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How To Get Views On YouTube Fast 2020

How To Get Views On YouTube Fast 2020

in this video I will show you one simple trick to start driving real traffic to your videos and instantly get more views on YouTube for free and the best part about this is that it’s gonna work for anyone so it doesn’t matter if you now have zero views and zero subscribers it doesn’t matter if you’re already getting views and subscribers or not you’re still gonna be able to do this because it’s gonna be so so simple but before we dive into that if you want to see how I personally make thousands of dollars every single day from some of my other YouTube channels so not this one some other YouTube channels without being in front of a camera without filming my videos without creating and editing my videos without affiliate marketing without selling anything on my channels and even without Google Ads so no ads in my videos so it’s not about compilations or whatever it’s a very unique way to make money on YouTube and if you want to learn more about it then make sure to hit the first link in the description down below and I will explain you how that actually works but as well I have a step-by-step training where I will be teaching you exactly how I grow my channels from zero to tens of thousands of subscribers in no time so I’m going to show you many different tricks to boost your views to boost your subscribers and much much more and I’ll be showing you one of my best kept secrets for getting views how I personally get thousands of used my videos and how I personally get thousands of subscribers on all of my channels in any single meesh so definitely if you want to learn more about it that’s gonna be the first link in the description down below and with that being said we’ll jump into my computer so I can show you a really cool trick get even more views on your YouTube videos okay so let’s get started the step number one is going to be create a playlist of your videos so if you already have a couple of videos you want to create a simple playlist like for example I did over here I created a top ten best of investor videos so those are the top ten most popular videos then I also have free ways to make money online since my channel is all really related to making money online and building an online business and I also have a free passive income playlist so you want to create a simple playlist if you don’t have many videos maybe you only have one or two different videos then just focus on one single video but if you have multiple videos then i highly recommend you could create a playlist first if you don’t know how to create a playlist well there are many different ways to do so and one of them is to just go over to your YouTube studio so go to youtube studio and then you wanna click on playlists that’s gonna be right here on the left hand side click on that that’s gonna take you over to the next page where you will be able to click a new playlist right here and just entered a playlist title and just create one with multiple videos so that was step number one create a simple a list of your YouTube videos step number two is going to be searching for different YouTube channels for different massive YouTube channels in the same niche as you so this is gonna work for whatever niche you’re in if you’re in a wet last and you should just search for the keywords weight loss and you want to filter by channels and find massive channels that probably have like well over 1 million subscribers to focus and once they’re getting a lot of views on the videos and that have a lot of subscribers so you can find many different channels in the weight loss niche but as I said this works for what I would need sure in for example I’m personally in the make money online niche and a word from hell niche and I for a fact know different channels they’re in the same niche they’re getting some insane results so I know for in fact that Kevin David has loads of views and it he has a loads of subscribers so fine a channel in your niche that is doing pretty well that has either almost 1 million subscribers or over 1 million subscribers and you know that they have some massive viral videos so you want to go to their channel and you want to go through their videos and you want to find their most popular video on their channel so sort by most popular this once again works for whatever niche you’re in and it does not work only for the cabin David videos it works whatever our channel so for example this video right here it was going viral 3.5 million views one year ago make $100 per day on YouTube without making any videos so I can now copy the URL for this video since I know that a lot of people clicked on this video so I will copy the URL of the most popular video of a channel that is in the same niche as me once again repeating I’m repeating myself so you go to youtube and you search for your niche to search for channels in your niche find a massive channels in your niche and find their most popular video and copy link to that most popular video step number three go over to the sniped on LY go to snip Lee or snip ly and what’s neat actually is well snip Lee is a tool that allows you to add your own call to action to almost any web page out there I personally use this to make affiliate sales and to promote some other products but this can be done with YouTube videos as well and I will show you exactly how come on to snip ly and there’s gonna be a sign up button right here I already have an account so that’s why for me it says visi dashboard well once you create an account and once you log into your account this is how’s it gonna look like you wanna click on visit dashboard either here or here so wizard dashboard and then this is how the dashboard is gonna look like so you will need to enter a destination URL where you want to add your call-to-action this is where you enter your destination URL in my case it’s gonna be the Kevin David’s video the Kevin David’s most popular video on his channel that got 2.5 million views so it’s proven that people love it and it’s proven that people will actually click on this video that’s the same thing you want to do pull whatever and use your in so you grab the most popular video in your niche so that’s why we open up for example this one I would just a copy the link for this YouTube video I will right-click on the video and I will click on copy link address once you copy the link address you want to paste it over here once you do that click on create snip and now we can fully customize it so I’ll select the new call to action and now it’s gonna add the button I will show how that looks like so this is our button right here now we will need to customize it I will select my profile the one that I have previously created and then I will select button so click on the button and then we will enter our message here it’s gonna show up here and our message for example can say something related to our playlist so if my playlist is about 3 passive income IQ for example type in free passive income videos and then click here or watch here so you can change that if you want to I will just leave it like like here I will leave it like that but you can definitely fully customize it and play around with it and as you can see this is how it’s gonna look like and it’s gonna add our call to action to the cabin David’s video now the button URL will need to be our playlist so I will go back to my channel and I will grab my playlist URL I will right click on the playlist click on copy link address and I will paste it over here so