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Make ,970.00+ On Autopilot FREE!

Make $5,970.00+ On Autopilot FREE!

over five thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars on autopilot for free stay tuned to see how so basically you can start this business we’re absolutely free and you can start this from anywhere in the world yes this does work worldwide and don’t ask me in the comments if it does work for your country because it does it works worldwide but right before I explain you everything you know right before I explain you how we can set everything on autopilot so you will do the work once and then you will not have to lift a finger at all after that well before I explain you that if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m posting videos about making money online every single day so if you hit the bell icon I don’t know if we’re never to have a new fresh strategy like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use that strategy use that app or use the website to make money online and that way not only will you want to step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can explain you everything okay we’re now inside my computer and I hope you’re ready for this one but one more thing before we dive into the strategy you know the rules in order to make the strategy work for you you need to keep watching this video all the way to the end because along the way you I will be showing you some tips tricks and secrets to maximize your results and to actually get way over five thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars on incomplete autopilot and pay attention to this one because you will just need to do the work once keep that in mind you will do the work once and then you can relax and chill and you will still keep making money on autopilot and stay all the way to the end to maximize your results and to learn some amazing stuff inside this videos so the first part of the we’re gonna be using it’s gonna be this one over here so don’t just panic I will I’m not gonna really website things yet I will dwell in them in like a minute or two just keep watching this video and don’t complain the comments like you didn’t give us the website name I did you just did not watch the video so make sure to keep watching this video and what this facet is all about because I guess most of you guys have never seen this facet before and you don’t have and you don’t have a clue what this website is about well this is a place where companies businesses entrepreneurs that will come over here in order to pay this website to use their services to maximize their advertising conversions by automating the past click stage as you can see in the advertising funnel so what that means is when you’re running an ad but anyways I’m not gonna explain all that stuff you can come over to the shops I didn’t learn about yourself because that’s not important to us / not their clients and we’re not gonna be paying for this because as I said at the beginning of this video this is absolutely free you do not something you’ve asked any money at all and to know that there’s gonna be actually one specific thing that we’re gonna be doing what it stops that it isn’t gonna allow us to make money on autopilot in a specific way and we’re also gonna be using a few more platforms so keep watching because we’re gonna be combining those few platforms with this one to help us maximize our results and to help us do something insane without having to you know without having to you know having any like special skills and experience for this okay because that Google will just be insane for you but I just want to show you that this website is quite a trade company to work with because it has been featured in many it has been used by many big companies like hellofresh eBay Rimmel and many many others now as I said you can come over here read more about it then on there like a landing page on the sales page and obviously this is just each sales page for those companies and businesses that want to pay them which is obviously not what we were interested in so I want you to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this website so I can show you what services they provide so if you take a look at their services they have products like add map landing pages personalization experimentation and collaboration now I guess most of this like most of this this word sound kind of complicated but trust me is gonna be a super simple process and the solutions that disparate that their website brings to keep their customers you it applies to Google Ads Facebook Ads and remember this Facebook has that’s what we’re gonna be focusing on and keep watching no this is not actually anything to do with your hunting Facebook ads or investing any money into Facebook ads or having any Facebook Ads experience running like that just keep watching so you won’t get confused okay this also + display ads retargeting sales and leads now that’s obviously not what we want what we actually want from this website is to go over to by the way I want to reveal this website name right now so the website name is instapage comm this is over at the instapage comm this is their logo you will head over to the instapage comm and now the next way the next step that you need to do well right before I reveal you that step if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video give a thumbs up because when I see guys living relaxing comments on my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know it’s true getting value out of those videos which is at the end of the day the most important part for both me and you so if you do appreciate me Appling daily make online strategies in daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions we simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all of those comments and I will try and reply as soon as possible and with that being