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you can make over $10,000 just by using your phone from anywhere in the world by downloading this free app but there is a catch you must qualify for it so let’s see if this is worth your time if you pass the following test great you can do it if you fail then I’m sorry but it will have to click off of this video and watch something else please answer honestly to the following questions with yes or no so let’s start with the first question do you have a phone yes or no do you have connection to the Internet do you have 5 to 10 minutes a day to use this app if your answer was no to any of these questions then please leave this video you can’t make any money if your answer was yes to all those questions then great you can do it not only can you make over $10,000 but you can keep making money on autopilot again and again and have some income to rely on yes you can make bunch of money just by using your phone you can be lying in your bed listening to your favorite music and still be able to do this you can be in a restaurant having some great time and you can still do this you can do it from any part of your beautiful home or from any part of this beautiful world I will show you all the steps that you need to take but before that and hit the ball I could suite not miss out on any of the new make money online videos and I have a lot of them get ready we are starting in 3 2 1 go ok so the app that we will be using is available for both iOS and Android and no matter where you’re coming from you can use it and you might have heard of it so once I show the app don’t click out because don’t worry it’s not what you think and I will show you how you can literally spend even less than 5 minutes a day 5 minutes a day on this app on your phone and still make significant amount of money so pay close attention the app will be using it’s called tick tock no no no don’t worry you will not have to show your face because I not a lot of you guys are camera shy so don’t worry about that this is really simple and literally no matter where you use this app before or not you can still do this even if this is your even if this was your first day online this is that easy that you could still be able to do it successfully so first of all what thick that actually is for those of you that maybe don’t even know what thick tuck is well dick Dawg is a free social media app that lets you watch create and share short videos from your phone it’s still new and fresh app but it only has almost the same amount of monthly active users as Instagram yes you heard it right and that’s over 1 billion yes over 1 billion active users are on thick dock which means that there’s a lot of potential here and while it’s still on you it’s really easy it’s thin and simple to get established even as a complete beginner sometimes less than 10 different videos is all you need to go super viral and make an absolute killing with the method which we’ll be using in this video and those videos literally need to be less than 10 seconds along so if you can just film a couple of ten seconds videos from your phone don’t worry you don’t have to show your face well then you can make a lot more than just ten thousand dollars and let me just show you some examples of people that are doing this successfully on tik-tok you know everyday people like me and you they recently started as complete beginners with zero followers but they’re not using the method which I’m gonna share with you today so they’re living a lot of money on the table and just because they didn’t watch this video basically so stick with me and you will be one step ahead of them here’s the first example this lady is posting less than 10 seconds long videos she literally has the last in 20 of them so lesson 20 with videos there are less than 10 seconds long she started less than 2 weeks ago just less than 2 weeks ago and if she already has millions of views that’s what I was talking about you don’t need to be an expert to do this and I just found this randomly they’re like millions of such people on here as you can see she’s nothing special if she’s not doing something impossible and she started from zero two weeks ago when she didn’t use the math of which I will show you and because of that she is not making probably any money there’s even there’s one he’s one simple thing that she forgot that could make her a lot more than just ten thousand dollars so you really want to pay close attention and I will show you how you need to do this how do you set it up so you don’t make the same mistakes as these guys made anyways what exactly is she doing well she just records short videos in her kitchen showing people what she cooks and that’s it I mean it can’t get more simple than that and don’t worry you don’t have to record yourself in the kitchen like her if you don’t want that you can literally film whatever you prefer whatever you have around the house or outside whatever you’re passionate about you don’t even have to show your face or talk into whether you just add some background music with a click of a button tick tock it’s really simple and easy to use but you must do something which I’m gonna share with you they will actually make you money so you must use this website from which you can make money just by posting random Tech Talk videos you can see that they support different payment different payment methods methods sue you give you out paid either by a bank transfer PayPal that money or just a coupons but I personally prefer painful anyways let’s get back to take tag here’s another example this girl just re posting some short videos of her garden maybe she’s passionate about gardening who knows she started really recently and she’s already getting millions of views but she didn’t watch this video as you sow she is losing a lot of money and you will see exactly why here’s another example these guys share different tack related videos they film some gadgets and they could be making tens of thousands of dollars and maybe these videos are not even there so maybe they just took them from the internet and they’re posting them on here and they could be making tens of thousands of dollars so the point is that you can film anything you’re passionate about if you’re if you like fishing make ten different five to ten seconds simple videos while fishing they literally don’t need to be professional or whatever you’re just press record button on your phone film something for five to ten seconds and you have a potential to