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is it really possible to make money online owning complete autopilot without having to do the hard work yourself and without spending a dime so you can start with no money well this guy did it he made over $40,000 so far and he still makes money in passive income this guy did it as well he made over $60,000 so far this one will he made over eighty five thousand dollars and so on and now you might be thinking to yourself okay but they’re probably experience or they’re special well maybe you are right but do you need to be experienced and special to do this absolutely not because I will give you some resources that will allow you to do this without doing the work yourself so all you need to do is pay attention in the next few minutes follow the steps set up this passive income stream for yourself and you can then close your laptop or turn off your computer go outside and enjoy some passive profits on demand you can finally have enough time to do the things you always wanted to do have fun without feeling guilty of wasting time and buy things that make you feel better but before we started and hit the balalaika because I’m posting videos about making money won so if you subscribe you could be one of the first to use the latest strategy and that way make the most money with all of that being said and done let’s get started okay so what’s gonna be our first step well it’s gonna be searching for Amazon Kindle e-books on Google and even if you have heard about this website before I’m sure you haven’t seen this particular strategy ever before and as mentioned in the intro all you need to do now is pay attention in the next few minutes just set up some simple stuff once only once and then enjoy your profits so definitely stick around till the end for bonuses anyways you will search for Amazon Kindle e-books on Google you will then open up their official website which is gonna look something like this now it’s no secret that Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world making over million dollars per minute with over billion visitors and hundreds of millions of customers all around the world Amazon sellers regular everyday people unemployed moms and dads teenagers and older people make tens of thousands of dollars per month on here but they don’t know the trick which I’m about to show you in this video and because of that they spent countless hours and money getting those Kindle eBay is done so they can sell them on here and despite the fact that they don’t know those tricks they still make a lot of money like for example this person were here they mean all 43,000 sales and the price over ten dollars so they made over four hundred thousand dollars in passive income a lot more than that but anyways over four hundred thousand dollars in passive income and the reason this is money on autopilot is because they need to create those ebooks once Bo’s them here and that’s it Amazon will then drive traffic when people buy they can download their copy automatically so they don’t have to handle shipping shipping or whatever they just need to collect profits and that’s it but what if you can do the same thing but faster better without doing the work yourself and without spending countless weeks on those projects but rather than that getting done in less then literally two minutes well that’s exactly what you’re about to learn today now you can come over to here and take a look at thousands of such examples where people make even over a million dollars so with just one single upload and guess what those can be just everyday people like me and you that didn’t even write the book themselves it’s just insane and before we get to the next tab let me know in the comments so what would you do with all of the money made online buy ourselves some new clothes buy a new car pay off your debts reinvest it maybe take your partner to some nice trip by our loved ones some gifts or maybe just spend it on food and games let me know in the comments now our next tab is gonna be going over to Kindle Dirac publishing or KDP amazon.com and what this does well this allows you to self publish ebooks and paperbacks for free and from anywhere in the world this is the place where we will upload that ebook you once just once and don’t worry once again you will not have to do any of the hard work yourself and you will not have to write those ebooks or whatever just follow the steps you can see get to market fast publishing takes less than five minutes and your book appears on kindle stores worldwide make more money earn up to seventy percent royalty sales on the customers in the US Canada you Germany India France Italy Spain Japan Brazil Mexico Australia and more and don’t worry you don’t have to be from those countries in order to make money you can be from anywhere in the world and still make profits because it’s worldwide available in rolling KDP select and earn more money through Kindle unlimited and the Kindle owners Landing libraries there’s room to make additional income and make even more money though that’s all great but for now you just want to leave it open like that and we’ll come back later our third step is gonna be getting those ebooks done for us there are two ways and two tools which you can use first one can get you better selling ebooks but it takes a couple of minutes to do it and the other option will get you a little bit lower quality ebooks but it takes a less than a minute like less than 60 seconds so you will decide what you prefer so the first option is to use designer daya so de as IG and double r dot IO and don’t worry you will not have to invest any money upfront into this and the second tool is even absolutely free anyways what this honor does well it allows you to transform blog posts podcasts videos and PDFs into ebooks and paperbacks and you can see here on the right hand side it allows you to create those Kindle ebooks for Amazon and if you scroll even further if scroll a little bit value we’ll be able to see how it works in five different steps the first step is to import a reading content from blogs and websites and other places take a brief