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How I Was Making ,000 Per Month at 15

How I Was Making $10,000 Per Month at 15

so long story short i used to run several channels on youtube with a healthy amount of clickbait so there’s your short answer but this video isn’t done just yet instead of just wasting your time showing you a bank balance and then not giving you any extra information i thought i’d switch things up a little bit in this video i’m actually gonna be showing you everything and exactly what i did each month to grow a source of income from nothing to ten thousand pounds at age fifteen and lastly i didn’t originally want to do this but i actually can’t show the names of these channels some things i share in this video could you know possibly get me in trouble so uh this is all speculation also at any point in this video if i come across as an egotistical little sh then feel free to dislike this video and roast my big nose all comments are welcome okay so how did this all come about and how did this all start so i’m gonna skip to the summer of 2018 where i was making videos on this channel but i wasn’t really feeling it i was feeling a little bit burnt out but i still wanted to create on this given day i decided to create another channel nothing special right and i started out posting youtube videos in my kind of own special type of genre that’s one way to put it i wasn’t really getting the attention i desired so i kind of just moved on and got bored of that channel now we’re gonna skip to november 2018 because this is where the story starts to take a twist so i’m on youtube alright and i randomly just decided to type in roblox now if you’re unfamiliar roblox is literally just a video game mostly targeted at kids and teenagers and one of the videos that showed up was a video where somebody was showing off roblox promo code it wasn’t anything special but it had a lot of views and look i was bored that day so i decided to recreate that video literally word for word repost it to youtube with like a few tweaks in the title maybe like two words different and to be fair i wasn’t really expecting much and literally seconds after i post it it started getting views my first initial reaction was just oh it’s just you know subscribers clicking on my new video to see what i’m doing no big deal right but you know i wait another 10 minutes and it’s still getting views it started with about 50 views then it went 100 then 200 then 500 then a thousand then five oh i decided to then make another video literally no changes made to it just like a different intro or something like that that video does even better than the first one so like i’m sitting there as like a 14 year old at this point just like man what what is going on and with 10 pounds to my name i’m thinking now the main ways you get paid on youtube is ad revenue and sponsorships ad revenue is when you get paid for the ads that play at the start and in between your videos typically you’ll see ad revenue rates on for example gaming channels around two dollars per every 1 000 views you get so if you get a video that gets 100 thousand views you’re going to be making 200 pounds and to apply for this type of ad revenue you’re gonna need four thousand watch hours and a thousand subscribers and at this current point i was nowhere near these requirements so i knew if i wanted to make some money i needed to make a plan i would make another roblox promo code video but this time i would put a fake promo code in between and to activate it people needed to comment very nice under all of my videos okay look i did this as a joke literally not expecting a single person to do it but i i was wrong i told people to comment very nice of every single one of my videos look at this it’s every single video what i think it’s crazier than this 1986 today i’m already getting 300 today it’s got even more comments oh my gosh and it just spiked here but it made me think at that time like damn i could get away with like anything and up until the new year of 2019 i made more of those videos and just before the end of the year i hit 10 000 subscribers on my youtube channel and on top of that i finally after about two months of waiting got accepted for monetization so that meant i could start earning money through ad revenue on youtube but the thing was i missed the big promo code wave for my channel because now everybody thinks i’m an idiot nobody believes me anymore nobody’s clicking on my videos i went from getting 10 20 000 views of video all the way down to 500 views i thought that was it it was my one big hit i had one good month but unfortunately i missed it didn’t make any money but hey you know it was fun to skip the new year we’re now in 2019 i kind of realized that i dug myself a hole and i vividly remember in this time just getting out a notebook and just trying to think of something that could revive my channel i started out by writing everything about my audience their age interests hobbies and after this i came up with about 20 video ideas some of them were prank videos some of them were how to get free stuff from roblox and i decided to make a poll on my community section where my audience could vote on which idea they liked the most i put out not expecting much just maybe assuming that there was going to be an even split and 95 percent of people were asking for how to get free robux and from that moment on i knew what i needed to do next we motherfucking hear 1k views again 1k views per hour this time a week ago channel completely dead first video to hit 10 000 views in under 25 hours 17 hours and i’ve got 10k views 100 000 views in the first two weeks and the thing is the video was so low effort i literally went over the most generic stuff you could find on any forum post any blog post any youtube video in the past two years but looking back on the video that wasn’t why i got big firstly i decided to eliminate a huge portion of the joking parts of my videos i decided to take it a little more serious and on top of that i decided to emulate literally every other youtuber doing the same kind of thing as me and i decided to add in a free robux giveaway i did the classic obnoxiously loud intro going like this video right here and subscriber with post notifications on assuming it was probably outdated and it wasn’t gonna work but i was wrong once again because that video got 10 000 likes and only 200 dislikes i mean that ratio is infinitely better than