said the next time that you need to do is to go over to the instapage dot-com slash affiliate – program so go to the instapage comma Phil net program or you can even search in Google for like instapage affiliate program and come over to this website now keep watching this video because I’m gonna show you how you can drive specific traffic to this website to this affiliate program to your affiliate link to make bunch of money on a complete autopilot to do the work once and no one has nothing to do with youtube ok this case nothing to do with You Tube Facebook Instagram or auntie or any of those social media platforms it’s gonna be a unique one ok so why you need why don’t you take a look at it there I feel like the only program is because first of all it’s a really lucrative and really they have a really nice commissions as you can see look at the residual commissions and we can earn 50% a revenue share in the first payment which is quite a lot so let me show you their plan so if you go to dinner plans you can see dead or planned those plans are selling for like $149 Mac annual and monthly pricing is 199 dollars per mo which is what most people opt in for so you’re being paid if this is $199 per month or just one person that you refer to this website that’s 50% that’s like 99 dollars and 80 cents for one single person per month and that is only for the first month and every other month that they keep using this website and of course they can keep using this platform because it’s gonna help them grow their business they will see not returning that investment and those businesses and entrepreneurs will be more than willing to invest like the last 200 bucks into this per month what is really cool because we’re going to be earning 30% from that as you can see 30% a lifetime revenue share on all other plan on all other plans and all after the first month so 3 percent of room $199 is a 59 dollars and 70 cents put for for just a one a single person no the traffic source that I’m about to give you will help you not only get a one because you just need 100 people to make 5970 dollars every other month but actually making over nine thousand nine hundred and nine thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars your first month and then all the upcoming months you will be making five thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars on complete auto-pilot you can even close your laptop and live like that you will not even have to log into your account anymore you can just log in I wanna see the month through complete – just grab your earnings to collect your payments but basically you can even get more than that you of course you can get even more affiliate sales and you can basically get less it all depends on you and how much time and effort you put into this but I’m just gonna show you how simple he’s gonna be and I’m gonna show you a trick that will help you maximize your results and it will help you do this with no prior experience or anything like that so come over here we can read more about their their affiliate program where basically it’s proven it’s proven to get results so you know let’s just read about it I’m not gonna go with that obviously I hope you know how reads it we’ll just come over here I’m not gonna I’m not gonna I don’t want to waste your time just going over to this website and telling you what to do just come over here and telling you the stuff that you can obviously read on here I just want to show you that you need to click on the become an affiliate today and just request to become an affiliate and they approved it will improve you like it’s free to join their partner community and only takes minutes to sign up and start promoting so it’s gonna be simple as that you’re gonna have to wait for like days and days to get approved for their affiliate program so you don’t care approved for their affiliate program you will grab your affiliate URL and then you will go to one website and that one website is gonna be now if you keep watching this video i will show you something super super cool okay what do you mean actually is is for those of you guys that don’t even know what this is about Unum is a place where people are selling and buying courses but keep watching this video as i said you do not need any experience for this with the tool that i’m about to give you okay and you will not need to be in front of a camera you can say absolutely anonymous for this strategy and it works super super well so as I said there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of different courses sounding on this platform which is real really cool but what we’re going to be focusing on is searching for as I said in the previously you need to you need to pay attention to this be there have solutions for Facebook ads so this can help you do this can help improve the conversion for your Facebook ads and they claim that your conversion can rise up to 400% more conversions which is really insane and that’s what all marketers strive for all businesses thrive for that and now I can go over to you to me this is an actually really really really really genius idea like if you go to udemy and you search for Facebook ads on here you can see that there are thousands of different courses obviously over here and you can see that they’re selling for like 20 bucks per piece and they are getting like thousands and thousands like 20,000 reviews which means a lot more than that how people have actually bought it because personally I would not buy uremic courses I never leave a feedback is so I guess like most people can leave a feedback we’re still there are 20,000 ratings so well over 20,000 people bought this course you have different courses over here now I guess most of you guys don’t have experience for Facebook Ads and you don’t know how to create the course yourself well don’t you worry about that I got you covered okay no worries about that so what