything you’re going to click it so I made a whole bunch of money from that but then Facebook went and said this right you can’t talk to people by their name this is a bit too this is a bit too intimate kind of thing so they stopped that right they didn’t let that happen anymore and I had to kind of change it up a bit which I did right I changed it up to job t-shirts and that is still a thing you can still do that and I made some really good money like bartender electrician technician plumber all these kind of t-shirts now you’re thinking who wanted to wear a t-shirt with their name or with their a job on it and you’ll be surprised a lot of people actually bought these t-shirts my most popular one was my bartender t-shirt right I think that’s like I’m a bartender what’s your superpower just really basic TV I said that right I went from the name t-shirts to the bartender t-shirts and this is all happen really really quickly the names he just was doing for about a month maybe a month and a half then I started doing the job t-shirts for about another months and a half this whole process was probably bout four to five months not even maybe four months and then after the job t-shirts I continued doing those and I wanted to try and mix it up and I wanted to have one viral t-shirt so I tried a lot of different things and then I hit my viral t-shirt and it was a Father’s Day t-shirt I released it just before Father’s Day in June and I did this twice so I did this over two years and I know I said all this money was made in a couple of months and it was the following year that I released it it didn’t do as well as the first year but at Father’s Day I released a like a top Dad t-shirt going off the spoof of like top gear but it said top dad and obviously I did all the checks trademark for those kind of things and it was absolutely fine but I didn’t want to do anything that I wasn’t allowed to be doing but that t-shirt made a ridiculous amount of money more than any of my other t-shirts combined this was crazy because I did all of this at the age of 18 or 19 at this point because I started when I was 18 and then I turned 19 in February and I just continued and it just it was mental it was absolutely mental and you can literally target these things to this day and I’ll show you well I’ll actually show you now how you can target let’s go to Facebook Ads I’m gonna show you how you can target by job title or the Father’s Day kind of thing how you can do this so this is to screen by the way so they have a lot more products now they’ve got teddies they’ve got bags hats phone cases when I did it they literally just had t-shirts and there were very very basic t-shirts as well so if you see if you click start designing you can see they make a whole range of things now like leggings socks I might even get back into this this is so cool yeah they’ve got a lot of stuff they’ve got home staff accessories this is insane Wow they’ve really this company is great I meant when I started this company was was kind of new right it was kind of new and maybe that’s why I did well who knows I got into it really early but besides the point they’ve got so much more to do it so you can hundreds and do it I’m on the wrong ads account this one has been blocked I’m actually making a video about why my ads account got closed that’s a really interesting video so you’re gonna want to check that out as well but let’s have a look create an ad so in terms of let’s just do traffic let’s just continue right so if you want to go to audience okay you want to do create your audience let’s do right so you’ve got suggestions all right let’s browse first you’ve got demographics we’ve got parents or parents parents all okay so now let’s make it men only wear genders here we go gosh I feel like I forgot how to use Facebook you’ve got so now it’s men so it’s fathers and now let’s narrow the audience a bit and say fathers who like punks okay we have now got a small audience bugs let’s add more dogs at that one who will be chewy Golden Retriever right we now have a father who likes dogs and we can make this t-shirt just before June I think Father’s Day is Father’s Day 2020 do this in 2020 you will make a mint 21st of June so I would launch this maybe in May right the first week of May I would launch this t-shirt it’s a great time to start buying your Father’s Day gifts okay so you can do a t-shirt targeting father’s who like dogs and you can have something specific like a Father’s Day thing with like a dog in balls and you will make a killing it’s so targeted you can make it even more targeted than that but how targeted is that that you can literally target someone who is a father who likes dogs and you can launch it just before Father’s Day come on do I need to convince you of this anymore so this is literally what I did I did a bit of research and I went into it I didn’t like that and it made so much money like so much money so if you wanna get into t-shirt 100% I recommend you get into t-shirts I actually think I might get back into it because they’ve got these cool leggings which I feel like I can sell they’ve got socks I could sell it got so much stuff now it’s so cool it’s so so cool I got shower curtains so much stuff so I would hunch that recommend doing that this is what I did when I was literally 1819 I made a lot of money it was something like 70,000 let’s have a look and go listings I haven’t done this in a while let’s just go to all-time something like what is it it’s just loading seventy three thousand six three hundred and sixty three dollars six thousand one hundred thirty six products sold that is insane and saying that is that is insane come on you can definitely definitely do this and if you want any help doing this let me know in the comments down below maybe I’ll make more videos I could make a whole tutorial video on this if you want me to but let me know in the comments down below I’m happy to make a video from the the process of researching creating a t-shirt advertising it on Facebook and getting sales like that and it’s just brilliant and you only you don’t have to pay for anything right it’s crowdsource so you only pay for what you sell so you obviously have to pay for your ads yeah hi thanks you obviously have to pay for your ads obviously that makes sense but you don’t have to pay for the t-shirts upfront so it’s a brilliant business model because you don’t have you don’t have to put your skin in the game in a way like you don’t have to spend thousands on stock of t-shirts when it’s crowdsource so you only sell them you only pay for when you sell one so it’s just a genius idea let me know in the comments and if you’ve heard of teespring give this video a like but let me know in the comments for me to make more videos like this and I’ll happily make a full tutorial for you I’m not gonna make a course about this but happily gets all this information to you for free just let me know in the comments if you want it yeah I thought it was pretty cool I thought it’s a good video to make literally if I was able to this at 19 there’s no age limit you can do this at 12 you can loose at 30 and you could do it at 15 you could do this 60 there is no age limit to doing this you don’t have to get on video you don’t have to show yourself you can literally just be behind a computer make some cool designs and these designs can say anything like how basic my designs are I basic this design is right it’s just really really basic and they of course are also mammal ants right this sold thousands and this is it this is a t-shirt this is the website like they do the whole thing for you if you want to buy you should click Add to Cart you have to pay for any of this and it’s it’s it’s that easy it’s really really that easy and I highly recommend doing it it’s also good fun and if you don’t have to design there are websites like Fiverr that you can get designs on there are websites like 99 designs but to be honest there are so many designs but let me know in the comments if you want me to make videos about this in more detail and actually give a step-by-step so and I will hopefully see you into my video if you haven’t subscribe hit that subscribe button

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