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How To Make Money with Google Maps (0-0 PER DAY)

How To Make Money with Google Maps ($100-$200 PER DAY)

what’s going on guys Thomas Garrett’s here and in this video I’m gonna show you this insane method that no one’s even talking about to make a hundred to two hundred dollars a day really even much more but just by using Google Maps okay and like I said no one’s talking about this it’s completely free method they’re gonna want to make sure in watch the entire video because I’m gonna show you step-by-step exactly how to do this and you don’t want to miss out on any of this and I’m also gonna show you a way where you can actually have other people do the service for you so you don’t have to do any of it yourself and you can just get the money coming in and if you stay until the end on this video I’m gonna show you a bonus method that will make you even more money online so if you’re excited make sure to smash that like button let’s get into the video all right so the first step is you got to download Google Chrome I’m not even sure like what anyone uses nowadays I guess if you’re using a Mac you have Safari but I don’t know if this works on other internet things but I’m gonna be using Google Chrome so that’s what you want to use so just go to google and hit download Google Chrome and then just download it all right so next we’re gonna go to Google Maps now this is gonna be like kind of a two-part strategy I like to start inside of Google Maps though cuz this is gonna make it easier so what you want to do is you want to use like service based businesses okay so things like chiropractors plumbers HVAC accountants lawyers things like that right and you can do any of them but I’m gonna start with plumbers and we’re gonna do plumbers Minneapolis now all of these businesses right here with the red things those are all plumber businesses or plumbing businesses right so the reason why I like starting like inside of Google Maps itself is because you can just click on it and it gives you all the information right here right so basically if you don’t know how Google Maps and Google my business works they get ranked based on a few different things okay and I’ll explain more on this later but what we’re specifically looking for is businesses that have this claim my business thing right here basically that means their business hasn’t been claimed on Google my business and also you want to look for businesses with not many reviews or like poor reviews or also not many photos so let’s find one that has like a lot of reviews you can see here they got a bunch of photos they got videos they got a ton of reviews they don’t have any claim my business there they have their ours phone number you you see they have a ton of information okay so what we’re looking for is a business that doesn’t really have that information so you can see right here grab our plumbing we’ll just use this one as this example but again you can use any city any business you can do this virtually like you don’t need to be like going into their business especially with everything going on in the world a lot of people are gonna be working from home and stuff like that so this is definitely something you could do to make some extra income on the side while you’re stuck at home so again we’re gonna use this an example and you can see they have their phone number they have their website but they don’t have their hours they haven’t claimed their business you can see right here at ours and they have a bad review and they don’t have that’s just a photo of their business they don’t have any photos okay so there’s definitely some things we can do to improve it now the second part like I said this is a two part thing we’re gonna just go to google and we’re gonna type in plumbers Minneapolis okay so as a business the highest traffic you can get is like Google guaranteed and then the top three of Google Maps like even you I’m sure when you’re typing in something most the time you’re gonna go for the top three okay so what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna click more businesses and then we’re gonna look for this grab owl plumbing or whatever the business we we’re picking is and see where they are in the listings okay so this is page one alright so let’s see where they’re at right here so they’re actually not very far from the top three so if we do a few things here we can get them up so now I’m gonna show you the things you can do but first the first step of anything before we even do like the optimizing of their Google my business listing which is what this is called what you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to reach out to them and try and sell them basically right so the way I would do it the first way I would do it is just call them up right and if you’re not comfortable with that what you can do is you can look for their website let’s click website and then if they have a website usually they have a Contact Us page all right so we’ll click there and let’s see if they have just an email I’m not seeing an email that we can just email you’re gonna have to fill out the contact us form the reason why I don’t like the contact us form is because a good way we can get their attention is by actually just like snapshotting a picture we could like make this a little smaller scroll up try and get like the fact that they’re not at the top and just like screenshot and image right and maybe get their name I point to it like you can see maybe get their their name inside of the image because images with their business name on it is always gonna get their attention and then I’m using a program Snagit you can use whatever I know max have this like built-in but I’m sure there’s tons of free software but what you would do is you could just edit the photo a little bit pull like a circle over here maybe zoom in so you can see it but you would do like a circle around them and then you could type in some text or something maybe put like an arrow