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what if you could set up something to make you 70 cents every 30 seconds on autopilot without you doing any of the work yourself well that’s exactly what this website allows you to do this works all over the world you don’t have to sell anything you don’t have to make any videos and you don’t need any social media following it’s something we never talked about earlier now a little warning here don’t abuse this no really I’m serious don’t abuse it use this to make some money here and there but don’t abuse this system and use it at your own risk watch every second of this videos you will know exactly how to set us up correctly without getting banned from the website but before all of that and hit the bell I can see don’t miss out on any of the new content and if you want to see how I personally make money online and how I personally make money from YouTube from some of my other YouTube channels not this one where I don’t have to be in front of a camera and we don’t have to film or edit my videos to definitely get the first link in description down below to learn more about it and with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so we can show you how you can set this up on a complete autopilot okay we are now inside of my computer and if this website looks familiar to you don’t click out because it’s not what you think we will not be completing any tasks on here because that obviously requires consistent work from your side and I promised you that this matter will be passive and you can set this up on autopilot which I’m going to deliver right now so what this says well this is already micro Worker so calm and micro workers is basically an innovative international online platform that connects employers and workers from all around the world so mostly everyday people come over to here do you complete the different easy tasks that last like a minute or so but the thing is that the most – may only a couple of cents maybe sometimes up to a dollar but despite that you still have hundreds of thousands of people working on here because they need some acts of cash now will you need to work here absolutely not you’re the boss today you can sit in your chair chill and watch your earnings grow because these guys on here will do it for you and you will see exactly how so first of all you want to sign up to my co-workers com come over to here come over to my co-workers calm and click on the register right here and just as you do that it will take you all the register you’ll need to enter your first name your middle name if you have it that’s optional your last name your company if you have it if not you can leave it blank so you don’t need a company for this don’t worry that’s your birthday and your email address create it and create a password unique password and your real address zip code city you know all that basic demographic information about yourself and don’t worry they will not share it with everyone so now you will just select what you want from these and you will click on submit and you will create an account you will need to verify your email address they will send you a notification email they record your email you will open it up you will click on it and you have an account so once you register for absolutely free you will then log into your account click on log in and this is how it’s gonna look like once you log into your account now on here you can see all those different jobs that are available right now all those different categories for different jobs you have people complain different jobs like for example you click on Facebook you can see that people are gonna pay other people to for example share like and comment on their Facebook posts and they’re gonna pay them 10 a sense to do that and there are people completing this like you can see over 160 people have did this so people are doing this even though it’s just ten cents I mean it takes them just like a couple of seconds to share like and comment on Facebook it’s absolutely free and they can make ten cents and it quickly adds up for them now of course you don’t have to do that don’t worry and it says only 13 jobs available for me because it depends on the country you’re coming from but it really doesn’t matter for us because once again we are not completing those jobs by ourselves and we’re not completing any tasks on here I just want to show you what people are doing on here and what people are paying other people to do for them so you know everyday people can come over to here and hire other everyday people to complete the different small tasks for them and they’re gonna pay them different rates then almost like length than two and ten to twenty cents but the thing is that if you go over to sign up category right here you click on sign up you’re going to be able to see that people are paying other people to sign up the different websites like 10 cents 20 cents 10 cents and so on and so forth so you can just pay someone 10 cents to sign up to some website and I’m gonna show you what those websites are gonna be they’re actually gonna pay you like almost over a dollar per sign up so just do the mat if we think about it we can hire someone to do it for you for 10 cents and in the backend you make a dollar or more than that sometimes even a lot more than a dollar and you can see that hundreds of people are completing that and if you do the math that’s like a ten times more profit without lifting a finger I know it might sound a little bit confusing right now but just stick with me and I will show you exactly how to set it up and exactly what you need to avoid in order to not get banned from the website so you really want to pay close attention to that because otherwise if you just come over to here and you do it on your own you’ll probably get the band so just follow my steps you will know exactly how to set this up so you will come over to here you will once you sign up you will click on my ttv campaigns right here click on that just as you do that it will take you over to the next page where you will be able to post your job and select how many people you want to complete the actual job for you to complete the actual task for you now click on create the TV campaign right here now click on start a new basic campaign now you want to select the country this is really important now you can either do international you can hire people from all over the world but if you need signups from a specific form a specific country for example you need a specific sign ups from just from USA you want to just sign ups from USA or just from Canada or just from New Zealand all you need to sign ups specifically from Spain you can select that as well that’s why I really really like this with this website and there are people from all over the world that will complete those tasks for you because it takes them just a couple of seconds to sign up to that specific website you’re gonna pay them 10 cents but on the back end you will make a lot more money without lifting a finger it’s really genius and you’re going to love it now it will select the countries I will do international for the sake of this tutorial I will go with the international one you want to scroll a little bit down and you want to select a sign up click on sign up right here and then click on simple sign up so we want them to simply sign up to something and you will see what that is in a second then you can see this that this tasks takes a less than 10 minutes to finish no this task takes a less than a minute to finish and I will let me like that it sometimes takes like last in 30 seconds but that’s really not important like last in a minute then available possessions so if I live like available positions for 30 then 30 people will sign up to that website and I might be able to make maybe like 20 to 30 dollars which is not a lot but if I want to make a lot