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Make Money On Autopilot For FREE Right NOW! (Passive Income)

Make Money On Autopilot For FREE Right NOW! (Passive Income)

and if you’d do the math that’s gonna be over $10,000 in pewter passive income and all we have to do is go to the WWE calm and just click over here and then you just need to put work once your jig you can just put the word 5th day and you will still keep making some nice passive income for the next few months if not even years you can start with $0 knowing who has been needed and you can do this from anywhere in the world because this is worldwide available and we’re gonna be using some platform that we’ve never talked about earlier on this channel so it’s gonna be an absolutely great strategy but right before we start if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m posting with this about making money online every single day so if you hear the bell icon I don’t know if I whenever have a new fresh strategy like this one to make money online so you can be one of the first to use that strategy use that app or use that website and that way not only will it be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will even make the most money with that being said well which I’m straight into my computer so I can explain you everything so here we are officially inside of my computer and you know the rules if you want to make this right you work for you you need to stay tuned all the way to the end of this video don’t skip anything because we’re gonna be using some platform that we never thought before in this channel and I’m sure you have not sent this one before but it’s a great strategy and it’s a really really good one so as I said you will be able to do it today just only today do the world today and collect the profits for the next few months if not even years but of course if you put even more time maybe you work for like the next seven days every single day on this then you will have a way way more passive income and the future of course but as well you can do it of course just to babe and still make some distant amount of money so the platform that we’re gonna be using the first platform that we’re gonna be using is called gearbest.com now what ear bass comm actually is this is a very similar website to ebay to Amazon to Aliexpress but why exactly we’re gonna be using a gear bass to make money and how exactly we’re going to be using it because obviously we can see that this is a place where you can buy stuff you know buy different products like cameras watches I know different electronics and all that stuff you have different categories here on the side but we’re not going to selling any oh that stuff on this website so I won’t find just data like out there and sell home improvement tools and no it’s nothing like that you do not mean any no entry and you do not need to invest any money at all for this strategy and this has nothing to do with drop shipping either it’s not about that so what you need to do is scroll all the way down to the bottom of this website and you want to find the associate program it’s gonna be all here either business and associate program click on that that’s gonna take you over to the next page where you will be able to see that you can get unlimited earn that each disc has unlimited earning potential now why exactly we’re gonna be using the gear best affiliate program affiliate program instead of having an affiliate program is because Amazon is gonna pay you realized in like 10 percent commission on each and every product but this one is gonna pay you up to fifty percent commission and plus not only that but you can also get free review products provided to all associates as you can see and it’s a lot easier than Amazon Associates because I know that some of you guys had complained in some of the previous videos that you could not sign up as in as an associate work for this one they accept literally everyone a literally everyone from all around the world and it’s of course it’s of course 100% free to join no there’s gonna be one specific way that we’re gonna set up our one specific product so there’s gonna be only one specific product that we are going to be promoting in a specific way with a specific traffic source that is going to allow us to make bunch of money on autopilot without having to lift a finger at all and without even doing the work our self which is gonna be really really great but before we continue and before I show you how you can actually do this and how we can set up everything in how you can maximize your results if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like to this video leave a thumbs up because you know they want to see you guys leaving likes and comments under my videos I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of those videos which is at the end of the day the most important thing so if you do appreciate me uploading daily make money online strategies and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or you simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all of those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see that comment with that being said let’s continue with this video so what exactly we’re gonna be promoting from this website to make money on autopilot what is gonna be that one single product that we’re gonna be promoting well if you go back to the gearbest.com you want to scroll all the way up now and you want to search for the product called security camera so yes you want to search for security camera now why exactly we’re gonna be promoting the security camera well there’s gonna be one specific thing that we’re gonna be doing with that one traffic source and it’s gonna allow us to make money on autopilot with this one of course we can feel free to promote any other product but this one is gonna allow us to make bunch of money Ian to make bunch of passive income actually I mean it’s gonna be a lot easier and I’m gonna show you why exactly now if you go back to the affiliate page you can also see that not only can we make up to 50% Commission which is way higher than the Amazon well as well I forgot to show you this but well for example on Amazon you have only 24 hours cookies so if you send someone on the Amazon store they will be able to see you know they might not purchase this one does today but maybe the next 24 hours they purchase that and you’ll still gonna earn a commission but after 24 hours pass even if they come over to Amazon and buy you won’t earn nothing but if you send someone today and they don’t purchase anything but in the next 25 days they purchase something you’re still gonna get passive income from that as well because they have a 30 day cookie so that’s that’s something insane you just need to send them once to this website and for the next 30 days you have a cookie to earn on everything they buy and they’re really good at upselling people so that person might end up spending like thousands of dollars on this website because you have hundreds if not thousands of different products over here they can purchase and you’re gonna be earning Commission’s on all of that and you’re gonna be making bunch of passive income and bunch of a bunch of money on autopilot with a traffic source now let’s continue with a video and what exactly you need to do is go over to YouTube combo keep watching no you will not have to film your videos and no you will not have to create your when use as I said no work needed for this one okay just keep watching this video