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YouTube family what’s going on guys it’s Jay here and I am super I am super duper excited today because for all my subscribers and the people who watch my content y’all are gonna absolutely love this video let me tell you what I’m gonna show you how to do I’m gonna show you how you can make 100 200 300 up to 500 dollars every single day by simply copying and pasting ads online now many of these websites that I’m gonna reveal to you not many people know that they even exist and quite frankly I can’t even believe that I’m sharing this on video but you guys are amazing and I don’t mind hippy y’all make money online now if you’re in another country if you are in college if you are a stay-at-home parent this method will work but the key is you must follow me every single step because if you miss just one second you may miss this whole thing of guys so pay close attention and stay tuned all right my friends let me get this out the way first this is not going to be your ordinary cookie cutter make money online video that you probably seen out there a thousand times this is not gonna be one of those type of videos today I’m here to give you per value step-by-step training that’s gonna help you make up to five hundred dollars every single day but let’s be real here for a second is everybody gonna make five hundred dollars a day probably not because some people are not going to take action on this some people are not going to put in the time and work hard like others but if you can spare extra thirty minutes time hour a day you can make about a hundred dollars a day and if you’re someone that has more time on your hand and you can put in about five hours to up to eight hours there’s no doubt in my mind you can make five hundred dollars a day or even more all it take is consistency now if this is your first time here and you’ve never seen in my videos or maybe you’re not subscribed slap that big subscribe button below it’s a big red subscribe button hit that subscribe button so you can stay updated every time I drop great content just like this video today now let’s head over to my computer and get this thing to rolling okay so what I have pulled up on the screen here is the back office of one of the companies that I work with and this company pay me very well to go out there and advertise for them post ads post videos on certain sites and they pay me very well to do this now I’m about to share some earnings with you and this is something that I normally don’t do but there’s a very good reason why I’m doing this today so you can see this company just today I’ve made over seven hundred dollars yesterday was like thirteen hundred last seven days seven thousand last thirty days over twenty five thousand and I’ve been with this company close to two years and I’ve made over eight hundred thousand dollars right here now why am i showing you this though because if you’re anything like me you’re probably sick and tired of watching these hyped up videos of people standing in front of a Lamborghini or Ferrari showing all this material to try to sucker you into a training program that’s not why I’m here I’m here to show you real undeniable proof that I’m making money but not only that I’m gonna show you how you can make money as well this is what most people are not going to do you have to be very careful who you follow and that’s why I wanted to show this to you first now we’re gonna get into the training let’s go okay so the first website where I’m going to show you how you can copy and paste ads on and make money is a site called the free ad forum and this is one of those sites not a lot of people know about a lot of people don’t even know this site exists but they get a ton of traffic and what I like about them is they are business opportunity friendly you can post affiliate programs on here and don’t have to worry about getting your ad taking down now I’m also gonna share with you two other ways that you can copy and paste you definitely want to pay attention to this video because when you combined all three together you’re gonna get the maximum results so the free ad form is the first one and over a hundred thousand members are signed up to this website and it’s growing every day so you’re gonna get traffic here so you come to the free ad form you click right here where it says register then you put your email username password and then you want to go to your email and confirm your email and next thing you want to do is log in so I already have an account so when you’re logged in this is the page you’re gonna see you want to look over here on the left side where it says new classified you want to click on that because this is how you’re gonna post your ad and right here you want to scroll down this little box right here you want to choose jobs then this little box is gonna pop up since we’re doing business opportunity affiliate programs you want to click right here where it says business opportunities click on that and then you’re gonna see this little box right here where it says ninety days no costs when you come to this page it should automatically say that if it don’t you want to choose that because what I’m showing you here is absolutely free but there are two other options here six months for five dollars one year for ten dollars there are some benefits to this now for one if you come to the home page your ad is going to end up right here on this in this little column here so you’re gonna get more views and if you choose one of the paid options you’re gonna stay up longer but I never choose any of these what I’m showing you in this video is free ways now the next thing you want to do right here where it says title this is where you put your headline it and I’m gonna give you all the free ads here you can use every one of them and when you get good with this you can start to tweak them and make them fit your business and also guys if you don’t have a business I’m gonna leave a list of free opportunities that you can get involved with so you’ll be able to make money but a lot of you guys are already in the business so you can just use the business that you’re already a part of it’s that simple so I’m gonna copy one of these ads here let’s copy this one and I’m gonna paste it BAM it’s that easy and right here is where you put your ad body yet so every one of these headlines here will fit all of these bodies so you can just choose whichever one you like the best and like I said guys you can tweak these if you want remember all the more original your ad looked the better but you don’t have to this is truly a copy and paste method here so I’m copy Pam so you can see my ad body here and the next thing you want to do in this little box you want to put your tags because some people that come to this website are going to type in what they’re looking for and you want to make sure your tags are related to your ad and I have some that you can copy-and-paste from right here so I’m gonna paste them right here on price you can leave that at zero shipping you’re doing digital here so you don’t have to worry about any shipping put your email here region so I’m gonna choose United States and I’m gonna choose let’s choose New Jersey so you can choose any state any or country you want here right here I’m gonna choose South Jersey this next step right here is very important this little green box right here is where you put your website URL when people visit your ad it’s gonna say something like click my website or click here for my website if you don’t put this here you’re not going to get signups and like I said if you’re not a part of any business I’m going to give you access to a list of companies for absolutely free so I’m gonna put my website here and the next part right here this is where you put your image I like to use money images you can go to Google you can go to Instagram and find a whole ton of free images and just experiment with them so I’m gonna click this one right here in this little section right here is where you can put a YouTube video I like to put