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Make 0+ Per YouTube Video You Repost (NO AD REVENUE)

Make $500+ Per YouTube Video You Repost (NO AD REVENUE)

you can make money from each video you reapply to YouTube and you can start today because your channel does not have to be monetized you do not need a lot of subscribers and you’re not gonna be doing affiliate marketing so you’re just going to adore this strategy but just even though this is gonna be super simple and easy this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it will not fall from the sky so you will need to put in some time and effort but it’s definitely gonna pay off and right before we dive into the actual strategy if you have a normally just make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon because if posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hear the bell icon automatically you will never have a new first strategy just like this once we can be one of the first to use it and that way of course make the most money and with that being said let’s jump into my computer so I can show you how you can make not only over five hundred dollars per video you upload but actually thousands of dollars per video you repost back to YouTube okay we are now inside of my computer and since we will not be relying on the other revenue so we are now gonna be collecting out the revenue you need some other payment option so you need to choose whether you want to get paid why a bank transfer maybe you want to use PayPal I personally use people because I find it really easy but maybe it’s not available in your country so go to paypal.com and try to create an account if it’s available in your country then great you can go back payments with PayPal or you can just search in Google a what payment option will work in your country and just create an account on that platform as I said I personally use PayPal comm and that’s where I collect my profits now let me show you what you actually need to do so you will need to head over to the youtube.com and trust me even though you might saw this familiar keyboard this is very unique so since we’re not relying on the ad revenue and we’re not doing affiliate marketing this can actually make us a lot more money but first of all I just want to show you so sure people that are actually doing this successfully and one mistake they’re making that is costing them thousands and thousands of dollars per video that they upload and then I’m gonna show you where you can actually get the video which you can take down with your computer in like less than 10 seconds and reupload it back to youtube and make a lot of money from that and the good thing is obviously since it’s and we’re not relying at the ad revenue you do not need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours or watch them to get started you can literally now zero subscribers and zero views on your YouTube channel so I want to search for funny cat this is one of the keywords that you can search for it you can search for different animals maybe funny cats funny funny funny elephant’s whatever you can think of just search for – but it’s before the specific keyword like just a search for a keyword keyword like that if I search for funny cats you’re gonna be able to see all of these different use that are getting millions and millions of views but mostly these channels have a lot of subscribers as you can see and that’s why they are getting a lot of views but in some cases there are some channels that barely have some subscribers and that started really recently that are now getting a lot of views that are now making a lot of money now they’re obviously most of them are like ninety percent of them are making money from the ad revenue and they’re actually you know they are killing it without revenue they’re maybe making one to three thousand dollars a day from the other revenue but with the strategy which I’m about to share with you inside of this with you you can start making a lot more money than if you were relying on the ad revenue and as well if you want to see how I personally make money on YouTube from some of my other YouTube channels so not this one from some of my other YouTube channels without having to be in front of a camera without having to create my videos without having to film my own videos without relying on the other revenue without selling out anything on those channels we are affiliate marketing and all that stuff then make sure to hit the first link in the description down below and as well I’m gonna share with you how I personally grow my YouTube channels and I’m gonna show you a very unique method to make money with a YouTube inside the first link in description down below but anyways I just want to show you one of the channels as an example so if I open up for example this one over here this one got over 700,000 views in one week this channel this channel name is a funny animal alive and let’s take a look at how many videos they actually have so they have they have imposing probably once per week and once per week so that’s like four videos per month and they have been doing that for the past year you can see they just started last year and they are now killing it already just in one single year I mean if you wanna if you wanted to get a 95 job you would have to help you have to go for four years to college in order to make a salary of like two three or maybe five thousand dollars a month I’d working eight hours a day for someone else but these guys are only doing it in like eleven five minutes a day and they’re making a lot of money just from the ad revenue so let me show you how much they’re actually getting how many views are they’re getting and