when someone collection that would click clicks on the actual button they’re being resurrected to my playlist so that’s why I said you need to create an actual playlist of your videos of your videos that are related to you the same thing as the videos of that large channel but if you don’t have too many videos then just use one video and just paste will paste that one video URL over here so whenever someone clicks on this button there rather direct it to that video but if you have multiple videos then definitely create an actual playlist so when someone clicks on the button they can actually watch multiple of your videos so you can get more views and they’re more likely to subscribe to your channel and watch more of your videos so it’s way more powerful to use the actual playlist then after that you want to click continue and you can even cook fully customize it if you want you can change the colors and all that stuff I will just finish with this one so we click on finish call to action and then I will have my you around my sniffly URL if I copy my simple URL by clicking on this button and if I go to that URL let me show how that’s gonna look like so if you open it up it’s gonna open up that viral video that we got from some massive channel in our niche so now people can watch this video right here here’s the Cameron David’s video that you got 2.5 million views and now they can also see my call to action right here free passive income videos and if they click on this that’s gonna take them to my playlist my free passive incomplete list and they can watch all of my videos and I can boost views on all of those different videos now let me show you where you actually need to share your simple URL in order to get targeted traffic and to get targeted a real views again and again on complete auto-pilot and the final step is gonna be driving traffic to our sneaky URL so you will copy your simple URL we’re sending people to these page where they can watch this video and as well see our call to action button click on the call to action button and watch the entire playlist so we can boost views on many of our different videos so once again you grab your simple URL and then you go over to facebook.com go to facebook.com create an account if you haven’t already and you want to search for different groups related to your niche so if your channel was about weight loss you would obviously search for weight loss right here you will type in weight loss if your channel is about making money online like mine is I would serve from make money online work from home online business internet marketing and stuff like that and I will sort by groups you want to sort by groups whatever these should end the search for that niche and sort by groups and you are going to be able to see all these different Facebook groups where you have targeted people that are in the same niche and they’re interested in that specific topic and in this case I’m gonna refer people to this whether you make $100 per day on YouTube so I will go ahead and join all these different groups like I did and inside those groups you have hundreds of thousands of members so for example if I open up this group over here I’m gonna be able to see that just in this group alone there are over one hundred and twenty seven thousand members that’s all one hundred twenty seven seven thousand viewers which I can send to my video to my playlist to make them actually watch multiple videos so that way I am not getting only one view per person but I can actually get like 10 different views for one single person which is really really nice so what I need to do is click on start discussion I will paste my simple URL over here and that’s it gonna show this preview left or slow it’s gonna show the preview the entire thumbnail of the video or the Kevin Davis video of the video that was going wild that is proven to get a lot of views so I’m gonna remove the actual URL and I will just leave it like that and I can type in something about the the width you like make sure to watch this video hey guys this is your really cool with you it’s gonna help you make $100 per day on YouTube and stuff like that or if it’s about weight class hey guys this video can get you for example six-pack as you share how we can get six-pack abs you know Veeck or something and then leave just leave that thumbnail to look like a big like this so you know it’s proven that to get clicks because obviously that will you got over 2 million views so it’s proven that this thumbnail does work that it is getting a nice click-through rate after that you just want to post it in those groups and I just said you have a potential to reach a thousands and thousands of people tens of thousands of people they can click on that link once they click on that link they’re being redirected to this page right you know right here where they can watch the video and see your call-to-action right here click on that and they can watch the entire playlist and you can get views on all of those videos so it’s a really really powerful method and it’s gonna really help you even if you’re just starting out if you now even if you now have zero views and zero subscribers this can be really powerful now once again as I said if you’re really interested in building a real and sustainable business on YouTube and you really want to check out the first link in the description down below to see exactly how I receive payments like this every single day without being in front of a camera without filming and creating my own videos without doing affiliate marketing and without selling anything on my youtube channel soon once again without the I revenues I’m not running Google ads on my videos and this does not work only for me there are already hundreds of students that are getting some insane results with the same training they’re making loads of money but as well they’re building their channels really really quickly because because I’m covering many different strategies and many different tricks and how you can get more views how we can get more subscribers and I’m also covering how you can get your channel monetize with Google Adsense – that’s not necessary for the strategy specifically but you know if you want to monetize your channel and make even extra money from the Google ad revenue then definitely I’m gonna show you three different proven strategies to get one thousand subscribers and four thousand dollars of watch time really really quickly and get approved for monetization as well and I’m also gonna be showing you how we can find viral videos and how to get those videos down for free my number one secret to getting used quickly so as I said you don’t have to use the same strategy that I use in this training to make money because once you have a massive audience you can monetize it in any way you prefer this is just one of the ways you can make money off of your channels because as you can see I’m going to show you how we can explore your routes how we can explore your subscribers how we can get tons and tons of subscribers and with that type of audience you can easily monetize it with whatever you prefer and obviously since those are my personal and my personal secret is building YouTube channels and to making money with YouTube I don’t want to share them with everyone so I will probably remove this course very very soon and I will increase the price since I’m currently updating and upgrading the entire training so before it’s too late hit the first link in the description down below and I will see you on the inside

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