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Make $2000 Per Hour of Work (WITHOUT SELLING ANYTHING)

it’s how this video will show you how one person is making over $2,000 per hour of work and how you can replicate their success you’re not gonna be selling anything you’re not going to be doing affiliate marketing you’re not gonna be doing your CPA marketing and you’re not gonna be promoting any kind of offers you do not have to be in front of a camera and you do not have to invest any money at all and on top of that this is worldwide available so it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from now right before we dive into that if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hear the bell icon I don’t know if whenever I have a new first strategy like this one to make money in line so you can be one of the first to use that strategy you said app will use that website to make money online and that way not only will you be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money and with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can explain you everything okay here we are inside my computer and I hope you’re ready for this one because it’s absolutely gonna be amazing one the first platform that we are going to be using is gonna be collegio this is our attic elidio calm head over to this platform what that says well this is the tool that will allow us to make means to cut videos to evaluate the frames to create slideshows compress and all that basic stuff but there’s gonna be one specific thing that we’re gonna be using that we’re gonna be viewing with this tool and combining with other platforms that will allow us to make thousands of dollars over and over and over again and we actually start for absolutely free so the first thing that you will need to do is select either merge or slideshow so those are the two stop that we’re interested in either slide show or merge so for the sake of this video I will go with a merge but basically it’s the same thing so I’ll click on merge and that’s gonna open up an actual a page where I can upload different files on here so I can merge them into a will you you can see all the basic your features over here we can read if you want to but I’m just gonna go over and choose flowers now the file is that we are going to be using well right before I show that if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know it when I see you leaving likes and comments and I’m I will use I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you are getting value out of my videos and if you do appreciate me coming up every single day with different make one line stretches at different business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up it’s all I’m asking for and if you have questions or simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see your comment with that being said what files you need to upload well first of all you want to go over to the Instagram and calm and no you do not need Instagram followers you do not need to build a page on Instagram you’re not gonna be selling anything on Instagram you’re not gonna be doing affiliate marketing or anything like that you will just need to go over to Instagram comm or just install the app to your smartphone well that might be even easier for you so you can definitely do this even just with your smartphone and you want to search for go to the search bar and search for means yes you want to search for either meme hashtag meme or hashtag memes or dank memes or funny memes or anything related to memes so I will just search like memes hashtag memes you want to go over and look for different memes like these so this kind of means so this type of memes maybe maybe this one or this one this one this one so maybe just make sure that they are in English actually but this type of memes so not this type of news but these type of memes okay so make sure to grab some of these so maybe I can for example I will for example grab this one yeah I’m super busy today okay and what you need to do is just if you’re in a small phone it’s gonna be easier for you but if you’re using the desktop version you will just need to if you’re using Windows you can just open up the snipping tool or any other other tool that you use to screenshot stuff so you need to take a screenshot of this so it does a screenshot that’s real quick and I’m gonna save it up with to my computer so I’ll click on save and I will save that inside the folder I have created a you memes folder and I will save it over there this is my second image and basically you want to repeat this process until you have like ten so maybe 50 or 60 different memes in your computer or in your phone so say like 50 to 60 memes on your phone or on your computer once you do that you want to go back to this tool collide it Kaleo and you want to click on choose the files click on that and then upload those memes so you can select those memes and click open those files that’s gonna open up another page for us where we can now edit that in an actual compilation so this you can select how you can select the image duration over here so I will do like for up to 5 seconds something like that and we do like 5 seconds per image so until this videos gonna be 10 seconds because I have only 2 images but if you have 50 images that’s gonna be 250 seconds once you do that you want to just click so you know obviously don’t do it with just two images you want to have like as many as you possibly can and then a hit merge once you have enough images and then we will just need to wait until that loads but while waiting for that let me show you what exactly we’re going to be doing with that calculation once that once they create it for us one this tool does the work for us well what we’ll need to do is we need to head over to YouTube and I just want to show you something so this is one of the channels that I found that is doing the exact same thing that I showed you so he’s creating exact same compilations of memes and just images compilation of images and he is making an absolute killing from this and this is not the only channel that is doing this successful there are hundreds of different channels that are doing this successfully because the Entertainer image the meme niche is a really massive one so you like the entire world allows the memes so this has a massive potential and we can you know we can explore really quickly especially with the strategy that I’m about to show you inside this video and especially I’m gonna show you how we can actually get monetized because without ads without Google Adsense you won’t be able to get to do if you earn any money at all what if you stick with me I will show you how we can get your channel monetize so you can get paid per each and every view that you get on your channel and then I’m gonna show you how we can maximize your results and get the most views as you possibly can as fast as you possibly can and I will show you what actually meant by making over $2,000 per hour and how you can actually do it but a first of all I wanna show this as an example so you can open up some of these videos I want you to listen closely so for example it’ll open up this my mashed potatoes with rice so I sculpted my dad sitting on the sofa you can see that he’s just showing memes so he’s just showing some memes and he’s just reading the actual title over here that like the mean he’s reading the meme into his mic now if you hear the voice that is probably not even his voice but he’s just using some software and if you keep watching this video I’m also gonna give you the the software that you can use or absolutely free but anyways you can just even record your voice if you want to that’s really optional and you do not even have to have a voice over you can just have a music in the background which I think it’s a lot better for me this voice is really a noise it’s really annoying you know this robotic voice but anyways if you want to have the same robotic voice and then stick with me as well I’m gonna show you how we can replicate their success