then I’m going to show you how we can replicate their success where you can find those videos and how you can actually make money without relying with the ad revenue but I will just copy their username and I will go over to the search light so we can see their analytics you can see that they’re now one year after they started this channel after they start reeling content for once per week they are now probably making around thirty to forty thousand dollars on average every single month that’s the my this is a really broad estimate by my kind of better estimate is around thirty to forty dollars per month maybe they’re making even more than that so that’s over one thousand dollars are they just from these two videos and they did not have to film those videos these dogs and cats they’re not there they’re just to the video took those videos and they’re reeling them and they’re making money from that and you can even take a look and you can see that they’re getting sometimes over 1 million views per day that’s or 1 million eyeballs on their videos now how can you actually monetize this kind of YouTube channel without the ad revenue and without affiliate marketing well right before I show you that if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave me a thumbs up because you know what I’m gonna see you livin likes and comments under my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of my videos which is at the end of the day the most important part so if you do appreciate me uploading daily make money online strategies and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or you simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all of those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see you are comment with that being said lab and I’ll first show you how you can get those videos down for free and then I’m gonna show you how you can actually monetize this kind of YouTube channel without the revenue so if you search for funny cat so what you can do or any keyword that you search for that can be popular you donate and there’s something related to nature or something related to animals or something that is a trending at the moment you can make a video about it and make a killing by doing this strategy so if you search for funny cats I will filter this and I want to filter this by Creative Commons so that gives a to reupload others people content without getting a copyright strike now if you just want to reload artists people content with the Creative Commons you will never be able to monetize your YouTube channels so you will never pass a review to pass the monetization review if you just re upload other people content with the Creative Commons license that’s not how it works and that’s why we are not relying on the ad revenue but we are actually gonna make a lot more money with the tools which I’m about to give you in this video so you can just go through this and get suited even these videos are getting millions of views like two months ago and this video has 3.3 million views so that’s quite a lot well now what you can do is you can for example you want that you want to download this video you want to repost this video right here you can just click on the video you can pause it you will grab the URL of daddio tip video and you want to search for YouTube in mp4 or YouTube downloader and you want to find all of these different YouTube in mp4 converters they’re gonna download these videos for you to your computer this is the one that I personally use I’ll paste the URL click on mp4 I will click on word that’s gonna convert it into the mp4 file which I can then download to my computer and let it just load that’s gonna be like 10 seconds I will download it to my computer I have it now online computer I can go back to YouTube and I can re-upload this video and I can optimize it in a way to get me tons of views and we are gonna talk about that at the end of the video anyways that’s how it works this there was like 10 20 20 10 to 20 seconds to get the video up on YouTube so you don’t have to film anything and you do not have to have to add it anything now what you actually need to do you need to put something at the top of your description that’s gonna make you money and what actually you can put is something related to that niche so you can actually make a lot more money so those are millions of people that are interesting in funny cats cute cats cute dogs cute bats in particular and now you can sell them something and you can actually sell them t-shirts so you can go over to the bonfire calm or teespring calm these are very similar platforms where you can design a t-shirt for free you just need to design a template once and you can keep selling it again and again because go on fire calm or teespring calm they’re gonna do all work for you they’re gonna print the t-shirt all for free of course no upfront fees for any of these you can sign up for free and you can design for free you just need to create they will print it they will ship it they will do all the hard work and you can just call that off of the profits because you know they will say like if you’re selling your t-shirts for $20 maybe they take around $10 and you take $10 and you take $10 just do you take 50% off of that just because you have created that one simple design so you can cover to here you can register it simply clicking on this get started button it’s absolutely free you can create an account for free and you can also use the teespring comm this is a very similar platform but one this one you can sell even more products not at just t-shirts so I’m gonna I’m gonna be using teespring as an example I can come over to the teespring comm and I can click on either start