pointing towards it cuz you’re just trying to catch their attention cuz businesses get a ton of emails all the time so you’re just trying to capture their attention and then you could say something like we can fix this something just something simple like that right but whether using Snagit whatever so that’s why I don’t like the contact because there’s no way to enter in a photo right but what you can do is you can say things like hey my name is Thomas I help businesses get higher ranking on the Google Maps listing by optimizing their Google my business profile and I noticed that your business isn’t claimed and I could start off by just helping do that for you for free right and there’s a very powerful thing by offering to do something for free and you could also just charge them 100 200 bucks to claim their Google my business but the idea behind this is you can get them as a monthly client by doing a few things which I’m gonna show you soon but doing stuff for free like working for free doing things for people for free it gets a lot of reciprocity going right you do something for them there they’re almost like inclined like almost guaranteed I want to say to do something in return for you okay now it’s up to you how you want to do this and that’s just a quick little tip but that’s how I would do it because on the back end you could do things like if we look at their website like this is out of date all right so you could do things like update their website that could be to $3,000 job you could do things like run their ads that could be thousand two thousand dollars every single month you know what I mean so there’s a lot more money to be made on the backend and on a monthly retainer than just a hundred two hundred dollars okay so that’s up to you how you want to do that but now how we would actually optimize their Google my business listing it’s very simple okay and the main way like I said to get to optimize their Google my business listing is things like adding the information they’re missing so it would be things like claiming their business adding the hours getting more reviews but the number one way to optimize this and get them higher up it’s through citations okay and basically it’s just a listing and these are things like Yelp MapQuest Facebook there’s literally tons of them like an insane amount and you can do this all manually and if you don’t know how you go to youtube and figure it out it’s very simple but if you want to actually provide a service and not do the work Fiverr is probably the best way to do this okay so I just typed in Google my business I’m into typing claim Google my business and you can see there’s ways to like do citations right here and then right here create optimize and rank Google my business okay so basically you just want to find a person on here you can see they have a hundred two reviews they have a 4.9 rating so they’re obviously very good and you can click right here and see what they offer okay so basically you can see right here we’ll do local SEO citation that will help to increase local rank on Google Maps three pack so the three pack is the top three listing so basically you want to just figure out the best person on Fiverr to do this for you and pay them once you sell the client on doing their Google might business listing or claiming there or whatever and again this depends how you do it if you’re just offering to claim their business for free go to YouTube and figure out how to claim their business it’s very simple you just got to do a couple things like type in the business name claim it’s very simple right and again you can do all the citations stuff yourself it takes a little time so personally I would hire this out okay but again reciprocity is real so doing something for free for them trust me they will appreciate it and they will in turn if you’re like hey I also offer website design I also offer optimizing your Google my business with citations or adding information right and a lot of the times you can just have them take the pictures of their business and send it to you it’s not like you got to go out there and take pictures yourself so you could even do this for businesses outside of your area okay so this is a super powerful strategy and no one’s really talking about this stuff online so I just wanted to show you my take on it and again if you don’t know how to do any of this stuff there’s tutorials on everything if you type in to YouTube or Google how to claim a Google my business listing you’ll find tons of tutorials okay so that’s for this strategy but now I told you if you stayed until the end I’d give you a bonus strategy and that is if you go to the first link in any of my youtube videos including this video there will be something that says the program that makes me a thousand dollar commissions okay and click that link below it and that’s the business that truly just changed everything for me and that’s me by using the power of affiliate marketing and making thousand dollar commissions and some I made a twenty five hundred dollar Commission two three weeks ago and it’s absolutely insane so that business changed everything for me and that’s the program that that teaches you truly how to start and grow a profitable online business so definitely check that out the first link in the description and if you have any questions about any of the stuff we talked about for this business or for the the YouTube video that I showed you how to do for that business let me know in the comments down below I’m happy to help I answer every comment and again if you want to this business the program at least me thousand dollar Commission’s hit that first link in the description with that being said thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it make sure if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you didn’t give it a thumbs down a thumbs down and make sure to subscribe hit that notification bell that’s all I got see on the next video

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