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Make ,000/Month On YouTube Without Filming – FULL TUTORIAL

Make $30,000/Month On YouTube Without Filming – FULL TUTORIAL (Make Money Online)

one to $2,000 a day on YouTube without the ad revenue so no ads in your videos which means you can start doing this Tuesday without selling anything without affiliate marketing and without filming your videos so you don’t need a camera I will show you step by step exactly how you can set this up but it’s really important you follow every step and watch every second of this video or otherwise you won’t be able to set it up so if you want to really build your online business and make some life-changing income from the comfort of your couch then you really need to listen closely and follow all the steps and if you stay all the way to the end of the video I will give you some bonus that’s gonna help you make a lot more money faster but before all of that if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hit the bell icon I’ve allotted for you will never have a new fresh strategy just like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use it and that way not only will you be one step ahead we all competitors but of course you will make the most money and with that being said let’s jump into my computer so we can start the tutorial all right so let’s get started let me now show you just one example of a channel that is doing this successfully and how much money they are making just from the ad revenue so this is some channel that I recently found that is posting copyright free music that means that anyone has the rights to download this music to their computer by using their links from this channel and let’s see how much money they make once again just from the ad revenue so I will take their channel username this is the channel username the channel ID I will copy that and I will go on to search blades calculator this is already searched wacom this is the tool that allows you to see analytics for any YouTube channel out there so searchable attracts user statistics for YouTube and other platters get a deeper understanding of user growth and transpire utilization utilizing social blade and if you go to their calculator and I input the username of this YouTube channel I click on import username that’s gonna show us how much money they are making on average every single day on an average every single month and per year so you can see that their estimated daily earnings are anywhere from 120 to 1920 dollars now this is a really broad estimate but from my personal experience for such a channel in such a niche with such a CPM these guys are making probably around nine hundred to a thousand dollars per day just from the revenue but how can you make so much money without revenue and with way less subscribers and way last views so you can get started today well I will show you step by step how you can do it now it’s no secret that there are many different channels like this one that Apple to copyright free music and make a killing off of it because their videos quickly get loads of views you know there are like millions of creators of all sizes that need copyright free music for their projects every single day and that’s why this type of channels will always have traffic and will always be able to make money however when you search for channels like this one you will be able to see that all they do is they just upload a video which is made from one single image and someone’s song in the background so not their own songs they’re taking someone’s songs with the rights to do that and they’re just reposting it back to YouTube it can’t get more simple than that just one image and a song in the background so no special editing skills needed no camera no equipment it’s really easy to create them and it takes just a couple of minutes and I’ll show you step-by-step how we can do it for absolutely free so let’s first go over different free resources let’s see how we can create those videos and afterwards we’ll go over how to monetize them without revenue without selling anything so you won’t have to sell anything you to your audience no affiliate marketing and without cpa marketing either so step number one is gonna be finding those copyright free images which we can use in our videos to make him look something similar to this and you can see that those are pretty similar images like and just an image of a beach as you can see some palms maybe a street some girl more nature and mostly beaches and mostly nature so you can find it those copyright free images on three different platforms the first one is going to be pixabay.com so this is already pixabay.com you can find like millions of different high-quality stock images and videos on this platform as well so you don’t have to use only images you can also use different free stock videos if you want to but it’s more simple to use just free images so you can just come to here and you can search for example Beach if you want to find a similar image – for example this one or this one or maybe maybe this one you know similar images to those you can search for Beach you can search for whatever keyword you want through and find all those beautiful images which you can use for example you like this one you want use it in your video you just come earth to this image you click on free download click on download and you will be able to click on I’m not a robot and click on download and it’s gonna download it to your computer so that is already pixabay.com if you can’t find any nice images on here even though there are million images on here anyways if you can find and even anything that suits your needs you can just go work to pack cells come this is really similar one but maybe all here we can find even better images so if we search for example Beach only here you can also see different images which I can download by for example clicking on this image and I can click to the free download and it’s gonna immediately download it to