I’m gonna explain you everything what you need to do in this website so uniquely how to work at the youtube.com and you want to search for security camera compilation and you will be able to see the videos are getting millions and millions of views for example take a look at how horrible this thumbnail actually is this was like edited in in paint or something but this would have still got 8 million views and they got only 13 thousand subscribers so you know it’s going viral because if this guy had like 10 million 10 million subscribers and they got 8 million views that would mean that their subscribers are watching but you can see that their subscribers are not watching they have a less and less than 20k subscribers but it got 8 point 3 million views and they probably knew they probably even had zero subs when they started but when they post this video they got 30k views during a subscriber so that’s just to prove that you can succeed with this one even as a complete beginner that’s why we actually chose the security cameras now how exactly you can make bunch of money from this because no you will not have to rely on the iDrive and you know I’d rather you need it at all so you know you can’t run ads in those videos and earn maybe an extra 100 300 or 500 even $1000 but still we’re not gonna be focusing in that because our affiliate links are gonna make that make us a bunch more way way way more money because those millions of views that are in an earnest may be as I said thousand or two thousand dollars in our revenue but on a witty affiliate sales we’re actually gonna be earning tens of thousands of dollars in on incomplete autopilot because all you have to do is as I said not create owes we to use not film those videos you can if you want through you can do that but if you don’t want to do that what I recommend you do is just search for security camera compilation then just filter brightly creative comments and that’s gonna allow you that’s gonna give you the license to reupload those videos on your own YouTube channel so you can grab all of those YouTube videos and re-upload them on your YouTube channel and then have a link in a description of daddio to what do you have your affiliate link in a discretion that’s gonna be sending them to any of these social do any of these security cameras because you can see that those are selling for like 30 second seven dollars thirty dollars twenty one dollars twenty-five dollars forty two dollars and so on and so forth and you’ll be you’re gonna be making fifty up to fifty percent commission off of that so for example if you sell best one at a price of thirty seven dollars you are gonna be making $18.50 I think it’s like that I’m really not good at math so let me just calculate this thirty seven dollars multiple divided by 30 percent by to actually not fifty that’s gonna be $18.50 yes I’m really bad at math and don’t get mad at me so you’re gonna be making $18.50 each time someone purchases this and it will take a look at this millions of use of millions of views are watching those videos millions of views millions of people are watching this videos if you have that link in the description of that here’s your video it’s gonna be seen by millions of people and since they’re watching those videos related to security camera compilations they’re related to security cameras obviously they’re either looking for a security camera or they’re just interested in security camera what they can get what I can see on those security cameras they’re gonna be intrigued and when they see did you get some back that you got some good deal for them they’re gonna be like well why not I might purchase the security cameras do you know just maybe I can even film something like this guy feeling this guy filmed in his compilation so it’s gonna be fun and you know a lot of people are gonna end up actually purchasing this a lot of people are actually gonna end up purchasing any of these products that you have for them and you’re still gonna be making a lot of money for example this one this video is getting thousands of views even today even if it has even if it has been uploaded two years ago so this guy did a work few years ago and is still making a lot of passive income from this because all you need is like a few out of 1 million views you just need a few thousand people to actually purchase from you to make a lot of money if your passive income and I’m also going to show you how we can get the views as well so just keep watching this video now how you can actually grab those videos is once again a filter by Creative Commons and what you need to do is for example see you find some you want you find some for example craziest things caught on security cameras compilation just come over there and copy the URL of that Whittier so just go out there and copy that and then you want to just search for the UQ bhai before go to Google and search for YouTube in mp4 and there you will be able to find different software’s a free of course free online software they will allow you all that to download that with you to your computer so I personally use this one but you can feel free to use any other and just paste that URL over here click on start and that’s gonna just convert that and you’ll be able to download that by clicking for example this button over here it’s gonna download that to my computer and I can now just go back to YouTube and re-upload it of course don’t create the same title you know change it a little bit take a look at what works for people the the view the videos the gout of the most use and you can create a similar title to them and create a similar thumbnail to their thumbnail to you know maximize your results to get even more views so that’s how we can do it but as I said if you want to maximize your results with YouTube if you want to see how you can actually get a hundreds of thousands of views quickly as a complete beginner then I have something for you and that’s gonna be the first link in description down below and there I’m gonna show you how I get my views I’m gonna show you how I make my money online and I’m gonna show you how you can get hundreds of thousands of subscribers hundreds of thousands of views I’m gonna share with you my number one sacred to getting views quickly that’s gonna be a step-by-step tutorial for you guys and I’m also gonna remove that whatever you soon because obviously those are all my secrets for getting views all my secrets for getting subscribers and all my secrets from making money online so I don’t want to share that with everyone so as I said it’s gonna be removed wherever soon and I’m also gonna be showing you a bunch of more stuff like how to quickly boost your video to make it go viral howhow do we do is go viral how you can get your video go viral and much much more and in this bonus section I’m also gonna show you how we can pass the review in like two or three weeks so you can even rely on the ad revenue if you want to as I said that’s not gonna make you a lot of money maybe one to two thousand dollars per month or just an extra income but this one from the affiliate marketing method and the gear past associate program you’re gonna be making bunch of bunch of bunch of money on and complete autopilot so as I said if you want to maximize your results and I highly recommend you go check the first link in the description down below or you can just get started with a strategy that it showed you at the data shows you inside of this video

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