more money I will obviously go with more workers so I’ll go for example do like 1000 workers to complete it then worker will earn and then you can select the rates this is really optional how much you want to pay per signup that you get I will be paying like 10 cents and that’s really okay because as you saw that other people are also paying 10 cents but if you want to make it faster you know we want a better speed maybe make profits every day like 15 to 20 seconds then you will definitely go with a little bit more rate we need a little bit higher rate so for example 15 cents or 20 cents but I will just leave it with 10 cents and I will leave it like that now we need to find what actually they need to sign up for so we can make a lot more money on the back end just by paying them 10 cents we can make a lot more money by pocketing the difference and all this I know I know it sounds a little bit confusing but just stick with me and you will have a clearer picture of how this actually works so now what you will need to do is you will simply leave this open like that and you will go to 1/2 + comm so this is already a double a-plus dot-com and this is the worldwide cpa network so anyone from anywhere in the world can come over to here and grab different cpa offers referral link for different cpa offers and get paid for finding people for referring people to that cpa offer and cpa stands for cost per action which means that in 99% of the cases people just need so your referral so you just need to send a referral link to someone and they just need to sign up to some free website they need to enter a first name last name and email address and just sign up without paying for anything and you are gonna get paid a specific rate just for them becoming qualified lead and just for them signing up to that website i just you now have a better picture of what we’re trying to do right here but anyway stick with me because there’s one little thing that you must know and that you must avoid in order to not get bad you will come over to app plus calm and now you want to type in a survey right here type in survey that’s gonna give you all those different survey websites which you need to reach you can refer people through so you can refer people to those survey websites where can sign up for free but it can as well make some money off of it but anyways they just need to sign up and you’re gonna get paid in this case for example one dollar and sixty five cents this one is gonna pay you twenty five cents this one he’s gonna pay thirty four cents per sign out seventy four cents per sign up one dollar and six cents per sign up and so on and so forth and the actual idea for the title of this video came from this sir we saw the website that pays us eighty cents per sign of the get on the river lender platform and you can see that some of them are unique even gonna pay you a lot more but anyways let’s focus on the survey so that for the sake of this video and for the sake of the title of this video but you can see that you can actually make a lot more than just seventy cents per 30 seconds anyways I will click on it you will select your survey offer and you can even preview it by clicking the preview button so you’re sending people to the page that looks something like this let it just slow to page look something like this all they need to do is enter their first name their last name their email address their zip code to enter in their birthday and click on start now and you’re gonna get paid 80 cents for them signing up on here and if you can get them to sign up you can pay them 10 cents to sign up 10 cents per sign up and you’re making 80 cents on the back end for them signing up you’re actually pocketing 70 cents you’ll profit owning complete auto-pilot because once you set up this campaign on micro workers calm it’s gonna go on in complete autopilot you can see that 1000 workers are gonna complete this that’s 1,000 signups for your referral link now you will just need to join the network we’re clicking on this button right here you will join the network you will grab your referral link for that specific through a website you will go back to my co-workers com you will select your available positions so if you want to last available positions and positions to start with you can go with like a hundred or maybe you can start even with 30 that’s the minimum you can go with just 30 people to complete the at the actual task and if you do the math if 30 people complete that for you that’s 30 people multiplied by it’s 70 cents then you made a profit of $21 so $21 on in complete autopilot and of course the more workers you add the more money you can make well here’s the thing here’s how you can avoid getting banned because obviously these affiliate networks wouldn’t be satisfied if you just send them inactive signups they’re not even gonna complete those surveys so they want people that are actually paying you 80 cents because they want you to find people that will sign up and complete those surveys so they can it as well so you can’t just set this campaign like that and live it like that because that way you’re just gonna get bait from a plus com but rather than that inside of the instructions inside of the admin instructions right here you will add a note telling people that they once they sign up they must complete at least one siree on that website and by completing that survey on that specific website not only are they making money so they will also make additional income by completing that survey but as well these guys that posted this offer will also be satisfied because people are actually completing surveys on the website and that’s how you can do it again and again without getting in any issues and without getting banned from applause comm and especially you’re doing something good from people people in the micro workers calm because they’re obviously here to make some extra income because that’s why they’re completing those 10-cents tasks and now you’re paying them ten cents to complete a survey that’s also gonna pay them like maybe a couple of cents maybe a dollar or so it really doesn’t matter to us but they will be satisfied they’ll be happy with that and these guys will also be satisfied so it’s a vent vent vent situation no one is losing here and you also have like hundreds if not thousands of these different offers on here and you can grab referral links for all those different offers some of them are ever gonna pay you like two dollars and seventy cents that’s a whole lot more from this one you could be making like two dollars and sixty cents first sign up when an auto pilot and all you need to do is set up the campaign once you will set it up once you will create a campaign and you will leave it like that and you will pocket the difference and of course don’t over abuse it and please use it at your own risk it’s really powerful and it can make you some nice amount of money on complete auto-pilot and I would personally use this only to make some side income I won’t rely on this one to be my full-time job because it obviously can’t make you rich but if you want to see how I personally make money on YouTube and how I personally make money online I personally made thousands of dollars every single week from YouTube through some of my other YouTube channels without having to be in front of a camera without Google ads without affiliate marketing without selling anything on my channels and with the most unique youtube method and definitely hit the first link in the description down below to learn more about it I hope you did get some value out of this video and if you did be sure to drop a like to leave a thumbs up and if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe and hit the ball I can see they’ll miss out on any of the new content and I will see you in some of the next videos

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