my computer it’s even seem more simple than pics away then at the end you can also use the unsplash.com so you can find even more copyright free high-quality images so i can search for beach here as well and for example i like this one i will click on it and i will click on download free and it immediately get a download it to my computer so that’s how you find images for your videos now the step number two is gonna be finding copyright free music that we can use in our videos along with the copyright free images that we previously downloaded so one of the places where we can find copyright free in copyright free music to use your in your videos and monetize your videos is over at the YouTube YouTube’s audio library their official website so this is where the YouTube data comes to the fore slash all your library for slash musics you can even come over to this URL right here or just go to google and search for YouTube’s audio library and open up a page that’s gonna look at something like this let me just show you this like if you go to Google and you search YouTube audio library it’s gonna be the first one that pops up and click on it and it will take you over to Dee’s page now on here you have like thousands and thousands of different songs and in 99% of the cases if you click on the song you will be able to see that you are free to use those songs and monetize your video and make money from that way you’re not only from the ad revenue but with something which I’m about to show you in at the end of this video so you can just cover to here you can even select the genre you can select the mood the instruments the duration of the song you can sort by all those things and you can find thousands of different songs and if you want to see if that’s something you like you just click on the play button or on the play icon right here and you’ll play the song if you like it just click on this arrow pointing down icon and that’s gonna download the song to your computer and now I have all the rights to use it in your videos combined with the cop every image that we previously downloaded and you can now download as many of these songs as you want through and use all of those on your channel and there are new songs coming in every single day so you will never run out of content for your channel so that’s how you find free music to use in your videos and have all other rights to monetize them so you come over to the youtubes all your library you select a song and you just click on the download and it’s gonna download it to your computer ok now we just need to simply combine that audio file and that image to create an actual video which we can then re-upload back to YouTube and then we will go over how can you actually make money off of that the most important part but first of all let’s do the final step and that is creating an actual video once you have image and copyright free song now there are many different options you can use some free video editing software you can use for example iMovie if you’re if you have a Mac you can also use open shot org if you are in Windows it’s a simple and free as you can see guests are making beautiful videos today it’s available for Linux Mac and as well for Windows you can just download to your computer and use it for a hundred percent free and you can also use Cleo this is the cloud base south or so you will not have to download it to your computer I personally use Sony Vegas Pro 14 so you can use that as well allows you how simple is with this one so all I need to do is just open the file I need to find some image for example this one I will drag it I will now add the actual the song that we previously downloaded from the YouTube audio audio library I’ll double click on it here’s the song here’s the image I will just drag it all the way I want to stretch it so it actually fits the entire video and that’s it now this is the entire video I can also you know crop this so it actually fits the video format so maybe I want to make it look something like this and this is just perfect now I can save it up to my computer I can name the file and I can save it to my desktop and now I’m able to redo Apple it back to YouTube so this will this was literally like less than 20 seconds and now I have my own video from which I can make loads of money so you can see it can take you less than 20 seconds and you can upload this to videos every single day and those videos are getting loads of views so as you can see these guys are probably doing it every single day yes they are doing it every single day and they’re getting tons and tons of views thousands of views on all of their videos but they are relying only on the Avenue but you don’t have the I mean you can’t make some money from google adsense as well so maybe an extra income from google adsense is not that bad at all but if you don’t want to wait to get those 1000 subscribers in 4000 hours to watch them didn’t then stick with me and I will show you how you can make money even if you’re not monetized with Google ad and if you for example want to use Clio which is even more simple than these video editing software’s or you would need to do is cover to clear calm select video maker right here click on the video maker click and choose files select your image it’s gonna upload it already here you can now unselect fit the border and just click on the zoom in crop now that fits the entire with you now just add the actual audio file that’s gonna be our song and it’s gonna upload it over to here you will just need to stretch this for the entire video and how you can do it you just click on the image duration select from 3 seconds all the way to 10 seconds and now just add more images at the same image again and again and each one of them will ask for 10 seconds so you want to add if your songs like 2 minutes and 50 seconds then you obviously want to add 25 images so that might take a little bit more time than with some other free video I think software like I did in the Sony Vegas but still