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Make Money Online With Google And NO WEBSITE For Beginners 2020!

Make Money Online With Google And NO WEBSITE For Beginners 2020!

what’s going on guys in today’s video i’m going to show you exactly how to make money online with google and the best part about this is you don’t need a website to do this and you don’t even need any money i like to bring you the best methods to make money online and more importantly i like to bring you methods where you don’t need any money to start that are the best for beginners online so i’m going to show you exactly how you can do this in this video right now now if you’re new to my channel every single week i bring out videos on how to make money online so make sure you smash that subscribe button tap that notification bell and hit that like button so you know my next video comes out we bring out the best videos on the internet that you can get every single week and on this channel i teach people how to create a steady income online no get rich quick schemes and show you how to build up an income online and grow your online wealth and that’s exactly why i do these videos now you must watch this entire video to the end you will learn how you can make money online for free how you can do this without having your own website or products you don’t need to go and create a course or some sort of product to actually sell and make money with and at the end of this video i’m going to give you a bonus on how you can even make more money from this particular method so make sure you stay all the way to the end so you get this information because if you don’t then this method might not work for you now if you’re here for the giveaway guys once again we are giving away access to one of our courses or some cash what you need to do is you need to find the emoji in this video and then comment down below you guys know what to do now the winners are up on the screen and once again we’ve done two again this week so let’s get into the method i’m gonna show you exactly how you can make money online with google alright guys so every single day on google there’s billions of searches so essentially people are going to google every single day and searching things and i’m talking about millions and millions and even billions of searches every single day there’s like hundreds and thousands of searches every single second and what this is is essentially people are just searching for things so they’re putting in specific keywords and they’re searching for specific topics like maybe how to make money online how to build a website or something like that they’re looking for specific things and tutorials or just anything about that topic now the thing is when you search in google usually you’re going to find websites okay so this website here or this website here for example these are websites in the google search console what we call the serps it’s usually websites that show up on this page but how do you actually do this without having a website you don’t want to have a website you don’t want to actually create one and all that work well there is a way to actually do that but the first thing you need to do is you need to go and find a product to promote you need to find something that you can make money on there’s something called affiliate marketing where you can find a product to promote and you can make money by promoting that product there’s lots of different marketplaces where you can find products to promote if you want a full tutorial on affiliate marketing i will leave some videos below that will show you how to start affiliate marketing but this is how to use google to do this so you can use something like clickbank.com digistore24.com or jvzoo.com these are the main three affiliate networks where you can find products to promote online and like i said i have videos below about that or what you can actually do and what we’re going to be using for an example in this video is you can go and promote a program called shopify for example so if you went and promoted shopify and someone signed up to the website you would get a commission okay so you would actually make money from shopify now this is just an example that we’re going to be using in this training but you can do this for all sorts of programs click funnels stuff on clickbank stuff on jvzoo but you’ll see what i mean on how this works in a second when we start actually doing the traffic method now with shopify you can earn an average of 58 dollars for each user that you sign up to a paid plan okay that’s the average they pay a very very good commission and that’s why a lot of people actually promote this particular product and all you’ve got to do is go over to shopify.com scroll to the bottom and click on affiliate program and sign up as an affiliate i’m already signed in so it might uh yeah so i’m actually already signed in oh so it’s actually it’s got all the information here and um you go to apply now to become an affiliate very simple and this is my affiliate marketing dashboard here we have an affiliate link if i send people to that link i make a commission but we’ll talk about that in a second how do you actually make money with this method now if i go here can i drop ship without shopify this keyword is just an example okay if i go to google.com and i paste that in what’s going to happen is at the top of the page at the top of the page is actually a website called cura.com now cura.com is a massive question website where people answer questions and what they do is they have authority so google ranks them for a lot of keywords and we can actually use this so if we click on this can i drop ship um without shopify this person has that they’ve done a very in-depth answer about a specific topic and he’s got links in here and stuff like that but more importantly people can click on his name click on his website click on his offers now you could go out and you could promote shopify in here or you could promote a shopify competitor and say hey you know maybe you could use this for drop shipping but this is just an example but what you could actually do is what i would be doing is i would be going out and creating a video based on the topic and you can upload this video for free to youtube okay that’s what i would be doing then i would actually be going to cura.com and i would be finding these keywords i’ll try to find these keywords in a second and i’ll be putting good replies to answers okay now we’re not trying to get traffic from cura.com we will get some but we’re trying to get traffic from uh google when people search specific keywords and we want to find keywords where cure actually ranks first so we don’t have to worry about ranking any websites or starting any websites now what you want to do is you want to do an in-depth explanation but at the bottom you want to have a link to your video okay so i actually do it here and this is an example here so basically i do this all the time so people search something they click on it and they i post about a video right i have a video it’s good to have a video because you can’t really post affiliate links on cura straight up you have to have what we call a bridge page and the video is the easiest thing to do because it’s free you don’t have to show your face you can do it just do a screen capture like i could take this my face off this video if i wanted to i do it all the time in my videos and you just create a video and you give a good reply with a video then in that video you can put your affiliate links in the description but we’ll talk about that in a second how do you actually go and find these