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Make .42 In PayPal Money Again & Again (PASSIVE INCOME)

Make $11.42 In PayPal Money Again & Again (PASSIVE INCOME)

so that way you will be making $11 and 43 cents every minutes and all you have to do is in this video I want to show you exactly how you can make you 11 dollars and 42 cents and how you can set it up once and then collect the profits passively over and over and over again for a long period of time now you will not have to invest any money upfront or invest any money at all this is absolutely free and this is worldwide available so no matter where you’re coming from you can make money with this this is a worldwide available strategy but right before we start if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the investor Channel and hit the bell icon because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hear the bell icon I will notify you whenever have a new fresh strategy like this one do you make money online so you can be one of the first to use it and that would be one step ahead of your competitors and of course make the most money with that being said let’s jump into my computer so I can explain you everything ok guys here we are inside on the inside of my computer and first of all I want to say I’m really sorry but my very own camera went off so it isn’t 0% whoo I can’t feel my face so they will know it not be any facecam inside this video I hope that’s not a problem so you can focus more on the actual strategy and not my face so you have more space on the screen right now there is no there is no face cam at the moment and I just want to let you know that once again this is a step-by-step strategy so we will be using a few different websites there is not gonna be like only one website that we’re gonna be using so you need to follow each and every step and stay all the way tuned to the end of this video so you can see how you can leverage this make more money than others and maximize your results away the strategy so without further ado let’s jump into the first website of will Graham using and that is teespring calm so teespring calm most you guys already know about this spring and you heard about this spring you know how it works and stuff like that but for those of you guys that don’t even know what this is this spring is a place where you can design different you know where you can create different designs and then promote those designs and each time someone you sell maybe like a t-shirt or a mug or whatever it is which are designed on it these spring is going to do everything they’re gonna print-on-demand that design and they’re gonna send it out there was they’re gonna ship it they’re gonna do literally everything all you need to do just create simple designs which I’m about to show you how to do that as well and then you just need to promote it and I’m gonna give you a really really nice traffic source or you can build passive income with that traffic source without having to be in front of a camera and without having to film your own videos and you can stay absolutely anonymous because I know some of you guys are camera shy too don’t you worry about that you will not have to be in front of a camera so we’ll just come over to teespring and you’ll need to create an account by and by either clicking this get started button right here or they’re gonna be there’s gonna be a sign up or a register button arrived here and in the right corner and you will just create an account simply by answering your first name last name email address or just connecting to connected with Facebook or Twitter I think it was Twitter and you will just come over here you will click on this start designing button right here that’s gonna take you to the teespring launcher so you can pick a product that you want that you wanna design so as I said you have different t-shirts hoodies tank tops lagging socks once again hoodies and maybe like some pillow maybe like some towels posters Christmas stockings bags stickers mugs so literally whatever you want you can design it right here let me show you how to how to simply create a design so we’re gonna be focusing on t-shirts for the sake of this video so I want to use some unisex men’s t-shirts so I can make it super simple so classic tea of course I’m gonna go with a classic tea and then it’s gonna ask us if we want to buy this tea or we want to sell it so obviously we want to make money from this so we want to click on the south so now we have this this just like this like templates to create our t-shirt and we can either add an image to this t-shirt or we can add a text and create simple designs and we can of course change the colors so let me change this to maybe like black I want to I’m gonna sell black t-shirt so that’s done and then we need to add some text right here so whatever highly recommend you is just beat some profit it can be some huge news don’t big profitable niche the profitable niche is maybe business news health nation stuff like that but huge niche that is maybe like fitness animals need a nature niche and stuff like that where millions and millions of people so you know it is profitable of course so you will add an image or add in text I will just add some some random tax right here so let’s do it let’s say I’m making it really making a t-shirt about about animals may be about cats so I will do I love cats and then you can literally change everything you can change the font you can change the colors so let’s do you maybe what’s gonna be a nice phone let’s take a look at this one and let’s do the white color and then you can change the size of course I love cats and then okay this is obviously not looking really well so you obviously put a little bit more time and effort in designing your own t-shirts and how you can add maybe some simple symbols right here or else in logo or some design you can maybe search for like a hearth PNG or heart without background you know just find pictures without background and then just find some that you like the best maybe like this one and then just install it or then just save it to your computer say that and then just upload it once again here add