it’s absolutely free and it might be more simple for someone and once you’re done with that just click create and it’s gonna create the video for you which you can then download and re-upload back to YouTube so that’s how you create your videos it was like less than a minute and you have a video done now let’s see how we can make money off of that and finally let’s make some money off of this so here’s the deal you can see that all these guys that are posting this type of videos have download links in their description so links which people can click on and download the song but the thing is that now the owner of the video will not make any money apart from the AL revenue and they made might make only like 2 bucks per 1000 views but how can you make anyone from 7 to sometimes over $20.00 per 1000 views without those annoying ads well here’s how you will include your download link to the song in your description obviously all the people listening to your video will be interested in downloading and using that copyright free song you will prove it you will put your download link at the top of the description in order to get the most from your views and here’s how you can make money off of it here’s how you actually make money off of it you’ll use two different blasters first one is gonna be file up org this is free cloud storage for your data tools that allows you to upload your files for free but it also pays you whenever someone downloads those files which is amazing so whenever someone downloads the file using your link you will get page so if you click on make money right here you can see that file up will pay you up to seven dollars per 1,000 downloads so for each 1,000 downloads you can get up to seven dollars for free now you just want to sign up to this website and upload that song so click on start uploading files now select your song select that audio file wait for a couple of seconds and you will be able to grab your download link so it’s gonna look something like this so whenever someone clicks on this link you will be able to download the song and you will get paid up to $7 per 1000 use so seven dollars per 1000 dollars which is already more than these guys are making for one thousand views but how can you make even more money well instead of just leaving this rough file up link in your description you can just grab that link and go over to the Nash Platinum which is gonna be shrink earned com so this is over the shrink earned comm and what it says well this is a tool that allows you to shorten your long URL and get paid for each click you get on your shortened link so for instance you paste your download link in here so download link from the file up it’ll have shortened it for you you take that shortened link and whenever someone clicks on it before they get a red-eye recta to the destination URL in this case file a download link they will be first Santa – kind of like a landing page for those and this is not important for us but I just wanna explain you how it works and they can just skip those annoying ads and boom you made money the reason shrink earned actually pays you for each click is because they’re simply splitting the ad revenue with you which is really genius now let me show you how much they pay so if you go over to the pay rates you will see that they will pay you Anna men from a3 up to $20.00 per 1000 clicks you get on your link depending on where your clicks are coming from so now instead of making just 2 bucks per 1000 views you’re actually making up to eighty-seven dollars per one K clicks if you combine both file app and shrinker and basically just just assign it to shrink urn comm create an account and once you sign up to space your link to space your file up download link click on shorten grab your shortened link and paste it at the top of your description so people can click on it and they can download the song and that’s it it’s as simple as that and now you can start uploading this type of videos every single day to maximize your results and so for YouTube’s algorithm to actually notice your channel and to actually start pushing your channel more you will need to be consistent and upload every single day but you can see it takes you just less than a minute to create a video and then just localize them in to shorten it and just reel it back to YouTube and you can make as much money as you can because you can do it again and again and once you get monitors you can also make a couple of thousands of dollars per month from that as revenue as well so definitely it’s a great business model and YouTube is one of the fastest ways to make money online that’s why I have something special for you I have a step-by-step training teaching you how you can grow your YouTube channel quickly so I’ll show you actionable steps which I also use which you can follow it to get thousands of views and thousands of subscribers quickly to go from zero to thousands of subscribers in a no time and much more growth strategies that truly work and not to mention but there are many different ways you can monetize your videos you can use a strategy we talked about in this video you can maybe do affiliate marketing cpa marketing whatever you like but inside of that training which is gonna be the first link in the description of this video i will be showing you how i personally make money on youtube from some of my other youtube channels without being in front of a camera so not this one not investor channel some other youtube channels we are being in front of a camera without filming or editing my videos without affiliate marketing without cpa marketing and even without ads so without Google Algrim it has nothing to do with compilations or whatever so if you want to learn more about that then don’t hesitate to grab it before all the spots get taken because obviously I don’t want to share my secrets with everyone take action and start building your YouTube business today and I will see you soon

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