exactly and so I want to show you how much they have money they’re actually making every single month from those views so if I grab their channel username so this is their channel username I would grab that and I will go over to the website called social blade or we can see their exact analysis how much money they’re making how many views they’re getting and all that stuff if you search for their channel you can see that on average the estimated monthly earnings are 8.9 through 143 thousand dollars so up to one hundred forty two thousand dollars a month every single month but that’s a really broad estimate from my personal experience if they’re getting 1 million views per day in a certain niche and with the with videos that are over 10 minutes long so they can put more ads into those videos they’re probably making around three dollars per per per two dollars per 1000 views so their CPM is around three dollars the world they’re probably making a room 16 you $80,000 a month every single month just from the ad revenue and if they’re selling something they might be making way more than that but as I said we were now focusing on selling and not affiliate marketing we’re just focusing on views as I promised you which is okay because as you can see views will allow us to make a lot of money without selling anything and I’m gonna show you exactly what I meant by making over $2,000 per hour so first of all you can see that it’s gonna take you like a less than 15 minutes to create such video whip this tool so you can just search for different memes and just find as many of these memes as you possibly can and just upload them to this tool and the tool will do all of the work for you now just be that they will do the water for you for absolutely free but they will leave a small watermark down at the bottom of the with you but don’t mind you know you’re like you can stop for absolutely free and then once you start making money from views then you can pay like that’s like I think it was like six dollars per month and it will remove the watermark and you can use it you can use it as your own just six bucks per month but if you don’t want invest any money at all you can definitely leave the watermark down below it’s absolutely okay no one is gonna pay attention to that as you’re just starting out on YouTube and now let me just show you what it actually meant by making over three thousand dollars per hour working on this so if you head over back to their YouTube channel you can see they’re posting a new video every single day and as I said one will you per day that’s thirty videos per month and as I said they’re making sixty thousand dollars per month or way more than that but let’s say they’re making only sixty thousand dollars per month from this that’s a 60 thousand dollars divided by 30 hours because they’re putting one hour and pay into this and by the way it’s gonna take you way less than an hour to create a simple video like this with the cool that is gonna do all the work for you like Lydia is gonna do all the work for you but anyways let’s take let’s say it takes you up to an hour to create with you and you’re working one hour a day for 30 days straight and I’m gonna tell you why you need to work 30 days straight every single day so one single hour a day is all you need and that’s a thirty hours a month and you make sixty thousand dollars in a single month and if you divide sixty thousand dollars by thirty hours that’s a few thousand dollars over three thousand dollars per hour every single hour that you work on that so that’s like a mind blowing now stick with me so you can maximize the results as you can actually get this kind of results and enjoy this kind of passive income because these guys if they now stop posting for like a few years they’re still gonna keep making money from this which is really cool we can build a nice passive income machine just from one single YouTube channel which is really great now first of all the way you can create videos with voiceover so you can get the software they will do the voice-over for you is you can just go over to Google and you can simply search for Google Translate and you can basically have the same voice from these guys over here so you can type in for example hair type and subscribe to you in the bus tour and you click on this subscribe to investor you can simply use these the same voice in your videos you can just pays the meme title over here so if the meme says like investors video you just type it over here and click subscribe to investor and it’s gonna say it for you now this is really optional I personally as I said would not have the voice over you can definitely just use some free non copyright music you can search for YouTube’s audio library open up this and just download some song that you like and just use it in your using use it in a background of your videos so that’s really cool and you can definitely do it like that now the way you maximize your results in the way you actually monetize your YouTube channel is by uploading every single day for the next 30 days you want to upload every single layer you won’t don’t want to miss a single day you want to upload every single a stay consistent for the next 30 days and the reason being is because if you didn’t notice is that you are actually consistent on your channel they will YouTube’s algorithm will start noticing your channel and will start promoting one of your videos so eventually one of your videos will start growing some kind of like viral day with a video will start getting more and more views which will attract more subscribers to your channel which will grow the entire channel so you just need to stay consistent that and then what’s YouTube that’s what YouTube’s algorithm actually wants it wants you to stay consistent on YouTube and as well to maximize your results you can simply join different YouTube groups on Facebook so you can search and Facebook for like YouTube small youtubers a sub4sub and stuff like that those kind of groups you can join over there do yourself or sub thus promote your videos promote your channel until it starts growing and no it’s gonna be a little bit hard and it is time consuming but that is only the first option that’s if you wanna do it like that but a second option is way better one and that is add the first if you hit the first link in the description down below not only will show you three different proven strategies to monetize any YouTube channel out there in the last two weeks and pass the review so you can get started in less than two weeks but I’m also going to show you how I personally make money online from somewhere other YouTube channels without even running ads on my channels without some other youtube channels without having to be in front of a camera without having to create my own videos without having to film my own videos once again without Google Adsense at all we’re on affiliate marketing without selling my own products or anything like that it’s a really unique strategy if you want to learn more about that’s gonna be the first link in the description down below and not only dad but I’m also going to show you how you can grow on YouTube really really quickly how we can explode your views how we can get your videos go wild my number one secret to getting news quickly I’m gonna be giving you some tools to build your competition I’m also gonna be giving you some tricks to boost your subscribers and much much more even my number one hack to getting thousands of subscribers guaranteed so you’re definitely gonna love it so if you wanna maximize your results on YouTube and if you want to see how I personally make money online from some of my other YouTube channels without being in front of a camera make sure to check the first link in the description down below and you take action fast because the discount is gonna expire whatever you soon and since those are my personal secrets I don’t want to share them with everyone and I will probably remove this to the course or very very soon

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