designing or login if I already have an account if I don’t have an account I’m gonna click on start designing and we are going to be able to create our account by either connecting it with our Facebook at Google or just by entering our e-mail address and our password I’ll just quickly log in with my Facebook account so I can show you how it actually works I will continue with my Facebook because that’s a lot easier and it goes a lot faster when you just connect it like that now I have an account created on Facebook calm this is a brand new account now what I can do is I can click on start this on ink right here click on start designing and now it’s gonna open up this de Spring launcher so I’m just gonna click on the first if shirt that pops up but as you can see you can design all of these different products right here you can sell phone cases you can sell pillows you can sell kids for kids and babies socks you can sell whatever you want there on here I’m gonna open up t-shirts and I will just go with a classic tee and I will start designing then click himself because we want to sell it we don’t want to buy this and now you can just create a simple design related to your niche so if your reposting content are related to animals pads cats dogs elephants you need to create something related to that if your reposting something you’re related to i know Star Wars you just need to make it issue related to something like that but of course don’t use actual images for Star Wars you’re gonna get a copyright strikes don’t do that but actually create something just with your text and make some code related to that specific niche so I’ll for example add some text as you can see it’s really simple I can even change the to change the phone I can change the colors I can literally change and customize everything I like here so here’s that you can drag it you can drop it it’s really really simple to use and it’s really simple to create a nice and professional looking designs on here and you can also add images and what I recommend you do is go over to for example call P&G so you can cover to the clean P&G you let me just and I can open up this website and this website gives us a lot of this no background images which we can use on our even our t-shirts so I could for example search for cat and take a look these are all images that I can use so for example I will open up this one and if it’s a non copyrighted image I can just click on free download it’s gonna download a background free image through my computer and now I can go back to teespring I can click on add an image and I can find that image on my downloads and I will just I will just have it right here and as you can see that that’s gonna look really nice if you put in a little bit time and effort into this so you start doing a design I created this on like five minutes you know do you put a little bit more time and effort into crafting your own design because you just need to do it once and then it all goes on autopilot and the rest of the work can be done in less than a minute and I’m gonna show that as well so you can also change the image of this t-shirt by selecting the colors by clicking on the plus button right here and then here’s where you select what kind of profits you wanna make for how much you want to sell the t-shirt so if you’re selling it at the price of $21.99 you’re making a profit of $11 and 42 cents per sale and I found this to work fast like this is the best option so I do recommend you leave it like that but if you want to charge a little bit less to make it to make to make sales easier then you’re gonna be making for example $4.99 for $19.99 you’re making nine dollars and 42 cents if you’re selling it for twenty dollars 99 cents you can make ten dollars and 42 cents if you’re selling it for 50 dollars which is what I do not recommend you know you might make a sale sometimes but it’s gonna be a lot of hardware so don’t do it like that but I actually recommend start either with $19 $20 or $21 price so just go with like $19.99 and my profit is gonna be nine dollars and 43 cents per sale I wouldn’t click continue and then I can select all these different products that I can add my designs to and I can as well sell them so you can just click on it like select the styles and you can sell it as well as you have accessories and the home stuff but I’m just gonna go with this one because I don’t want to make this video too long and then I will need to create a title for this I would name a listen I will create I would be creative I’ve created a nice-looking design I would come up with a nice name for my design that I was already brief description about a design and I just need to click publish listing and I will be able to grab my link for that t-shirt that is gonna be up on teh spring and whenever someone goes to that link they can go through the tea sprinkle on landing page and they can buy my t-shirt and then teespring does all the work for you I don’t know I don’t have to lift a finger I just need to start driving traffic and how actually drive traffic to this is I grab let’s say this is my link to the actual sales page for my t-shirt I just need to go over to youtube reupload some of those videos those Creative Commons videos like I just showed you really back on YouTube which can take you like less than 20 seconds and then just at the top of the description I can have like 50% sale t-shirts or something like that something catchy and then my link to the actual t-shirt where they can buy it and since as I said those are millions of people are interested in funny cats funny dogs or whatever you your t-shirt is about there is higher chances that a lot of them will actually end up buying and