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Make Money On Autopilot No Work! (7.72 In 30 Mins)

you don’t need any skills to do this this is worldwide and this is my earnings for today in the last 30 minutes doing this strategy let’s get straight into it and this is not going to be surveys this is not going to be cpa marketing this is going to be something brand-new you don’t need any money to get started you don’t need any skills we’re not going to be producing any content and we don’t need any social media following this is worldwide and free to do and that is why I think this is an amazing method for all the beginners watching for this video or in fact for anybody that is watching this video this is a great way to make some extra income online and if you’re new to the channel make sure to subscribe down below with the bar on so that I can send you a message every time I upload an awesome video just like this one and also click on the first link in the description there you can join my private Facebook group if you have any questions I’m building a whole community out there where you guys can ask each other questions some of you might have some answers where we can all help each other out without problems with earning on line so if you want any help make sure to click that link you can also message me directly and I’ll definitely try get back to all of you I’m super excited to share that group with you guys and also on posting videos on how to make money online every single day and how to build your online presence and how to build your online brand but if you’re ready for this value pack video let’s get straight into it so the platform that I’ve got on the screen guys is the platform that I’ve been using for this myth that I’m going to show you how to sign up and get onto this platform right away in this video but firstly you can see right here I’ve currently earned one hundred and seven dollar 72 I only started on this website today that is the 21st of February to publish date of this video you can see right here statistics for 21st of Feb this is 9,000 views link earnings 117 107.7 $2 at a CPM of 1150 as I say we’re not producing content we’re not producing any video content we’re not selling anything this is gonna be something brand new and I’m actually going to combine two websites with these methods and these two websites are completely brand new to my channel so make sure that you watch this video until the end so that you can learn how these two websites work because there are probably brand new to you as well so in order to understand how they work and to get the most information on those websites so you can leverage that info to really benefit from these platforms make sure to stick with me and solve the end and the first thing we need to do guys we need to head over to and we basically just want to find random attractive articles that we want to get people to click on so for example it can be an article on how someone made $50 in a day I mean that’s a niche that really applies to everybody is everybody wants to work and some are owned an income that’s something we can use but do keep in mind we’re not going to be producing the articles we’re not going to be posting articles we’re not going to be posting any content there’s gonna be a whole different way on how we’re gonna make money and that’s not through the articles itself that’s through this platform that will lead these people to the articles it’s also not CPA you’ll understand that just in a bit and that you will get paid for doing this – what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna throw this article how to make money online I’m just gonna find some articles on that as that’s quite a good niche you can also use for example how to get a six-pack how to lose weight how to lose belly fat there’s so many different articles that you can search for as remember we’re just using the articles and you remember that we’re not actually gonna be making money with our articles itself we’re gonna be making money with something completely different that’s the platform that we’re gonna be combining with these articles you’ll see right here there’s a ton on Google twelve ways you can absolutely make money online you’ll see right here this is a good one over here and it basically just gives people twelve ways to make money online let’s also use another one for example so I’m gonna use one for example on how to lose weight we can find some articles on that so you’ll see what your permanent weight loss let’s do this one right here how to lose weight and keep it off this is another article we can use and you don’t even need a read through about it yourself you just need to have the article that’s all that’s important for this method and this can work in any other niche it can literally be about cars it can be about finance it can be about food it can be about anything that you want to or any niche that you want to get into something that also does very well is like mysteries so we can go for example like top 10 mysteries is something that will do all that something that people are interested there’s a whole bunch of articles that you can use on mysteries as well now that we got a couple of articles we can head onto the next platform which is the most important and crucial steps and make sure to keep watching with me so that I can show you how this works but if you still here make sure to leave a like on this video and let’s keep going forward so now we’ve got some articles as I say I’m just gonna use for example how to lose weight I really like this one I’m going to copy the link of this article KACE health guide odd all forceless article forces diets and you’ve got to link to your article then i’m gonna head over to a platform called shrink me dot io and you’ll see right here you can actually earn money it’s one of the highest paying your all shortness on the internet right now and you can earn up to two hundred and twenty dollars per 10,000 views i know this sounds like a lot there’s actually a platform that can get you ten thousand views really really quickly if you just think with me i’m going to show you how to do that and you’re basically just gonna get paid for people clicking onto link so what this website does is something like but it’s very similar to that of butter ly where people click on your link you can track the amount of clicks it gets except companies will pay shrink me dot io to run ads on this link page and while you’re clicking on this link I wanted to ads will pop up and then you will get paid a commission on those ads so that is how this works and