do you need to do on here is go over to the Nashville site to the next platform they will allow you to grab udemy courses for free and I’m gonna show you what you want to do with that as well and by the way why you need this is because you want to create a Facebook ad course you can talk about the Facebook Ads and all that stuff and keep watching this video as I said next tool is coming up which is gonna you’re just gonna help you so so much and which is gonna make everything so easier for you okay so why don’t you create a Facebook ad course is because people that buy course from you you know we’re like thousands and thousands of people coming to those courses will always go through that and then inside of those lectures you can just put like if you want to up to four hundred four hundred percent more conversions on your ads you can use this platform and you just leave your affiliate link and they will do and then once you leave your affiliate link there will be red wrench it to the sales page and the swaps at instapage will do all the work for you they will try to convert them and then we convert them into paid customers and you saw that this guess these get a lot a lot of fast results and their conversion rate is just insane obviously they’re a platform where you can boost your conversions so obviously they themselves know how to convert people pretty pretty well so that’s something insane that’s why I really like it and that’s why I actually chose this affiliate program so that’s how wide you what you need with what you need to do with Facebook ad with Facebook Ads course but if you don’t know how to create it course don’t worry about that because if you go over to the disc udemy this is already disc disc and you can find thousands and thousands of different on different courses every single day different udemy courses and if you go to the search bar and you search for facebook ads and by the way this is you don’t have to do actually facebook ads as you saw you can maybe try out with what I guess I also have like Google Ads display has retargeting sales and leads all that you can take a look at and create a course about that and if you don’t know how to create a course you can simply go over and grab any of these courses for absolutely free maybe this is an english-style grab this one click on that grab this course go to fake course go to the coupon for this course you will see that it’s gonna be hundred percent off it’s absolutely free and I can enroll in this course and I can just go through this entire course step by step and create recreated in my own words you know you just you can just recreate all the lectures in your own words by using maybe you can just record your screen and create a like a presentation with you you didn’t have to do to actually talk into camera if you don’t want to because I guess most a lot of you guys are camera shy and know that so you don’t have to do that at all don’t you worry you can simply use for example OBS project to record your screen this is OBS I personally use that to record my screen right now and it works really really well it’s absolutely free all this stuff is absolutely free can grab all those courses about Facebook Ads Google Ads and stuff and just recreate it and just put in inside of some lecture just put in like if you want 400 up to 400 more conversion 400% more conversions on your Facebook Ads on your Google ads or whatever you’re making your course about just leave them your I feel it linked and just tell them like they can go to the instapage that come and they’ll leave them you are appeal it a link over there let’s read the rectum over there and you can see that those courses are getting thousands of sales and you do not have to drive traffic to those courses I forgot to say that but no traffic needed because udemy is gonna promote that for you listening to list this on here and people are gonna start people or this is your game is gonna start pushing your course and you came in selling for like but you’re not gonna be focusing on that and as you can see you were still gonna be making some nice profits from from sales as well maybe this guy like for 20 bucks on this course for 20 bucks and he got over 20,000 sales he made quite a bit of money just from sales I just imagine having the affiliate link over 20,000 people that’s all 20,000 people that are running Facebook Ads are investing into Facebook as it has some business and they have money to invest and they will be more than willing to pay for this program that is gonna help them with a 400% more conversion rates and out of if I live like thousand people only 100 of them actually buy you’re gonna keep making five thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars every single month but you can see that he’s this has a large large large potential so you can reach thousands and thousands and thousands of people over and over again because you do not have to create only one course you can create a like three different courses in Facebook Ads and three different courses of Google Ads and all of those if you don’t know how to create them you can just go through the disc udemy use that grab at courses for absolutely free see how our people are doing that and just recreate them in your own words and created into your own course this is an actual step by step of business you can start this business today and it works it works perfectly but if this was a little bit too complicated and you don’t want to start an actual business you just need a quick buck you need you just need some fast cash for absolutely free of course and make sure to click on the best video because inside of that video I’m just going to show you how you can get paid to just view ads no investment it’s absolutely free it’s super valued all go super fast and it’s super super easy so make sure to click on that with you

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