image then go to desktop and just know this is not this was not a PNG file so let me find some PNG file right here maybe this one save image as yes this is PNG file and I will upload that right here at image go to that stop and just upload that obviously change the size I love cats I love cats let’s do something like this obviously this looks awful so don’t do something like this put a little bit more time and effort into designing your own t-shirts I’m obviously not going to spend too much time on this because I don’t want to make this video too long so here in the left side you can set the price so if you set a price to $21.99 you were gonna make eleven dollars and 42 cents profit each time you sell a t-shirt which is pretty nice amount of money and which is what I recommend soon is a lot and leave it like that set to default but if you want to make more money you would have to just change this to maybe like 25 $5.99 you’re selling it for $25.99 then you’re making fifteen dollars and 42 cents obviously the rest of the money is gonna go to teespring because they’re gonna sell the t-shirt they’re gonna design the t-shirt they’re gonna print everything they’re gonna ship everything they’re literally going to do Adney everything for you for like maybe ten bucks and then you’re making fifteen dollars and 42 cents per each a sale but I’ll do like $21.99 to the profit it’s gonna be 11 dollars and 42 cents each time we sell t-shirt and if you stay tuned as well I’m gonna show you how to promote them so to actually make sales over and over and over again so I’m gonna show you step by step how to do that I’m not just gonna tell you like you go somewhere and promote it I’m actually gonna show you how to promote it and then price for fulfill price for projects fulfilled from the u.s. from the EU from the Europe of course then you can change because dependent variable Dow fell you rose and 50 cents is way more than the eleven dollars so we can you know do you maybe like 21 euros nonsense that’s gonna be nine dollars and 66 cents which is probably around ten bucks probably around ten dollars so we will go to continue once we set a price here on the left side and then you can add more products if you want to add more products with your own design so you can just you can do that just by selecting one of these maybe like hoodies socks leggings just click on those and it’s gonna automatically add your designs to that and it’s automatically gonna set everything for you so you can just add more products like mugs pillows bags phone cases and stuff like that but um there’s gonna keep it simple and I’m gonna go with this classic tea that we already designed I’m not gonna add any new product to this so let’s just load so I can hit continue and I will go continue and then we’ll meet we will need to name our designs so give me a list and I will just simply do you I love cats and Stella story behind your design how you came up with the idea why what this represents and stuff like that so I would go to for cattle ours of course I highly recommend you put more time and effort coming up with theit or coming up with a description and of course spending more time spend more time designing your own t-shirt isn’t and creating those designs in order to make more sales in order to get more sales then you can change the URL if you want to because I love cats is obviously taken so they’re just nibble just add some random numbers right here and I could never live like that but you can of course change that if you wanted and you will just get published listing and you will have your URL to promote to promote those t-shirts and then make money each time someone you eat time someone buys your t-shirt now how you’re actually gonna get passive income from this where you can actually promote it to get passive income but right before I show you everything step by step if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video because we’re gonna see you guys actually leaving likes and engaging with my videos I know that you’re actually getting value and I know that you’re actually enjoying my videos and it’s really hard to come up with different business business ideas and different strategies every single day so if you do appreciate that just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions you simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below now let’s get back to the videos so what you need to do is just head over to YouTube and if you actually go to youtube and search for your niche search for that big niche that you created your t-shirt about so for example cats I’ll do like I’ll search for like videos like cute cats and don’t you where you will not have to film your own cats or be in front of a camera or anything like that just be patient and I will explain you everything and as you can see those videos are getting tons of views for for example 2.3 million views eight point five million views 97 million views 187 million views 17 million views 1.3 million views 11 million views so cats videos are getting tons and tons and tons of views so this is highly highly highly highly profitable niche so what I recommend you do is just search for cute cats and then filter by creative comments and that way they’re giving you license to repost those the same videos but you’re not yeah you will not just download that and repost it again on YouTube because that is not what we are interested in what we want to do is to sell them t-shirts with those with those videos so let’s find some like maybe maybe cute cats doing funny things 2009 mm 18 – very funny I’ll do maybe this one and then what you need to do is just simply copy this and go to youtube in mp4 so we can download this with youtube in mp4 actually it’s no not the mp3 YouTube in mp4 and let’s just try this one I will paste my url start and we will just need to wait until it loads and then I will show you what we’re actually gonna be doing with those videos to make sales so this one doesn’t work let’s try it some other one maybe maybe maybe this one right here once you install your video to your computer what you need to do once you download the video what you need to do is you