my old promo code videos and because of this youtube picked the video up and just absolutely skyrocketed the views so that now we’re moving on to april 2019 which means i turned 15. i was still doing the exact same format and you know i was going pretty well i’d have weeks where i was doing worse i’d have weeks when i’m doing better but on the whole my channel is still going up but you see i started to notice something you see in my business email inbox i was getting emails upon emails of companies wanting me to promote their website in which my viewers watch video ads to complete surveys in return they get points and from those points they can then get free robux which fit really well with my channel but you’ve got to bear in mind at this point i’d never taken a sponsorship on before so i was wary i first of all thought they were all scammers and on top of this i was hearing many people saying that you shouldn’t do sponsorships until you reach 100 000 subscribers so i decided to just kind of draw away from all of that kind of stuff but i i was keeping in touch to make sure they weren’t going anywhere and just saying yeah i’ll be interested in a few weeks and so on and april was our best month by far 900 000 views an extra twenty thousand subscribers and we made our first 1k month towards the end of the month i decided to up my posting so instead of posting maybe once or twice a week i decided to stick to a strict schedule of three times a week and this really started to pay off because i started seeing my average views go from 20 000 to around about 50 000 per video but for at this time i made a video that did crazy well so i titled the video this code gives robux and in the video i made an event where i invited a ton of fans in there where they had to find a code and if they found the code i would then give them robux now to my own credit this was actually fairly smart i figured out a format where i could like manipulate the video so it matches basically any title you could think of i started tiptoeing the community guidelines on youtube for what could get you banned and not banned especially regarding spam and misleading content but i was pretty ignorant and oblivious to this at the time so this really wasn’t on my radar and i never really even considered that i could get banned on my channel now with april now behind us we move on to may and on may the 13th i hit 100 000 subscribers on my channel now because on this channel i never really expected that a million was even a possibility once i hit 100 000 subscribers it was almost like a flick switched in my head and i’d finally come to terms with myself and realized that i built a fan base of a hundred thousand subscribers that didn’t really care about me they only cared about the robux that i was giving away and at first i found it hard to accept this so i literally just went the exact opposite way stopped all of the giveaways stopped to learn how to get free stuff and just went straight to making my old gaming content none of it worked it was the same issue that we ran into earlier on with that people just simply weren’t clicking on it so youtube weren’t promoting it even if it was a good video youtube just aren’t going to promote it if my audience doesn’t like it so after affirming that realization in my own head i started to prioritize money over everything else it’s weird how things work out because literally after a week of adopting this mentality i get my first community guidelines strike on youtube it was regarding spam and misleading content which was a little bit demotivating and it was a little bit of a shot in the gut but what what can you do you know what can you do but something was started to happen because channels around me in my same field were getting strikes left right and center tons of them were getting banned and in my own head i just assume well i’m gonna be gone this month anyway all contacts of sponsorships that i’ve been touching base with i decided to make a deal with every single one of them this was also a time where my mental health just i would literally wake up every day nothing else matters i would then go and check my emails to make sure i hadn’t got suspended i mean i was convinced i was gonna get terminated in the month anyway so what did it matter so to my surprise two months later nothing happened my warning expired all of the channels being terminated around me that all dried up and it seemed like it was just a dumb phase and on top of all of that my channel was doing better than ever but i’m just gonna be authentic with you like it didn’t feel like anything it didn’t feel like i had a hundred thousand subscribers it didn’t feel like i had ten thousand pounds i was i was almost searching for more i was unaware at the time that like numerical figures like this are ultimately just unfulfilling so i kept on chasing more i wanted a million subscribers i wanted 10 000 pounds in a month and i was so certain that when i reached those goals i would finally be happy so this leads me on to september of 2019 up until this point my content has basically just stayed the same i’m still doing the same format i’m still just doing free stuff primarily and the channel is doing pretty well you know generally it’s got an upwards momentum but in september new school year this all changed i knew to reach my goals i needed to have more than one youtube channel so i created another one and decided to do it in the exact same niche i started combining roleplay with my how to get free stuff and that did a bit my format in short was the giveaway intro then i would get my brother to act as my second channel i would then do challenges until i reached the 10 minute mark and then i would end the video off with exposing that it was fake all along i did this about two times but then i started to notice that everybody was clicking off and i was getting a ton of dislikes on those videos i was actually losing subscribers and my second channel was just gaining a bad reputation so i knew i needed to change something and that is when i unironically started faking these free robux promo codes and this is undeniably where i i’ve gone too far okay so all of the other stuff i’ve been doing sure i mean it’s a little bit distasteful but it’s not the end of the world but the thing is what i’m doing now is no longer a joke to put it bluntly i’m literally click baiting kids so that i could get the video to 10 minutes fit in a sponsorship and ultimately