keywords there’s two ways you can do this number one there’s a freeway you can go to answerthepublic.com and i could put in a shopify okay now this is a very tedious way of doing it but i’ll explain to you how you can do it and i’ll show you a better way to do it in a second so shopify is going to bring up all of these questions that people have asked in google what you want to do is you want to go and take all of these questions and you want to put them into okay um basically put them into google so what’s shopify plan okay i’m gonna put this into google real quick now what’s happened is what’s come up is just normal websites no cura post so i would keep doing that until i find particular cura posts that are ranking in google and then i would do content based around that we’re going to use the cura authority to get people to our content by posting uh the the content and it looks kind of like this so people are going to um go go go to google put it in they’re going to find the cure post click on it our video is going to be there but then more importantly right we can actually use this video to distribute them anywhere so when they click on this video on youtube and they go to youtube or whatever we can actually have a link in the description and if you want you can do it so the video doesn’t play on the screen you actually do like an anchor text to go straight to the video and we can send them to shopify from there we could send them to collect emails or an opt-in page or something like that there’s lots of different ways that we can actually click these people to make money from them now what if you don’t want to go through the task of looking for keywords and stuff like that well here’s a little bit of a trick if you go to a website called ahrefs.com they do have a free trial that you can start it might i think it costs a little bit to do the trial but you can start a free trial right put cura.com into the search bar and click search and it’s going to give you all of this information don’t worry we don’t need this information we’re going to go to um i think it’s organic keywords here organic keywords and what we’re going to do is we’re going to put in include shopify it’s actually going to show us what shopify keywords are where where this actually ranks for specific shopify keywords okay so if i highlight this and i put in shopify scam it’s got a shopify scam down here right so this is the cura thing and then it also lists a lot of other ones all of this stuff that you can go and post in you can literally do a video on how shopify is not a scam and then you can say hey you should check out my affiliate link you know you can get shopify here there’s all of these places that you can actually post a reply based on that right so here we go right just go and post to reply people are going to go from google to cura and they’re going to see your content now a bit of a disclaimer obviously you can’t just do this once you’re going to make lots of money this is something you need to do often probably daily for a long period of time to start building up that organic traffic okay i’m not saying you’re gonna get rich overnight with this you will need to build this up this is exactly how i built up my youtube channel by doing this method or similar to this method now if we go down what it does is it shows you the keyword so 60 day shopify trial it shows you where they rank on google now that’s just an estimation and it shows you the link so you can actually click on this link and go to this link and you can check it out okay so this person’s actually done exactly what we’re saying hey friend to get a 60-day trial you just need to go shopify.com and then they’ve done a video down here of how to do a thing and they probably have affiliate links in here they’re doing exactly what i’m teaching you you just go down and this is the easiest way to find all of the keywords on the left and where cura is ranking and you do content based on these keywords we can also put in something like click funnels which is another program that you can promote for a commission okay and it’s also going to show up so what is click funnels the uh cura is in position seven what is click funnel click funnel scam what are click funnels so let’s put in what are click funnels um and see what comes up go down and it’s right there what are click funnels i think my website’s actually on here no it’s not so what are click funnels and you’ve got all of these questions you can actually answer with a video that you’ve created you can go and create a website if you like as well link people to a website but you need to link people to some sort of bridge page or something you can’t just send people straight to an affiliate offer or your link is not going to get approved you need to send them to a bridge page but that’s all you do you go ahead and do that and you’re essentially using the google traffic and authority of cura.com to get traffic to your affiliate marketing office so you can make money online so once again if you don’t understand how this works what you want to do is you want to go find specific keywords that um this cura website is ranking for okay and then what you want to do is you want to go and um find this stuff so people put stuff into google they go to the page and what you want to do is you want to go to that specific thing so we’ll say this one here um so let’s say hey what is what are what are click funnels okay what you want to do for example is you want to explain what click funnels is and how it works you want to do a very detailed description don’t just post something on there and don’t do much detail this has 38 000 views okay so you want to go and put in some good content and at the end or somewhere in this content you can actually put your youtube video link and people will click that youtube video link from google and then in the bottom of that video youtube description you can actually put an affiliate link or you can tell them on the video to click your affiliate link and you’re using traffic from google without using your own website now to do it for free i recommend you find you use this particular program here or if you want to do it and get a trial of this you simply go to ahrefs.com and you do what i just showed you organic keywords and put in the keyword now a little bit of a secret with this is you want to actually go and build up an email list the reason you want to do this is because if you actually build up an email list as well you’ve got all of these people on this email list that you can actually send traffic to sorry offers too so you can basically say hey check out this new offer that’s come out on the market and all of this type of stuff there’s really a lot of stuff you can actually do with this now if you actually want to learn more about this some more advanced training i actually have a training where i take you through everything step by step hey can build funnels do email marketing clickbank training amazon affiliate marketing training click funnels training we teach you how to um do search engine optimization free traffic methods and paid traffic methods i will leave a link in the description that will take you through exactly how you can go and check this out and see that however if you want to see some more free training i’ll leave some videos up on the screen that will take you through step by step on how to make money online with the best methods online so click those videos now tap that notification bell if you have any questions let me know and i’ll reply to your questions i’ve seen one of the videos on the right

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