one of my videos here because they show people how to make money online and if you don’t have any videos yourself you’re welcome to use one of mine just remember to put your website link here so when people watch the video or read the ad they’re gonna go straight to your website okay so I’m gonna put one of my videos here and then you want to scroll down and this little button right here where it says preview you want to click that to make sure your ad is a-okay so I’m gonna click preview then this little tab is gonna pop up this is where your ad gonna be and you can move this around if you want so I’m going to look here make sure my title is correct make sure the image that I upload it is right here and here’s one of my videos so when people watch the video you don’t matter if you share my video or somebody else’s video they’re gonna be able to scroll down read the ad and right here is where they click the website it and go to your page so I’m gonna close that out everything looks good I’m gonna scroll down and then I’m gonna click next step so right here it says your order has been received successfully Thanks total no cost so you didn’t purchase anything your ad is live and you could click right here to make sure it’s live BAM there it is right there guys and right here you can see this is where I put my website I’m gonna click that and show you and that’s my capture page right here this is where people go to my website they enter their email and everything so I’m gonna show you that these ads are getting views here this is a hedge I posted on July the 27th and that was just a few days ago and I’ve already got one hundred and thirteen views and you can post multiple ads in multiple states this is just one ad 113 views I’m receiving leads from this ad every single day but we have two more websites to go so let’s hop into them right now this one right here is called free global classified ads and it’s very similar to the one we just posted on you want to make sure you create your account first and then you want to log in and click this red button right here where it says publish your ad for free click on that and this page gonna pop up select your category first business opportunities work from home this time I’m gonna choose work from home you want to put your title here description here those are the pre-written ads that I’m gonna give you for free right here you can leave this blank choose the country region city and right here make sure that you put your website don’t leave that blank and your keywords put the keywords here and right here you can put a YouTube video if you want then click publish now these two websites are they the same but this last method here that I’m gonna share with you it’s totally different a lot of you probably have never seen this method and we’re gonna be doing this method with Craigslist but not in a way that you probably are thinking about it’s something totally different here so you definitely want to pay attention now we’re on the last method here this is a super ninja way that’s gonna get you results if you apply exactly what I’m about to show you now when most people come to Craigslist they click right here on the job section and they try to post their ad up and it’s gonna cost you anywhere from $10 to up to $75 depending on where you post it in order for you to get results but most of the time Craigslist is gonna take your ad down because they don’t like business opportunities they don’t like affiliate programs none of that so I’m gonna show you something different here on what I’ve been using so when I come to Craigslist I choose whatever state I want to post in and then I click right here at the bottom where it says resumes so you click on that and right here what you see on the screen is thousands and thousands of people looking for work and most of them don’t even care what kind of work it is that can be looking for a babysitting job or a roofing job most of the time these people just want to make money and you’re gonna be the savior of the day and help them do just that and I’m gonna give you the pre-written script to use so what you want to do is when you come to this page right here you just want to contact these people and you can narrow the search down if you want you can type something up here like looking for work or you can type something like work from home but like I said most of these people don’t care they just want to make some money from home so I’m gonna click on this first one right here that says any favors needed and you can see this person says I can walk your dog today I can do some housework anything I need to make some quick today see what I’m saying this person said anything so what you want to do this right here is a pre-written script that you can use can tweak it however you want or you can just use it so it says hi so your inquiry on Craigslist about you looking for work we are open to speaking with you about our opportunities please feel free to contact me here and we will send you some information to review about our company and opportunity so perfect message here so I’m gonna copy back to Craigslist and click reply now before you go any further with this what you want to do is create about four or five Gmail accounts then you want to do the same with Yahoo then hotmail the reason why is because it’s going to allow you to send up to 300 to 500 messages you don’t want to be limited here because if you’re working this every day with the other two methods this is how you’re going to be able to make money you don’t want to just use one account so I’m going to click on Gmail and it’s gonna take you to your account whichever count you logged into and I’m just gonna simply paste a message right here and then I’m gonna click CIN now you notice that I did not send my link the first time I did not do that because I want to get to know the person a little bit I want to make sure that I read their message so I can better communicate with them you don’t want to send your link on the first go-around you’re gonna scare the people off you don’t want to do that you send that little simple message you wait for them to respond and then this is my response message I’m not gonna read this one you can pause the video if you want but I send this right here and then it has my link in it right here and then they can go to my website check it out and if they want to get involved with it they may reach back out to me or something you see what I’m saying is they’re easy guys and just like I said make sure you combined all three of these methods together in order for you to see maximum results if you don’t do what I told in this video you’re not gonna see results if you want to make 100 to 500 dollars a day you need to follow everything that I taught you here and if you need to watch this video over keep watching it over and over and over and over until you get it you got to do this consistently my friend and when you send this message out this response message out to people and they decide they want to join you and whatever opportunity you offer them you can also send them this video right here that I made for you so they’ll be able to copy and paste as well you see them saying so you’ll be helping them out hey my friend had to jump in here real quick to show you some proof that this work remember this message right here that I replied to well about 34 minutes later look what I got hello thanks for reaching out may I have the info so you’re gonna see here right now what I’m gonna do I’m gonna send them this response message here copy then I’m gonna click reply right here paste and sing BAM so now they’re gonna get access to the opportunity that I’m a part of so I’m glad you got to see this guys these people respond quick they respond real quick because they need to make some money you’re gonna be able to help them out that’s all I got thanks for sticking with me to the end of this video and don’t forget to hit that big red subscribe button so you’ll stay updated everytime I drop a video peace

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