this is proven to work and this is proven to get massive results and it’s proven to get to make you a lot of money so for example on this channel like the last video wanna make a go got 892 thousand views just a one a single video that which can take you less than 20 seconds to post to repost on YouTube and that’s just in one channel and what you can do is you can start doing this every single day in order to increase your chances because when YouTube algorithm sees that you’re consistent and you’re uploading every single day for the first 33 days after the first 33 days they will actually reward your channel for being consistent they will start showing your channel to more people and eventually one of your videos will go extremely viral and that’s how these guys like these are not the only guys that we’re able to build it in less than a year so you know like less than a year you could be making a lot of money these guys are just making one to two thousand dollars a day from the ad revenue but from this one let’s do it Matt like if this should have got 800,000 views 800,000 people that love cats and you had your link to the t-shirt that is related to cats in at the top of your description and you sell like it’s ten percent off sorry percent off whatever it is there’s 800,000 people if you do the math if just out of eight hundred and twenty thousand people if just 0.1 percent so 0.1% not even 1% 0.1% or them actually but well that gonna be 822 people and if you were making nine dollars and 42 cents something like that was for this t-shirt so it was like nine dollars and 42 cents profit that’s gonna be let me just open up my calculator if you multiply by that by nine dollars and 42 cents that’s gonna be seven thousand seven hundred and forty-three dollars just for one single video would that you re-upload back to YouTube and as you saw it’s doable so these guys are getting a lot of views but it’s obviously not gonna fall from the sky so you are not gonna get this kind of views on your first video you need to be consistent and you need to be patient in order to start making that kind of money from this and in order to start getting so many views on your videos but as you can see it’s possible you can do it in less than a year just in a couple of months you could be getting a lot more subscribers and a lot more views than these guys if you had the right techniques and if you knew what to actually do when you start out on YouTube and this can actually be a massive passive income machine because some of these videos are getting is still getting views and if you had your link to the t-shirt if you were selling your t-shirt in all of these videos at the top of your description if you are selling your t-shirt in all of them maybe some some video for example this one that was posted a year ago is still getting views you can see not 898 and 98 of views per hour they’re still getting like around 100 views per hour from this so where that was posted one year ago can still make you money so it’s gonna it’s gonna build up like a snowball effect and it can make you a lot o money so not just from one video you can make a lot of money from all the videos that you upload on YouTube and you can of course boost way more videos than these and that way make a lot more money now as I said if you want to see how I personally make thousands of dollars from some of my other YouTube channels without the revenue without selling anything so without selling those t-shirts without affiliate marketing without being in front of a camera without creating my videos without filming my videos or anything like that then make sure to hit the first link in the description down below and I’m gonna explain you exactly how I do that but as well I’m gonna be showing you how I get views on my YouTube channels how how we can quickly grow your YouTube channels with tens of thousands of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views in less than 30 days and not only that inside this module I’m also going to cover how you can monetize any YouTube channel out there so I’m going to show you how we can build monetize channels and how we can build a non monetize channels but in this module it will take particular I’m gonna show you three different methods on how you can monetize any YouTube channel so how you can get 1000 subscribers and four thousand hours to watch them and pass the review so you’re also gonna be making from money from the ad revenue and once you do have the massive audience system gonna be since I’m gonna be showing you my number one tricks and secrets to getting views and subscribers you can then do whatever you want you don’t have to use the strategies shown inside of this training you might think of a different way to make even more money than I do maybe you can sell these t-shirts maybe we can do a fill at marketing maybe you can do cpa marketing maybe you can just rely on the odd revenue you can do whatever you want you’re gonna have a lot of big channels and you can make a lot of money from each of them and this does not work work only for me we already have hundreds of students that are getting massive results with this same training that you can go through they went through the training and they are now killing it online so definite like to learn more about it just hit the first link in the description down below and just keep in mind since i’m currently updating at the moment i’m updating the training i’m adding new lectures and the entire trainings is being updated for the upcoming year rise we will rise to you times more so i’m gonna double the price very very soon so definitely make sure to take action fast

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