want to find some free with your editing software so you want to find some free up video editing software you can either use iMovie up and shot with Sony Vegas or whatever it is I personally use Sony Vegas it’s not absolutely free but I found it for absolutely free so it’s absolutely doable to find it for absolutely free and then what you need to do is simply upload that with you you will not have to and you only need know where like if some super video editing skills or anything like that so what you need to do just find out with you that you previously downloaded cute cats doing funny things and stuff like that just find out with you and then what you need to do is just head over back to TTT spring you want to find your new t-shirt and you want to simply create you want to simply create a screenshot of your t-shirt so just open some snipping tool or whatever tool you use to screen shot your your stuff online and I will just take a screenshot on my t-shirt right here I will save that and I will say that to my computer slides a t-shirt close that and then just head over to the website called remove that BG and that’s gonna take you over to this website right here and you will just upload an image upload that t-shirt let it just slowed and it’s gonna remove the background for us and I will just download that that’s absolutely free I didn’t have to pay anything handle as you can see literally taste like a lesson five seconds to do that go back to your video editing software in my case it’s gonna be Sony Vegas but of course you can use whatever software you want to whatever you find for absolutely free online and then just add that t-shirt so it’s like this one and then just inside of the video you can add this t-shirt maybe do you like do you like this you know it looks quite professional when you remove the background so I’ll do like this maybe in front of a video while they’re watching while people are watching that video and of course it doesn’t have to be related to cats I forgot to mention that but you can do maybe whatever needs you want to you know relationship me is big you have different funny compilations and stuff like that those videos are getting tons of you tons of use and I’m gonna show to get even more views as well so just don’t skip anything stay tuned till the end so I can show you how to leverage this and maximize results because there is definitely a lot of potential weathers trust me you so they can check it out and let’s I do like this and you know just add more of those like adds your own ads during the video just add more promote your t-shirts promote your designs inside of those videos and since people are already watching those casts they’re already you know they’re the old you love those cats they maybe have a cat by themself or if you’re doing maybe whatever else we do you have there people are probably interested in that soon since they were searching for that video and they found your video and they were watching your video then they’re more likely to buy those t-shirts and even if you have even if you get like 1000 views out of 1000 years you’ve just won 10 people buy from buy your t-shirt you’re gonna make over $100 you’ll profit just for 1000 views and I’m gonna show you how to get way way way more views so you can leverage this and make some destined amount of money and I’m gonna show you how to even hold even monetize your videos you’re gonna earn some extra cash from monetizing them so from Google Ads and then you’re gonna be making some decent amount of money just by promoting those t-shirts so you know YouTube Hill you need to be is literally gonna pay you to promote your own t-shirts which is really really really amazing so just save that what do you go back to YouTube create a brand new YouTube account and then just start promoting and just start uploading those videos and have a link in the description the first link in the description is gonna be that your your teespring t-shirts which people can go directly to it and they can purchase it now how to actually get more views is you want to find we did it as they’re already doing well so videos that already have a lot of views and you want to simply you know replicate their success by coping and you know creating a similar title pretty similar title don’t do it like the same title do a similar title create a similar this Chris I’m alert um nail you know for thumbnails you can use maybe or photo P or Photoshop and this create similar thumbnails to deers and you know it’s proven that they’re they’re getting views that they’re getting clicks like this 197 million people have clicked in this thumbnail right here so it’s proven to get click so you can create it you can find similar picture right there like that and do to attract more viewers but if you’re serious about making money online then I have a step-by-step training showing you how I personally how I’m personally getting hundreds of thousands of use every single month on both this investor channel The Omen hassle channel and some my other YouTube channels I’m getting thousands and thousands of views subscribers home going from zero to thousands of subscribers in like two weeks or less and then I’m also going to show you how you can literally monetize any YouTube channels in less than two weeks so that’s gonna be the first link in the description down below I’m gonna show you a little average and make money from YouTube and I’m gonna show how I personally make hundreds of dollars every single day from some of my other YouTube channels without having to be in front of a camera without having to create my own videos without having to sell anything on those youtube channels without having to run ads so it’s not it’s it has nothing to do with like compilation videos for anything like that I’m not running ads in those videos so it’s in the most unique strategy if you want to learn more about that just check the first link in description down below and so I’m gonna show you how you can get more views more subscribers how you can monetize your YouTube channel and I’m going to show you how I personally make money online

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