glance to see if you like it choose already pre-made for you templates for your e-book customize the colors and stuff you know that’s really fun part and then you can directly polish it to Kindle that’s it and according to designer diode this whole process takes 120 seconds or two minutes just two minutes let me show that so if you go to features and click on create ebooks you can see that you can create stunning ebooks in two minutes with advanced ebook creator South or and I highly recommend you watch this demo video to see the exact steps and to see how it how easy it actually is and as I said in the beginning this will save you both time and money and you can see all the features on here so you can definitely come over to here and read more about it find out more about how it actually works and how to use it but I want to I just want to let you know that this is not a free unlike the second tool which I’m about to show you and if you want to use this software but you don’t want to risk your money then don’t worry because if we go over to the pricing section you can see that whatever monthly plan you choose you will have seven days free trial and then you can cancel before they charge you any money which means that in just seven days you can create multiple ebooks publish them all of them publish them on Kindle they can start making you money and if you start making money great you can reinvest profits and keep using designer IO and if you don’t just if you don’t start making any money you don’t start making any sales then just cancel it and use our second tool that is absolutely free and I just want to let you know that this is not a sponsored video I’m not paid to mention this website I just saw it works really well and I wanted to bring it over to you so you can benefit from it so I can help you and there are no affiliate links or referral links in description of it you can check it if you want to and obviously the more e-books you publish the more passive income you can make because all of those will quickly add up to each other and it’s really easy to scale it up to make higher profits so that was the first option create ebooks with designer kayo and publish directly to Kindle now if you don’t want to invest any money at all or simply don’t want to use designer dot IO maybe you don’t like it well then I got you covered as well you can use the second tool called free pure downloads com PLR stands for private label rights which means that on this platform you can grab thousands of different free ebooks with full rights to do whatever you like you can modify them you can sell them you can even give them out as a gift so you can give them out for free if you want to but what you will actually need to do is download some ebook and just change that a little bit rewriters to rewrite some words to make it a little bit more unique and you can then post it on Amazon Kindle and other platforms you want to maximize your results yes you don’t have to just person Amazon Kindle if you want to make even more money faster and you can also publish or ebooks on ebay.com or on smashwords com that’s also a great platform where you can sell your ebooks but anyways we’ll be focusing only on Amazon Kindle for now but if you want to maximize your results then use bonus websites like eBay and Smashwords com so anyways all you need to do is come over to free PLR downloads select the category you prefer you can see these are all categories you can possibly think of anything from advection and dating all the way to self-help a weight loss and yoga you can select the category you prefer that’s gonna give you different ebooks within that niche you want to see like the category you will just click on the one you like let’s say for instance this one and just hit the download button and that will not only give you the entire ebook but it also comes with the license to resell it and modify it and even with cover designs so you don’t have to do any of the hard work yourself and everything is done for you you can just change it a little bit if you want to rewrite it in your own words then go back to KDP amazon.com and publish it that’s it after that it all goes on in complete autopilot and I’m not gonna go over how to publish a Kindle because that’s really simple it takes like less than two minutes to do so you can even watch this video where it says learn how easy it is you can watch the step by step short tutorial but basically you can just sign in enter some basic info which you can even find on free PL or downloads page and hit publish that’s it that hasn’t drives traffic to your eBook each time you make a sale customer can immediately download their copy and you just collect the profits and yes they do you have many different payment options so don’t worry about that and that’s it now you can just sit relax wait for your first sale and enjoy and while waiting for your first sale it don’t hesitate to hit the first link in the description down below to see how I personally make money online and don’t worry it’s not about affiliate marketing it’s not legendary marketer it’s not MLM or any pyramid scheme it’s a legit way to build a long-term online business without having to show your face so you can stay absolutely anonymous without filming any videos without selling products with our cpa marketing or any of that complicated stuff it’s a really unique way to make a lot of money and to assure you that it is worth your time there are already hundreds of everyday people that went through that program and went from zero to thousands of dollars per week by following those steps so if you want to join us then definitely hit the first link in the description down below and take action fast because i obviously don’t want to share my business model with everyone that will expire pretty soon that’s it for this video I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you did get some value out of it and if you did don’t forget to drop a like to leave a thumbs up and if free to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any other new content and I will see you soon

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