make big money online I think that it can’t it literally can’t get more simple than that you don’t have to show your face you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to you don’t have to edit of course you don’t need to be an expert because you can see everyday people are doing this you don’t need to be special and you don’t need to invest any money at all which is really cool so you can start with $0 but you need to take action fast as long as Tech Talk is still new and fresh so you can take advantage grow fast and do that is something they will make you loads of money on an autopilot and the best part well the best part is that you can just make 20 very simple 10 seconds videos which in toll can take like a less than 20 minutes to do they will stay on tactic for hours so you all work that has been done in like less than 20 minutes can be sticking stay on tick-tock forever making keep making you money in passive income so how insane is that I will repeat this again you don’t have to film your garden or kitchen like these guys you can film whatever you prefer choose your niche choose some category choose something that you like and then you can film around if you have a cat feel free to film your cat if you like playing football feeling something related to football there’s literally no limit and no rules which I really really like about this strategy but here’s come the most important and the most exciting part how do you make tens of thousands of dollars just by filming short videos with your phone well right before we get to that part don’t forget to drop a like leave a thumbs up because I really it’s part Smee to share with you different make money online ideas and if you have any questions or need some help feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all of those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see your comment with that being said and done let’s see how can we make money well here’s how once you install ticked up app to your smartphone device you can sign up for free you create an account then in your bio of that profile just just like on Instagram you can put some link so you just need to put one simple link in your bio start posting simple 5 to 10 seconds long videos tic toc will get you traffic and you make money without having any products yourself and without doing anything complicated without doing anything at all I mean all you need to do is post those 5 to 10 seconds long videos but how can you do that well all you need to do is go over to and what a actually as well this is a platform pretty similar to Amazon where you can buy and sell physical products you have all categories and all anisha’s but don’t worry you don’t have to sell your products or whatever but what you need to do you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website and just find and click on this where it says associate program that will take you over to this page you can see that this has unlimited earnings potential and the reason I this affiliate program over Amazon Associates is because this one gives you up to 50% Commission’s which means if you refer someone to this platform using your unique link and they spend for instance $1000 on those products you will make up to $500 for free just by referring them here just one a single person and unpick doc as you saw you can reach millions of people in almost any niche and any category so you will just join by clicking on the button where it says join now obviously you’ll grab your affiliate link for some specific product and paste it in your take type of bio so if we go over to the official homepage you will be able to see thousands of products if your take that page is about cooking and you post videos from your kitchen you can grab some products like toaster or some knives collections or similar and put into your tactical bio and all the people watching your videos are most likely interested in that niche which is in this case cooking for instance they can click on your link and whatever product they buy you will make up to 50% Commission’s so how crazy is that if you make garden with users grab something from the garden category if you make car videos put car related product in your bio and so on and so forth there are all different categories and all different niches and this literally has unlimited earnings potential so if you have a little bit more time to put into this you can even build multiple pages in multiple niches record different whether you use publish them on fake tags have different products in your bio and all of them can become your passive income machine making you Commission’s on autopilot and one type to maximize your results always run in captions of the with you that they can check that specific product in your bio so you want to let them know that they can grab it actually and to summarize this video just record something you like they can be that can be in adding each and any category put affiliate link from gearbest taking people to related product so if your page is about fishing then just put fishing products affiliate link in your bio and that’s it you don’t have to handle shipping or customer support you just need to drive traffic by posting different take top videos all the time and while waiting for your first sale don’t hesitate to hit the first link in the description down below to see how I personally make money and don’t worry it’s not about affiliate marketing it’s not legendary marketer it’s not MLM or any pyramid scheme it’s a legit way to build a long-term online business without having to show your face so you can stay absolutely anonymous without filming any videos without selling products with our CPA marketing or any of that complicated stuff it’s a really unique way to make a lot of money and to assure you that it is worth your time there are already hundreds of everyday people that went through that program and went from zero to thousands of dollars per week by following those steps so if you want to join us then definitely hit the first link in the description down below and take action fast because I obviously don’t want to share my business model with everyone that will expire pretty soon that’s it for this video I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you did get some value out of it and if you did don’t forget to drop a like to leave a thumbs up and feel free to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the new content and I will see you soon

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