two hundred twenty dollars per 10,000 views is a much higher pay than YouTube and keep watching with me because the traffic sauce that I’m about to give you is something brand new it’s really gonna get you a lot of traffic to your links which will get you a lot of clicks and will get will get you results that look like this and remember we’re not going to be using a YouTube channel we’re not posting any content but this is still going to be an autopilot method because we’re not going to be putting any other effort into ourselves it’s just this initial setup that we’ve got to do so if I come over to the payout rate so quickly I want to show you what you can actually earn with us they’ve got the whole bunch of different countries where you gonna get paid per thousand views so your serial cure traffic from the US which would be one of the most popular ones is ten dollars per thousand views which is a really good rate Greenland which is $22 per thousand views which is amazing Ireland which is also fairly popular 116 dollars and then UK and Belgium at seven dollars fifty which is still a very good pay and then they’ve got Canada Germany Australia all the way down to Indonesia which is the lowest one at two dollars so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna work out the average CPM that we can earn amongst all these countries so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take the highest one that is $22 I’m gonna add the two point fifty which is the lowest one and I’m gonna divide that by two which will give me the average of a top one twelve or two $5 per thousand views CPM amongst all these countries which is a really good CPM you’ll see what your minds been in about 1150 which has been very to the average so what you can do is you can register your account on the top right that will be a register button you just need your email and password and you can immediately sign into your account and your serger you can also get a signup bonus of one dollar per person that you refer so now that I’ve got my URL to our article website I’m just gonna paste it over here I’m gonna click the arrow which will then generate my short link you’ll see right here this is what this looks like and then you’ll see richer if I actually go to this link it’s gonna open up a page like this where it’s gonna ask the person for the capture and I’ve got some ads over here so what they got to do is all they got to do is enter the capture like it will open up one or two ads they’re gonna tick that and they can then click continue and then gotta wait like a couple of seconds while these ads run and then you’ll see right here your link will now be available which will take them to the article right so now you’ll get a commission for all of those ads that ran on this click or this link so now what I’m going to do is to get a ton of traffic to this link I’m actually gonna head over to two places that will get you to 10,000 views or clicks on your link pretty easily so I’m gonna head over to fiber comm which is a popular freelance marketplace and I’m just gonna type in your Instagram on the search bar let’s go Instagram okay I’m just gonna go Instagram shoutouts for example and I’m gonna find influences that will basically shut up my account so you’ll see right here I will do a shout-out on 500k for facts pages page so the rich is pretty good so that’s a $10 for a shout-out on 500k now let’s say even out of 5,000 people out of that 500k accounts clicks on your link you’re gonna get about 150 200 dollars literally in 10 15 minutes for those people clicking on that link if they run it on a story for example you know when people do the swipe up on the Instagram story they’ll most likely do that for you so you can pay them like 10 bucks to do a shout-out which is what i’ve been doing i’ve literally been buying gigs or Fiverr and another place called Chaka Khan where you can purchase gigs people basically do Instagram stories for you Instagram Charlotte’s steal link to your affiliate offers and that sort of thing it’s a great way of paid marketing or paid advertising IOC what you ever come over to browse influences you’ll see right here this person with 310 K followers and a shout out of $15 so let’s say even 8 to 10 thousand people are those followers or that see the story click on your link you gonna get probably like your lemon dollars per thousand views that’s probably $100 plus views or in revenue from the ads on the shrink me link straight to your accounts on the dashboard which I’ve literally been doing you can see idea a total of nine thousand nine reviews got me a hundred and seven dollars doing this you can see right here you can actually falter through Instagram Instagram bio and link so I’m just gonna falter through everything on Instagram as I only want to do my shoutouts on an Instagram page as I feel Instagram is the most effective for this method and you see right here you can actually choose various different categories so for example since my case of a category or the niche I’ve chosen is how to lose weight you can actually lift or sift this down even more you can go to food and nutrition you can also look for sports maybe like fitness sports that kind of thing will do well and you can go and get shout outs on those specific pages within that niche simply because that audience will be more interested in this kind of content getting you more clicks because they’re obviously since they’re following a weight-loss or a fitness page they are interested in losing weight meaning they will obviously be more interested in that article compared to someone who’s maybe doing humor or memes won’t really be interested in how to lose weight now I know I said at the beginning of this video that this is gonna be a free method but I know you’re paying for charlotte’s but I’m gonna try and make this free for you because let’s say you don’t have 10 or 15 bucks to invest into a shout out right you on the screen I’ve got a method where you can actually test websites you won’t you’ll only get about three to five tests a month on each platform I’m giving a total of ten websites three to five tests each where you’ll get paid ten dollars per test that you can complete so on this video I basically teach you exactly how to do that step by step how you can earn money for getting paid or getting paid to test the company’s websites so on the screen item makes you go click this video that’s if you don’t have 10 to 15 dollars to spare to invest into something like this but make sure to click on this video and I’ll see you there

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