i was just adding to the endless waste of just inauthentic content on youtube it was actually this time as well that my channel name got leaked throughout my school and to be honest looking back at it it was horrible at the time because i was so conscious that everybody thought i was a scumbag i generally think it was a good thing to have happened because now i was actually responsible for my own actions and i could no longer hide behind a screen with a fake voice and just make dumb videos for money it was a constant ethical battle throughout that time it was like do i value my integrity or do i value my money more and being honest back then i valued money more funny thing is in this month my channel really started to blow up and in that month of september i gained 80 000 subscribers i made 3 000 pounds from ad revenue alone and on top of that i made another 2 000 pounds from sponsorships and from then on things just started to get crazy nothing particularly happened until two months later november 2019 my second channel randomly out of nowhere hit the algorithm and i went from 15 000 subscribers to 50 000 subscribers in the matter of a week and the thing was before i started to blow up on my second channel i’ve been accepted into the monetization process and now i’m actually catching this wave unlike the first time i started to blow up on my main channel from that second channel alone i was probably making around about 40 to 60 pounds a day not even taking the video seriously at all and because i could now afford to give away robux consistently i started making that the main focus of my channel and i now prided myself over the fact that i actually showed proof of giving away robux i think that really helped to accelerate my channel even further throughout this time i also became a lot better at negotiation and i could now actually contest for a bit of money that beforehand i would have been absolutely duped out of and with sponsorships i started offering this thing called insurance and this was one of the ways i managed to get my sponsor prices right up because if i’m working with a sponsor they’re never going to want to increase the price but what i started saying to these sponsorships was that hey if this video doesn’t get two hundred thousand views in two weeks then i’m gonna refund fifty percent of the initial payment so i managed to up my sponsor price to nine hundred pounds per one minute sponsorship which was a really comfortable amount and i was consistently getting that basically every single video and the last thing that happened in november is that actual official company started reaching out to me for sponsorships with all of these factors combined in november i made a grand total of 6 000 pounds and december 2019 was my best month yet because i made it 9 000 pounds in that one month now that was mainly due to ad rates being a lot higher in december but still i’m actually like 1 000 pounds away from my main goal of 10k a month but at this point i wanted to scale even further than i’d already done i had two channels at this point but i devised a plan where i was sure i could make upwards of twenty thousand pounds every month firstly my plan was to make my own reward site so i didn’t have to rely on sponsors to pay me the second part of this plan was to grow five channels and hire people out to actually make videos on those channels and on those channels i would own them so first of all i would get the ad revenue from them and second of all they would just act as an automatic system of promoting my site so in short i was basically just trying to automize the process that i’ve already got and just before the new year of 2020 i worked tirelessly at trying to make this become a reality but it just didn’t work out how i wanted it to because first of all i got scammed at the site i was trying to make and the videos that i was getting sent back by these guys just with terrible quality but after a month of stress i just decided to drop it i was out 1k and it just wasn’t gonna work out which you know it was fine now we’re gonna skip to january of 2020 because this month my channels again did crazy well i mean my second channel was now on 100 000 subscribers my main channel was nearing 500 000 subscribers everything was going well and on that month we made a grand total of 10 000 pounds which is around about 12 000 or something like that so video over right as much as i’d like to say that’s it and then end the video uh no so up until april of 2020 both my channels are doing really really well i was posting twice a week on each now and i was consistently making it 10 000 pounds every single month i had 730 000 subscribers on my main channel and i had just passed up 400 000 subscribers on my second channel firstly sponsorships got their adsense stripped which was how they were making the majority of their money i went from being offered a thousand pounds for a video to being lucky to get 400 pounds for one video and on april 20th my main channel got suspended and the reason for this was misleading content i lost 5 000 pounds of ad revenue in april and because of this just coming out of nowhere i panicked and on my second channel i deleted all of my videos which means i killed all the momentum on it and i basically now just have a dead channel with 400k subscribers so you think i’d be devastated right well actually in reality i was secretly kind of glad i had matured enough to realize that what i was doing was just ultimately it wasn’t going to make me fulfilled and it wasn’t a long-term sustainable business plan anyway and constantly chasing views chasing attention chasing trends was just making me miserable and one of the maddest things that happened after my suspension and my channel being wiped from youtube not one single video was made on me in reality nobody actually cared nobody cared about my channel they just cared about what i was giving away and ultimately when i die i want to be remembered as somebody who stayed true to himself and not true to his money if at any point in this video you enjoyed it please consider going down below subscribing to the channel and liking this video i do this stuff for free so something as small as liking a video sharing it to a friend is heavily appreciated and helps me financially support channels like these thank you all for watching this far into the video and i hope to see you all very very soon

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